What Size Allen Wrench for Garbage Disposal? (A Comprehensive Guide)

Last Updated on November 29, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

When it comes to fixing things around the house, many people find themselves stumped by one question: what size Allen wrench for garbage disposal? It can be confusing, especially if you don’t know where to start.

In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive guide on Allen wrench sizes for garbage disposals! We’ll also provide some tips on how to choose the right size Allen wrench for the job. So read on and learn everything you need to know about Allen wrenches and garbage disposals!

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What is Allen Wrench?

An Allen wrench is a type of tool that is used to tighten or loosen bolts and screws. It gets its name from the inventor, Henry F. Phillips. The tool was invented in 1922 and has been widely used ever since. There are many different types of Allen wrenches, but the most common one is the L-shaped wrench.

What size Allen wrench for badger garbage disposal?

garbage disposal allen wrench

The size Allen wrench for badger garbage disposal is a quarter inch. This is the most common size used, so it’s likely that you have one in your toolbox.

If not, it can be easily purchased at most hardware stores. Be sure to measure the bolt on your disposal before purchasing an Allen wrench to make sure it is the correct size.

What size Allen wrench for waste king garbage disposal?

The size Allen wrench for waste king garbage disposal is a half inch.

What size Allen wrench is used for InSinkErator disposals?

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Jam Buster Wrench

The size of the Allen wrench used for InSinkErator disposals is usually a ¼ inch. However, it’s always best to check your disposal’s owner’s manual to be sure. You can also find this information by looking on the side of your disposal where the brand name is printed.

What size Allen wrench is used for GE garbage disposal?

The size of Allen wrench used for GE garbage disposal is usually a quarter inch. Sometimes, however, it can be a half inch or even three-eighths of an inch. It all depends on the model and make of your garbage disposal. You can usually find the right size in the owner’s manual that came with your unit.

How to choose the right Allen Wrench size for your Garbage Disposal?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the size of Allen wrench you need for your garbage disposal will vary depending on the brand and model of disposal you have. However, most disposals use an Allen wrench that is somewhere between ¼ inch and ½ inch in size.

If you’re not sure what size wrench you need, it’s best to consult the manual for your specific model of garbage disposal. Alternatively, you can bring your old Allen wrench (or a photo of it) to a hardware store and ask a sales associate to help you find the right size replacement.

Once you have the right size Allen wrench, simply insert it into the hole on the bottom of your disposal and turn it clockwise to tighten it. Be sure not to overtighten, as this can damage the disposal.

How to Use an Allen Wrench?

Allen wrenches, also known as hex keys, are one of the most versatile tools you can have in your toolbox. While their primary use is to drive screws and bolts with a hexagonal head, they can also be used for a variety of other tasks.

Using an Allen wrench is simple. First, find the bolt or screw that you need to loosen or tighten. Next, insert the wrench into the head of the bolt or screw. Finally, turn the wrench in the desired direction until the bolt or screw is loosened or tightened.

How to remove Allen wrench for garbage disposal

If your garbage disposal is jammed and you need to remove the Allen wrench, follow these steps. First, unplug the garbage disposal from the power outlet. Next, insert a hex key into the hole in the bottom of the disposer. Turn the hex key counterclockwise to loosen and remove the Allen wrench. Finally, use a pair of pliers to remove the Allen wrench from the hole.

If your garbage disposal is leaking, you may need to replace the Allen wrench. To do this, first turn off the power to the disposal at the breaker box. Next, remove the hex key from the bottom of the disposer and use a pair of pliers to remove the Allen wrench from the hole. Finally, use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the disposal in place and pull the disposal out of the cabinet.

How to fix garbage disposal with Allen wrench

If your garbage disposal is having problems, the first thing you should do is try to fix it with an Allen wrench. This is a simple and easy process that can often solve common issues.

First, make sure that the power to your disposal is turned off. Next, locate the reset button on the bottom of the unit and press it. If this does not work, you may need to remove the disposer’s housing to access the motor.

Once you have located the motor, use an Allen wrench to loosen any screws or bolts that are holding it in place. You may need to use a pair of pliers to help remove the screws. After the motor is loose, you can then remove it from the housing and inspect it for any damage.

If the motor appears to be damaged, you will need to replace it. However, if the problem seems to be with the housing or the blades, you can try fixing it yourself. Simply reattach the motor and tighten any screws or bolts that were removed.

If you are not comfortable performing this repair, you may want to call a professional to do it for you. However, trying to fix your garbage disposal with an Allen wrench is a fairly simple process and is often successful.

Garbage disposal Allen wrench won’t turn? and how to fix it

If your garbage disposal Allen wrench won’t turn, there are a few things you can do to fix it. First, make sure that the power is off to the disposal. Next, check to see if the disposal is jammed. If it is, use a plunger to try and dislodge whatever is causing the jam. Finally, if the disposal still won’t turn, you may need to replace the Allen wrench.

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What can I use instead of a garbage disposal wrench??

If you don’t have a garbage disposal wrench, there are a few things you can use instead. A regular Allen wrench will work in a pinch, but it’s not the ideal tool. A better option would be to use a pair of pliers or an adjustable wrench. If you’re really in a bind, you could even try using a hammer and screwdriver. Just be careful not to damage the disposal unit.

No matter what tool you use, it’s important to make sure that the Allen wrench fits properly. If it’s too big or too small, you could damage the unit. Most disposals have an Allen wrench hole that is about ¼ inch in size.



So, there you have it! The next time you’re wondering what size Allen wrench for garbage disposal, hopefully this guide will be of some help. As always, if you have any further questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and we’ll be happy to answer. Thanks for reading!