50+ Charming Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas

50+ Charming Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas to Add Some Rustic Flair to Your Blank Walls

Farmhouse décor is a great way to make your home feel more cozy and relaxing. It does not feature too much modernity but relies on retro designs to achieve exquisite and stylish looks. In this article, we explore some ideas that you can use to decorate your wall.

Large farmhouse wall clock

One rule for effective farmhouse decorating is you go simple but still maintain functionality. The same applies to wall clocks.

You can replace your existing digital clock with one that features a broad face and roman numerals. Hang this over your fireplace to accentuate the area.

You can also create a custom wall clock. All you need is a few planks of wood, a compass, a clock motor, and you are good to go. DIY wall clocks are much better as you can customize them to any design that you see fit.

Farmhouse wall decals

Decals are also a great way to decorate your walls. You do not require much effort to put them up, and you can get them in any design that you please.

Use decals to label different areas of your house. You can incorporate food-related decals for the kitchen, while more homely themed decals for your living room

Farmhouse wall stickers

Stickers are a more budget-friendly option to decorate your walls. You can select the type of stickers you want to use, depending on your overall theme.

You can use the ones that feature abstract motifs or intricate photographs of different landscapes.

Farmhouse wall art

Regardless of the decorating style, having artwork on your walls emphasizes a sense of class and style. For your farmhouse wall art, look for paintings that fit with the color scheme of your décor.

You necessarily not need paintings of roosters and farm animals. A simple windmill in a prairie will work just as well. If you have wall lights, you can use the stickers to complement them as well.

If you are feeling more adventurous, you can paint a mural on a section on your wall. It is not only unique but offers a great variation to an otherwise bland wall.

Farmhouse wall signs

You can use wall signs to label different areas of your home. Ensure that you keep in line with the overall theme of the house.

Use wooden signs instead to add a more authentic look to your house.

Farmhouse wall mirror

When it comes to wall mirrors, look for frames that are more in line with your farmhouse theme. Avoid using modern materials such as plastic.

Go for mirrors that have wooden frames instead. The design of the frame also matters.

You can go for more vintage designs that feature absolute shapes such as hexagons. To show more of your creative side, you can use the base of a pail as your mirror frame and see how you will wow people.

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There are many ideas that you can explore and make your walls stand out. A simple visit to your local antique store will do the trick.


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