14+ Best Closet Door Alternatives With Pictures (Pros and Cons)

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When it comes to choosing closet doors, it does not only pay to get the one that is beneficial in upscaling the look and feel of the room. One thing to consider is its function, especially in ease of operation and storage.

With the bulk of closet doors and the difficulty in installing some types, however, most homeowners are looking for other closet door alternatives now. 

In this post, we shall look into some of the best closet door alternatives which you can consider for your bedroom or to make your own walk-in closet for that matter. If you are wondering what these could be, read on. 

best closet door alternatives

11 Closet Door Alternatives and Their Pros and Cons

There are many closet door alternatives which you can choose from but some just make it more standout than others. From the cheapest, to a really modified one for that customized beauty, we have listed here some of the most notable closet door alternatives out there. 

1. Accordion closet doors

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As the name suggests, this type of closet door folds like an accordion through multiple panels. The panels are installed through the opening These panels run in a single track which is commonly installed on top of the door’s opening.

Classic accordion closet doors are typically made of wood but now, they are made of PVC, laminate, aluminum and vinyl or even fiberglass and acrylic for better customization. 

Space saving.May look and feel unstable at times. 
Offers full access. 
Inexpensive installation. 

2. Barn door

2 closet door alternatives

This one is almost always likened to sliding doors. But compared to it, this one has an exposed metal bar which slides on the side instead of having a bottom track.

Aside from this, it is also equipped with wheels at the bottom. For a rustic charm, this one is definitely one of the best closet door alternatives out there. 

Vintage and rustic charm. Needs professional repair. 
Versatile when it comes to designs. Not the best choice for small closets and rooms. 
Durable and inexpensive. 
Easy to install. 

3. Beads

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There was a time when bead doors were truly in style. The good thing is that it is coming back as a trend. For those who are neophytes at this, a bead door would be made using nylon strings covered with reed beads or crystal beads.

Aside from creating separation in a room, they are also very pleasing to the eyes. Plus, they are easy to open. All you have to do is to push the beads out of the way and you are all set. 

Comes with a variety of colors. They can be quite the obstruction.
Cost-effective choice. You need to hold up the beads every now and then. 
Creates an artsy partition fit for closets. Can feel counter-intuitive, convenience wise. 
Easy installation.

4. Bookcase closet door

3 closet door alternatives

If you want to have the beauty of customized doors with a tingle of element of surprise, bookcase closet doors are not just perfect in the criteria but also offer a multifunction feature for the room.

It is essentially a bifold closet door which at the outset is full of books but when opened leads to your closet. It is perfect as a space-saving furniture slash door and offers a sleek storage for different items. 

ProsCons Versatile for different room sizes. Picky when it comes to bedroom layouts. Gives another display and storage option for the room. Best for large rooms. Can be constructed DIY and using different materials.  Can be relatively expensive.  

5. Curtains

4 closet door alternatives

This, of course, remains to be one of the cheapest and most versatile choices when it comes to closet door alternatives.

You can choose from a range of textures, types of fabrics, colors and designs. However, one of its common downsides is that they may not always fit naturally into a space, especially in an asymmetrical room. They are not that child-friendly too and they can easily tear. 

Easy installation. May have a limitation in fitting naturally in the room. 
More liberty in choosing styles, colors and textures. Fragile and easy to tear. 
Easy access to the closet. 

6. French closet door

6 closet door alternatives

The European flair of French closet doors are hard to match and too beautiful to miss. If you want to make a vintage statement out of your closet door, a French closet door is a good option.

They look very traditional, incorporating lightweight materials and glass accents. You can make it more aesthetic looking by using tinted or frosted glass. If you have a spacious room with chic, vintage or Victorian design, this would sit perfectly as a closet door alternative. 

Opulent looking.Expensive construction. 
Space-saving as it opens on the side. Made for larger, spacious rooms.  
Easy installation; does not require elaborate hardware. Needs sufficient side and front clearance for full access. 

7. Louver door

7 closet door alternatives

If you want the midwestern or tropical flair, the Louver door is perfect as a closet door alternative. They look like window shutters, with fine slats as gaps.

As such, it is perfect for air circulation and in avoiding moisture to seep in the closet. Because of this, you can expect for the clothes and fabrics to stay pristine and fragrant because molds and mildew cannot fester. 

They are usually made of wood, vinyl and PVC. The doors swing at once so you can access your closet minimally or all at once. 

ProsCons Good for avoiding smelly fabric. Upkeep and maintenance can be challenging.  Prevents molds and mildews.  Perfect for bedrooms, basements and laundry rooms. Easy to construct and install.  

8. Macrame

8 closet door alternatives

And if you are more on the boho side of things, a macrame door should totally be in your closet door alternatives list.

The knotted macrame, the geometric designs and layers, and the different colors that you can incorporate are very appealing and worth the shot in creating a closet door with lots of character. 

High utility value. May smell sometimes. 
Decorative. Macrame cords cannot be reused. 
Very versatile. High-maintenance. 
Boho and chic designs. Color fading tendency. 

9. Mirrors

9 closet door alternatives

If you want an air of opulence and modernity, you can always go for mirrors as closet door alternatives. You can still frame them with the bifold, bypass or sliding closet door look but with the added benefit of natural light and illusion of space and depth.

You would not need to buy an extra vanity mirror too since you can fit your clothes right away, as you get them from the closet. Think of boutiques and that is what you get from mirrors as closet door alternatives. 

May or may not be framed.  May give light glares to the room.  
Multifunctional and convenient. The room may look dated. 
Makes the room brighter and look wider. High-maintenance.  
Expensive to install. 

10. Pocket closet door

10 closet door alternatives

This one is perfect if you want to experience full access to the closet without swinging it all out. The idea behind this one is that you first install a sliding door and then create an in-wall pocket so that it would be more convenient when you open it.

This way, you do not need to open it all at once every time you need something from the closet. As such, this is clearly made for compact rooms with less to no room for swinging out. 

Space saving. Needs professional installation for the in-wall pockets.   
Made for smaller rooms. Complex hardware. 
Lightweight and comes with many finishes. Quite expensive. 

11. Room Dividers

11 closet door alternatives
Source: In My Own Style

If you want the detachable panel partitions, or a multi-functional closet door alternative, you should go for room dividers. Aside from their efficient coverage of the closet, they can also add privacy to a room.

You just have to assemble the room divider panels; no installation needed. Other than this, they are also more cost-efficient compared to actual closet doors. 

Adds privacy to a room. Can take up more space compared to other closet door alternatives. 
Can be easily disassembled or removed. Not the most aesthetically appealing option.

12. Swinging door

12 closet door alternatives

Another interesting closet door alternative, swinging doors offer a fine touch. They are also called café or saloon doors as they typically are the ones we see in Midwestern films which swing out and retract on their own.

If you want to add an unorthodox yet classy vibe to your closet, swinging doors are a good choice. 

Easy grabbing of clothes. Only partially covers the closet area. 
Self-closing. May look unnatural in some room designs. 
Aesthetically pleasing

13. Glass closet door

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This is perfectly different from the previously mentioned mirror closet doors. For this, you get to have an all-glass style without a frame. Like mirrors, you can have it tinted or frosted.

The best frame for glass closet doors would be the bypass or sliding door styles. As a closet door alternative, you get to have a different level of modernity and sophistication in your bedroom. This is highly customizable but of course it comes with a price. 

Perfect for modern interiors and sleek designs. Expensive. 
You do not have to open the closet when picking clothes as it is transparent. High-maintenance.  

14. Synthetic material closet door

When all else fails and you want a cost-effective closet door alternative, synthetic material closet doors are the perfect choices.

You can choose from an array of materials including vinyl, acrylic and PVC. They also come in a range of designs that are lightweight and durable. When it comes to customization, best believe that these synthetic materials are flexible. 

Inexpensive installation. Might be vulnerable to dirt and stains.  
Sturdy; highly customizable. Still not as sturdy compared to wood.  


Aside from these different types of closet door alternatives, there is also essential information that you should know about closet doors in general. As such, here are some FAQs about closet doors and closet door alternatives that you should know. 

Do closets need doors?

The short answer to this is no. Believe it or not, closets are not required to have doors. For one, walk-in closets do not necessarily have doors.

The reason for this is the moisture build-up. Moist air will always find ways to seep in and when it does, you would find that your clothes would smell moldy and musty. 

What is a closet without a door called? 

Generally, a closet without a door is called an open closet. They have become standard views and bedroom fixtures in many European countries. They are different from walk-in closets although they share the idea of an enlarged closet or the extension of a master’s bedroom. 

Why do closet doors make noise when they are opened? 

The most probable reason behind the cracking, wreaking noise when you open the closet door would be grime, dust and dirt buildup which generally accumulates in the door’s tracks.

The immediate solution for this is to lubricate or clean the tracks. This problem is also one of the reasons why homeowners are more encouraged to choose closet door alternatives. 

How much do closet doors cost?

The idea behind closet door alternatives would be its cost-efficiency. Closet doors, depending on the material, size, and style, could range from $100-500. This estimate does not include labor costs and other needed materials. Calculating them in, a closet door should cost $200-700. 

What is the cheapest type of closet door? 

There is a reason behind checking out closet door alternatives and on top of that reason list would probably be the cost. If you intend to still stick with closet doors, the following should be in your selection since they are considered as the cheapest type of closet doors. 

  • Hollow core doors
  • Bifold closet doors
  • Flat panel doors
  • Vinyl folding doors
  • Single panel doors

What are the most expensive closet door alternatives? 

Basing on the list, and of course, interior design reports and blogs, when it comes to expensive closet door alternatives, we are talking about the following: 

  • Pocket closet door
  • French closet door
  • Framed Venetian closet door
  • Mirror/glass closet door

Is there a standard size for closet doors?

Yes. At best, the average dimensions for a closet door are at 30×96-inches. However, this is not taken in a very strict sense since it is still up to you to decide over how you want them to be in terms of size, and dimensions. Perhaps, the only consideration when it comes to this is the available space for the bedroom. 

Can you DIY closet door alternatives? 

Yes. As a matter of fact, if you are thinking of an ingenious closet door alternative, DIY-ing should not be a hard job as long as you have a solid woodwork background and an equally ingenious, and crafty mind.

We have listed here a handful of closet door alternatives which you can consider for purely DIY purposes. 

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Should closet doors be left open when you leave the house? 

If you will be gone for a couple of days or weeks, it is recommended that the closet doors be opened. The moisture from air is inevitable and being left unopened for many days would leave it smelling musty. This would compel you to wash everything that is stored in the closet and you would not want that once you get back. 

How do I hide my closet? 

If you want to have an air of mystery in the room, you may opt to hide your closet by choosing creative obstructions to conceal it. One of those would be making a bookcase closet door.

Other options include draperies, mirror, storage, and recessed book or wine cases. At best, these are the easiest and most cost-effective techniques to hide a closet. 

Why are closet doors included in reading feng shui? 

Closet doors are considered as energy portals and as such, must be in the right location, facing the right direction, and built with the right materials. If you are into feng shui, you have to know that mirror closet doors are a big no.

As a matter of fact, they would even tell you to just stick to curtains as closet door alternatives because they are the most neutral material when it comes to closet doors and feng shui. 


There are a lot of things that you can do when it comes to closet doors. Sure, you can always stick to the usual ones but if you really want to make a statement out of your closets, you need to widen your perspective with respect to the better, more compelling alternatives to closet doors. With what we have covered here, you now have a working idea of what to go for when it comes to closet door alternatives. It is up to you now to make the choice.