25 Creative DIY Pallet Shelf Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on October 1, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Every one of us wants our home to look neat and clean not only from outside from inside as well. Dusty and bad-looking wall paint is not only the reason why your living room or any other room is looking bad.

One of the biggest reasons behind the poor home interior is the lack of space. We usually put a lot of mess and irrelevant things in our room instead of putting them in their proper places.

Things might be more challenging when you have a small room and low-budget because buying a high-quality rack or shelf might be very costly. Following this issue, we’ve got some of the best Pallet Shelf Ideas that are way easy to implement.

Some of you might be thinking that setting up a pallet shelf in the room would cost a lot. Well, that’s not the case at all because pallet is a cheap and durable material to afford for everyone.

The surprising fact about the pallet shelf is that almost every one of you can construct it as it doesn’t require lots of knowledge or resources.  Let’s get to know about what is pallet and can we rely on Pallet to make a shelf to hold our items?

best diy pallet shelf ideas

What is Pallet?

A pallet is like a wooden structure made using softwood and hardwood, pallet is supposed to hold goods for transport means. By look, it might seem a very lightweight or low-quality structure but it is strong enough to handle the weight of almost every object.

The world’s largest wooden pallet producer from the US uses two types of wood, Pine Wood (Softwood) and Oak Wood (Hardwood). This pallet is a way solid and long-lasting wood structure that you can rely on so why not use it to make your own cheaper and solid wooden shelf?

25 DIY Pallet Shelf Ideas

After getting to know about Pallet, it’s time to have a look at some amazing and incredible pallet shelf ideas. Using Pallet, you can make any shelf or a pallet rack to hang on your wall to make a smart place for your items like books, houseplants, or any possible thing you can put on the pallet rack.

All of the shelf ideas using Pallet are easy to work on and won’t require lots of resources. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s have a look at some brilliant pallet rack and shelf ideas.

1- Pallet Book Shelf

Pallet Book Shelf

Starting with one of the elegant and stylish ideas of the shelf using a Pallet. As visible in the picture, this bookshelf on the wall is constructed using the pallet wooden crates. All you have to do is to have bolts, a drill machine, and other required pieces of equipment to craft two pallet crates into this one amazing bookshelf. It’s solid and durable enough to handle the weight of your books and other accessories.


2- Bedroom Pallet Shelf with Mirror

Bedroom Pallet Shelf with Mirror

Have look at this brilliant piece of pallet wooden mirror shelf. As we can see that both pallet and solid wood has been used in this mirror wall shelf. You can use pallet wood and other pieces of wood to make this bedroom mirror wall shelf having a mirror and lights as well.


3- Pallet Rack for Coat & Keys

Pallet Rack for Coat & Keys

This simple and elegant pallet wall rack has its own uniqueness. You can make this pallet easily at home by yourself without using too many resources.  This pallet wall hanging is such a classy pallet item that you can use to hang your keys, hat, coats, or whatever as per your preferences. This is easy to make and the cheapest wall pallet rack.   You can decorate this shelf in a variety of ways as you think would suit best on your wall.


4- Towel Pallet Wall Shelf

Towel Pallet Wall Shelf

One may always need a place to hang a towel either its a bathroom or a living room. We may need a towel at any time so why not make an eye-catching and stylish pallet wall shelf to hang our towels? This towel pallet wall shelf also has that space where you can put any cream, house plant, tissue roll, or anything as per your need.  During constructing this towel shelf, you will have to use that fine steel rod to hang your towels on.


5- DIY Pallet Shoe Rack

DIY Pallet Shoe Rack

An optimized and well-categorized living room reflects our personality. There could be nothing better place than rack to have all of your shoes at one place. Buying a high-quality wooden rack for your shoes would be very expensive to afford which is why we got this amazing pallet shoe rack that you can make on your own. This pallet rack is one of the cheapest shoe racks you can ever have to keep your shoes in one place.


6- DIY Pallet Wine Wall Shelf

DIY Pallet Wine Wall Shelf

Are you looking forward to keeping all of your wine bottles and glass in one place? You need this amazing pallet wall shelf that you can make on your own to keep your wine stuff. Not only it is a great way to have all of your drinks in one place but it will also bring more look to your wall. Talking about reliability, you can rely on this specific pallet wall shelf to keep your wine bottles and glasses without having any fear of breakage or fall.


7- DIY Pallet Kitchen Shelf

DIY Pallet Kitchen Shelf

No one likes a messy kitchen where things are not placed in a categorized way. This amazing pallet kitchen shelf is the one all of you need to adjust most of your kitchen items in one place. Why go for expensive wooden kitchen cabinets when you can make a decent and smart kitchen shelf for yourself using a pallet. As you can see, all of the items like sauce, vinegar, etc can be easily placed into this pallet kitchen shelf to make things well-placed.


8- Pallet Wall Storage Shelf

Pallet Wall Storage Shelf

Do you want to go neat and clean when it comes to the pallet wall shelf? Not a problem at all because you can make this pallet wall storage shelf on your own. As shown in the picture, it’s looking like a mini cupboard shelf placed on the wall where you can keep your items and close that pallet-made door. You can use both pallet and some other hardwood material to make this wall shelf by yourself. 


9- Pallet Cornered Shelf

Pallet Cornered Shelf

Corners of the room are always ideal to have racks or shelves to make the overall room look more optimized and set. As we are talking all about pallet shelves so why not have a cornered wall pallet shelf as showing in this picture.

As we can see how fit and suitable this pallet shelf is placed right on the corner of a room. This is the best corner shelf you can work on to maximize the overall space of your room. Have a look at more corner shelf ideas for living room to know how can you maximize your room space in a well-decorated way.


10- Rustic Pallet Wall Shelf

Rustic Pallet Wall Shelf

Another pallet idea, another way to have an excellent wall shelf for your living room. This is a fantastic pallet shelf you can have on your wall. You can put decoration pieces, houseplants, jars, or any type of item on this wide pallet wall shelf. This is also an affordable and easy to make pallet shelf idea that you must give a try. You can also paint this wall shelf in any color in order to make a good theme according to your wall color.

11- Pallet Clothing Rack for Bedroom

Pallet Clothing Rack for Bedroom

Buying a solid and top-quality wooden cupboard is a very expensive choice for one to afford which is why we got this amazing pallet rack for clothes. As you can see that beautifully crafted clothing rack having different sections divided by pallet slabs. This pallet-made piece of furniture is ideal for all of you who want to hang their clothes in a decent way without spending too much money on the new cupboard.


12- Pallet Crates Shelf

Pallet Crates Shelf

Have a look at another fabulous pallet shelf idea where it’s all made of pallet crates. This whole big shelf structure is constructed using some pallet crates to give that classy room shelf look. You can also do wiring through these crates to have that lights inside every crate as we can see in this image. This is one of the well-decorated shelF ideas you can work on using a pallet crate.


13- DIY Wooden Pallet Floating Shelf for TV

DIY Wooden Pallet Floating Shelf for TV

The TV lounge is one of the busiest rooms in the whole house. The main area of TV represents the overall look of your TV lounge. None of you would’ve imagined that you can actually use pallet to hold your TV in a floating way. This shelf can be called a TV pallet shelf you can place right under the TV on your wall. In the lower section of this shelf, there is a wide-open space where you can place TV remote, DVDs, or any other small size accessories.


14- Pallet Bathroom Wall Shelf

Pallet Bathroom Wall Shelf

Having a strong and reliable shelf in a bathroom is what is required by everyone. You always need that bathroom shelf where you can put shampoo, soap, shaving cream, and other bathroom-related items. This good looking and lightweight bathroom shelf made using pallet is something you would love to hang on your bathroom wall.


15- Rustic Pallet Bathroom Shelf

Rustic Pallet Bathroom Shelf

Another amazing idea to make a bathroom shelf to have all of the items like shampoo, creams, etc. This is a pretty long pallet shelf as compared to the previous one and it also has those half pocket sections to hold all of the objects firmly. It is easy to make and hang on your bathroom wall without requiring too many resources. In case you go for this bathroom shelf, you’ll not have to spend too much money on the new and high-quality wooden bathroom shelf.


16-  Word Pallet Shelf

Word Pallet Shelf

Make a pallet shelf of your name or any other word as you want. Take the required tools like a saw, drill machine, etc, and make a customized name pallet shelf for your room and hang it on the wall. As you can see that there is a pallet shelf crafted in the shape of the word ‘HOME’. Not only Home, but you can also make a pallet word shelf of any desired word according to your own preferences.


17- DIY Plants Pallet Standing Shelf

DIY Plants Pallet Standing Shelf

Most of you would have an interest in gardening and have lots of flowers, plants in your home. This brilliant standing shelf made of pallet can be used to place flower pots and anything having flowers or plants. That standing shelf for flowers will not only give a proper place to your plants but will also keep them safe from any kind of damage. You can place this shelf in your lawn, garden, or even in a living room as well.


18- Recycled Pallet Wooden Crates Shelf

Recycled Pallet Wooden Crates Shelf

Do you want to have a stylish wooden shelf for the TV lounge or bedroom? You need to make this DIY pallet crate shelf to have that style and look of a classy shelf in any of your living rooms. As the whole shelf is made using pallet wooden crates painted in dark brown color. You can place books, lamps, decoration items, etc in that pallet crate sections. This is a must-have DIY pallet shelf you would love to have in your bedroom. By the way, you can also lighten these dark-colored pallet crates using any bulbs after going through a wiring process.


19- Pallet Crates Kitchen Shelf

Pallet Crates Kitchen Shelf

Looking for a large kitchen shelf because you can’t afford a new kitchen wooden shelf? Have a look at this brilliant kitchen shelf constructed using pallet crates. Making this type of shelf for your kitchen is way simple and cheaper without putting too much energy or time. All you have to do is to collect pallet crates and construct them together to make a whole shelf for your kitchen. You can also attach trolley wheels under this shelf as shown in the picture.


20- Large Pallet Crates Shelf Storage

Large Pallet Crates Shelf Storage

No one would’ve imagined that you can actually use pallet wood to make such amazing and eye-catching shelves. Are you looking forward to decorating your whole wall with any shelf? You need to make this bigger pallet shelf containing lots of crates covering the whole wall. This type of large in size pallet shelf will not only give you more space to put your things but will also enhance your room overall look. So what are you waiting for? Collect pallet crates and start working on this heavy-duty pallet crate wall shelf for your room.


21- Rustic Reclaimed Bathtub Pallet Shelf

Rustic Reclaimed Bathtub Pallet Shelf

This amazing recycled and well-crafted pallet shelf for your bathroom is something you can have to place your soap or book while laying in the bathtub. It is lightweight and easy to make without spending too much money and resources. Buying or making this rustic bathtub pallet shelf would not cost you a lot of money. 

22- DIY Coffee Mug Holder Shelf

DIY Coffee Mug Holder Shelf

Looking for a separate shelf for your tea and coffee mugs? Check out this smart and fantastic shelf stand with hooks to hang your mugs. Not only mugs, but you can also place some dishes or photo frames as well in the upper portion of this pallet standing shelf. This is a strong, wider, and well-constructed shelf you can have in our kitchen.


23- Fancy Pallet Wooden Shelf

Fancy Pallet Wooden Shelf

This specific style of pallet shelf is what most people prefer to have in their living rooms especially the TV lounge. A neatly crafted pallet shelf can be placed on any wall using those steel supports at the bottom. Also, this pair of pallet shelf is solid and durable enough to handle the weight of every item you place on. A combination of floral wallpaper with this shelf would bring a fine look to your living room. 


24- Solid Pallet Wall Shelf

Solid Pallet Wall Shelf

This particular shelf is easy to construct and place on the wall. It is a solid, cheaper, and durable shelf you can have on your room wall. You can place keys, jars, any decoration piece, or anything according to the area of those two pallet wooden slabs. That elegant look and unique structure of this shelf is good enough to bring the attention of everyone around.


25- Pallet Shelf for House Plants

Pallet Shelf for House Plants

Last but not least, this decent shelf has been constructed using a pallet crate. You can decorate your walls by having these types of pallet shelves to put plant pots inside those pallet sections. You can paint any pallet crate using any paint spray as these house plant shelves are red-painted so there are no such restrictions regarding painting a pallet wood.

Hopefully, going through these fabulous pallet shelves ideas will give you new ways to decorate your rooms and walls with some good-looking shelves constructed using a Pallet. Every pallet idea for shelves that we’ve discussed so far is easy and simple to construct. Remember that you can construct and cut any pallet piece in any way as per your shelf project requirements.


After looking at some of the brilliant pallet shelf ideas, we can say that everyone must switch to pallet when it comes to home shelves. The reason for suggesting pallet-made shelves is that they are cheaper and easy to make for everyone without putting too many resources.

We got to know that pallet is a mixture of softwood and hardwood, you can rely on this pallet wood to place anything on your shelf.  We came to know that you can cut pallet wood into any structure and make a shelf of your own choice without having any issues. 

In the end, we’d recommend that you should go for DIY Pallet shelves if looking for an affordable and reliable shelf.