Everything You Need To Know About Hall Bathrooms

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All of us would love to have individual bathrooms inside each of the bedrooms in our houses. But. It’s not a practical solution for all. We are talking about additional square feet and, of course, a whole lot of money!

You can grant yourself the luxury of one master bedroom. For children and guests, you can allocate a hall bathroom. As the name implies, it means a bathroom that is located in the hallway. It’s meant to be a shared bathroom.

Thinking about building a modern vibe hall bathroom in your house? Take some to go through this article, then. We will try to address every possible question you might have about hall bathrooms.

What is a hall bathroom?

hall bathroom

A hall bathroom is typically a smaller bathroom that is located off of a hallway, rather than being attached to a bedroom or another room in the house.

Hall bathrooms are usually found in homes with multiple bedrooms, as they provide a convenient way for guests to have their own space to get ready for the day or evening. While hall bathrooms are often not as large as some of the other bathrooms in a home, they can still be stylish and functional.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing a hall bathroom:

-Layout: Because hall bathrooms are typically smaller spaces, it is important to make the most of the layout. One way to do this is to choose a vanity that fits the space well. For example, a corner vanity can help to save space and make the bathroom feel more open.

-Storage: Another important consideration for hall bathrooms is storage. Guests will likely need somewhere to store their toiletries and towels, so be sure to include plenty of cabinets or shelves in the design.

-Decor: Just because a hall bathroom is small does not mean it can’t be stylish. Use decorative elements such as mirrors, lighting, and artwork to make the space your own.

How Should You Design A Hall Bathroom?

There are essentially two optimal layouts for hallway bathrooms: one that uses a single wall for all the fixtures and another that utilizes parallel walls. Let’s have a look at both of these approaches in a bit more detail.

Layout 1: The Single Wall Approach

Attach all fixtures along a single wall. The sink cabinet, shower, toilet, and tub should be in a single row by the wall you choose. The toilet should occupy the place between the sink and the shower.

Alternatively, you can consider the gap between the shower and tub for installing the toilet. The sink location should be as close to the bathroom door as possible. That said, make sure there is enough room for the door to swing inside the bathroom without hitting the sink.

Layout 2. The Parallel Door Approach

Put the fixtures on parallel walls rather than lining them along a wall. For toilet placement, you can follow the same strategy as before. Target the gaps between the sink and shower, shower and tub, or sink and tub.

The door placement should be similar too. That means you need to identify the most convenient spot adjacent to the sink that can work as an entryway to the bathroom. Again, leave enough space for comfortable access and door movement.

What Should Be The Design Objective Of A Hall Bathroom?

The key objective of a hall bathroom is to maximize floor economy. Since multiple people will share this bathroom, you will have to prioritize efficiency over aesthetics. Try to achieve a comprehensive look that will appeal to all.

Hall Bathroom Pros

modern hall bathroom

You Can Save Space

You can make better use of your existing space by having a shared bathroom that is not confined to a specific bedroom. While having a number of bathrooms is convenient, your floor design will be more efficient if you can reduce the number of bathrooms in the house.

If each bedroom has its own private bathroom, it will take up a lot of room in a house. A hall bathroom will give you the option to free up square footage to create larger rooms or more storage.

You Can Save Money

Building bathrooms are not cheap. According to this HomeAdvisor article, a bathroom can cost you as much as $35,000. Instead of building separate bathrooms for separate bedrooms, you can save a significant amount of money going for a shared hall bathroom.

Big Families Love Them

A hall bathroom is a smart choice if you have a big family. It’s easily accessible from all the bedrooms along the hall. Anyone who needs to use it only needs to get out of their rooms and take a few steps.

Hall Bathroom Cons

Not Great For Guests

An en-suite bathroom in your guest room is a must if you have the budget for it. It will be pretty embarrassing if your guests have to wait outside to go to the toilet while someone else is using it.

It Can Create Conflict

When you have to go, you have to go! There is not a lot you can do about your bathroom routine. Whenever you feel the urge to use the bathroom, you must go. But when you are using a shared bathroom, there is no guarantee that it will be vacant when you go.

Sharing a bathroom can be a messy situation on weekdays. Since everyone is rushing to get ready for their day, bathroom time will likely overlap. As a result, discontent will grow among the residents over time.

The situation is not comfortable when you are inside the bathroom, either. You will be wary of the fact that others will need to use the bathroom. So, you will have to hurry. It’s hard to associate serenity and comfort with a hall bathroom if there are too many users.

In a shared bathroom like a hall bathroom, people don’t only share the bathroom space. They also share their bathroom habits.

Some people are very neat and organized, while others don’t mind spreading their toiletries all over the vanity. Everyone might not have the same standards of hygiene. All these factors make sharing a toilet problematic.

Jack And Jill Vs. Hall Bathrooms

Many people mistakenly use the terms hall bathrooms and Jack and Jill bathrooms interchangeably. While they share many similar traits, Jack and Jill bathrooms and hall bathrooms are not exactly the same.

For the sake of a comprehensive discussion, we will discuss both the similarities and differences between these two types of bathrooms. But, before having that talk, let’s shed light on Jack and Jill bathrooms. What are they?

The name Jack and Jill sounds familiar, right? It comes from the famous nursery rhyme “Jack and Jill.” Since parents often use this bathroom model for siblings, bathrooms following this layout became known as Jack and Jill bathrooms.

A Jack and Jill bathroom will have two different access points from two different bedrooms. If you set up a Jack and Jill bathroom between two bedrooms, you can use the bathroom from both rooms. It works as a good substitute for a private bathroom.

Similarities Between Hall Bathrooms And Jack And Jill Bathrooms


Hall bathrooms and Jack and Jill bathrooms serve the same purpose. In both of these restrooms, you can take a shower, use the toilet, and brush your teeth.

You Can’t Use Them Whenever You Want

Similar to a Jack-and-Jill bathroom, if a bathroom with hall access is occupied, you will have to wait your turn to use the hall bathroom if there is only one.


One can use both bathrooms privately if the door is locked. In Jack and Jill’s, you have to make sure that both doors are locked, but in hall access, you only have to lock one door.

Differences Between Hall Bathrooms And Jack And Jill Bathrooms

Access Points

With a Jack-and-Jill bathroom, you can go to the bathroom right next to your bedroom. Getting to the bathroom through the hall takes a little more work. To access the toilet, you will have to leave your room and go into a shared space, the hallway.

Therefore, you might have to wear a gown or cover up yourself before leaving your room, just in case other cohabitants are walking around.


Because several people share the hall bathroom, it’s nearly impossible to design the bathroom space to suit the preferences of just one person. It will have to match the style of the rest of the house to achieve a cohesive appearance.

However, Jack and Jill restrooms, which mainly two people share, allow for a more individual touch. Since there are only two regular users of the bathroom, they can add some personal details to make the bathroom feel more personal.

Which One Is Better For You? Jack And Jill Or Hall Bathroom?

The correct answer to this question depends on your needs and preferences. For some people, a Jack and Jill washroom will be more appealing. Contrastingly, a hall bathroom will make more sense for another group of people.

Here are some specific scenarios where one of these two is better than the other:

Raising Siblings? Jack And Jill Is The Best Pick

The idea of brothers and sisters using the same bathroom is a bit weird when they are adults. However, that’s not the case when they are young. The privacy concerns are minimal among small children. So, you can opt for a Jack and Jill bathroom for your kids.

Since the bathroom connects to both rooms, it creates a sense of security. Kids often feel scared to go to the toilet alone. Knowing someone else is using the bathroom at the same time or there is someone on the other side of the door could be reassuring for a child.

Hall Bathrooms Are More Convenient For B&B

A hall bathroom wins the race against a Jack and Jill one when you are thinking about a B&B bathroom.

Any time two people share a bathroom, there is an increased risk of them running into awkward situations. If another guest forgets to lock the other bathroom door and you need to use it, or if another guest walks in on you while you’re in there, it could be embarrassing.

There is just one way in and out of a hall bathroom, so if you lock the door behind you, no one will be able to wander in. Because there is just one way in and out, guests will always be aware when the restroom is in use.

Hall Bathrooms Are Not Great For Guests, But They Are Better Than Jack And Jill

An en-suite bathroom is the best option for a guestroom, but not all of us have the luxury of such space. We have already mentioned how hall bathrooms are less than ideal for guests. But it’s still your best bet when you can’t afford to put a bathroom in the guestroom.

You probably don’t want your guests to walk into the bathroom when you are still using the toilet. Even if you are not there, would you want your guests to discover the dirty laundry you had mistakenly left in the bathroom? A dedicated hall bathroom eliminates this problem.

You won’t have to worry about your overnight guests disturbing you with their morning hair rituals or late-night showers if you don’t make them use the Jack and Jill bathroom. If there is only one bathroom, guests will feel rushed to finish their business so the hosts can use it.

Jack And Jill Trumps Hall Bathroom As The Solitary Bathroom

If you have severe space constraints and can install only one bathroom in the entire house, choosing a hall bathroom wouldn’t be wise. A Jack and Jill bathroom should be your choice if you can’t afford more than one bathroom.

You can design your Jack and Jill bathroom layout in such a way that it will create two separate zones in the bathroom. Install two toilets and separate the areas with a panel. Since the bathroom will sandwich two bedrooms, you can find more space to work with.

Jack And Jill Is Costlier Than A Hall Bathroom

If you don’t want to spend much, evaluate which type of bathroom will suit your budget. If you have to decide between a Jack and Jill bathroom and a hall bathroom, and your priority is to save money, which one should you choose?

A complete Jack and Jill bathroom installation can cost close to $20,000, whereas a standard hall bathroom will only set you back about $8,000.

As a result of the need to build a separate space for the toilet in some of these bathrooms, additional space is required for the toilet. You will be installing an additional door, as well as additional lighting, security, and plumbing fixtures, including an additional sink.

All of these minor expenditures might easily pile up.

Installing a hall-access bathroom during a home remodel will be less of a hassle than other types of bathrooms because they are more flexible in terms of location within the house.

Because of its increased complexity and wider footprint, the Jack and Jill layout will come at a higher price.

Closing Remarks

Hall bathrooms can be easy to install, considering their utility-first design and minimal installation cost. It can be an excellent choice for large families living in limited space, but consider the flaws these bathrooms come with before making a final decision.