20+ Best Farmhouse Spring Decor Ideas


Springtime is the season of flowers. There are many ways to decorate your home with this theme and combining them with farmhouse design elements. A contemporary design approach accentuates the design quotient of your home.

1. Go green with a pinch of white!

In this design, a farmhouse styled wreath is used. The wreath is made of green grass and white lily or jasmine flowers. You can place this in your living room on the wall beside your sofa.


2. Withered wooden ladder

In this design, the style element is an old-styled wooden ladder. Color palette can be chic green or turquoise. Withered texture suits well to the overall design quotient.


3. Frame it vintage!

The design element used here is a number of rustic looking photo frames which can go against a grey colored wall. The borders of the photo frames can be given a tad more thickness than the normal-sized photo frames to accentuate the farmhouse look. The frames can be made of old and withered wood.


4. Use bucket as flower pots!

In this design element, a galvanized steel bucket can be used as a flowerpot. You can keep springtime flowers inside the bucket. This element can go well on top of your wooden cupboard as a showpiece to suit the springtime look.


5. Egg carton or box as flower ground

This design element can be made from your old egg box. The material used is old, withered wood. Bright yellow tulips can be grown inside this box. This element matches the farmhouse spring décor of your home.


6. That old jug!

In this farmhouse style arrangement, your old jug can add a rustic hue to the overall design quotient. You can place creepers such as vines to complete the look.


7. Spring décor using glass bottles

In this design, blue colored glass bottles add to the design aesthetic. Pink, yellow and white flower stems can be placed inside these bottles. These bottles can be kept along the sides of your windows.


8. Pot and board

In this design, the element used is a black chalkboard and white pots. Placing them side by side and keeping flowers inside the pots creates a rustic look. Place the whole setup against your brick-laden wall to accentuate the look.


9. Spring basket

You can use your old bread-basket and steel plant watering can for this design. This can serve as a good addition to your center table. You can also add a small clipboard with this design.


10. Chalkboard with rustic table

In this design approach, combine the chalkboard with a traditional table with drawers. The table can be painted white. You can also keep a grown wood draw box on top of the table. Couple it with few red and white tulip buds to complete the look.


11. Coir based wreath

This design element is made of coir and white cotton. The wreath can be suitably placed against a white-colored wall.


12. Floral basics

Use white and pink flowers such as tulips, paper flowers, and roses with green stems here. Placing them on the window slabs and dining tables add to the design element.


13. Garden jar arrangement

In this arrangement, old mason jar can be used after painting it white. Make sure to give a withering look to the jar. You can keep light orange and pink flowers inside this jar to accentuate the springtime look.


14. Painted basket and wreath design

This vignette design consists of a farmhouse style wreath and a straw basket. The basket can be partially painted white. The wreath can be made using flowers


15. Vintage-styled centerpiece

In this design, old and hardbound books can be combined with a white flower vase gives the style a vintage look. One can keep green and light yellow plants and flowers to complement the look. You can keep these items in a wooden or iron-based basket.


16. Lantern decoration

You can use your old wooden lantern in this design. Combine this element with earthen flower baskets to complement the look. One can keep flowers with faded color in the pots.


17. Spiral wreath

Here, the wreath design is of a spiral kind. You can use floral wreaths and combine it with wooden straws and twigs to give a farmhouse cum springtime look.


18. The one with a big mouth

Use large-mouthed sweet jars for placing flowers in this design approach. You can keep these DIY flower jars on your center-table. You can also fill the jar using colored cotton balls.


19. Green wreath and stone goblet

In this design, 2 or 3 elements are combined. A farmhouse styled wreath made of moss is the highlight in this style. Combine it with withered stone goblets for keeping cotton balls, to accentuate the look.


20. Easter springtime

In this design, couple your Easter eggs with floral arrangement using straw or wood-based basket.



Nowadays, several DIY kits are available in the market to decorate your living space in farmhouse spring style. Modern technologies such as virtual reality can also be used as they take up less space.

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