35+ Best Kitchen Peninsula Ideas and Designs (With Layouts)

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Kitchens are the heart of a home. This is where families sit and dine together, talking about the daily happenings of life. Kitchen is a part of the home where food is prepared and consumed but more than its main function is the beauty they add in the home.

When visiting a home, the kitchen is the first to see. As such, it has to be orderly and spaced maximized. This is where the island peninsula comes in. 

If you are looking for ways to upscale your kitchen or add a kitchen peninsula instead of the proverbial kitchen island, here are some ideas which you should consider. 

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What is a kitchen peninsula?

A kitchen peninsula is likened to an island but with a worktop. Instead of having it standing free in the middle of your kitchen (like the kitchen island), a kitchen peninsula is attached to the wall. However, kitchen peninsulas are considered outdated.

Their glory days would be the 70s to late 80s. Nonetheless, for space-saving measures, you can still have them instead of kitchen islands. 

Peninsula kitchen advantages and disadvantages 

There are a lot of pros and cons for kitchen peninsulas. Since we have already mentioned that they are a bit dated, it is imperative that we know their pros and cons. 


  • Offers a wider space along the aisle so people can move freely in the kitchen. 
  • Good option for small and narrow kitchens
  • Practical in adding more storage in the kitchen. 
  • Stylish divider between the living room and the kitchen area. 


  • Limits people since it only provides one exit and entrance. 
  • Less efficient for open floor plan kitchens. 

Kitchen island vs peninsula 

Both the kitchen island and the peninsula are functional fixtures in a kitchen which work either for storage and an added surface for the food and other kitchen utensils to be placed or arranged. 

Their main difference, however, is that a kitchen island is a free-standing counter where it is mostly present on the center most of the kitchen.

It is open, like a stylish table, inside the kitchen area. On the other hand, the kitchen peninsula is attached to the wall which makes it viewed as an extension of the rest of the kitchen.

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35 Kitchen Peninsula Ideas 

Planning to have a kitchen peninsula? These are your listed guides for more stylish and classic kitchen peninsula designs. 

Small kitchen with peninsula 

1. Small Kitchen with stools

1 kitchen peninsula ideas

When living in small areas such as a studio apartment or a one-bedroom home, it is best to be creative and get your kitchen at work by having a peninsula. 

This kitchen is meant for small spaces since there has been a pack of utensils inside the small kitchen plus the peninsula is made for dining, thus the presence of stools. This is a very great idea to maximize space plus a modern way or creating a space for eating.

2. Soiree ready

2 kitchen peninsula ideas

Given a small space, it is best to think of the home’s layout before making the peninsula. Here, in order to make extra space for the party, the peninsula is properly installed on one side which does not need extra spaces on the center.

This is a perfect way to plan your peninsula if you are fond of gatherings and parties inside the home. 

Kitchen peninsula with seating 

3. Modern low back stool seating

3 kitchen peninsula ideas

It is always good to have stools that complement the color and styling of the kitchen because it does not only serve its purpose but also adds to the aesthetic of this space.

A modern low back stool is one way of integrating modernity to this style of kitchen peninsula. This means a better seating position for almost all heights, thus, a good design choice. 

4. Contemporary Pine Stools Seating

4 kitchen peninsula ideas

This kitchen peninsula is very antique and quite unique. Looking at the presentation, it is meant for a big family or even for small family gatherings.

The contemporary pine stools completed the look of this style plus the overall color of all the elements seemed antique which is very likely in a home. 

Narrow galley kitchen with peninsula

5. Everything in balance

5 kitchen peninsula ideas

On a narrow space, make sure to have a balanced aisle, lighting and storage of all the utensils and other things that are meant inside the kitchen.

In this kitchen style, it has narrow space but all the other elements are placed correctly that is why a neat and balanced aura is evoked. This one is probably the best space-maximization scheme out there. 

6. Create a cooking work triangle

6 kitchen peninsula ideas

When having a narrow space, having a cooking work triangle for the homeowner is a nice idea. Having all your needs within your reach is much simpler and more convenient given the lesser effort exerted when needing things. 

In here, you just got to move little by little in having your needs in your hands. This one is perfect for home owners who do not have assistants or best for those who do not enjoy wide and long spaces inside their kitchen.  

Modern kitchen peninsula

7. Grayish Pink Kitchen Peninsula

7 kitchen peninsula ideas

This modern kitchen style is very attractive. The pink accents for the hanging cabinets make it so modern and stylish plus the so many tables that do not seem crowded in this area. The total layout and colors of this kitchen design is very beautiful. 

8. Seattle home

8 kitchen peninsula ideas
Source: Robertson Design

The white and brown color combination plus the unique layout of this kitchen peninsula is an eye catcher.

Everything is just going well together which makes it perfect for a dining area plus it is so spacious that you can move freely in whatever direction and position you want. This layout is best for big families and those who want gatherings in their homes. 

9. U-shaped kitchen with peninsula

9 kitchen peninsula ideas

This layout is best for entertaining guests without having to sacrifice storage areas or space for movement.

U-shape kitchen with a peninsula is very convenient for home owners who give a lot of importance to people while taking into consideration the beauty and class of the home. This one is attractive and looks so organized too!

10. Small contemporary u-shaped kitchen peninsula

10 kitchen peninsula ideas

This design is very ideal for homes who have small spaces and a good design for those who multitask—cooking while entertaining guests at the same time.

Because of its small area, there is just a small place of movement, thus, perfect for those family and friends who want to pitch in and sit over a conversation while you do something over the kitchen. 

Kitchen cabinets over peninsula 

11. Vintage kitchen cabinets

11 kitchen peninsula ideas

Kitchen cabinets over peninsulas are a very good space saver. They add beauty in the kitchen plus they come in with so much class. They function as storage areas for kitchen utensils and they are a perfect match for peninsulas. 

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12. Stainless steel cabinet

12 kitchen peninsula ideas

Steel cabinets at the level of the peninsula is another way of putting storage cabinets in the kitchen.

They function two ways which is a perfect space saver plus they are not seen outside which gives you the chance to open and close freely. This one also looks cool on the outside given the accent colors and the furniture beside it.

Kitchen peninsula with slide in range 

13. Slide in Range

13 kitchen peninsula ideas

Having a slide in range in between kitchen peninsula is one way of styling your kitchen without giving in so much thinking of where to put them.

Here, it is perfectly remodelled via the same height and perfect size for the length of the peninsula. If you want to achieve this perfection, a remodelling of your kitchen is probably best. 

14. 24-inches depth range

14 kitchen peninsula ideas

This one looks very expensive but looks very organized and clean. It complemented the storage cabinets and looked as if they were a set.

The colors match each other and are so perfect for the size and height. This one is applicable for those who need extra space for cooking movements plus those who want to give in a little space for the dining table area. 

Kitchen with island and peninsula 

15. White kitchen with island and peninsula

15 kitchen peninsula ideas

Kitchen with island and peninsula is perfect for those who have a wide space meant for the kitchen.

This design is so classy in white and is best for big families who want a space for a dining area as well as a place for getting the main menu for a meal or other things that require a little more space.

This one is literally big and functional and provides so much space for a number of people wanting to prepare the meal inside the kitchen. 

16. Walnut Cabinetry

16 kitchen peninsula ideas

This one is a combination of the white walls plus a walnut cabinetry.

The color combination is very woody and antique so it came out classy and perfect as a whole. Again, this kitchen island and peninsula works well with kitchens who have a large kitchen area. Movement is also not limited since it has a large galley. 

L-shaped kitchen with peninsula 

17. Big space L-Shape

This design works well with large space areas. The L-shape kitchen peninsula served as the divider between the kitchen and the living room which makes it a perfect modern home design.

The colors of the ceiling and the floor plus the storage cabinets match really well and the organization of the furniture looked perfect. 

17 kitchen peninsula ideas

18. L-shaped

18 kitchen peninsula ideas

This one is another layout for large areas. L shape usually has one side of storage cabinets and large space and a drawing wall in this case.

This has a breakfast table in the front of the peninsula which is an extra space for this whole kitchen layout. This is good for those who are into cooking big sets of meals plus those who are entertaining guests early in the morning. 

Kitchen peninsula attached to wall 

19. Black and white

19 kitchen peninsula ideas

This design has a kitchen peninsula attached to the wall and interconnected with a free standing one. The ones that are mounted to the wall is the space where you cook and prepare meals.

It is very practical for a kitchen peninsula to have it installed in walls for a better see and layout inside the kitchen rooms. 

20. Black and silver

20 kitchen peninsula ideas

Just like the first one, the peninsula is installed in the wall while having a free standing one meant for dining.

The ones that are mounted in the wall have the storage areas, the sink and space that is good for food preparations. It is always a good idea to keep your kitchen peninsulas attached to the wall as it saves space and adds aesthetic to the home. 

Kitchen peninsula with sink 

21. Chic, white, sink

21 kitchen peninsula ideas

It is always a good thing to put a sink in your kitchen peninsulas for convenience purposes.

With this, you no longer have to move so much from one place to another when in need of a sink. Here you can maximize your time and effort for the things that matter. 

22. Woody Kitchen Peninsula

22 kitchen peninsula ideas

This woody motif accented with black stool is so perfect for a home kitchen. Even for a small space, everything is already put into one. The sink which is present in the peninsula is useful.

White kitchen with peninsula 

23. White Kitchen Peninsula

23 kitchen peninsula ideas

This classic all white kitchen peninsula is very clean and classy. As white is known to create an illusion to make space larger, thus, it is a good color choice especially for small spaces. In this case, since the area is large, the organization and class are put on top. 

24. Marble White Kitchen Peninsula 

24 kitchen peninsula ideas

White is timeless. Whatever the design and style, when you are infused with white, nothing goes wrong. In here, white is infused with silver and a little woody color at the bottom at the sink. This is very beautiful and expensive to look at. 

Angled kitchen peninsula 

25. White Angled Peninsula

25 kitchen peninsula ideas

Angled Peninsula is very stylish in nature. They are out of the ordinary which makes a kitchen larger at times.

In this case, you can see a small peninsula with a number of white cabinetry where utensils can be stored. This idea is perfect for those who have small areas. 

26. Woody Angled Peninsula

26 kitchen peninsula ideas

This style is very classic and antique given the colors combined. This is neither small nor a large area but is just enough for a living room divided by this angled kitchen peninsula. The lights added extra drama too. 

Two-tiered kitchen peninsula 

27. Small two-tier kitchen peninsula

27 kitchen peninsula ideas

Given the small space, a two-tier peninsula is much recommended. In this kitchen, you can see a small aisle plus an up and down cabinetry. The two-tier peninsula serves as the preparation and dining area or can be a table bar also. 

28. Modern Contemporary style

28 kitchen peninsula ideas

This one has a very spacious area where families can dine together or even cook together. This modern contemporary style is a very classic idea plus the pure white accented with the color black and brown makes it a perfect view. 

Lighting over kitchen peninsula 

29. Recessed lighting

29 kitchen peninsula ideas

Wanting to have a different lighting other than the pendant lighting on a kitchen peninsula? A recessed lighting might be the best option for you.

This one creates a romantic or dramatic effect on a kitchen where it is best used for a romantic dinner or short conversation over a meal or even over a few drinks. 

30. Pendant Light over a Kitchen Peninsula

30 kitchen peninsula ideas

This lighting is so common but is complementing the total look of this kitchen peninsula.

The light is focused on the center alone which makes you need other more lights like the circular ones present beside and maybe on the other more sides.

A pendant light can light up the whole area depending on the lumens of the bulb. 

Curved peninsula kitchen 

31. Luxurious Curved Peninsula Kitchen

31 kitchen peninsula ideas

This style exudes luxury in all the elements present. Though small space is put into the kitchen, as expensive as it looks, this curved kitchen peninsula is.

You can see the classic white and black combination plus the pendant lighting present on top of the kitchen peninsula table. This is super elegant in style and color.

Kitchen peninsula with cabinets above 

32. Gray cabinets on top of a kitchen peninsula

32 kitchen peninsula ideas

These grayish cabinets placed on top and the bottom of a kitchen peninsula are very functional and stylish.

It is very useful for small kitchen areas as you have so many storage areas to put things to plus the modern vibe of the style and the color adds extra beauty to the home too. This one is a very ideal design of a kitchen peninsula. 

33. Glassy cabinet area on top of a kitchen peninsula

33 kitchen peninsula ideas

A glass cabinet on top of a kitchen peninsula is a very nice idea too! Given a small space, this style is very ideal plus the transparent glassy type of the cabinet makes it extra good to see. This is a refreshing place where you can prepare food and dine too. 

Rounded kitchen peninsula

34. Black and White Rounded Kitchen Peninsula

34 kitchen peninsula ideas

Black and white are timeless. When paired together they bring out a unique view and a strong style. This rounded peninsula is another thing that goes with elegance and style. They keep up with modern styles that beautify the home. 

35. White accented with the color maroon

35 kitchen peninsula ideas

In a small room, white is always a good choice. Added to its aesthetic value is the color maroon which is also a good combination.

The circular edge of this peninsula creates a different look to this kitchen which can be an area for dining or putting up the prepared meal. 

10×10 kitchen layout with peninsula

kitchen penninsula layout 1

A 10×10 kitchen dimension is considered as the standard size. Adding a kitchen island would be impractical as it would cramp up all the extra spaces.

A kitchen peninsula on the other hand is a better fit for such dimensions. Here is a sample layout for a 10×10 kitchen with a peninsula. 

kitchen penninsula layout 2

12×12 kitchen layout with peninsula

kitchen penninsula layout 3

A 12×12 kitchen is spacious enough to accommodate both a kitchen island and a peninsula. It has ample aisles and sides for people to move freely.

Aside from that, greater storage and functionality are also achieved. Here are some layout samples of a kitchen with a peninsula running on a 12×12 dimension. 

kitchen penninsula layout 4


Are kitchen peninsulas outdated?

Many would say that kitchen peninsulas are already outdated and that they have already peaked in the 70s or 80s. However, at present interior design, peninsulas are considered dated.

Modern house layouts are keeping up with peninsulas because they maximize small areas. As such, they can have a gas stove, cabinetry, sink and dining area in one peninsula. For some, they choose peninsulas over islands because they can be more functional and stylish at times. 

What can you do with a kitchen peninsula?

There are lot of added functionality which comes from a kitchen peninsula but the most obvious things you can do with it would be the following: 

  • You can install an additional storage area for utensils and silverware. 
  • You can incorporate a sink space. 
  • You can extend the dining area. 
  • You can have an additional countertop space for food preparation. 

How wide should a kitchen peninsula be?

Always remember that the length and width of a kitchen peninsula is always based on the size of the area. However, as per rule of thumb, make sure that your kitchen peninsula should be 24-inches wide or the same in width as the kitchen base cabinets.

Further, there should be at least 36-inches of space between the peninsula’s edge and the wall and 48-inches space between the peninsula and the opposing cabinet. 

How do you remodel a kitchen peninsula?

If looking for the perfect kitchen peninsula for your kitchens, here is a quick list for you to refer to: 

  1. U-shaped Kitchen Layouts: This one is best used for different sizes of the area. This layout often goes with central island counters to make more of a working space. 
  2. L-shaped Kitchen Layout: When you are remodelling a kitchen peninsula, it is best to consider the ones that are common but can be more functional like this L-shaped kitchen layout. 

Is a kitchen island better than a peninsula?

For larger areas, kitchen islands are better since they are free standing and you can use all four corners for dining which prevents traffic jams among people who want to get some food.

However, Kitchen peninsula can be very functional too. Since it is attached to the kitchen walls, you can add some cabinetry both on top and at the bottom to give space for the things that are meant inside the kitchen. 


To conclude, kitchen peninsulas are a good alternative to kitchen islands especially if you have a compact kitchen.

The upside of kitchen peninsulas would be their space-saving nature and their capacity to provide more storage, an extended countertop space for meal preparation and being a huge enough space to act as a bar area or an additional dining area too. 

With all things considered, the main consideration in making one would be the space that you have. Fortunately, there are a lot of ideas you can refer to when it comes to kitchen peninsulas so you would not run out of design schemes to get inspiration from.