Do You Tip Walmart Pickup and Delivery: Understanding Gratuity Etiquette

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When utilizing Walmart’s pickup and delivery services, customers often wonder about the etiquette surrounding tipping. Walmart’s official stance is that tipping is not expected for their pickup services, and employees are compensated with hourly wages that do not depend on gratuities.

Despite this policy, the topic of tipping remains a gray area for many, with some customers choosing to offer tips as a gesture of appreciation for the service provided, especially in scenarios involving delivery where third-party drivers may be involved.

Navigating the norms of tipping can feel complex, particularly when considering the different services offered such as Walmart Pickup and Walmart Delivery. While the company policy dissuades tipping for pickup, no hard and fast rules exist for tipping delivery drivers, who may be working for a third-party service.

Circumstantial factors such as service quality, order size, or weather conditions may influence whether customers decide to give a tip.

Payment and tipping through the Walmart app add another layer of convenience, yet it’s essential to understand how these methods work and whether they align with Walmart’s guidelines for employee tipping.

tipping for walmart pickup delivery

Key Takeaways

  • Walmart’s official policy does not expect pickup tips, but delivery tipping varies.
  • Factors like service quality and order complexity can influence tipping decisions.
  • The Walmart app provides a means to tip, aligning with the company’s tipping guidelines.

Understanding Walmart Pickup and Delivery Services

Walmart offers you convenient options for purchasing groceries and other items: the Walmart Pickup and Walmart Delivery services. Here’s what you need to know:

Walmart Pickup Service:

You can place an order online through the Walmart app or website. When your order is ready, you’ll receive a notification, and you can head to your selected Walmart location.

Look for the dedicated Pickup signs and park in the designated spots. Walmart staff will bring your items to your vehicle, offering a curbside pickup experience.

Walmart Grocery Delivery:

Prefer to have your items delivered right to your door? Opt for Walmart Grocery Delivery. Just like with pickup, you’ll order through the app or online.

Choose a delivery slot that works for you, and a Walmart associate will deliver your groceries to your location. The delivery service aims to provide convenience, especially for bulky or heavy items.


  • Shop from anywhere at any time.
  • Utilize the Walmart app for a streamlined experience.
  • Avoid long queues and in-store shopping time.

Walmart’s Service Accessibility:

  • Available at most Walmart locations.
  • Extends to a wide range of products, from fresh produce to electronics.

Keep in mind, Walmart’s services are designed to be simple, efficient, and user-friendly. Whether you choose pickup or delivery, you’re leveraging Walmart’s robust system to make your shopping experience easier.

Tipping Guidelines for Walmart Delivery

tipping walmart delivery

Understanding when and how much to tip for Walmart delivery can ensure that your appreciation for the service is properly conveyed. The standard tipping etiquette reflects both gratitude and acknowledgment of the driver’s effort.

Tipping Etiquette

When using Walmart’s delivery service, remember that providing a tip is a personal choice, but it is a practice that is commonly encouraged, particularly because many drivers rely on tips as a significant part of their income.

Usually, cash tips are appreciated, but electronic tipping through the app or service is often available and convenient.

How Much to Tip

The consensus for a tip amount is to give at least a 10% gratuity of your total bill, but many advocate for a 15-20% tip for exceptional service.

Consider the size and complexity of your order when determining how much to tip, keeping in mind that delivery drivers often juggle multiple orders and navigate various challenges to get your items to you timely and safely.

When to Tip

You should tip your Walmart delivery driver upon receipt of your order, much like you would in a restaurant or when receiving a food delivery.

If you’re paying electronically, you may have the option to tip when placing your order or after the delivery is completed. Regardless, timely tipping shows your appreciation and directly benefits the individual who provided the service.

Tipping for Walmart Pickup

When you use Walmart’s pickup service for your grocery orders, you may wonder about the etiquette surrounding tipping. Your decision to tip can reflect an appreciation for the service provided by Walmart employees.

Is Tipping Expected?

Walmart officially states that its associates do not accept pick up tips, but this doesn’t prevent customers from offering gratitude in their own way.

It’s important to note that while tipping isn’t expected, it is certainly appreciated by the employees who go above and beyond to ensure your order is accurate and handed off with professionalism.

  • Not Expected: Walmart’s policy is clear that associates are not to accept tips.
  • Voluntary Gratitude: Despite the policy, you may choose to tip as a gesture of appreciation.

How Tipping is Perceived

The perception of tipping for a pickup service can vary. While Walmart employees are trained to refuse tips, some customers may still feel inclined to offer one as a sign of gratitude for great service. Should you decide to tip, it’s seen as a personal token of thanks for the convenience and professionalism provided.

  • Individual Choice: Whether or not to tip is up to your discretion.
  • Reflection of Service: A tip can be seen as acknowledgment for exceptional service or convenience provided by the pickup associates.

Remember, your interaction with the employees during pickup can often be just as impactful as monetary tips. Your polite acknowledgment of their work’s value also conveys respect and gratitude.

Payment and Tipping Through the Walmart App

When using the Walmart app, your transactions are streamlined, from payment to the option of tipping for pickup or delivery services. The app allows you to manage these with a few taps, ensuring your convenience throughout the process.

Adding a Tip Online

To add a tip for Walmart pickup services through the app, you’ll generally navigate to your account and select your recent purchase history. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open the Walmart app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Tap on the Account icon, typically located at the bottom right.
  3. Access Purchase History to find your list of orders.
  4. Choose the appropriate order for which you want to add a tip.

If the option to add a tip is present, you can then select Add tip and choose the amount you wish to give. Payment can often be made using your debit card or other stored payment methods within the app.

Tipping After Delivery or Pickup

After your items have been delivered or picked up:

  • Walmart may send you a push notification prompting you to add a tip.
  • Alternatively, follow the same steps to add a tip as outlined in the online section.

Please note that while tipping is not obligatory, it is a way to show appreciation for the service you’ve received. It is important to know that policies and norms may vary by location, and not all orders may be eligible for adding a tip through the app.

Walmart’s Policy on Employee Tipping

In this section, you’ll find out how Walmart compensates its employees and whether they are allowed to accept tips for their services.

Employee Income Structure

Walmart employees typically receive a base pay that complies with or exceeds the minimum wage requirements. This hourly wage is designed to provide them with a consistent income, along with other potential benefits that full-time employees may be eligible for.

Your understanding of the compensation structure is vital, as it will inform your decision on tipping.

Acceptance of Tips

When considering tipping for Walmart pickup or delivery services, know that Walmart’s official stance is that it’s not a mandatory practice. Their employees receive hourly wages and are not typically tipped positions.

However, for exceptional service or large order sizes, you may feel inclined to offer a cash tip as a gesture of appreciation. Walmart associates are known to greatly appreciate tips for their hard work, even if not expected.

Order-Specific Tipping Considerations

walmart tipping consideration

When considering a tip for Walmart pickup and delivery, factor in the specific details of your order and the service provided. These details can guide your decision on how much money, if any, to offer as a gratuity.

Evaluating Service Quality

Assess the service quality you received during Walmart pickup or delivery. Did the associate provide a seamless experience, communicate effectively, adhere to your list, and make satisfactory substitutions if some items were unavailable?

Your satisfaction and feedback are crucial. When you feel service has gone above and beyond, you may choose to express your appreciation in the form of a tip.

Consider the following:

  • Communication: Was the associate clear and proactive about any changes or updates?
  • Accuracy: Were your items correctly picked with minimal or no mistakes?
  • Substitutions: If items were out of stock, were the chosen substitutions up to your standard?

Handling Large or Heavy Orders

Orders that require extra effort, such as those with heavy items or larger order sizes, might lead you to consider tipping. Reflect on the order total and the physical exertion involved in handling your purchase.

If associates demonstrated significant effort in assembling and delivering your purchase, a tip can be a direct way to acknowledge their hard work.

Determine the need for a tip based on:

  • Order Size: Large or bulky items that demand additional labor.
  • Heavy Items: Products such as pet food or bottled beverages that are challenging to transport.
  • Special Handling: Whether special care was needed to transport delicate items safely.

Your tipping decision can be influenced by both tangible aspects, like the size and weight of your orders, and intangible aspects, like the quality of service and your overall satisfaction. Your choice to tip is a personal one, impacted by individual considerations and your budget.

Third-Party Delivery Services and Tipping

When you use Walmart’s delivery services, understanding the tipping etiquette for third-party delivery personnel is crucial, as they often depend on these tips as a significant part of their income.

Differentiating Walmart and Third-Party Delivery

Walmart partners with several third-party delivery services like DoorDash, Instacart, Point Pickup, and Roadie to fulfill your online orders.

The drivers working for these platforms are typically independent contractors rather than Walmart employees. This distinction is important because third-party contractors like those from DoorDash or Postmates may not receive the full delivery fee you pay; instead, a portion of it goes to the platform. As a result, these independent contractors significantly rely on tips to supplement their income.

While Walmart’s own delivery employees may not expect tips, it’s a customary practice to tip the independent contractors who bring your purchases to your doorstep.

Bear in mind that each third-party service may have its tipping policy or recommendations, so it’s advisable to check how these platforms handle tips.

For example, tips given on the Instacart platform are set aside for the driver in full, whereas other services may have different arrangements for tip distribution.

Tipping remains a personal choice, but if you consider the convenience and effort made by these delivery personnel, offering a gratuity is a thoughtful way to show appreciation for their service.

Cultural and Societal Aspects of Tipping

walmart tipping norm

In the United States, tipping is a well-established custom that signifies more than just appreciation for a service well-rendered.

It reflects a complex societal norm where gratuity is often expected as a supplement to the service provider’s income. This practice has evolved into a significant part of the customer service culture, indicating your acknowledgment of the effort put into serving you.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Tipping Customs: It is customary to tip for services where the worker directly interacts with the customer, such as restaurants, hair salons, and taxis. For Walmart pickup and delivery, while not compulsory, tipping is appreciated as a gesture of gratitude for their convenience and effort.
  • Societal Expectations: The societal expectation to tip can vary. In some cases, it might be viewed as obligatory, while in others, it’s gauged based on your satisfaction with the service.
  • Tipping Etiquette: While there are no strict rules, there’s an unspoken tipping etiquette that suggests offering a gratuity for personalized, attentive service.
  • Cultural Norms: As a cultural practice, tipping is deeply ingrained and can cause discomfort for those unaware of these norms.

Use the following guide to help navigate the tipping landscape:

ServiceSuggested Tip
Restaurant Waitstaff15-20% of the bill
Delivery Drivers$2-5 or a percentage of the order, depending on size
Hair Salon Service15-20% of the service cost
Walmart Pickup and Delivery ServiceDiscretionary, consider efforts and service satisfaction

Remember, your decision to tip should align with the quality of service you’ve received and your own financial ability. Tipping for Walmart pickup and delivery services is not mandatory, but it can be a way to show appreciation for the convenience and effort provided.

Tipping During Special Circumstances

walmart tipping pickup

During times such as a pandemic or other cases when retrieving your grocery pickup could pose a risk, you may consider tipping as a gesture of appreciation. These are scenarios where the staff are serving the community under challenging conditions.

If you receive high-quality service or what you perceive as exceptional service, tipping could serve as a direct thank-you to the workers who went beyond what is expected. While Walmart traditionally has a no-tipping policy, there might be instances when a little extra gratitude is warranted.

For delivery service, tipping is more commonplace. You can tip your delivery driver acknowledging their role in bringing the order to your doorstep, especially if there’s a large or heavy minimum order. This is seen as an etiquette that mirrors other food delivery services.

Here’s a simple guideline:

  • Pandemic and similar situations: Consider tipping if you believe the service merits it, recognizing special efforts by delivery personnel.
  • High-quality or exceptional service: If an employee exceeds your expectations during either pickup or delivery, offering a tip is a personal choice.
  • Delivery service: Commonly, a tip of $5 to $10 is suggested for standard orders, but feel free to adjust based on the size and complexity of your purchase.

Remember these are guidelines, and tipping remains a personal decision. Your choice to tip might also be influenced by local customs and practices in your area.

Adjusting Tip Amounts and Feedback

When opting for Walmart’s pickup or delivery services, you possess the flexibility to adjust the tip amount and provide feedback based on your experience. The ability to modify these aspects is integral to ensuring your satisfaction aligns with the service received.

Reasons for Tip Adjustment

Feedback Through Tipping: Your tip is a direct response to the quality of service. Should the delivery exceed expectations through high-quality service or exceptional effort, you may choose to increase the tip as a form of appreciation for the hard work and convenience provided to you. Conversely, if the service provided falls short, reducing the tip can signal your dissatisfaction.

  • Tip Modifications: Following the delivery, you have 24 hours to revise your tip—this applies whether you want to increase or decrease the initial amount. In certain scenarios, if you’ve inadvertently skipped the tipping step, Walmart allows you to add a tip for up to 14 days after delivery.

Providing Feedback Through Tip

Expressing Satisfaction or Concerns: Feedback doesn’t end with tipping. If your delivery service encounters issues, Walmart’s feedback mechanism allows you to communicate these concerns. Though the tip amount can reflect your level of satisfaction, using the feedback system can help address specific problems, possibly leading to a refund or corrective actions from Walmart.

  • Delivery Feedback: After receiving your items, it is advisable to reflect on the service provided. If a driver’s extra effort substantially improved your experience, consider adjusting the tip to reflect that exemplary service. Conversely, if you’re discontent with the service, you can convey this by reducing the tip, reinforcing the value you place on convenience and high-quality service.

Remember, your feedback, whether through tip adjustments or additional comments, is crucial for service improvement and driver recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find specific information addressing common inquiries regarding tipping etiquette for Walmart’s delivery and pickup services.

Is tipping customary for Walmart delivery services?

Yes, tipping is customary for Walmart’s delivery services. As Walmart’s own guidance suggests, although not mandatory, it is a way to show appreciation for your delivery person’s effort.

Can Walmart delivery drivers accept gratuities, and will they be informed of the tip amount?

Walmart delivery drivers can accept gratuities, and they will be informed of the tip amount. Tips are optional but can be given before placing an order, after placing an order, or post-delivery, with 100% of the gratuity going to the driver.

If the tip option is not available at checkout, how can customers show appreciation to Walmart delivery personnel?

If a tip option is not available at checkout, you may still show appreciation to Walmart delivery personnel through various means, such as providing a cash tip at the time of delivery or using a third-party service to add a tip if Walmart’s system doesn’t offer the option.

For Walmart grocery pickup services, is tipping expected or encouraged?

While not mandatory, tipping is appreciated for Walmart grocery pickup services. A small gratuity is a way to show recognition for the convenience and service provided by the curbside associate.

What is the tipping etiquette for curbside grocery pickup at various retailers, including Walmart?

The tipping etiquette for curbside grocery pickup varies by retailer, but a small tip is generally encouraged as a token of appreciation for the service. Each retailer may have different policies, but for Walmart, any amount between two to five dollars is typically suggested.

Do Walmart employees have the policy allowance to receive tips for their service?

Walmart allows its delivery employees to receive tips for their service. For pickup associates, while Walmart’s policy does not explicitly encourage tipping, associates are allowed to accept tips if they are offered.


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