35+ Best Indoor Garden Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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Plants don’t really have to be used in garden spaces or as veranda plants; their lushness and wellbeing benefits can be enjoyed in any setting. If you don’t have enough outside space, want to consume greens in the cold, or simply enjoy being surrounded by plants, consider starting an indoor garden.

The characteristics of an indoor garden will be determined by the beauty you want to achieve, your level of skill, the reason for cultivating the plants, as well as the accessible circumstances.

Don’t know where to begin? Here are a few innovative indoor garden designs to get you started.

35 Indoor Garden Ideas

1. Greenery should be used to surround your bathtub.

1 indoor garden ideas

Check out that tub! We have severe bathroom fever around here! The galvanized containers offer a hint of modern elegance to the color palette, while the fringed drapes and chandelier add a touch of warmth. 

But it’s the abundance of the greatest indoor plants that wins us over — take a look at how these chamber palms shine amid the relatively neutral-hued furnishings and really bring this space to life.

Decorate your restroom with plants and see what happens! There are a plethora of plants that will grow in the humidity. 

2. Herbs should be abundant in your kitchen.

2 indoor garden ideas

Herbs are wonderful because they add a touch of class to any dish. Our jaws are watering just thinking about a sprinkle of chopped chives atop young potatoes, smashed mint leaves in a mojito, and the heavy aroma of basil while you blitz it into pesto.

However, they aren’t just for the garden; they can also be used as indoor plant concepts. They’ll look great in a variety of multi-colored containers in your kitchen, plus they’ll be quick to reach when you’re in the middle of preparing a meal.

3. At the bottom of your bed, create a luxuriant planter.

3 indoor garden ideas

Interior plants are a practical and flexible means of generating cleaner and more pleasurable settings, whether at work or at home.

Plants are excellent room dividers. To maintain a sense of solitude, these plants were placed in a basin at the bottom of a cot in a tiny room.

Plants are wonderful for increasing oxygen levels, acting as sound relievers, and aesthetically dividing a space without the use of large furniture – which is why they work so well in workplaces!

They also profit from being clustered because they may produce a mini-atmosphere termed ‘transpiration’ among them, which keeps the plants healthy and happy.

4. Transform the dining space into a jungle

4 indoor garden ideas

Monstera,  also famous for its moniker, Swiss cheese plant (due to the holes), and it’s simple to understand why they’re as popular in our homes as they seem to be on Instagram. They’re enormous! They’re stunning! And they give any inside room a great jungle atmosphere.

Combine with shelves brimming with potted plants — we see spider plants amid others here – for a low-maintenance look. A fantastic location for your dining room, perfect for enhancing the view of your early breakfast or the ambience of your dinner party.

5. A bar cart may be used in a variety of ways.

5 indoor garden ideas

So, maybe you’ll have to keep your drinks somewhere else. But, for a scenario like this, we believe it’s worth it. Decorating an antique sphere bar with heaps of succulents has a certain enchantment to it, as you might admit.

The little plants in antique glasses add a nice finishing touch to the idea. Also, look at the lichen and moss surrounding the bottom — it provides it a somewhat overgrown, yet very charming feel. It’s a gorgeous center point for a sitting area that’s sure to get your visitors talking.

6. Color your room to fit the color scheme of a living room.

6 indoor garden ideas

If you’re short on space or the walls are appearing barren (or both), consider planting vertically. A green wall can always offer the wow effect, even on a tiny scale. You can buy pre-built systems like these online.

For further inspiration, seek up how to construct a living wall and replace the plants with indoor plants like peace lilies, ferns, and philodendrons. For a bold statement appearance, decorate the covering wall a stunning contemporary blue and pair it with plush textiles.

7. Plants should be crammed in for maximum impact.

7 indoor garden ideas

If you have the room – perhaps a spare table, dresser, or workstation – why not go for it then fill it with our favorite indoor plants? Seeing a large number of potted plants is usually pleasant. Plus, once you have the opportunity, you may enjoy the peaceful process of gently caring for them.

We adore the dangling pots and the beautiful air plants peeking out from behind the wire frame. The end product is a stunning indoor garden that everyone may enjoy.

8. Consider using pastel pots.

8 indoor garden ideas

If the previous notion was a little too much for you, what about this approach instead? A complimentary palette of light greens, a smidgeon of soft pink, a mishmash of subtle but oh-so-gorgeous materials, and a variety of sizes – all put together in a fresh, elegant way.

You will love how it adds so much intrigue to a room without being overwhelming in the least. A lovely complement to a contemporary environment with neutral tones.

9. A riot of springtime hues

9 indoor garden ideas

If you’ve ever read a tutorial on how to bring bulbs indoors, you’ll understand that these lovely flowers aren’t just for the outdoors. To produce a beautiful centerpiece for your dining table, plant in a big pot, like seen here. 

You may also try amaryllis, grape hyacinth, snake’s head fritillary, and even tulips, in addition to the gorgeous paperwhite narcissus including its amazing aroma. Plant several pots and scatter them around the home for a burst of springtime brightness.

10. Get the most of the space over your head.

10 indoor garden ideas

Go for the heights and make the most of any available space. Plants that are high up on shelves or hanging from the ceiling add drama and intrigue to a room.

They may liven up a drab spot and spread like wildfire. Consider how a plant develops and design your house around it.

Some people prefer lingering plants, but you may bring them around shelves if they become too long. It’s not necessary for all plants to be in direct line of sight; mix it up! Suspended from the harsh metal beams, these ivies as well as other trailing plants contribute to the quirky design of the rest of the space.

11. Indoors, you can grow a tree.

11 indoor garden ideas

So, perhaps your living room roof isn’t quite as high as this one (it also possibly does not entail a glass dome). Indoor trees, on the other hand, are ideal for even small rooms if they have sufficient exposure to natural light. And the outcomes may be breathtaking.

Citrus trees, including the calamondin orange tree, are a good choice. Its small, bitter fruits offer a gorgeous burst of orange to the mix, and they also feature a delightfully fragrant white flower. Another fantastic indoor choice is the fiddle-leaf persimmon tree, which has huge, glossy leaves.

12. Make use of natural light.

12 indoor garden ideas

If you have a nice light source, utilize it. The first piece of advice for plant producers is to pay attention to the illumination in your house.

Have you ever observed when the sun enters each room? The sun sets in the west, and rises in the east, according to the rule of thumb.’ North/east-facing areas have the sun in the day and south/west-facing areas get it at night. 

As a result, north areas are ‘low light,’ whereas south rooms are ‘bright light.’ Put your plant in a north/east-facing area if it can tolerate low light (read the label!). ‘A west- or south-facing space is best for a light lover.’

13. Make your home’s qualities stand out by framing them.

13 indoor garden ideas

Plants have the ability to create their own central focus. People appreciate enhancing their decor by using various plant forms and textures to truly complete a space. The homeowner in this case placed the plants from around the hearth as if they were sculptures.

Plants here on mantelpieces provide color to a space, and mantelpieces get a lot of natural light. As a result, the plants will flourish. The end product is fantastic. And the speckled plant in the upper left is an interior begonia, which is one of our favorites!

14. Master the art of propagation.

14 indoor garden ideas

You’ll be pleased to learn that many houseplants will have kids – yes, it’s real – which will result in fresh new, unlimited houseplants! Propagation is a fantastic skill to have under your sleeve if you’re an aspiring indoor grower.

 Producing your own children may be quite fulfilling. Many plants, including Aloe vera, will naturally produce ‘pups’ so as to reproduce. This is something that the Pilea performs as well.

15. Beautiful gardens

15 indoor garden ideas

Although your backyard will be out of action until the next spring, you may still appreciate some lush greenery throughout the winter months. Indoor plant ideas may help you breathe new life into your home.

This dangling herb garden may be made with a lengthy bit of timber, paint, galvanized steel tape, screws, herbs, jars, and potting soil and hung on a kitchen or dining nook wall.

Paint a creative pattern on the hardwood strip, then use galvanized steel tape and bolts to attach the jars. Cover the containers with succulents, herbs, or air plants, as seen in the photo.

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16. Terrarium

16 indoor garden ideas

One of the most low-maintenance and easiest methods to introduce plants indoors is with a trendy terrarium. A glass bowl (perhaps a fishbowl) will suffice, as will succulents, gardening mix, and other little accents such as stones or shells. What’s the best part? The succulents will only need to be slightly watered once a week at best.

17. Ladder

17 indoor garden ideas

To construct this layered indoor garden, use an antique ladder (or buy a cheap one). Create a shelf using wood boards on each stage.

If one of the ladder rungs is uneven, you’ll need to attach additional planks of wood to the “shorter” step to straighten the shelf. Paint the entire ladder, let it dry, and afterwards add small potted plants as a finishing touch.

18. Planter made of leather

18 indoor garden ideas

These droopy leather strap planters are perfect for adding a touch of bohemian to your home. Cut out various forms, like as rounds or triangles, from approximately a yard (or maybe more, based on jar size and quantity of plants).

To dangle from the ceiling, connect grommets to the forms and thread and loop rope over them. In the center of your bedroom or living room, this collection of dangling plants will look fantastic.

19. Hanging planters with gold chains

19 indoor garden ideas

These succulent containers with gold chains can complement your décor if your home is more elegant than rustic.

Take a little timber container, color it white, and dangle it from a ceiling or wall with a gold chain (available at any hardware shop). For a layered effect, put a lot together and experiment with the length of the chain.

20. Water Propagation Wall with a Decorative Finish

20 indoor garden ideas

Why not foster some cuttings with the famous water reproduction technique if you really want to extend your plant inventory or give some as presents? You can put your cuttings on a shelf and showcase them in glass containers for a more decorative look.

Replace the water on a weekly basis, and place some bloom lights on the rack above to aid in the rooting of the cuttings.

21. Collection of Low-Maintenance Cacti

21 indoor garden ideas

Cacti aren’t only low-maintenance plants which survive in arid areas; their distinctive forms and looks make them look like gorgeous sculptures.

Incorporating a selection of cacti to your house may serve as focus points, and giant cacti can be a conversation starter with your visitors. Simply keep prickly plants away from pets and little children.

22. Plant Shelves with Charm

22 indoor garden ideas

Owning a number of bookshelves designated only to your plant species not only looks nice, but it also makes it a lot easier to care for them.

For watering, all of the plants are all in one spot, and you can shuffle them around depending on how the sunlight strikes the bookshelves or where your diffuser is placed.

23. Collection of tropical items

23 indoor garden ideas

With a collection of tropical plants that can be grown inside, you may produce an indoor rainforest full of exotic blooms, vibrant foliage, and trailing vines.

Their humidity, water, and light needs may necessitate a bit more effort on your part, but the mood they will create in your house will be well worth the effort.

24. You may be creative with a fairy garden.

24 indoor garden ideas

Fairy gardens are enchanting! These lovely little gardens are filled with genuine, living plants, occupy very little room, and are thought to bring lots of luck to your house.

They’re the ideal small-scale gardening craft for inspiring youngsters, though adults will enjoy tending to a garden and picking which small element to add next!

Starting small with a pixie garden, using whatever resources you have on hand, is simple. Even a damaged ceramic pot might serve as the ideal home for your newly planted garden. 

25. Even the smallest apartment can accommodate an indoor herb garden.

25 indoor garden ideas

Apartment owners are no amateurs to cultivating herbs on a sill, yet living in a confined area has prompted a fresh generation of creative indoor gardening ideas, such as these towering herb planters.

Herbs don’t require the same or more soil as other species, making them ideal options for a garden design that requires no counter space! To connect your herbs to a wall, pot them in mason jars or aluminum cans  and utilize a wire rack, trellis, or repurposed wood as a support.

26. Garden in the Bathroom

26 indoor garden ideas

Building an indoor garden for your bathroom is a great way to turn your bathroom into a tropical retreat. If you prefer taking lengthy hot baths, there’s nothing like being surrounded by lush foliage to help you relax.

Most tropical species which require humidity will thrive in the warm, moist environment generated by steaming showers and baths.

27. Gardening in Hydroponics

27 indoor garden ideas

A hydroponic produce system could be ideal for you if you’re a kind of results-oriented individual who likes seeing lush, beautiful vegetation.

Hydroponic gardens are extremely efficient, allowing plants to develop to their full potential in the least period of time. You may develop a garden of fresh  plants and enjoy a pleasant display of lush flora with the appropriate arrangement.

28. Pictures That Are Alive

28 indoor garden ideas

Living photos, especially succulents, are a unique way to exhibit your plants. You may buy a ready-made frame and just fill it with your favorite plants.

Alternatively, you may construct your own personal frame and tailor it to your exact specifications in terms of size, shape, and style. 

29. Baskets to Hang

29 indoor garden ideas

If you really want to maintain your floors and countertops free, dangling baskets are a terrific method to exhibit your plants. They’re also a great addition to a well-established indoor garden.

They have the ability to generate a natural presence from floor to ceiling. It’s critical to pick hanging baskets without holes drilled, or at the very least with drainage plugs.

30. Pots that go together

30 indoor garden ideas

Planting diverse plants in matching pots, whether terra cotta, basic white, or an assortment of zany hues, may look amazing.

Pick a set of vases that all have the same design but are available in a variety of sizes. This produces a visually appealing theme that may be carried throughout a whole room.

31. Garden of succulent

31 indoor garden ideas

Succulents are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from thick and spherical to thin, long, and creeping. They can produce beautiful blooms or have the oddest spikes or hairs. An interior garden with a variety of succulent species provides the unusual atmosphere of something like a desert oasis.

32. Enhance the Ambience of a Relaxing Nook

32 indoor garden ideas

According to studies, being surrounded by plants might help you relax. Making a peaceful nook in a green environment is a great way to unwind and enjoy some alone time. When you need to calm down, this might be a contemplative environment.

33. A Vines-Trailing-Curtain

33 indoor garden ideas

If you’re short on room or just really want to create vertical green appeal, hanging sun-loving, low-maintenance, trailing ivy from your drape rail is a terrific alternative. This will provide a breathtaking effect that you will like.

34. Plants for Novices is a collection for plant lovers that are new to the hobby.

34 indoor garden ideas

If you aren’t extremely green-fingered or are starting your initial plant collection, you should adhere to easy-to-grow houseplants. Snake plants, for instance, are a good illustration of this. Anyone who wishes to develop an indoor garden will profit from making this wise selection.

35. Perhaps, a Japanese art

35 indoor garden ideas

If you want to generate a tranquil and calm ambiance in a shaded living room, dangling some Kokedama balls made of moss might be the right option. Sustain their moisture since humidity is essential for their success. This one-of-a-kind feature may serve as a simple yet elegant focal point.


What types of plants grow best indoors?

Pothos, snake plants, money trees, philodendrons, air plants, and monsteras are among the greatest low-maintenance house plants. Beginners and persons who relocate or who are away from their house frequently would benefit from these hardy indoor plants.

What fruits can I grow indoors?

Even if you don’t reside in the tropics, you can grow fruits in pots indoors. Fruits like oranges, lemons, passion fruit, grapefruits, and figs don’t have to be grown in the tropics.

What do you need for an indoor garden?

You don’t need a lot to start an indoor garden – just some plants, soil, and a container. But there are a few things you can do to make your garden thrive.

Choose the right plants. Not all plants will grow well indoors, so it’s important to choose ones that are suited for your environment. Look for plants that need little sunlight and that can handle low humidity levels.

Give your plants the right soil. Most plants need well-drained soil to grow well, so make sure to use a potting mix that is specifically designed for indoor gardens.

Water your plants regularly. Indoor plants need water more often than outdoor plants, so be sure to water them regularly. You can use a watering can or a spray bottle to mist the plants.

Provide adequate light. Most plants need at least four hours of direct sunlight per day. If your plants don’t get enough light, they will start to stretch and grow tall in an effort to find it. You can place your plants near a window or use a grow light to provide them with enough light.

Fertilize your plants. Indoor plants need fertilizer to stay healthy, so add a dose of fertilizer to the water once a month.

Monitor the temperature. Most plants prefer cool temperatures, so make sure your indoor garden isn’t in a drafty spot.

Do indoor gardens work?

Yes, indoor gardens work – but they require a bit of maintenance. If you’re willing to water and fertilize your plants regularly, and you can provide them with enough light, your garden will thrive. Just be sure to choose the right plants for your environment!

Is indoor garden worth it?

There’s no definitive answer, as the value of an indoor garden depends on a variety of factors – including how much time you’re willing to spend on it. But if you’re looking for a way to add some greenery to your home, an indoor garden is definitely worth considering.

What is an indoor garden room called?

An indoor garden room is typically called a sunroom, greenhouse, or conservatory. Sunrooms are the most common type of indoor garden room, and they usually have large windows that let in lots of natural light. Greenhouses are designed to grow plants year-round, while conservatories are used to display plants and flowers.


Indoor gardening can help to create a relaxing and beautiful environment. You can create any setting, from basic to tropical to entirely Zen, with the correct plants and imaginative design. Several plants in your house can really liven things up. Arranging them in a certain way may completely change the look of your room.

We hope these ideas inspire you. Tell us about your favorite in this list in the comment section below!