29 Stunning Whimsical Garden Ideas

Whimsical garden & backyard ideas

Everyone wants to spend their time outside, but what if you don’t have to go far away just to enjoy the wonderful scenery? If you are the kind of person who likes to spend time in nature but doesn’t want to spend so much time and money traveling, then why not create a whimsical garden at home?

You are not the only one who will benefit if you have a beautiful whimsical garden, your family and friends can also enjoy it with you!

Plants for whimsical Garden

Creating a whimsical garden at home needs careful planning which includes picking a theme for it. Here, I will provide you with some theme ideas and what plants to include.

Woodland garden – You can add medium trees, shade-loving plants like hosta, astilbe, and ferns. Add more fairy decorations and bold, richly flowers.

Japanese garden – For a Japanese vibe in your house, you can add cherry blossoms, bamboo accents and don’t forget to add a tranquil fountain.

Tropical garden – Make a combination of large brightly colored plants like bush peonies, sunflowers, hydrangea, and dinner-plate dahlia.

How to Build a Whimsical Garden

Now that you have picked your theme, it’s time to make your whimsical garden. Don’t worry! You don’t need to have an extensive gardening skill, hire someone or break your bank just to get your garden like summer-ready.

Decide on a theme for your whimsical garden – Even decorating your garden needs careful planning. You need to decide on a theme for an organized and functional garden.

Pick a color that you want to add to your theme – To keep your garden playful and interesting add more color to hype the visual interest. Choose what combination of color you want and choose plants, furniture, decorations and containers that suit your color scheme.

Arrange a place to enjoy your whimsical garden – when planning for your whimsical garden, decide what is its use for. If you like to sit somewhere near your garden to just chill alone or with friends and family, then you may want to consider creating a space in between or at the side of your whimsical garden.

If you plan on using it for dinner or party, then you need to add a table and when setting up the table, make sure that it is a place where it is comfortable and there is good lighting.

29 Stunning Whimsical Garden Ideas

1. Burlap covered vase

Burlap covered vase

Source: uncommondesignsonline

2. Water Wall

Water Wall

Source: interiorfrugalista

3. Rolling Garden Cart

Rolling Garden Cart

Source: lollyjane

4. Porch Box Planter

Porch Box Planter

Source: theidearoom

5. Tin Lantern

Tin Lantern

Source: diyprojects

6. Upcycled Wagon Planter

Upcycled Wagon Planter

Source: thesoccermomblog

7. Whimsical Toadstools

Whimsical Toadstools

Source: craftaholicsanonymous

8. A Watering Can That Pours Crystals

A Watering Can That Pours Crystals

Source: craftsbyamanda

9. Flower Pot Fairy Garden

Flower Pot Fairy Garden

Source: restorationredoux

10. Pergola Curtains

Pergola Curtains

Source: abeautifulmess


11. Garbage Can Bird Bath in 5 minutes

Garbage Can Bird Bath in 5 minutes

Source: funkyjunkinteriors

12. Bird Bath Succulent Garden

Bird Bath Succulent Garden

Source: acultivatednest

13. Birdcage Succulents Garden Planter

13 whimsical garden ideas farmfoodfamily

14 whimsical garden ideas farmfoodfamily

Source: thewhoot

15. Teapot Garden Feature

Teapot Garden Feature

Source: confessionsofaserialdiyer

16. Fire escape garden

Fire escape garden


17. Teepee made of grasses and plants

Teepee made of grasses and plants

Source: apartmenttherapy

18. Moss Chair

Moss Chair

Source: onekindesign

19. Forest unicorn

Forest unicorn

20 whimsical garden ideas farmfoodfamily

29 whimsical garden ideas farmfoodfamily

28 whimsical garden ideas farmfoodfamily

27 whimsical garden ideas farmfoodfamily

26 whimsical garden ideas farmfoodfamily

25 whimsical garden ideas farmfoodfamily

24 whimsical garden ideas farmfoodfamily

23 whimsical garden ideas farmfoodfamily

22 whimsical garden ideas farmfoodfamily

21 whimsical garden ideas farmfoodfamily

30. Decorate your tree

30 whimsical garden ideas

If you have a big tree at home and you think it is boring then be creative and add decorations to it!

31. Use your extra space for a cool pathway

31 whimsical garden ideas

Make use of your extra space to be a playful pathway. Prepare to do some landscaping and gather big stones for your pathway. Once you set-up your pathway, do not forget to add colorful flowers and green plants beside it.

32. Use your old tires

32 whimsical garden ideas

You can paint your old tires with different bright colors, cover one side of it and place a healthy soil and start planting your chosen plants. Then you can arrange them however you want in your garden to add a whimsy look!

33. Small Rose garden

33 whimsical garden ideas

You can start your garden by just arranging stones in a circle and planting roses inside of it. Once the roses bloom, it will look stunning. You can also cut some of its stems to plant more rose.

34. Add this flowerpot fairy garden

34 whimsical garden ideas

Got a broken pot? Don’t throw it! Instead, use it as a fairy pot flower garden by adding soil in it and adding some decorations of your own choice.


35. Be even more creative with your pots

35 whimsical garden ideas

Got more pots? Why not add more personality by arranging it uniquely?

36. Use logs for vines

36 whimsical garden ideas

If you have extra logs use them to add height to planters. Make little scenes or vignette with garden art you have on hand.

37. Log planter

log planter

1 22

Got more logs? Why not use it to plant your flowers?

38. Reuse old garden gear

38 whimsical garden ideas

Instead of buying pots for your flowers why not play with your old garden material like this to add whimsy to your garden.

39. Play with the palette

39 whimsical garden ideas

If the flowers you choose don’t add colors to your garden why not play with your empty bottles like how these blue bottles add vibrancy and pop to your garden?

Adding a whimsical garden in your home will surely adjust your home’s mood to being cheerful and light. It is also very welcoming and inviting to guests. Be playful and spread your creativity by setting up a whimsical garden at home!