16+ Decomposed Granite Landscaping Ideas & Designs

Last Updated on July 10, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Decomposed granite is just a cost-efficient way to make your yards and pathways more rustic yet formal looking, it is longer lasting and could hold more foot traffic compared to just crushed gravel or dirt. If you are looking for ways to build on decomposed granite for your landscape, here are some ideas to refer to. 

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16 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

best decomposed granite landscaping ideas

1. Gray on gray

1 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

This back garden pathway is made of light gray decomposed granite. It is edged with pine ferns on one side and of dense shrubs on the other which adds more privacy for the concrete fence walls.

The darker gray and black tones of the home are softened by the shade and texture of the DG used. 

2-5. Cohesive co-existence

2 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

This one took advantage of the strong hold of DG to create a raised garden bed composed of a mix of edible plants, perennials as well as low growing ornamentals.

They are well-curated on one side while the DG is spread to make a vast space probably for seating and other landscape elements in the future. 

3 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

You can also turn it into a full southwestern style by using cacti and other xeriscape plants along a compact pathway like this one here. 

4 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

This one builds on the same idea of planters with edibles, a DG flooring and simple wooden bench to wrap up a modern and compact rustic garden. 

5 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

Along with the raised planters, you can also add a simple water feature made of repurposed materials and stacked in a boulder instead of a wooden bench like this one. 

6-9. Backyard fire pit

6 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

The softness of DG is everything you need for a cozy backyard fire pit. DG is used as the flooring for all the angles of the backyard. It is enclosed with lush greens and the focal point is a firepit with corner seating. 

7 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

Speaking of compact and cozy, this narrow DG walkway is made into a warm nook with just installing a wooden bench, dense spread of towering trees, and string lights

8 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

Speaking of backyards and string lights, you can easily incorporate DG in the pool area too. All you need is to create a DG space for extra seating, a funky style for that matter. In this case, there is also a central firepit, with a minimalist wooden bench adorned with decorative throw pillows. 

9 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

Or what about a pergola on a slab of concrete and surrounded by warm-colored DG for flooring like this one. 

10-11. Secret garden walkway

10 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

If you have a dense thicket of shrubs, plants, and trees on both edges of a winding walkway, the best flooring for the path would be DG. It gives the fusion of a coastal tropical garden and an old school greenery waiting at the end. 

11 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

Or if you have a large estate and do not want the messy and erosion-vulnerable pea gravel, you can have the contrast and sturdy hold of DG for your winding walkway like this one. 

12-13. Low maintenance compact patio

12 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

For a makeshift patio, you can set a DG space at the center and enclose it with stone edging. Around it, spread mulch to layer the terrain. The use of river rocks and stone pavers to make it a highlighted spot is also a fine touch like this one. 

13 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

If you feel like an upscale patio walkway is what you need but on a low budget way, a neat ground cover of DG from the backdoor to the patio along with some cacti on a contrast of monochrome home is everything you need. 

14. Central pool

14 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

If you have a central water feature to build on, you can use DG as ground cover in the whole area surrounding it. In this design, a small concrete pool is placed at the center of the yard. It is surrounded with dense greenery. The walkway towards it is made of concrete pavers. 

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15-16. Geometric zen landscape

15 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

You can also go in and capitalize on the wide space of your yard and use different types of gravel, including DG. At the center of it all, you can use crushed basalt granite to unify everything. While the DG is not the focal point, it still creates a unified look and a serene vibe for that matter. 

16 decomposed granite landscaping ideas

Speaking of geometric lines, you can also infuse this with slabs of grass in a pattern that resonates concrete walkway slabs. For the ground cover, which gives the grass a standout look, you should use lighter toned DG. 


For more handy information about how to work with decomposed granite in landscaping, here are some FAQs that you should know of. 

What is decomposed granite?

This material is often confused for gravel, but it is finer in texture and is generally more stable than gravel. It is derived when rocks such as granite or igneous rocks reach their weathering point. They come in green, red, black, white, and gray colors. 

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How long does it take for decomposed granite to harden?

It takes 3-4 days for decomposed granite to harden. As such, the whole installation process could take more than a week from preparation to pouring. 

How much is decomposed granite? 

On an average, using decomposed granite would cost you at just $40-50 per cubic yard. This is the reason why it is usually used as edging for more expensive concrete pavers and for large ground covers. 

Does decomposed granite get muddy?

While it is the least expensive flooring for patios and more, it could get muddy and mushy when moisture penetrates the surface. As such, it needs to be reinforced during the rainy season and during winter. 

Will weeds grow through decomposed granite?

Yes. It is not a perfect material for a wide range of natural elements. Rain, sun, and other natural forces could still encourage weed growth. 


Decomposed granite, without doubt, is one of the best gravel and dirt alternatives for landscaping at the moment. Aside from the glaring cost-efficiency, it is also versatile for any landscape design, lasts long and is fairly low maintenance.