Décor & Upgrade Tactics to Sell Your Home ASAP

Last Updated on August 24, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Homeowners tackle décor and upgrade projects for two reasons. The most common one is to improve their living space by making it more comfortable, attractive, functional, and livable. In these cases, the goal is to redo the interior by adding artwork, new furniture, unique flooring, etc. Additionally, upgrades include larger projects like room additions, pool installations, expansions, roof replacements, solar panels, and more.

In general, decorating and upgrading a home are the most effective ways of making it more suitable for human habitation. But there’s another reason owners spend time and money on their houses, and it’s not about boosting the personal comfort level. It’s about resale value. Homes that look great, inside, and out, sell faster and for higher prices than comparable properties in the same neighborhoods.

Those shopping for new homes pay close attention to cosmetic factors like wall art, rugs, paint color, furniture arrangements, flooring, lighting fixtures, pools, plumbing fixtures, kitchen appliances, and overall aesthetics.

Well decorated spaces make positive impressions on potential buyers, and recent upgrades can add a lot to a property’s market value. If you want to find a buyer as quickly as possible and get offers close to the asking price, consider the following suggestions.

Choose Projects Carefully

One of the most effective tactics for making a quick sale at the highest price is to choose the right upgrade projects, improvements, and décor adjustments. Owners who take time to select carefully and spend money wisely can get the greatest return on their investments.

Keep in mind that you get to take furniture and other non-fixtures with you, which means a major redecorating job pays in two ways. Not only does it showcase the space and attract buyers, but you retain ownership of the items when you move out.

Of course, pools, new roofs, and flooring stay with the original property, but they serve their purpose by boosting your profit on the sale. An action item to keep in mind is to ask a trusted real estate agent what types of features current shoppers are looking for.

Trends come and go, so a swimming pool might not always be a good idea, while a roof replacement, deck, or kitchen expansion might be the current hot features in your neighborhood.

Leverage Your Personal Borrowing Power

When it comes to hiring professionals who can transform the inside or outside of the living space, nothing is free. Even small projects can cost several thousand dollars. No matter how great the potential return on investment is, homeowners must fork over the money to pay suppliers, designers, painters, contractors, and others before the “For Sale” sign goes up. That’s why it is so essential to get the best rates on personal loans before undertaking any kind of work.

Fortunately, companies like Navient Marketplace make the financial side of the effort a snap. Navient users can view side-by-side rate comparisons from dozens of the best providers in the loan industry.

There’s no better way to see all the pertinent information, numbers, data, and rates in one place and make informed decisions. Information is power, and owners who know all the details about personal loans are in an advantageous position from the very start.

Do a Complete Paint Job

Those who want to get the greatest return on their dollar choose paint jobs for both the exterior and interior. Not only is painting a doable DIY project, but something as basic as an all-around coat of white paint can freshen up older structures and make them look new.

Today’s buyers expect excellent painting work and routinely ask real estate agents when was the last time the owners painted? If you opt to go this route, consider doing the interior yourself and leaving the more complex outside painting chores to a hired professional.

Replace Window & Doors

Entryways, exits, and windows get more traffic and wear than any other part of a structure. House hunters make conscious and unconscious judgments about the overall value of a property based on the general quality of windows and doors.

One of the advantages of a total replacement is that costs are lower than for many other jobs. Plus, it’s easier to recoup what you spend by bumping the selling price by a modest amount.

However, unless you possess high-level carpentry and construction skills, shop around for a reliable contractor to do the replacements. Focus on energy efficiency, durability, and secure locks for windows. Select doors, for front and back, that fit with the color and design scheme of the rest of the structure.

Improve Kitchens & Baths

Kitchen and bath remodeling top the list of investments that deliver the highest rates of return in terms of resale value. They also help bring in more offers and generate interest among first-time buyers who focus on those two high-priority areas of a dwelling.

Decide whether to do light or heavy remodel work on your bath and kitchen spaces. If you have the time and the rooms are showing signs of long-term wear, think about redoing flooring, replacing sinks and fixtures, painting the walls, and more.

When real estate agents give walk throughs to customers, people tend to spend more time in kitchens and bathrooms than in any other area.

Add Front and Back Landscaping

Here’s another opportunity for DIY enthusiasts to put sweat equity into their properties. Landscaping in the form of decorative gardens, trees, shrubbery, lighted walkways, healthy grass, strategically placed flower beds, and natural rock installations goes a long way toward enhancing curb appeal.

First impressions count in the real estate business, and shoppers notice flourishes like attractive beds of roses, trimmed bushes, mowed lawns, and more. The rule about landscaping is that nothing goes unnoticed.

Make Needed Roof Repairs

Leaky roofs can kill a real estate deal faster than anything else. The day you decide to sell, call a local contractor, and order a complete roof inspection. Unless there are major problems that indicate a replacement is needed, be sure to attend to all the small points of the inspector’s report.

Replace or repair sections that are in danger of becoming worse. Likewise, check common trouble spots around chimneys, rooftop air conditioners, and gutters. Expect potential buyers to ask about the overall health of the roof and the last time it was replaced or serviced.

Get HVAC Inspections or Replacements

A heating ventilation and air conditioning inspection is a must for anyone who wants to plant a for sale sign in the front yard. Consider having an experienced HVAC pro do a thorough inspection.

Then, make necessary repairs to the unit. If a replacement is needed, consider the substantial expense as an investment because that’s what it is. Buyers don’t want to be on the hook for a costly HVAC bill the day they move in. Borrow what you need and take care of the situation before placing your home on the market.

Revamp Interior Décor

Consult a licensed interior decorator and explain that you intend to sell soon. Experienced pros know the routine and can create a simple plan that focuses on highlighting the space in the most favorable way possible. Remember that if you purchase furniture and wall pieces to round out the plan, you’ll be able to take them to the next location. Don’t forget to remove clutter, do a thorough cleaning, and store bulky personal items that don’t contribute to the overall appearance of the space.