What Colors Go With Charcoal Grey Couch? (25 Ideas)

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Color combinations are one of the biggest challenges when designing your home. Long-time of planning and searching for the best blends and matches but what is exciting is finally deciding the color of your furniture, specifically the couch in your living rooms.

Still one of the finer choices would be charcoal grey couches. It blends with anything but there are particular colors that really make it standout.  

If you are looking for the best colors to go with your charcoal gray couch, you have come to the right post because we have dedicated a list just for that. Thus, without much ado, let us dive right into the colors that go with a charcoal gray couch.

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colors go with charcoal grey couch ideas

25 Colors Go With Charcoal Grey Couch 

Choosing a good color for a grey couch is not a perplexing task. However, as we have just said, there are just some specific colors that emboldens charcoal grey and it would be the following. 

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1. Rust orange

1 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

Having the same color with the wall is one but the warmth and sophistication of rust orange in this grey couch is everything. Though they both belong to the dark shades, the rust orange throw pillows made the entire room moody and ambient.

The subtle light from the lighter flooring and concealed lighting makes this one cozy and inviting. 

A1DwzgeT9FL. AC SL1500

2. Charcoal gray monochrome

2 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

An added color to the neutrals is okay but going with just one color is also a very clean and classy idea.

Aside from the fact that charcoal greys are one of the colors that can match with any color, it can also go well with just its color like this monochromatic scheme.

When you want it simple and neutral, stick to one color, accent it with other elements in the same color and make it look memorable.

3. Yellow throw blanket

3 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

Charcoal grey is always perfect with brighter colors. Going up with contrasting colors is always an exciting idea. They look different but are very good looking when combined together.

This couch with all the other elements put in this view are very minimalist but looks stylish, fresh and neat. When going dark grey for a couch, putting a yellow accent color is a nice idea. 

71YbnpmutnS. AC SL1100

4. Organic and earthy tones

4 what colors go with charcoal grey couch
Source: Design-59

Going with natural colors on top of charcoal grey couch is one of the best color combinations a homeowner would want to go with. This modern stylish background matched with the charcoal grey is one of the best choices, design wise.

It looks very natural, fresh and so neat that you would love to stay around. When having a hard time thinking about which colors best look with your charcoal grey couch, always go for the basics, a little white and beige for a very oh so looking view.

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5. Red Accent Wall Paint

5 what colors go with charcoal grey couch
Source: IBBB Design

Bold, bright colors are a trend match to the dark ones. Thus, giving this look modern and stylish.

The red accent wall in here looks so strong, making a statement look for the whole living room. When you want it classy, bold, and dramatic the red and grey combination are top of the line.

6. Light Turquoise

6 what colors go with charcoal grey couch
Source: Chaffey Building Group

Pairing two colors together is so much fun. Mixing and matching them together sounds so playful. Turquoise is a lighter color which represents a calm and fresh vibe into a room.

Choosing this combination might be so simple for a home but always remember that simplicity and natural colors goes with any season and do not go out of style. When in doubt, go with the basics. 

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turquoise safavieh area rugs

7. Purple, navy blue and charcoal grey color combination

7 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

It pays to know classifications of colors but it is more exciting to go for the ones that are far from the known.

Deep rich colors like the purple and navy blue are cool ones that bring out vibrance in a room like this room idea. When you are fond of the darker ones, give it a try and accent your charcoal grey couch with these rich deep colors for a surely fun blend.

91Ra8x tn6S. AC SL1500

8. Charcoal Gray and Blue

8 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

Pairing charcoal grey with blue is never a bad choice. They complement each other and look so beautiful together.

In this picture, having the wall painted and hanging an abstract blue painting with the charcoal grey couch looks beautiful plus the classy patterned throw pillows added.

61lHQ3uhdGL. AC SL1001

9. Pink and charcoal grey

9 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

Softer colors like pink are also a nice combination linked to charcoal grey. Since pink is super feminine, it adds a chic vibe that is looking so well in this design. When you like it feminine and soft, go with this color combination. 

41Rp5tXMmHL. AC SL1056

10. Black and white

10 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

Black and white are a charcoal grey’s balanced undertone so pairing with these colors are giving a nice touch in any interior design.

With this picture, everything goes well and looks very much classy. Staying in a charcoal grey plus with the black and whites is a better option. The strength of the neutrals is always a fine choice. 

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61Yu88yKaDL. AC SL1001

11. Refreshing green

11 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

The choice of having a green color in an all-charcoal grey area is very moody and natural. It gives a very eco-friendly and fresh vibe plus there are a lot of benefits of placing plants inside the home which you should not miss, ever.

This picture highlights the plain, glossy couch which gives it a view. The minimalism in this idea is also very on point. 

12. Three Shades of Grey

12 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

When all the colors seem bright and deep, different shades of the charcoal grey color are always the good-to-go colors.

Thus, combining them together creates a perfect picture that brings out the best in the charcoal grey. If you want it this elegant and neat, colors that blend well like these three shades of grey is a perfect choice.

13. Floral and Charcoal Grey

13 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

Floral definitely works with a plain charcoal grey couch. This look is very chic and says a lot about femininity while having to blend with the dark ones.

This is a look that many would love and choose especially those who are fond of plains and prints plus the pinks and charcoal greys. 

14. Silver and white

14 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

Putting in silvers in a charcoal grey couch is so elegant and adding a little white makes it delicately attractive.

In this picture, the different elements are the one making a statement but the charcoal grey color leaves as the highlight of the overall look of this area.

Indeed, there are a lot of things happening but the charcoal grey couch with its silver and white accent throw pillows are best combined together. 

15. Grey and Black

15 what colors go with charcoal grey couch
Source: Neptune

Putting together dark colors is not always a bad idea. They both bring out a strong character which makes a home so bold and with strong vibes. On the other hand, dark colors exude elegance and class.

That is why they are much preferred by many plus they go with so many accent colors like brown, light gray and other more.

When you are thinking about what colors to add in your charcoal grey couch, a black is one of the best choices.

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16. Velvet Charcoal Couch and Maroon

16 what colors go with charcoal grey couch
Source: Hays Jeanine

While everyone seems to go with the bright and vibrant ones, some rely on the dark bold colors like maroon. Maroon is a sexy color and when added with the classy velvety charcoal couch, they look extremely fine. 

They create a stronger and fiercer vibe that is why maroon is most associated with sultriness and class. Choosing this color combination is okay and works well with a dark background like this dark grey wall paint. 

17. Gold and charcoal grey

17 what colors go with charcoal grey couch
Source: Home Depot

The combination of charcoal grey and gold is very outstanding. The color gold is so hard to match with just any color, especially darker tones.

Gold has so much value in all aspects and objects that is why it adds value in a given design. Putting the gold color is a chic, upscale color to accentuate broody charcoal grey couches.

18. Violet

18 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

The violet and charcoal grey when together is very charming and sophisticated. They bring in a contemporary look and a plush combo which we always want.

They look in harmony and do not go against each other. When choosing these colors, make sure that you also choose a white background to make it more dramatic and neater. 

813XzUkB59L. AC SL1500

19. Rose Gold

19 what colors go with charcoal grey couch
Source: BRIQ Furniture

Rose gold is a very rare color but it could look trendy or dated whichever you want to go for. It is so much feminine plus it exudes class and elegance.

This overall look of the charcoal grey color matched with the rose gold color is beautiful to see and works best for women who want it feminine, chic, stylish and calm. This idea is recommendable and would not go out of style for quite some time.

20. Bright Green

20 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

When you want it bright, choose a yellow green color. Bright colors always pop out in a dark color but when seen together makes a good view.

When going for a charcoal grey color of a sofa give it a point to choose accent colors that will make it more attractive and seen.

yellow green pillowcase

21. Navy Blue walls

21 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

A navy blue wall also works well with a charcoal gray couch. Even if they are both dark colors, they still bring out the best in each other and still give so much power and style inside the room.

Having this color combination is not that usual but it can be a very interesting match. If you are pro dark, go for it.

22. Vintage colors

22 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

A vintage looking kind of room is a very classic design and is timeless given the colors and the impact given to the total view of the area.

Many homeowners opt for this design because it looks expensive and is making a representation of the traditional and the past.

Infusing elements that are old and antique makes it a whole new look, not to mention the modern design charcoal sofa combined with the old color. When choosing this one, make it a point that you focus on just being classy, old, and neat.

23. Mustard yellow and charcoal grey

23 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

Going with dark colors, it is always good to put in accents that pops out and bright like the mustard color. It represents a positive vibe and gives enlightenment to the home given this dark room with a dramatic vibe. 

Going for this idea may be expensive with all the classy color combination and the unique texture of the couch but it is something every homeowner would want—something cozy, elegantly looking and dark. 

24. Light greys and patterns

24 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

When coming up with color combinations to match your charcoal greys sofas, paint your walls in light grey and accent them with patterned throw pillows to give it a view. It is a very simple design but is giving a vibe.

All the light greys compliment all the neutral colors present plus highlighting the couch in the area. There are only neutral colors but it has a colourful impact on the home.

grey rug

25. Teal combined with the charcoal grey color

25 what colors go with charcoal grey couch

This color combination is so much on point that they work together and look so well combined. This pair is very expensive and elegant to see but is very ideal.

The area seems small but the feeling it gives is so beautiful that having a small area is no big deal at all. 

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Combining colors in interior design is a fun activity. When you are working with moody neutrals like charcoal grey, it is surprising to know all the ways that you can spruce it up.

The good thing about this couch color is that it is easy to build around with. The right popping colors, fellow neutrals, and the broody, bolder ones would bode well with the cool contrast that charcoal grey would give. 

With all things considered, the trick behind the charcoal grey couch is to keep cool and inviting as always. As such, you need to know which colors go with a charcoal grey couch.