Top 14 Anime Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas for Your Home

Last Updated on March 1, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Do you like watching anime movies? Anime has become the latest trend among the young generations. Anime might be originated in Japan, but today almost the entire world is a fan of Anime and Mangas.

And there is a simple yet positive reason behind such a big fan following is their enticing story, astounding visual, and character that you can relate with. You may find Anime fans of all ages, either a kid, teen, or adult; everyone has a special place in their heart for Anime, which makes them watch the episodes again and again.

People are so in love with Anime characters that they have started living an anime life.

They have started dressing like Anime characters, styling their body language, getting anime characters or quotations tattooed on their bodies, and even transforming their ordinary bedroom into an anime bedroom

Anime lovers love to collect anime figurines and decorate their rooms. Moreover, if you have anime lovers’ friends, you might have known how they never fail to talk about their favorite character endlessly.

If you are one of these crazy anime fans and want to feel your anime life, you can decorate your room in an anime-themed room. Isn’t that an excellent idea? You must be thinking, how can this add extra thrill?

To know the answer, you have to go through this article. Here you will explore various unique ideas that you can take as an inspiration to decorate your bedroom with your favorite character. Without any delay, let’s have a look.

The best ideas for your anime-decorated room:

1. Cool Anime Posters 

1 anime posta bedroom

How about adding some posters to your wall to make an aesthetic anime bedroom? Do you remember the time when you used to put little stickers of your favorite cartoon on the wall? They felt like you had entered the real cartoon world! Right? So what’s wrong if you do the same but in a modified way.

Put come cool anime posters on the walls of your room. Don’t worry about the size of the room. Your room might be big or small; incorporating anime posters is the simplest and easiest process for the anime-themed room. 

You can use multiple numbers posters from the same or different series from the anime movies on your bedroom’s wall. You can also put some signs that can give you intense anime vibes without damaging your walls.

2. Excellent and unique anime bed headboard 

6149MMajYrL. AC SL1500

How about waking up with anime? What if you wake up, and the first thing you see is your favorite anime characters? Isn’t that mesmerizing and exciting! You can make your anime-themed room more comfortable and cozier and wake up seeing your favorite anime character with the help of the anime bed headboard.

To create a bed headboard, you have to make some printouts of your anime characters; you can print out the posters in different sizes and start pasting them on a board or wall behind the bed.

You can conjugate some vine plants to make it more realistic, and your aesthetic anime bedroom will be ready to use. You can even use different types of lighting to make it look more vibing with the anime theme.

3. Popular Anime Custom Stickers for Bedroom

custom stickers

Maybe you have noticed that anime is becoming more and more popular around the world nowadays. It is very impressive and interesting for anime lovers to design some custom products based on the characters they love, which will show their personalities, hobbies, and what they love.

Are you or your anime-loving friends in need of some bedroom ideas? Get yourself or them some awesome anime-inspired custom stickers that make a great addition to any interior. When waking up in the morning, the anime custom stickers on the wall come into the sight that will bring a sense of coziness and happiness.

To make some anime custom stickers, just visit the online design system and design them by yourself with various shapes, colors, artworks, etc. for your selection.

4. Banners made with Anime characters or movie scenes.

3 anime posta bedroom

When it comes to creating a specific type of theme, the first thing that comes to mind is banners. To make your room anime bedroom, you can use banners, but along with it, you can also use beddings and toys related to anime.

It can be of particular anime characters, a scene of anime movies, or a dialogue quotation of your favorite anime movie. Believe it or not, your anime bedroom is going to look outstanding.

To make the banner, use some printouts and paste it on the wall, and it will look exactly like a cool banner. You can also paste the flag with the photos.

5. Creative and Stylish Anime Bedroom background

719KFWoe5KS. AC SL1500

If you want an aesthetic anime bedroom, you can try out this clear and contemporary idea of decorations. Select a particular wall and a character from the Anime series for the wallpaper and fill it will the anime stuff like posters and banners.

To make the room look more alluring, make the other décor of the room simple, making the two portions of the room contrasted, and the decorated wall stands out and catches the eyes quickly. These walls would create the whole aura of the room matched with that of anime and make you feel enthusiastic all the time.

6. Doraemon Themed Room

doremon themed bedroom

If you are decorating the room for your kid, nothing can be a better option than a Doraemon-themed decorated room. Hardly some kids don’t love the famous cartoon Doraemon.

You can conjugate the room with Doraemon-themed curtains, beddings and wallpaper, and everything other in blue color. You can even buy Doraemon gadget toys for your kid.

The different characters of Doraemon show up various moods, and thus different kids love other characters. Hence pasting the cutouts of all of the characters on the wall would give it an attached and emotional feeling of seeing them all together.

7. Dragon Ball Z Anime Bedroom 

dragon ball bedroom

There are very few people who don’t remember watching dragon ball z in their school days. Dragon Ball Z was the most loved anime, which was talked about the most. If you are still in love with the Anime character Dragon Ball Z, you can use it to design your anime bedroom.

You can use three-dimensional painting. Keep the surrounding area painted with neutral and sophisticated colours and lights. You can add red shelves and decorate with Dragon Ball Z merchandise to give it a realistic look. It will make your room look more energetic and robust.

8. Room decoration from Manga inspiration

manga bedroom

Do you love manga comics? You love the anime character. You can decorate your anime bedroom by getting inspired by manga comics. You can place the manga character posters at different places in your room, like the ceiling or your bookshelf, or your wardrobe.

Painting the top will make you sleep with anime and wake up with anime; placing them on the bookshelf will show up every time your eye roll around the room, and putting them on your wardrobe will make you remind of your favorite characters when you are going to dress up, just the way you love.

Not only for you, but you can also use this idea for your kid’s anime decorated room too. They will love it.

9. Decoration with Anime Murals

anime bedroom rurals

To get the best anime vibes, you can choose the easiest and best way, Murals. Anime Murals are readily available in both types of markets, online and offline.

You can either walk to your nearby décor store or order your items online to create the best aesthetic anime bedroom. Even you can customize them according to your choice and style and the size of the room.

10. Animation Movie Themed Bedroom 

disney theme room

While talking about the anime series, you cannot ignore the Animation-created movies. Finding Nemo, or barbie Cinderella, is an animation movie that you can use to decorate your bedroom.

For this, you can buy wallpapers, figurines, soft toys, banners, stickers, bedding, and curtains themed on these animated movie themes and characters. You can either go by a particular movie, texture, or even color while designing your anime bedroom.

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11. Hanging frames and Posters 


If you don’t want to change your room’s color but still want to feel the anime vibes, hanging posters and frames are the best options. You can set a self for the merchandise and figurines.

You can turn the frames and posters freely on the walls or even on the ceiling. This will not only give it a unique look but also is eye-catching and very creative.

These hanging frames are so trendy already, and when they are mixed with your anime-decorated room, every one person who visits your room will become fond of your creativity for sure.

12. Naruto Beddings 


Naruto is one of such characters that is loved by all and that inspires all. Using naruto as the theme of your room décor is not unique but would make a powerful impact on the aura of your anime bedroom.

While decorating your room, If you want something apart from the wall decoration, you can use anime-printed bedding such as Naruto designs beddings, naruto designed curtains, etc.

You can get yourself naruto soft toys to keep on your bed and other decorative corners. Using the anime-printed bedding will give you anime vibes as well as not destroy your room’s wall.

Anime room décor It is particularly possible that you may like Japanese films if you are a fan of anime. If it is so, you can design your room will a cool Japanese theme with minimal effort. All you have to do is put posters and wallpapers related to Japanese culture and use the room’s color according to it.

The famous sakura flowers can also be placed in the room to create those authentic Japanese vibes, and other than this, you can also use strings lights to make it look sophisticated. Figurines of your favorite Japanese cartoon character or anime character can also be placed with beautiful Japanese sceneries.

13. Put your collection on display

anime collection bedroom

What is the thing that is common among all true anime fans? It is the collection. Yes, most anime lovers love to collect toys, DVDs, figurines, and posters related to anime. It looks super cool if you put your collection out on display in your anime-themed room.

It will show your affection towards anime and represent the time and effort you put into collecting them; other than this, it enhances the overall mood of your room. Remember that collections are never meant to be caged in a cupboard; they show off to people who say anime is not cool. Agree?

14. Kawaii bedroom design

kawaii room decor

For this bedroom design, you don’t need much investment, time, and effort. You have to do three basic things:

  1. Make your wall colored according to your Kawai theme. You can either paint or put wallpaper.
  2. Paste your favorite Kawai posters, frames, magazine cuttings, and whatever you have on the wall.
  3. Decorate with extra stuff like figurines, toys, shelves, etc.

In short, display your collection with a twist of a Kawai theme. This idea takes less time and effort but turns out to be excellent. 

15. Attack on the Titans 

717XTHPgQYL. AC SL1001

Attack on the titans is one of the most popular, top-listed manga globally. This manga belongs to one of the most loving dark fantasy genres and has a thrilling story. The exciting storyline and relatable characters are responsible for their worldwide fan following.

Thus it would be adored by all anime lovers if you decorate your room on this theme. To decorate your space with this theme, you have to paste the picture and posters on a plain white wall, hang the toys and use themed pillows and blankets to create an authentic anime feel.

More bedroom ideas:


Our room is the only place that knows all our secrets, bests and worsts, and all other things about us. Thus, they need to be adored, decorated, and look their best. Now that you have got some best ideas about the Anime Bedroom décor through this article, so style your home accordingly and get your room’s catchy and aesthetic look.

The best thing about these decoration ideas is that these ideas do not require so much investment of either money or time. Still, they are great ways to make your regular days a lot more amazing than they usually are by creating all your favorite looks, vibe, and feel.

The rooms decorated through these ideas can give you an excellent place to do your aesthetic anime photoshoot. These ideas are hopefully attractive and can be done even by the kids. So what is the wait for? Go ahead with these ideas and create your super cool, super amazing anime-themed bedroom. What are you waiting for? Start designing your room today!