How to Make a Daybed Look like A Couch

Last Updated on November 25, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Making your daybed look like a couch so your visitors have a place to sit is very easy. Align the pillows for the backrest, a blanket for warmth and cozy feeling, tables and ottoman for storage and relaxation, and a bed skirt to hide the sides and legs of a bed, and voila! You have your couch.

People use Daybeds as a bed at night and a couch during the day. They come in handy, especially if you have a small apartment. You may want to use a single room both as a guest room and an entertainment area. A few pillows, blankets, and bed skirts might be the things you need to make the magic happen.

But how do you make a daybed look like a couch? Well, there are many ways you can use to solve this huddle. To make it possible, you need the following items.

Below are some of the DIY ideas you could use to transform your daybed into a couch. Follow them to the latter, even the tiniest detail that is given could add more than what you expect to your space.

ways to make daybed look like couch

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Use Large Throw Pillows or Floor Pillows

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Large pillows occupy space. You can use them to hide part of the bed you don’t need and make it look smaller than its actual size. For beds with no backrest, use pillows to create that illusion making it convenient to sit back.

You can start by placing the larger pillows (can be floor or your sleeping pillows) against the edges of the bed, then add enough throw pillows in front to hide them a bit. Next, take the smaller throw pillows to each end of the bed to give it a complete couch feeling.

You may also decide to blend in colors and different prints to match the room’s theme. The advantage is that you can remove these pillows at night to create space at bedtime and add them back during the day.

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Add Throw Blankets

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A throw blanket makes any furniture look cozy and inviting. It keeps the room warm, especially in cold areas. If thrown on a daybed, it turns it automatically to a couch. No debate about it; it has been there over time immemorial. 

We use throw blankets to achieve various purposes in a room, to give warmth in cold places, as décor or, in our case, to transform a daybed into a couch. Whatever the case, be organized. Keep it neat, simple, and most importantly, more appealing to the eye.

Toss the blanket along one side of a daybed to create an impression that the room is primarily for relaxation. Your blanket’s color should be bold and contrast that of the bed; it will be the first thing one spot when they enter the room. You may also decide to spread it all out to show off its unique texture and pattern.

The Coffee Table

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Placing a coffee table in front of a couch gives it a living room look. It shouldn’t be different with a daybed. You can add a tray of decorations, entertainment magazines, and books on top of the table. Also, put a rag below the table to complete the living room set up. The coffee table should be easy to move away to create space to pull the trundle of the bed at night.

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Side Tables

Just like coffee tables, side tables also give a room a homier look. Put them on one end of the bed to make the things placed on top easily accessible. Like you can have a glass of water or cup of tea and put it on the table.

You can use the table to store additional throw blankets and books. You or your guests can also store valuables such as cash and jewelry pieces in the table’s drawers. Your valuables are safe since the drawer has locks.

In most cases, side tables are used to showcase decorations in the room. They also give enough space to place table clocks and lamps. Having one in a room will give a daybed a couch like feeling and make your life around the room more comfortable.

Use a Bed Skirt

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A bed skirt is used purposely to hide the legs of a bed and bottom mattress for a trundle bed to make it look more like a couch. Use a skirt that can match well with the pillows and the room’s décor. The matching will make the room look neat and well organized.

Bed skirts also make it convenient for one to use under the bed as a storage area if you have a small space. They hide your stuff perfectly well that no one can notice it unless you remove it in their presence.

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Use of Ottoman or Foot Stool

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You may want to sit on that bed to rest your feet on the ottoman. Please put it in front of a bed to turn the bed into a couch. Most ottomans have inbuilt storage space. Use this space to store your kids’ toys, books, or anything that may untidy the room when left scattered everywhere. You can also turn it into a seat whenever you have many guests.


There you go. You finally have the best ideas to put in place when you think of turning your daybed into a couch. These ideas will transform both your bed turned into a couch and your room’s entire look. Do you love hosting, yet you can’t afford a bigger apartment? What you need is a daybed in one of the rooms to make your life comfortable. Go for it.

The process may require more time (removing all the pillows from the bed, moving the tables and ottoman aside to create space at bedtime), but it is undoubtedly worth the effort.

Feel free to share these ideas with friends to make their lives more comfortable too. Don’t forget to leave a comment or feedback telling us how helpful these ideas have been to you. We would love to hear from you.