35+ Beautiful Blue and Gray Bedroom Ideas and Designs (With Photos)

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It isn’t difficult to become enamored by a particular color scheme which combines one of the world’s most popular colors with the latest trendy neutral color that’s been on the forefront for a few years.

Blues have long been at the top of the top list of interior decoration colors. Blues work well in a wide range of styles as well as motifs, whether in an astute playroom, the children’s room, the guest room, the lounge, or even a bedroom.

Gray with blue are the excellent color combo for the modern and sophisticated bedroom. Together, these colors are sophisticated, sleek, and calming.

Within this article, we’ll go over some of the most prominent gray and blue bedroom ideas available to provide you with inspiration. Without further ado, please continue reading.

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20 Blue and Gray Bedroom Ideas

Blue with gray, sometimes navy with gray, are some of the foremost famous and well-known striking color combinations. It’s no surprise that these color combinations may be seen in houses all across the globe. This color combination is a pleasure to encounter daily, regardless of the home décor aesthetic.

Let’s look at why certain colors might give off such positive sensations. Gray, on the other hand, is a soothing color, whilst blue and perhaps navy colors provide dimension to your interiors. Furthermore, the combination will provide the necessary quiet, particularly inside the bedroom. 

1. Bedroom That Is Inspired By The Ocean

1 blue gray bedroom ideas

Let’s begin with a popular gray and blue bedroom styling: a sleeping space inspired by the ocean.

The combination of whites, blues, and gray conjures us images of beaches, sunlight, and waves. Why not pretend you’re on vacation and put a small effort into doing so?

But, rather than the traditional blue and white for the bedroom, try a fresh approach this year and substitute it with interesting colors of gray.

Aside from providing a maritime, seaside bedroom, the combination of colors will shift the ambiance of the area and give it a cleaner, more contemporary look.

Additionally, to increase aesthetic appeal, fill the background with bursts of aqua, white, as well as light gray.

2. Modern Chic Bedroom

2 blue gray bedroom ideas

Don’t understand what gray and blue hues to be used while designing your bedroom interior? Try out blue mixed with gray tones. Indeed, you may never consider it, however combining the two colors will offer a wonderful decorating concept.

This final hue will create a calm and friendly environment which will eventually seem intrinsically cultured.

Don’t rest with just shades; add additional stylish items to round off the look. I prefer deeper gray colors and even some brilliant blue tints.

Finally, you will have a fashionable bedroom that complements the modern style of your home. Because of its warm charm, the color palette we mentioned is frequently used in contemporary Nordic bedrooms.

3. The Stylish Bedroom Adorned In Gray And Blue

3 blue gray bedroom ideas

To achieve an effortlessly beautiful bedroom, experiment with various colors of gray and even blue. You wouldn’t need so much because these colors complement each other well.

3 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

4. Bedrooms With Blue And Gray In A Masculine Style

4 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

There’s really one safe bet about manly bedrooms: gray and blue colors are frequently used by designers to generate a certain masculine ambience.

Substitute all white furniture with gentle grays but also incorporate a few blue accents to finish the look.

5. Elegant Blue And Gray Bedroom

5 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

Grays and blues can work extremely well to make a trendy bedroom, either you go entirely minimalistic or use some doses of minty blue, yellow, or white.

6. A Bedroom Colored With Gray, Blue, Along With Another Color

6 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

Don’t be scared to play around with style and color. As a result, consider an additional color to complement the two colors.

To establish a serene and friendly atmosphere in the bedroom, choose turquoise, pinks, yellows, or whites. The final result should be a gleaming room.

You may also add dashes of red and orange towards a more nautical or oceanic feel. If you’re feeling brave, try for magenta or fuchsia to add some shine into the femininely styled bedroom.

On the flip side, yellow should be an excellent choice for bedrooms with just mild tones of gray and blue and a desire for that daylight warmth.

7. Blue And Gray Children’s Bedroom

7 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

Blues and grays, despite their appearance as serious, adult colors, will look fantastic in a child’s bedroom. When coupled with pinkish tones or eye-catching zigzag designs, the effect is cheerful, youthful, and delightful.

8. Blues and Grays in Various Shades

8 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

Have you had to struggle with cramped quarters? Then maybe you can experiment with various tones of blue and gray to get that striking look.

If you want to follow this path, simply ensure that the remainder of the sleeping space maintains a neutral look.

In this manner, the grays and blues would stand out and highlight the greatest features of the bedroom.

Consider using contrasting colors on your cushions, beddings, and perhaps even any flower vases. Shift from the dynamics and build a new color palette.

9. Pillow Accents In Gray And Blue Bedrooms

9 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

You would not need to begin painting every one of the walls gray and blue. All you need to know is that you can address the problem by adding some vibrant accents.

To complement the gray or blue in your bedroom, add several vibrant cushions or decorative items.

10. Bedroom In Electric Blue And Gray

10 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

Do you wish to brighten up your bedroom? Do not be scared to incorporate additional electric blue highlights. Your sleeping room will indeed be nicer, chicer, and more contemporary as a result.

11. Bed That’s Colored Gray And Blue

11 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

Do you want to make a centerpiece within your bedroom? The greatest advice is to concentrate on something like the bed. Because the bed is generally the focal point of any bedroom, the color palette must be conveyed, correct?

That said however, opt for a bed with blue and gray tones that can transform your sleeping area into a seaside, attractive space.

If you like this style but wouldn’t want to modify your bed, consider using gray bedding and blankets. Combine them using a few blue cushions for a striking contrast. The colossal gray and blue bed should suffice.

12. Gray And Blue Colors Which Are Straightforward And Subtle

12 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

Should you believe that “smaller is better,” perhaps you might contemplate designing your bedroom with modest gray and blue tones.

Utilize this simple method to soften the overall color palette. There are other possibilities in this approach, but yours has the potential to distinguish themselves.

You need to choose light blue and gray hues to obtain that modest and plain blue and gray bedroom. Experiment using different hues regardless of what you think. The colors must not be too outlandish, but must be discreet enough to help you enjoy your sleeping space.

13. Gray Colors Deserve The Spotlight

13 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

Gray is among the most attractive colors to employ in a bedroom. When you wish to remain with the gray and blue color combination, have your bedroom stand out by emphasizing the gray colors.

A way to commit to this concept is to paint all of your bedroom’s walls gray. Blue accents can be used all through the space. Your pillows and linens will provide the needed splashes of vibrancy within your sleeping environment.

14. Experiment Around With The Floors And Walls

14 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

When planning to renovate the bedroom, maintain the existing color palette in mind. Alternatively, you may become distracted by different colors and diverge from the desired décor.

You can experiment also with the colors of the walls as well as the floor so you can prevent making any blunders. Color them in with lovely gray and blue paint.

If you choose to keep the walls white, you may combine gray and blue into other aspects like the drapes, floors, cushions, or rugs.

Finally, there would be no errors throughout the original color palette. Once you’ve decided on these crucial elements, you’ll be able to finish the overall style.

15. Accents Of Gray And Blue Throughout Your Bedroom

15 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

As you have probably seen in a few pictures of blue and gray bedrooms, the gray tones are generally the focus point, whereas the blue components round out the bedroom’s design.

As a result, I propose that you use blue tones to obtain that cohesive whole. Though you shouldn’t need decorating experience, I guarantee you won’t go wrong if you stick to this standard color scheme.

Designing your bedroom ought to be a pleasurable experience, so you shouldn’t be hesitant to be inventive and come up with new ideas.

As a result, try using grays as backdrop colors and focusing on blue tones simply to include some small ornaments. People would notice every one of the gray and blue spots.

16. Make Use of Cool Designs

16 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

Including some special and unique components is the finest method to exhibit your originality and flair.

Experiment using gray and blue hues. As to whether you want grayish lighting or a cooler gray and blue wall, you might experiment a bunch and take some intriguing designs to the forefront.

But on the flip side, you may get some lovely gray and blue pillows with elaborate, wonderful designs that bring out your distinctive picks and the finished style. Are you searching for new ideas? Then, to add a nautical feel, utilize a patterned blanket or drapes.

17. Artwork On The Walls Of A Gray And Blue Bedroom

17 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

When you are interested in interior decorating, you may already be aware of the significance of wall decor.

Taking these considerations into account, do not be scared to display some decorative wall decorations throughout the design process. Having the walls without anything on them can really appear sloppy at times.

Art and, more often than not, wall decorations are fundamental and necessary parts in creating a nice bedroom. Furthermore, these products are the greatest approach to show your feelings and values while rounding out the entire concept.

Should you prefer to keep to a gray and blue bedroom theme, keep in mind that you use delicate artworks so that you can showcase such colors beautifully.

18. Bedrooms Colored Gray And Blue With An Abstract Look

18 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

You must look at the unique components you could add for those of you that like to decorate their bedrooms in quite an inventive and current way.

Whether those are wall designs or eccentric artistic works, or even a giant spherical mirror over your bed, you might help the sleeping place stand out from the crowd.

As a result, the primary source of inspiration here may be adopting an amorphous look. You might use cool colors for your bedsheets to highlight the components, or you could just select a blue and gray irregular carpet.

Don’t ever be hesitant to incorporate out-of-the-ordinary items, including electric blue lights or a light fixture that’s shaped like lightning.

19. Outstanding Light Blue Accented Bedroom

19 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

When people have discussions on gray and blue bedrooms, they don’t imply you have to utilize both of the colors in equal proportions. It is entirely down to you which hue you choose as the primary.

Choose blue as the most dominant color in the bedroom if you’re aiming to give it a coastal atmosphere. As the main accent color, consider utilizing a pale shade of blue in this scenario.

Maintain a neat and consistent appearance in the bedroom by using draperies, cushions, or linens.

For example, if the majority of the items in the bedroom are colored gray, consider acquiring a blue armchair or even some blue covers or cushions. Add some color to the space to liven it up.

20. Bedrooms With Gray, Blue, And White

20 blue gray bedroom ideas 1

Are you searching for a much more modern design to use in your bedroom? If so,  in addition to the major colors, try using some whites.

The whiteness will brighten the room and elevate things to a whole new level.

Furthermore, white is generally linked with properly ordered and tidy areas, making it great for creating a welcome atmosphere.

Thus, should you aim to get the ideal mid-century or perhaps more contemporary style, this is it for you. If you’re not already aware, white goes with practically anything, so integrating more blue and gray is no longer an issue.

The area will appear to be well-organized, so harmonizing the colors would be a breeze.

21. A Gray Takeover In Your Bedroom

21 blue and gray bedroom ideas

Don’t dismiss gray when it’s actually among your preferred colors. Choosing a blue and gray bedroom can give an enormous impression and will appeal to everyone who is enamored with these hues.

Going for gray bedroom wallpaper is one approach to fully commit to this style. This provides a great deal of room to show off the color. Additionally, blue may be used as the accent color all through the area and will provide the needed splash of vibrancy.

22. Keeping The Colors Of Your Bedroom Subtle

22 blue and gray bedroom ideas

Attempt a rather subtle method when you’re not pulled to a strong blue or darkish gray. Take your time with these colors to see just what more you could accomplish with it. This blue and gray color combination for your bedroom may be done in a variety of ways, and yours might be absolutely unique.

Consider a brighter gray and blue for a more basic and understated blue and gray bedroom. These color combinations aren’t too out there, and they have a really trendy design that anybody can enjoy.

23. A Bed Colored With Gray And Blue

23 blue and gray bedroom ideas

The bed is the center feature of any bedroom. It should be the main focus and must unmistakably reflect your color palette. A gray and blue bed, on the other hand, has a really charming and seaside appearance to it.

24. Fill Your Gray And Blue Bedroom With Patterns

24 blue and gray bedroom ideas

Incorporating some creative graphics into your bedroom is a great way to display your personality and originality! Without any fascinating patterns, a space might appear a little dull or monotonous, thus this concept is a requirement.

25. Make Blue The Star Of The Show In Your Bedroom

25 blue and gray bedroom ideas

In most cases, gray is usually the center element, whereas blue is used as the background color or an accent hue. However, you should make gray the background color of your bedroom and make blue the primary focus.

26. Your Bedroom’s Floors And Walls Deserve Attention

26 blue and gray bedroom ideas

It’s common to become wrapped up in each of the tiny details of a blue and gray bedroom while selecting how to design it. To avoid making this mistake, use blue with gray in your drapes, walls, or even your floors.

27. Blue And Gray Bedroom That Stands Out

27 blue and gray bedroom ideas

We can start brainstorming some intriguing objects to incorporate for everyone who enjoys a more unique and current perspective within their bedroom.

To help a bedroom easily stand out from the crowd, think of patterns, decorations, and artwork. Make your bedroom appear revolutionary, and you shouldn’t be scared to experiment with some unusual elements!

28. A Gray And Blue Bedroom For Kids

28 blue and gray bedroom ideas

A beautiful color combination for a kid’s room is blue with gray! Daring and livelier colors fascinate kids, and we also have to have a muted tone to avoid overwhelming the space. That’s where the blue and gray combo come into their prime.

29. Blue And Gray Artwork And Wall Decor

29 blue and gray bedroom ideas

You’ll almost certainly be putting up various art on the walls or décor during the design stage if you would like your bedroom to appear at its finest.

Artwork, as well as wall décor, are crucial inside the bedroom because they allow people to express themselves as well as the general theme of the space.

30. Your Bedroom Doesn’t Have To Be Solely Blue And Gray

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You don’t have to stick to blue and gray for any blue and gray bedroom. There are so many additional colors that go nicely alongside gray and blue which you may use in your decor. Some won’t work as effectively as others, but they’ll still provide your place with a unique flair.

31. Bring White Into The Blue And Gray Combination

31 blue and gray bedroom ideas

Adding white among your two primary colors for an even more modern style can elevate your bedroom towards the next stage. White is often linked with neat and organized places, and will create a pleasant atmosphere inside your bedroom.

32. Add Some Accents Into The Mix

32 blue and gray bedroom ideas

Consider having one hue that you would like to stand out and another that will function as that of an accent. An accent item allows individual elements of your area to pop out while also preventing the space from becoming too monotonous.

33.  Turn Your Bedroom Into A Modern Glam One

33 blue and gray bedroom ideas

Do you want your gray and blue bedroom to have a modern glam look to it? If that’s the problem, try out another hue to play with that will complement the concept of your bedroom. Some colors to try out are cream or off-white.

34.  Ensure You Put Up Some Decor For Your Bedroom

34 blue and gray bedroom ideas

Your color palette will be carried by your decor as effectively as if every one of your bedroom walls were painted the same hue. Consider this while selecting a pillow, nightstands, carpets, or whatever else you desire. Pick some lovely blues as well as grays to work with!

35. Bohemian Blue And Gray Bedroom

35 blue and gray bedroom ideas

This is the suggestion for you if you want a unique bohemian bedroom. Blue and gray appear to be wonderful in these sorts of spaces since such colors are all so relaxed but still give off a unique aura. There’s no such thing as a bad way to design them!


What colors look good in gray and blue bedrooms?

You’re probably wondering what colors go alongside a gray and blue bedroom. So here’s a few suggestions for colors that would work well in a bedroom utilizing a gray and blue color scheme.

Pairing The Colors Light Blue And Pink Together

Pink and gray color palettes are calm, vibrant, and inviting. Color schemes of light blue with pink may be lively and bold or delicate and delicate. Gray-blue is made more appealing by all pink hue tones, bringing balance into contemporary designs.

Using Reds With Blues To Complement One Another

Blues plus reds seem vibrant and energetic when combined. The juxtaposition of cooler and warmer tones causes any blood to rush. Red color hues shine against a pale blue backdrop that shimmers with heat and light. The deeper crimson, icier cyan, and their differences are much more vibrant and lovely.

Shades Of Orange And Blue Colors

The color schemes of orange and blue create dramatic distinctions. The orange and blue color palettes are softened by white decoration concepts, which combine with modern dwellings.

Discolored blue pairs well with soft peach, pinkish-orange, yellow-orange tones, reddish-orange, tangerine, as well as other orange-brown hues.

Yellow And Blue Bedrooms That Feel Warm

Yellow and blue hues complement each other beautifully, mixing sunny tones with light blues. Such color schemes feel real, bright, and coordinated, and they remind me of beautiful sunrises.

Gentle golden tones are energizing, warm, and stylish. Elegant, sensual, and breezy color palettes for modern home design are created by the subtle blue and gentle golden colors.

The pure blue, resembling tranquil water or perhaps a clear blue sky as well as the sun, adores the radiance of gold. Color schemes might include brilliant and dazzling yellow hues, as well as green or brown gold hues.

Bedrooms Colored In Warm Green And Light Blue

Washed blue and toasty greens appear to be sun-warmed leaves on a sky-blue backdrop. These color schemes are upbeat, harmonic, and soothing. Yellowish green hues seem very pleasant and comfortable when combined with pale blue.

Bedrooms With Colors That Harmonize, Like Faded Blue And Toasty Green

Graceful cool-green colors are yet another approach to complement any blue colors. Green pastel colors offer richness and dimension to modern rooms while also making them seem tranquil and pleasant. Colors linked with jade water, emerald, and deep green are lovely partners to the contemporary light blue.

Combinations Of All Types Of Blue In A Bedroom

In monochrome but interesting schemes, grayish blue can be blended with most other blue colors. Because of the variances, the color choices appear lively and brilliant.

Blues may provide energy and depth to a space. All blue colors and brilliant azure, navy blue, and subtle cobalt hues go well with the light grayish blue.

Purple Colors That Go Well Together

Relaxing and intriguing color pairings include pale blue as well as bright or dark purple colors. Violet colors include blue and crimson undertones and may be used to liven up any home interiors.

The color combinations of pale purple along with blue are lovely. Hues such as dark purple, amethyst, violet, and pastel blue appear refined and attractive.

Color Palettes Of Gray-Blue With Brown

Whitish brown and blue hues have a natural beauty to them. Warm browns provide a variety of colors with a deep, velvety warmth, and light brown tones are relaxing.

The whitish blue with browns, like the planet’s surface and sky, are created for one another. Colors such as cinnamon, copper, oak, chocolate, mocha, beige, as well as other browns look stunning when combined with the contemporary light blue.

Numerous Shades Of Gray

The faded blue hue is a gray tone of pale blue. It goes well with any neutral shades and looks great with whites, blacks, and grays. Each one of these complementary hues produces a distinct harmonization with the light blue.

White décor concepts are associated with purity and cleanliness. With the fashionable pale-blue color, beige tones produce feminine and beautiful rooms.

Gray softly compliments the blue with a hint of gray, while black creates a striking contrast. Tones such as milky whites, tan, iron, wet pavement, and moderate to deep grayish-blue complement the bleached blue color.

Do gray and blue go together in the bedroom?

Without a doubt, gray and blue go together well in bedrooms! Considering they blend together really well, they are a very desirable color mixture for bedrooms.

One trick to making it work seems to be to choose hues with similar undertones, which is why a chill gray with something like a cold blue work the best, and a warmer gray with the use of a warmer blue.

You also might wish to use colors that complement the light with the dark. Hence, if you want to go with everyone’s beloved dark blue surfaces, incorporate a lighter gray to elevate the darker tone.

Does blue bedding go with gray walls?

Blues and grays may appear to be a somber and manly color mixture at the first glance. However, this is not always the situation.

The appropriate tones of such colors might help to create a calm and quiet atmosphere. Delicate green along with white accents round out your aesthetic that can look as if it was inspired by nature.

Other bedroom ideas:


A blue and gray color scheme throughout your bedroom will be a wonderful appearance to your bedroom. However, it can look tacky or tasteless if it isn’t done right.

When you’re designing your bedroom around that color scheme, your best choice should be to go for a look that suits what you want rather than what other people would like to see. It is your bedroom and no one else’s, so it has to look good to you.