40+ Best Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas and Designs (Photos)

Last Updated on January 7, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

One might think that cabinet hardware is just a default part of the storage system. Aside from making the storage accessible and convenient to open and close, its style, design and form also have an overall impact to the aesthetics of the cabinets in general.

To give your space a more cohesive edge, it is but fitting to choose your kitchen cabinet hardware well. 

In this post, we run down some of the most practical and standout kitchen cabinet hardware ideas for you to consider. If you are looking to revamp or upscale your kitchen’s look with just simple additions, read on. 

kitchen cabinet hardware ideas designs

40+ Best Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas and Designs

Without much ado, let us dive straight into some of the best kitchen cabinet hardware ideas out there. From the simplest, most cost-effective and really eye-catching ones that comes with a price, here are some kitchen cabinet hardware ideas for you to check out. 

1. Mix and match

1 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

If you have a spacious kitchen and you have incorporated in there a separate kitchen island, counter and peninsula, a mix and match of cabinet hardware can do magic.

By mixing and matching hardware, you give each of the cabinet and storage individual emphasis. This look here proves just that. 

2. Oversized brass pull rings

2 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

If you are playing on a backdrop of white monochrome, a touch of brass would look phenomenal.

If you have a large space and lots of partitions in the room, never be afraid to go oversized like in this brass pull rings for your kitchen cabinet hardware.

It provides a cohesive look for the white and gold ensemble of the kitchen and offers the needed variety to spruce up the space. 

3. Polished nickel

3 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

If you want an ‘intentional’ and modernly sleek looking hardware, you can opt for a customized inset cabinet hardware like this polished nickel hardware here.

The box type cabinet and old military luggage effect complement the polished nickel hardware well. If you are looking for something literally, out of the box, this should be on top of your list. 

4. Emerald button hardware

4 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

If you are the artsy, retro vibe type, you should go for bold colored cabinet hardware like this emerald button design. It goes well with the hot pink wine cabinet.

The granite countertop contrast gives it a strong air of sophistication and the herringbone tile backsplash make it look more retro authentic. 

5. Painted wood knobs

5 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

If you have watched the movie The Holiday, you would probably remember these white painted wooden knobs for the cabinets.

Aside from being plainly beautiful, they also offer a clean and cohesive look for the kitchen.

They also particularly highlight the white-grained granite countertop which runs through the cook station up to the other end. 

6. Black bar knobs

6 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

There is still no beating the sleekness of black against a bright white contrast. Instead of just going for the button knobs, you can go all-out and standout with some black bar knobs like this one.

The matte cabinet hardware is not prone to slipping and it just practically brings out the daintiness of white. You can never go wrong with this one. 

7. Decorative hardware

7 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

If you want a more ornate looking kitchen cabinet hardware which exudes a lot of personality and unique character, make sure that you go for some decorative kitchen cabinet hardware. Let us just let this kitchen cabinet hardware to speak for itself. 

8. More decorative hardware

8 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

And if it is “go bold or go home” that you like, you can always opt for more unique, customized decorative hardware like this brass sun knob here.

It complements the color play of the cabinet and just shines on its own. This is something that is so hard to miss. 

9. Twisted pulls

9 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

If you have been into upscale bars and music lounges, you might have seen an array of twisted pull bars as cabinet hardware.

The unorthodox look of these hardware brings out a lot of modern, sophisticated twist to the cabinetry. They feel very expensive and refined, which is perfect for basement kitchens, mancaves, and more. 

10. Soft leather pulls

10 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

When talking about cabinet hardware, it is hard to imagine leather pulls because we are so accustomed to metal, wood and steel. But if you want to have an extraordinary cabinet hardware, this is something you could totally pull off.

It is a mash-up between rustic and unexpected and with this look as your reference, you would totally rock up your kitchen cabinets. 

11. Vintage slim pieces

11 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

If you want to go old school and super vintage, small bar pulls that would bring you back to your grandmother’s kitchen every time you are in it would be a good touch.

What is good about these small bar pulls is that they are very cost-effective. As such, you are hitting two birds with one stone: a vintage look and cost-effective kitchen cabinet hardware. 

12. Embellished metal handles

12 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

And just like that, we are again treading some decorative kitchen cabinet hardware with this embellished metal handles.

If you want a highly customized, royal look, this one shall look timeless.

The use of neutral tone for the metal handle is perfect for fitting any type of kitchen cabinet color and overall kitchen interior. This one is truly hard to miss even when there is a lot going on in a kitchen. 

13. Copper hardware

13 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

This one is the go-to kitchen cabinet hardware out there. Aside from its traditional touch, it also offers a different glow for cabinets.

They are very versatile as they can well complement bright kitchen interiors. At the same time, they can emphasize the boldness and depth of darker colored kitchens like black and teal. 

14. Porcelain knobs

14 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

This is the most traditional kitchen cabinet hardware out there. As a kitchen staple, porcelain as a material for cabinet hardware gives cohesion to the kitchen space as it is also seen in kitchen wares.

Keeping it simple with porcelain knobs can take you to different aesthetic levels. Just pair it with the right contrast and you are good to go. 

15. Crystal cabinet knobs

15 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

The beauty and opulence of crystals are unmatched and having them as kitchen cabinet hardware shall really take your kitchen cabinets to a fine, A-game.

If you want your kitchen to look expensive without dozing on so much money, this is the best choice you can have. Like the porcelain knobs, crystal cabinet hardware are also traditional choices so you can never really go wrong with this one. 

16. Barnhouse pulls

16 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

If you are decorating around farmhouse designs, going for barn house style pulls should be your priority.

They are usually made of hard metal, with bar pull design and are perfect for different types of wood cabinets. They are also versatile for more industrial designed kitchen cabinets. The neutral color of the pulls make it a flexible hardware too. 

17. Black bin pulls

17 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

If you want to intersect vintage, modern and contemporary into one kitchen look, incorporating black bin pulls as hardware in your kitchen cabinets would be a superb idea.

Function-wise, you would also love the ergonomic design of bin pulls, giving easy grip and non-slip opening and closing every time.

It is also perfect for extra elevated cabinets since there is a dented part for the fingers to grip on. Here is how they look like. 

18. Brushed nickel knobs

18 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

If you are looking for an industrial accent to your kitchen space, opting for brushed nickel knobs for your kitchen cabinet hardware is one of the best things which you could incorporate in your kitchen.

Employing wood and metal materials to go with it make brushed nickel very popular for homeowners. 

19. Full-length silver pulls

19 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

If you want a modern and sleek design for your kitchen cabinet, you can try full-length silver pulls as your hardware.

They are perfect for longer cabinets and those heavy weight ones. Aesthetically speaking, they give more depth to the kitchen and embellishes drama to the entire space. You can even rotate them so long as it fits. 

20. Gold arch pulls

If you want that soft, radiating glow, nothing can beat the beauty of gold arch pulls. If the existing kitchen interior is too edgy, modern and sleek, a warm accent could not go wrong.

With the arched pull, you can have easy access to the drawers. It complements well with dark accent pieces and to brighten the kitchen space. 

21. Short tab hardware

For simple and unobtrusive look, you can never go wrong with short tab hardware for the kitchen cabinet. It is also beneficial for making your cabinets clean and contemporary looking.

Installing a short tab hardware make them look like they are bookmarks. If you are into minimalism, this type of kitchen cabinet hardware just makes sense. 

22. Textured knobs

For a change and a good touch of elegance, and modernity, the overall vibe of textured knobs is the perfect choice.

They can be installed to look very ornate or could be as simple as it could get. Plus, the textured knobs offer good grip and convenience every time you open the drawers. This is something you can take inspiration from. 

23. Sharp arch pulls

To have a more distinctive flair in the kitchen space, sharp arch pulls are also a fine touch as kitchen cabinet hardware.

The abstract design of sharp arch pulls is perfect for eclectic designs. The curved style of the pulls gives it a standout and expensive look. This is an elegant way to incorporate in contemporary kitchen designs

24. Glass knobs

24 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

A lot of people would say that glass knobs are dated but it is never bad to go back in time.

Glass knobs upscale any space, giving that expensive glow not only for kitchen cabinets but also for doors. If you need natural light and brightness in the kitchen space, go for glass knobs as your kitchen cabinet hardware. 

25. Raw wooden knobs

25 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

If you are into organic, bohemian styles in the kitchen, incorporating raw wooden knobs is a particularly good choice.

They do not need to be painted, just polished, and you would feel the calming touch and warm accent of the wood knobs. If in doubt, raw wooden knobs as kitchen cabinet hardware shall never go out of style. Plus, they are cost-effective too.

26. Colorful knobs

26 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

Bold never gets old, so if you want to make a statement out of your kitchen cabinet hardware, you should take a chance with this hand painted, colorful knobs.

Monochromatic kitchens would benefit a lot from the color popping look of these knobs. They offer a beautiful contrast to a supposedly bland kitchen space if you use them as cabinet hardware. 

27. Antique style, flush mount pulls

Just because they are vintage looking would mean that you should not be creative with this. Flush mount pulls are used in contemporary designs to give that edgy yet vintage look.

If you want a kitchen space that looks like it was frozen in time, going for an antique style, flush mount pull would be the best choice. 

28. Flatware cabinet pulls

If you want something out of the box, you can always transform your spoons, forks, and cutleries into cabinet hardware like this one here. Aside from being very cost-effective, it adds an interesting flair to your kitchen.

More than this, you can also find another function for old flatware instead of putting them in the bin. This is a remarkable and very resourceful way to make something beautiful out of old flatware. 

29. Metallic bar pulls

If you are looking for a vintage, mid-century look for your kitchen space, the use of metallic bar pulls is one of the best choices out there.

Aside from being sleek and simple, they also rotate for easy alignment. With these, they are convenient to use and when it comes to costs, they are cost-efficient too. 

30. Dresser knobs

And who said that bedroom and dresser knobs would not work in kitchen spaces? In this idea, dresser knobs are used as kitchen cabinet hardware.

Aside from looking very stylish and dainty, they also offer a delicate glow to these already delicate looking monochromatic lines of kitchen cabinets.

When it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware, thinking out of the box and just being bold with mixes and matches are the key. 

31. Geometric shaped pulls

This is another way to be bold when it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware. Going for geometric shaped pulls like this hexagonal brass pulls bring a lot of character, edge, and texture to a monochromatic kitchen like this one here.

We love the modern look of this kitchen thanks to the soft glow and the shape of these geometric shaped pulls. 

32. Blue and gold pulls

For the homeowner with a modern and eclectic taste, this blue and gold bar pulls are perfect against this contrast of washed blue.

Mixed together, they evoke a strong yet calming aura at the same time which is perfect for bringing out the coziness in a kitchen space.

The gold accent on the other hand, balances the cool tones. Overall, we love the sophistication of this design and style. 

33. Cutout pulls

No, they are not recessed cabinet pulls. We are technically looking at kitchen cabinets with cutout holes serving as the push and pull system of the entire kitchen cabinet system.

If you want to spruce up your kitchen space with the flair of minimalism, this is the perfect kitchen cabinet hardware which you should consider. 

34. German bronze pulls

34 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

You might say that this one is very specific but mind you, German bronze pulls are quite popular in the market, albeit the high-end level.

They are one of the go-to kitchen cabinet hardware for Craftsman style kitchens. The dark contrast of this bronze color is perfect for rich brown wood cabinets and stone tiles. Let us just allow this look to speak for itself. 

35. Flower pulls

35 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

Saving the best for last would be the ornate yet trendy flower pulls. Like the crystal knobs and geometric style pulls, flower pulls are perfect in giving that expensive look to the kitchen station.

At the same time, they can also give off a boho look depending on the color of the flower pull you choose.

They can also offer a playful look in a monochromatic kitchen. The versatility of flower pulls makes them one of the most popular kitchen cabinet hardware out there. 

36. Stainless steel

36 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

This is perhaps the most popular kitchen cabinet hardware out there. It is one of the most durable, the most cost-efficient and most versatile materials for hardware.

It can be used for almost any kitchen interior without losing its design value, the sleekness of the look and the overall convenience that it brings to any space you are working on. 

You can never go wrong with a stainless-steel kitchen cabinet hardware as it is also low-maintenance, easy to clean, and easy to replace. 

37. Matte oil rub

37 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

If you want the sophisticated look of matte finish but with some glistening effect, you should go for a matte oil rub pull for your kitchen cabinet hardware.

They are on the more expensive end, fit for upscale looking kitchen interiors but installing them would not disappoint.

They are not just good for the aesthetic value they offer but they also give good grip and convenience for that push and pull cabinet system in the kitchen. 

38. Customized kitchen cabinet hardware

38 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

If you want an intentional, cohesive looking kitchen interior, it is always best to go for customized kitchen cabinet hardware.

For one, this kitchen here made use of boat stanchions and then mixed it with teak dowels. The combination of metal and wood is just superb and it brings a lot of nautical yet sophisticated vibe to this highly neutral kitchen space. 

39. Long metal handles

39 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

For added effect and an illusion of depth and space, you can benefit from installing long metal handles for your kitchen cabinet hardware.

You can choose from a variety of lengths and mixing and matching this depending on the type of cabinet you shall install them in can give off dynamics and edginess to your simple kitchen space. In this idea, a mix and match of different lengths of long metal handles are emphasized. 

40. Thick bar pulls

40 kitchen cabinet hardware ideas

Sometimes, thick bar pulls could also give a lot of aesthetic value even to the most minimalist kitchen station.

For those of you who would like a full, stable grip every time the drawers and cabinets are opened in the kitchen, you should still opt for the old school thick bar pulls for your kitchen cabinets.

They can be made of different materials but still the best would stainless steel, brass, copper, and matte finish. This one here gives off that sleek yet sturdy look for the entire kitchen cabinet system. 


Aside from the kitchen cabinet hardware ideas that we have listed here, it is also essential that you also know some fundamental questions about working around kitchen cabinet hardware. In this section, we look at some FAQs about kitchen cabinet hardware out there. 

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet hardware? 

No matter what has been said, at the end of the day, stainless-steel pull bars still emerge as the most popular kitchen cabinet hardware nowadays. Aside from the modern, sleek look that they offer, they can also be incorporated in virtually any type of kitchen interior. Other popular kitchen cabinet hardware trends would be the following: 

  • Mixed hardware
  • Latches
  • Matte finishes
  • Colorful knobs

What are the types of cabinet hardware?

There are two major types of cabinet hardware: knobs and pulls. Knobs essentially comes with a single screw or a two-piece design using a top part and a fastener.

The most popular materials used for knobs would be brass, glass, zinc, copper, stainless-steel, and bronze. On the other hand, pulls are basically cabinet handles attached to the cabinet doors. They are installed using multiple screws. 

Should I use knobs, pulls or latches for my kitchen cabinet hardware?

This one should always be based on your personal preference. There are different pros and cons for these different types of kitchen cabinet hardware.

For one, knobs can be rotated for your convenience and easy operation. Pulls on the other hand are more ergonomic to use especially for gripping.

Latches, finally, are lightweight and modern looking. Given these, it is really up to you to decide if which one is the best for your need and of course the interior of your kitchen space. 

Is cutout a hardware?

Technically, no. In contrast with the traditional pulls and knobs, cutout is incorporated within the cabinetry.

They come in a variety of shapes, and size of the opening. If you are into minimalism and clean, recessed look for the kitchen cabinet system, this is the perfect choice which you should consider. 

Nonetheless, there are issues with moisture and of course the niching of pesky insects and even rodents in the kitchen cabinets and also in the drawers because of the open hole where you push and pull the storage. 

Can pulls and latches be mixed and matched for kitchen cabinet hardware?

The answer is a resounding yes. But of course, you have to make sure that you maintain the cohesive look of the kitchen interior. The recommended mix amongst interior designers would be the mix and match of pulls and latches in the kitchen while the mix of pulls and knobs should be on doors. 

Why should kitchen cabinet hardware be installed? 

One of the two main reasons behind installing kitchen cabinet hardware is one convenience and ease of use and second is hygiene.

You do not need to waste a lot of time in accessing storage because you can easily pull and push the drawers for any kitchen material that you need.

As for hygiene, the drawers and the doors of the cabinets become cleaner because you do not need to hold them up when your hands are down with grease. 

What are the most popular materials for cabinet hardware?

When it comes to the materials used for kitchen cabinet hardware, the most popular would be the following: 

  • Wood
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Gold plating
  • Hard plastic


To conclude, kitchen cabinet hardware is existing for a reason. This is not just to function as a push and pull system for the storage but also to give your kitchen space more aesthetic value.

The good thing is that you do not need to limit yourself when it comes to choices because there is a whole array of them available in the market. 

With everything that we have covered here, it should not be too hard for you to land on the best choice considering your kitchen interior and of course your own preference. You just have to mix and match and stay cohesive with what you are already working on.