Shrubs for Attracting Songbirds: How Bushes Bring Birds to the Garden...

Attracting birds to the garden landscape can be easy for gardeners who plant these shrubs that feed and house native bird species. These shrubs and...
Creative Garden Stair and step ideas

31+ Creative Garden Step and Stair Ideas

To make steeply sloping properties accessible for outdoor use, it's sometimes necessary to grade terraced areas. These terraces can be reached by properly designed...
How to find free and low cost plants for a flower garden

How to Find Free and Low-Cost Plants for a Flower Garden

People on a tight budget can still enjoy having a flower garden. These gardening tips can help save money and the environment while adding...
How To Decorate With Houseplants: Hanging Plants, Windowsill Gardens, and Other Decorating Ideas

How To Decorate With Houseplants: Hanging Plants, Windowsill Gardens, and Other...

Houseplants aren't only good for cleaning the air-they can also add a fresh and stylish touch to any home decor. Here's how! Adding houseplants is...
Low maintenance gardening tips

Low Maintenance Gardening – Flower Planting Tips

Learn beginning gardening tips to make flower purchasing and planting easy. Find ideal flowers and plants and create a no-fuss garden. Gardening seems like a...
Flower garden ideas for containers and windowboxes

Flower Garden Ideas for Containers and Windowboxes

These five simple flower garden ideas for containers and window boxes create instant color and add beauty through simple, strong designs. Gardeners with small spaces...
29+ DIY Garden Lantern Ideas

29+ Creative DIY Garden Lantern Ideas

Looking for decorating ideas for the garden when night falls? See the 29+ magic DIY garden lantern ideas below. 1. Jute Knotted Bottles Source 2. Mason Jar Sconce Source 3....
Caring for Bromeliad houseplant

Bromeliad, the Unusual Houseplant: Amazing Foliage and Flower shapes of beautiful...

Brilliant hues of the foliage and flower of the amazing bromeliad create beautiful color as a houseplant. An unusual array of leaf formation and...
53+ Mini Indoor Garden Ideas

53+ Creative Mini Indoor Garden Ideas

The indoor garden is not only suitable for cold climates, it can be grown everywhere with all weather conditions. To start is also extremely...
29 Edging Plants for Kitchen Gardens: Create a plant border around a vegetable patch

Edging Plants for Kitchen Gardens: Create a Plant Border Around a...

A border of plants around a vegetable patch can be useful and decorative. Here are ideas for edging plants to surround the kitchen garden. In...
Garden Path Ideas

65+ Most Beautiful DIY Garden Path and Walkway Ideas

Consider these planting ideas to soften the appearance of a sidewalk or finish a pathway garden. Flowering plant groupings make beautiful landscaped walkways. Growing short...
Indoor or outdoor bonsai: Which one is more suitable?

Outdoor or Indoor Bonsai: Which One is More Suitable?

Learn the difference between the indoor and outdoor bonsai to better facilitate the decision to choose a correct bonsai for the home. With over a...
Growing catnip

The Best Catnip: Growing Organic Catnip for Pets and for Medicine

Growing catnip in the garden can be simple. This mint is a plant for all pet lovers to grow. Catnip. This inconspicuous member of the...
5 Herbs that grown for both leaves and seeds

5 Herbs Grown for Both Their Leaves and Seeds: Herbs that...

Many people are getting back to the earth, growing their own food, and that includes growing herbs to use when you cook what you...
Advantages of Using Indoor Growing Lights to Grow Plants Indoors

Advantages of Using Indoor Growing Lights to Grow Plants Indoors

Indoor growing lights can lengthen the growing season of an indoor herb or vegetable garden. Learn how to optimize growth with indoor plant lights. Why...
Designing an indoor garden

Designing an Indoor Garden or Growing Space: All You Need To...

Indoor gardens offer a year round experience for experienced and novice gardeners alike. With a completely controlled environment anything can be grown. The reasons for...
Indoor gardening for fun, health, and profit

Establishing an Indoor Garden can be Fun, Inexpensive and Rewarding

An indoor garden can be established with flowering plants, vegetables or a combination of both. It will be enjoyable, healthy and profitable. An indoor garden...
How to plant, grow and care for Butterfly bush

Butterfly Bush – the Centerpiece of the Garden: A Butterfly Garden...

Also known as summer lilac, this plant is an easy to grow drought tolerant blooming shrub that attracts beneficial insects. The butterfly bush, or the...
Fall flowers to light up shade gardens

Fall Flowers to Light Up Shade Gardens

To design gardens that shine in shade from spring to frost, fill your beds and borders with perennials that bloom in fall as well...
18+ Round raised garden bed ideas & designs

18 Beautiful Round Garden Bed Ideas That Will Transform Your Landscape

Garden bed is a low-maintenance way to grow vegetables, fruits and plants in your garden. In addition to prevent the weeds, prevent soil compaction,...

Preparing Houseplants For Spring

Spring is coming and your houseplants have awakened from their winter's nap. Here are some answers to readers' questions about how to help your...
How to grow your own salad garden in small spaces

How to Grow Your Own Salad Garden: Growing Greens and Garnishes...

Harvest savings by growing a tasty and colorful salad mix in your own back yard. These days salad isn't just about clumps of iceberg lettuce...
18+ DIY Bamboo Craft Projects

18+ Stunning Bamboo Craft Projects Will Catch Your Eye

If you are looking for an alternative raw material wood to decorate your home, the bamboo is a wonderful option. It is a natural,...
Last minute gift ideas for houseplant lovers

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Houseplant Lovers: Books, Tools, Plants and...

It's crunch time-still have presents to buy? Here are some simple and inexpensive gift ideas for the plant lovers on your list. 'Tis the season...
Great books for indoor gardeners

Great Books For Indoor Gardeners Guides and How To’s for Every...

For growing tips, troubleshooting advice, identifying a plant, or fun projects, these books have something for every houseplant lover! For troubleshooting, plant identification, or how-to...
35 Charming Bicycle Planter Ideas For Backyard

35+ Charming Bicycle Planter Ideas For Your Backyard

Are bikes the best means of transportation for you? Think it again. An old bikes with a little creativity and meticulousness you can create...
How to grow strawberries in an organic garden

Growing Strawberries in an Organic Garden

Fresh strawberries are at their best when an organic gardener grows strawberry plants in a garden free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Fresh organic strawberries...
25+ Wine Bottle Crafts Ideas for your garden

25+ Unique Wine Bottle Craft Ideas For Your Garden

Does your house have unused wine bottles? Why not try using these bottles to create great ideas for your garden. Its unique will give...
Houseplant powerhouse boosts indoor air quality

Houseplant Powerhouse Boosts Indoor Air Quality

Spider plants are wonderful houseplants for any home. As well as bringing beauty to a room, spider plants are always quietly working to improve...
27 Up-cycled trellis ideas for your garden

27 Awesome Cheap Up-cycled Trellis Ideas For Garden

Instead buy a trellis for $10- $100. Why don't you make one yourself for your garden? Only with no longer used items such as...
Growing sprouts at home in a mason jar

How to Grow Fresh Vegetable Sprouts: Simple Sprouting Process – A...

How can you grow fresh vegetables during any season without owning your own land? The answer is as easy as a jar of water,...
Growing Culinary Herbs in pots

The Kitchen Garden – Growing Culinary Herbs in Pots

Grow a selection of herbs for cooking in pots or other containers and create an instant herb garden for adding wonderful fresh flavors to...
what is soil made of

What is Soil Made of?

And how much does that affect, anyway? The answer to the second question is easy: Everything. Which almost answers the first question too. Your garden soil probably...
Planting guide for growing good gardeners

Our Planting Guide (for Growing Good Gardeners!)

Our ever-expanding Planting Guide contains valuable information and helpful tips on growing herbs, growing vegetables, and raising a wide variety of fruit trees, nut...
DIY Race Car Tracks for Kids

21+ DIY Race Car Track Projects For Kids

As parents, we understand that finding a game that is both entertaining and educating for children is extremely difficult. However, we also know boys...
31+ Gorgeous Built-in Planter Box Ideas

31+ Gorgeous Built-In Planter Box Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Built-in planter is a great idea to help you improve your living space. For those who love gardening and green spaces but having a...
37+ DIY Fairy Garden Ideas & Accessories for landscaping

37+ Inexpensive Miniature DIY Fairy Garden Ideas and Accessories For Landscaping

Looking for ideas to decorate your home garden? These ideas must be really unique to make your children enjoy and more importantly make them...
33+ Inspirational DIY Vintage Garden Decor Ideas

33+ Most Beautiful Vintage Garden Decor Ideas

The modern life is changing our life but cannot replace old values. Looking for vintage garden decor designs & ideas? Take a look at...
31+ DIY Flower Tower Ideas For Your Yard

30+ DIY Flower Tower Ideas To Brighten Up Your Yard

  You have a small garden but do not know how to decorate. Only with a few steps and re-purposed stuff you can create a...
31 Flower Bed Ideas (Decorations & Designs)

31 Gorgeous Flower Bed Ideas to Try For Your Garden

Here are 31 beautiful flower bed designs that we've gathered from internet. You can choose one of these on this list and apply for...
50+ Best balcony Garden Designs and Ideas

50 Amazing Balcony Garden Designs & Ideas

The idea of a balcony garden is grand, but the reality of having your own private balcony garden is better. With 50+ creative ideas...
31+ DIY Backyard Ideas For Kids

31+ Fantastic DIY Backyard Ideas for Kids This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, to help your child have a meaningful summer with educational games. We've gathered these 31 exciting diy backyard ideas...
Spilled Flower pot ideas

50+ Beautiful Spilled Flower Pot Ideas to Inspire Yourself

Looking for spilled flower pot idea? Checkout these amazing DIY spilled flower pot ideas to inspire yourself. The art of gardening. Try yourself at...
61+ Best Vertical Garden Ideas That Will Change the Way You Think About Gardening

61+ Stunning Vertical Garden Ideas That Will Brighten Up Your Yard

Looking for a vertical garden idea? Here are 61+ best intriguing ideas that will act as your guide and inspiration as you beautify your home...
31+ Brillant DIY Mosaic Decorations for your garden

31+ Brilliant DIY Mosaic Decorations for Your Garden

Mosaics are a creative way to bring color and style to your home. Only with a little creativity and material available are you able...
30+ Cute DIY Bird Bath Ideas That Will Enhance Your Yard

30+ Cute DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Enhance Your Garden

To make a DIY bird bath, all you need are a few simple materials and some creativity. So try 30+ Easy and Beautiful DIY Bird...
31+ Creative Repurposed Garden Container Ideas You Can Create on a Budget

31+ Creative Repurposed Garden Container Ideas on a Budget

Take a look at 31 creative repurposed garden container ideas below.   Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source:
33 Best Garden Stepping Stone Ideas For A Beautiful Walkway

33 Popular Pieces of Decoration That Are Stepping Stones

Take a look at 33 best stepping stone ideas for your garden below. Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Heart Stepping Stones Source: hometalk DIY Custom Stepping Stones Source: yeahvintage Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Leaf Imprint Stepping Stones Source: gardentherapy
27+ DIY Painted Garden Decoration Ideas & Designs

27 Beautiful DIY Painted Garden Decoration Ideas To Brighten Up Your...

It will be boring if your garden is only green. Paint brushes, flower pots, and hanging pots will make up your garden. You will really...
Awesome fire pit are ideas for backyard

31+ Awesome Firepit Area Ideas For Your Outdoor Activities (Stone, Metal,...

Fall is coming. The weather is getting colder. What is more fun when surrounded with family, friends around the fire and enjoy BBQ. Fire...
25+ DIY Garden Ball Ideas

25+ Creative DIY Garden Ball Ideas to Brighten Up Your Yard

You are looking for an amazing idea for your garden? So garden balls are the perfect choice. Its uniqueness is to bring the mixture of...
PVC Pipe DIY Projects For Kids This Summers

35+ Fun and Easy DIY Pipe Projects for Kids to Do...

Looking for a DIY pipe idea for your kids? Here are 35+ of awesome DIY Pipe projects for them bored on Summer Vacation         source: source: source: source: source: source:   source:   source: source: source: source: 12. Portable...
Garden Container Ideas

61+ Creative Garden Container Ideas To Follow For Success

If you are looking for planting container gardens but don't know here to start, check out our 61+ recipes you can follow for success.   61+...
25+ Simple & Easy DIY Outdoor Wooden Bench Ideas

25+ Simple DIY Outdoor Wooden Benche Plans & Ideas For Your...

Here are 25+ Simple & Easy Outdoor Bench DIY projects to help you having the perfect spot in your garden. From these ideas,...
16+ DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack Ideas You Should Try

16+ Cheap & Easy DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack Ideas

Looking for a fun and creative DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack Idea? Check out 16 easy outdoor firewood rack ideas below.       source: source: source: source:   source: source: source: A Log Store source: Fire Log Holder source: source:   source: source: source:   source: source: Source
25+ Crystal Clear and Calming DIY Water Feature Ideas for Outdoor Beauty

25+ Simple DIY Water Feature Ideas That You’ll Love

Looking for a water feature idea? Discover 25+ simple and easy do it yourself water feature projects and ideas.       source: source: Tea Pot Fountain   source: source: source: source: source:   source:   source: source: DIY Copper Water Wall source:   source:   source:   source:   source: source:   source: source:   source: source: source: source: source: source:
25+ Creative Potting Bench Ideas to Make Gardening More Fun

25+ Cool Potting Bench Plans to Enjoy Gardening

    Source: Source: Source: Source: Never Enough Thyme Source: Source: Source: Source: Source:   Source: Source: Source:   Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source:   Source: Source: Source: Source:   Source:   Source: Source: Source: Etsy
25+ Amazing DIY Art Projects To Dress Up Your Garden

25+ Amazing DIY Art Projects To Dress Up Your Garden

Looking for an inspirational idea for your garden? Take a look at these 25 amazing diy art projects below 25+ Unique Garden Art DIY Projects   source:   source: source: source: source: source: source: Garden...
31+ Garden Fence Decoration Ideas To Follow

31+ Unique Garden Fence Decoration Ideas To Follow

Looking for garden fence ideas? Check out these 31 unique garden fence decoration ideas below   Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source:
50+ DIY Patio Decoration Ideas

50+ DIY Patio Decoration Ideas For Spring & Summer

   More patio ideas: 91+ Small Patio Decorating Ideas on a budget Build a Tea Pot Fountain Get the tutorial at Hometalk. Al Fresco Dining Texas Back Patio Texas ranch source:   source:   source:   source:   source:   source:   source:   source:   Elegant Wooden Hanging...
31 Low budget garden pot ideas

31 Stunning Low-Budget DIY Garden Pots That You Never Thought

Looking for a cheap gardening idea? Then this article is for you. By using the unused items, you can make creative idea for your...

Starting Seeds Outside? 4 Thoughts for Tip Top Crops

While many plants need to be germinated from seed well before the garden season starts, starting seeds direct in the garden is actually the...
39 DIY Garden Gate Ideas and Projects

39+ Gorgeous DIY Garden Gate Ideas To Enhance Your Landscape

Your backyard will lose its prominence without a garden gate. It can be a combination of modern and vintage, materials, colors, styles. Try these 39...
9 Vegetables You can grow in pots

Top 9 Vegetables You Can Grow in Pots

Do you want to grow vegetables without the need for raised garden beds or planting rows? Well, we’ve got the solution for you. To...

How To Start Your Own Container Herb Garden

Whether you live in a house with a big yard or an apartment with a tiny balcony, you can have a flourishing herb garden...
Growing Basil from seed

Growing Basil from Seed or Seedling tray (Ocimum basilicum and O....

Are you a fan of pesto or pad thai? Growing basil is easy and quickly rewards a gardener with lush, fragranced foliage. There are...
How to grow Dill from seeds

Growing Dill (Antheum graveolens)

Growing dill is easy! The trick is to not do too much, which might explain why this is my personal favorite herb! Dill's feathery...
How to grow fennel

Growing Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)

Chocked full of Vitamin C, Potassium, Phosphorus and a full range of the B Vitamins, growing fennel is an edible gardener's dream-come-true. Below you will...
Growing Cilantro from seeds at home

Growing Cilantro Leaf and Coriander Seed (Coriandrum sativum)

Growing cilantro can be a challenge, but it's well worth the effort. Every single part of this plant is edible, even the roots! Native from...
How to grow chives at home

How to Grow Chives (Allium schoenoprasum): Cultivation Tips For Growing Chives...

Growing chives in an herb, vegetable, or flower garden is one of the easiest and smartest decisions one can make. Related to the humble, yet...
31 Ideas to repurpose your old door

31+ Creative Repurposed Old Door Ideas & Projects For Your Backyard

An old door may seem like a scrap but with some creativity you can create a new useful item for your home. It could...
Growing Parsley at home step by step

Parsley Plant Care: How to grow Parsley at home

Growing parsley in your garden lets you maximize the wealth of vitamins (B, C, and K) that this herb packs. Whether flat or curly-leaved, growing...
How to grow Tomatoes Successfully

Tips For Planting Tomatoes Successfully

Below you will find everything you need for planting tomatoes, including little conceptual background to group tomatoes by use and tomato plant height; light,...
How to grow Potatoes from seeds

How To Grow Potatoes Successfully (Planting, Growing, Harvest, Storage)

One of the most satisfying times in the veggie garden is taking a garden fork and gently pushing it under a clump of potato...
How to grow Berries at home in containers

How To Grow Berries In Containers

These days there's a lot of science backing claims about the health benefits of adding a variety of berries to your diet.  They deliver...
Garden Edging Ideas: Shaping a lawn

Garden Edging Ideas: Shaping A Lawn With Slate Chippings

Superimposing a sharply outlined shape onto an ill-defined lawn area transforms the look of the whole plot. Geometric forms give a sharp, contemporary look...
Bird feeding basics

Bird Feeding Basics: Everything you need to know about bird feeders,...

It’s easy to attract cardinals, orioles, and other birds with seeds, oranges, suet, and other treats. There’s a movement afoot in this country, one that...
Potted Shrubs: How to plant a shrub in containers

Potted Shrubs: How To Plant A Shrub In Pots (6 Steps)

Shrubs growing in containers add a feeling of maturity to a deck, courtyard, or patio. Larger specimens provide...
How to grow chillies from seeds

How To Grow Chillies From Seeds Step By Step

Chillies are hot right now and it’s not just their flavor. They are one of the top-selling plants for edible gardens.
Garden Soil Preparation: How to prepare for planting

Garden Soil Preparation: How To Improve Soil Quality

Gardening can be energy efficient and enjoyable if we undertake the right tasks and share the work with nature.
35 DIY Pallet and Wood Planter Box Ideas For Your Garden

35 Creative DIY Pallet and Wood Planter Box Ideas for Your...

Are you intending to buy a planter box to plant trees in your garden? Why buy it while you can do it...
How to grow kumquat

How To Grow Cumquat Step By Step

Cumquats are relatively slow, compact-growing trees that can reach up to 3m tall. In the garden, they are wonderfully decorative with lush, glossy green...
How to grow beetroot

How To Grow Beetroot

Beetroot is a vegie that pops up regularly in any gardening magazine, including this one, not least for its culinary delightfulness and ease of...
How to grow and harvest lettuce

How To Grow Lettuce & Harvest Lettuce So It Keeps Growing

If you’ve got room for just one crop in the garden, make it leafy and green. Lettuces are quick and easy to grow and...
How to grow and harvest Rhubarb

How To Grow and Harvest Rhubarb

Just about everyone knows not to eat rhubarb leaves. It’s one of those pieces of folklore passed down from generation to generation. What Is Rhubarb? It’s...
Tamarind benefits and how to grow tamarind

Tamarind Benefits and How to grow Tamarind tree

Tamarinds are spreading trees that produce long, nourishing bean- like pods. While the trees are rarely seen in Australian gardens, tamarind paste is becoming...
10 Top Tips Clever Ideas For Your Garden-cover

10 Top Tips Clever Ideas For Your Garden

1. CATS SCAT! Tired of finding feline calling cards in your garden? Here are four simple solutions. Make a repellent by combining two parts cayenne...
How to grow leeks from seeds

Tips for Leeks Growing: How to care for Leeks Plant

With cultivar names like ‘Welsh Wonder’, ‘Colossal’ and ‘Unique’, leeks are staking their claim as large, robust and striking vegetables. The bit that’s eaten...
How to grow cauliflowers

Cauliflowers: Planting, Growing, Harvesting, and Storage

The oldest record of cauliflower  dates back to the sixth century BCE. A member of the cabbage family, the word  “cauliflower” comes from the...
Aloe Vera Plant: Growing Tips, Benefits & Medicinal Value

Aloe Vera Plant: Growing Tips & Medicinal Value

Aloe vera is a small succulent with spiky grey-green leaves. It originated in northern Africa and has naturalised through much of Africa and around...
How To Care For Grapes In Summer

How To Care For Grapes In Summer

Keep vines under control to get more grapes.  Grapevines are rampant plants that need to be kept under control. Sitting under a pergola draped in...
How to spread compost on a border

How To Spread Compost On A Border

We are lucky enough to have a twin compost bin – one section breaks down while the other one piles up on an almost daily...
Garden Gate: How To Make A Great Garden Entrance

How To Make A Great Garden Entrance

If your edible or ornamental gardens have the right space, a nicely designed entry adds anticipation and dimension to them. As well as creating a...