35+ Creative DIY Corner Shelf Ideas and Designs (Photos)

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A corner shelf is a terrific method to make more room. Locating storage space and adding your personalized feel can be difficult if you reside in a tiny apartment or have that hard-to-reach space that you do not really know what to do with.

Employing the extra room that you’ll have in any area or on any wall is a must, but it can be difficult at times. Corner shelves are a simple option.

Corner shelf ideas allow you to provide storage while also bringing a personal touch to the space. Corner shelves are simple to install and may be utilized around your house to store all of your favorite trinkets while also expanding your living space.

You will find 35 of the best corner shelf ideas below!

35 Corner Shelf Ideas

1. 5-Tier Zig-Zag Goodness Wall Mount Shelf

1 corner shelf ideas

With its blend of square and curved elements, the sleek and unusual concept of these shelves will remind you of a fascinating zipper. This lovely shelf unit is equally at home in a rural or modern setting. Because each component is not dependent on the others, the individual shelves may be arranged to suit your preferences.

This piece comes in a wonderful medium walnut finish and might be the perfect fit for your underutilized area. These shelves may be utilized as a wall-mounted nightstand in a bedroom or as a beautiful display in a bathroom. 

2. Turn-N-Tube Bookcase, Freestanding

2 corner shelf ideas

The elegant, rounded design features should blend seamlessly into any design, making this a fantastic traditional 5-tier corner shelf.

The height of this lovely tower design is pretty impressive. Because it is freestanding, you can move it anywhere you need it, making it an excellent alternative for individuals who rearrange their furniture frequently.

It may be fixed to the wall as well. These shelves are compact and simple to put together. There are a variety of colors to choose from, including cherry, black, cream imitation marble, and white.

3. Freestanding Corner Shelf with a Sleek and Square Design

3 corner shelf ideas

While squares aren’t always appealing, the lovely regularity of this DIY project illustrates that triangles don’t have to be used in every corner. Isn’t it true that a corner shelf must be placed in a corner?

These shelves are ideal for an urban or industrial setting, but they might work with any design. You can’t go wrong with dark, either.

In a monochrome room, how stunning would this be? Very! Win-win, with the added benefit of container storage for that odd stuff we all need to conceal. It is designed for tiny places and provides both flair and functionality. 

4. Shelves with a Chevron Pattern in Bamboo

4 corner shelf ideas

A wood shelf which is so inexpensive that it may be considered a bargain! Any counter area in need of some corner shelves will benefit from the pleasant and natural tone. The options for this little corner shelf are only restricted by your creativity as blanket or spice storage. 

This would be ideal for managing a cluttered bathroom or kitchen counter area. Also useful for organizing shelves in a pantry or a bedroom closet. On an office desk, these might be used as a flower stand or a document organizer. 

5. Wall Shelf with a Rich Dark Finish

5 corner shelf ideas

These dark-shaded shelves are appealing because each tier has a curved front. With five layers, you have a lot of styling choices. They may be hung using big, replaceable loop and hook strips and are ideal for carrying lightweight DVD volumes or small sets.

This dangling option, which makes the installation more easier for renters worried about a security deposit, might be considered. Is your tween obsessed with science fiction or steampunk and clamoring for a new room? Corner shelves throughout this deep hue are ideal for storing or displaying personal belongings. 

6. Hovering Corner Wall Shelf in a Minimalist Style

6 corner shelf ideas

Do you want a floating shelf that is both beautiful and functional? This sturdy shelf is suited to the task of storing or displaying your items.

You may choose between a flush-to-the-corner, right-angle rack or a shelf that enables cables to pass through the rear in this set of two shelves, which comes in a variety of colors.

Because there are so many alternatives, these shelves may be incorporated into any design scheme. Use them to display books or speakers, or place them in a nook of an office as a communal coffee bar

7. Stackable Wire-Framed Corner Shelf

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These cosmetics organizers might also be included in the kitchen to store herbs or in the bedroom to store accessories.

Stainless steel frame guarantees long-lasting sturdiness while maintaining a stylish appearance. Did we mention that they’re stackable? One set’s feet simply slip over the bottom of that other set’s feet.

Think about putting these on a patio table with little succulents or using them to serve tea sandwiches. These are luxurious but inexpensive, with a simple snap-it-together construction. 

8. Wall Shelf in Boho Rustic Style

8 corner shelf ideas

Rustic and lovely are a great match. Based on the color you pick, these shelves may appear rustic, but the elegance is undeniable.

These are corner wall shelves that may be mounted in a number of ways to fit your aesthetic preferences. It’s a flexible component thanks to the extended shelf unit.

Your corner showcase will blend in perfectly with your vintage Bohemian or American style supported by three gorgeous color options. 

9. Corner Shelf with Diamond Solitaire on the Wall

9 corner shelf ideas

What a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind DIY corner shelf idea. For a Boho chic look, choose a diamond solitaire form. The back of the shelf, when placed, allows cables to pass over, that’s always a great perk on any shelf.

The color selections are current and consistent on both sides, allowing the shelf to be mounted vertically in a corner while remaining attractive for display. 

10. Rustic Corner Shelf in the Shape of Legos

614JbPyDdpL. AC SL1001

In a single word, breathtaking. The two-leg bottom layer, which was topped by a solitary square top tier, reminded me of Lego. Worthy to be swooned over wood texture and black metal. This shelf piece comes in two color options and would complement any home design.

The distinctive design of these shelves allows for a broad range of display possibilities. These shelves are a DIY dream since they are surprisingly strong and simple to put together.

11. Cute Farm Corner Cubicle Shelves

61D2AQ+nu1L. AC SL1200

Office employees are not depressed. Cubicles come with storage items that may be hung on cloth-covered dividers. These are adorable and useful, so you’ll get a lot of praise from your coworkers. From plant hangers to storage, they may be used for a multitude of purposes, from aesthetic to useful.

These cubicle shelves feature a distinctive puzzle piece form and charcoal color, and they help you acquire crucial horizontal work space.

12. Floating Shelf with 2 Tiers in a Zig Zag Pattern

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If you’re searching for a miniature version of something like the Zig Zag side shelf, you’ve come to the right place. These are great. This is a terrific alternative for a small spot that requires some love on its own. For an open exhibition of some unique dishes, attach it to the exterior of a gloomy kitchen cabinet.

To create a floor-to-ceiling built-in effect, arrange these with a 5-tier design in a great room or living room corner

13. Free-standing shelf made of metal and glass

13 corner shelf ideas

Simply stunning. These wall shelves are sleek and elegant, and they go with any design. Aside from a corner, these would look fantastic on each end of a large white couch.

The surprising element of black glass elevates a useful object to another level of aesthetic.

These would alter an expensive walk-in wardrobe or changing room, and are fantastic for bathroom design. 

14. Spa Tower in the Style of Old Hollywood Glamour

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3-tier bathroom corner shelf in the style of 1940s Hollywood elegance. The curving, double-line steel frame is gorgeous and would be perfectly at home in a contemporary environment.

It will remind you of historical cruise ships. For a wallet-friendly price, this is a very striking look.

The rust-resistant shelving is stable and robust, making them an excellent option for a bathroom.

15. Twisted Ladder Bookcase Shelf is a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

15 corner shelf ideas

This unique and eye-catching corner shelf seems to be a fresh spin on the ladder bookshelf. These shelves are contemporary and elegant thanks to the curved fronts of the tiers.

These shelves are lovely and versatile, and with the inclusion of certain bins or baskets, they may easily be utilized for storage.

Metal frame and oak veneer layers make this a stylish addition to any area. Every rustic chic, farmhouse, Boho, or Americana décor will benefit from these shelves. These would look great in a study or workplace, displaying a collection of prized books or mementos.

16. Corner Shelf with Beautiful Farmhouse-Chic Rope Accent

718z5oSmaGS. AC SL1500

Rustic wood shelves have been given a beautiful makeover. Natural rope is used to suspend three layers from the roof. Any rustic design would be quickly altered if you used this as a stand-out alternative.

These shelves really aren’t your mother’s corner shelves, demonstrating that basic materials can create a big stylistic impact.

17. Curved Hovering Triangle Corner Shelf

17 corner shelf ideas

This is indeed a corner shelf that is full of possibilities because of the graded sizes. Years of dependable long-term and durability attractiveness are guaranteed with solid oak wood craftsmanship. Easy to assemble, the adaptability of this traditional shelf is only limited by your creativity. 

Do you need extra storage in your office but would like to give it a more distinctive look? It would be amazing to stack these in a side in graded sizes.

18. Steel Cubicle Corner Shelf is a charming piece of furniture.

18 corner shelf ideas

Add this adorable steel shelf to the nook of your office walls, fill it with a little air shrub or a coffee cup from your most recent trip, and you’ve got yourself an immediate improvement.

In a cubicle, all work space is restricted, therefore whenever you can get stuff off your desk, it makes for a wonderful cubicle day.

19. Elegant Hardwood Corner Shelf with Gradations

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Quality solid wood shelves which are simple to assemble. Do you happen to have a corner shelf idea you can do by yourself in mind, however you don’t want to be constrained by the size of all the shelves?

There is a way out! A set of three corner shelves in varying sizes might give the hovering shelf concept a unique design flair. 

20. Corner Shelf with a Sophisticated Ladder Design

81OADuhygQL. AC SL1500

When put together, it looks incredibly classy. This shelf unit has a big appeal with several design alternatives thanks to its wood grain appearance tiers and black metal frame.

Yes, it’s a factory. Yes, it’s contemporary. Yes, it’s rustic. This shelf component has five levels which can be put together in very little hour, making it ideal for a quick DIY project.

21. Shelves with a Sleek White Suspended Triangle Corner

21 corner shelf ideas

With the installation of these real triangular floating shelves, white walls may be turned sleek and contemporary. These shelves have a white composite surface that gives the appearance of a quality built-in design piece without the cost.

Consider buying two of these inexpensive shelves and stacking them together to take a basic DIY corner shelf concept to the next step in less than two hours. 

22. Warm Beech Wood Graduated Floating Wall Shelf

Sturdy beech-wood with a pleasant, natural wood treatment comes in a package of three graded sizes. These would be a nice complement to any sleek or contemporary decor with their classic circular curve at the front.

Since many of their decorations are vividly colored, light oak is always an excellent option for a child’s room. These would look great mounted to light wood cupboards for extra display area in a rustic kitchen. A pair of wall-mounted shelves for holding drinks or snacks is always welcome on a tiny patio.

23. Radial Triangular Corner Shelf in a Classic Style

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These white hovering shelves have a classic shape with a molding feature that would compliment any traditional or contemporary decor. For a DIY price, get a built-in personalized appearance. These are also available in two sizes and have a streamlined style without a molding element.

Customers were ecstatic with the ease with which the shelves could be installed and the excellent quality of the racks. These are ideal for organizing or displaying and come in a pair of two. With this gorgeous, traditional look, it’s difficult to go wrong.

24. Graduated Corner Shelf with a Refined and Striking Gold Frame

81UnFWUdteL. AC SL1500

Customers have repeatedly stated that they are hands down among the most unusual shelf styles in the industry. This shelf component has a gorgeous gold metal frame with a mild wood grain-style finish that would look great in any contemporary architecture.

Perhaps your balcony could need a bit more class, and the gold in such shelves would provide a touch of luxury. Imagine these racks for a spa-style bathroom or a she-sanctuary. Sleek and striking, with a pop of gold, they are ideal for the DIY enthusiast who seeks out the uncommon.

25. Rustic Wood and Metal 5-Tier Bookcase

61PDXrM1p L. AC SL1000

The curved-front tiers add a unique twist to a traditional corner bookshelf. These are handsome and macho, and would look great in any bachelor pad or boy’s room.

The combination of dark steel and wood grain overlay creates a rustic but urban atmosphere. For those who enjoy rustic industrial style, this is a good option.

Perfect as a bookshelf, plant exhibit, or personal photo gallery in a study or large room. The shelving piece would work well in a dark-colored room or as a juxtaposition piece in a lighter-colored room.

26. Modern Hovering Living Room Shelf

26 corner shelf ideas

These beautiful shelf designs are perfect for living spaces with empty corner space. It’s the perfect site for displaying various décor pieces and may also be used as a storage space for smaller objects. A shelf such as this may be used as both a storage system and a decorative element in the corner!

27. Night Shelf in a Corner

27 corner shelf ideas

Do you lack the space for a bedside table? You can construct a nice bookcase out of the area next to your bed! You don’t have to give up your bedside table if your bedroom has a small floor plan.

You’ll have more room for an alarm clock, books, and other nightstand needs if you mount this ingenious little shelf on the wall over your bed.

28. Shelves for the Bathroom that are Decorative

28 corner shelf ideas

This is a fantastic method to make the most of your bathroom’s available space. And in a variety of ways. The triangular shelves are ideal for storing toiletries in a tiny bathroom with limited storage.

This corner shelf design is ideal for bigger bathrooms, as it can be filled with a variety of plants and ornaments to create that desired spa-like retreat.

29. Idea for a Hallway Corner Shelf

29 corner shelf ideas

A bookcase is used in this corner shelf design to make excellent use of potentially problematic corridor space.

Convex corners aren’t frequently thought of when it comes to storage systems, but this surround shelving reveals they’re equally as adaptable as their concave counterparts. Keep wrap-around bookshelves in mind the next time you’re unhappy with a structural column.

30. Shelf for Corner Desk

30 corner shelf ideas

These corner shelves are a terrific way to create a functional workspace in even the tiniest of areas. You may install as many shelves as you will need to meet your storage needs, and recessed lighting can both symbolically and practically brighten your workplace day.

31. Ideas for Study Shelves

31 corner shelf ideas

Because most studies are tiny, a corner shelf such as this is an excellent way to maximize the available space!

These shelves, which are ideal for literature and décor objects, give depth and character to a room. Plants may help to enliven the space and add some much-needed freshness.

32. Corner Shelf Ideas Antique

32 corner shelf ideas

Corner shelves and ornamentation may be created by converting or even recycling antique furniture. You might sometimes locate antique pieces that were designed specifically for use in a room’s nook.

If not, upcycling antique ladders or other antique things not only adds interest to the decor of your space, but it’s also a cost-effective upcycle that frequently only takes a can of paint!

33. Shelf Ideas for a Loft

33 corner shelf ideas

There are a lot of corners and empty wall space in most lofts. A shelf such as this is a fantastic way to expand your storage space! In addition, corner shelves may provide aesthetic appeal to a room. So, although they’ll be utilitarian, they’ll also be attractive in and of themselves. This gorgeous corner décor is made out of a trendy wood shelf unit.

34. Shelf in the Kitchen Nook

34 corner shelf ideas

Is there a corner in your kitchen that has been a source of consternation? By installing a shelf like this, you can make better use of that area. Even though your kitchen may not have a designated nook, there’s probably a spot that might be better utilized.

35. Shelf made of wood blocks

35 corner shelf ideas

This is a simpler do-it-yourself project. These wooden blocks may be used to create a magnificent shelf with a feeling of mystery.

Simply make wooden blocks and arrange them on top of one another to make these kinds of corner shelves. This design is completely customizable and looks well in a modern setting. Simply add extra blocks if you ever need more space!


What do you display on corner shelves?

Corner shelves are multifunctional. It can be a decorative element to an otherwise empty space however, it can also serve as a storage space for things like books, photo frames, jewelries, and literally anything you want as long as your shelf is sturdy enough to hold it. 

Where do brackets go on a corner shelf?

A shelf bracket should be placed right on the base of a wall pillar. Each bracket should have one stud, thus bigger shelves will require many studs to be found.

What are corner shelves called?

A corner shelf is also known as a “corner unit” or “corner stand.”

What are the benefits of using a corner shelf?

There are several benefits to using a corner shelf. First, they utilize space that would otherwise go unused. Second, they provide additional storage space for books, movies, or other items. Third, they can add a decorative touch to a room. Finally, they are often less expensive than traditional shelving units.

How do I choose the right corner shelf?

When choosing a corner shelf, you’ll need to consider the size of your room and the amount of space you have to work with. You’ll also need to decide what type of shelf you want. There are several options to choose from, including wooden shelves, glass shelves, and wire shelves.

How do you attach shelves to a corner?

The process of attaching shelves to a corner will vary depending on the type of shelf you choose. With wooden shelves, for example, you may need to use brackets to attach them to the wall. With glass shelves, you may need to use suction cups or adhere them with silicone. With wire shelves, you may need to use tension wires to attach them to the wall.

What can I put in the corner of my living room?

The corner of your living room can be used for a variety of purposes. You could put a chair there to create a reading nook, or you could put a small table there to use as a desk. You could also put a plant or other decoration in the corner to add interest to the room.

What do you do with dead corner space?

If you have dead corner space in your room, you could use a corner shelf to fill it. This will not only make the space useful, but it will also add a decorative touch to the room. Alternatively, you could use a floor lamp or other piece of furniture to fill the space. You could even put a television in the corner to make use of the space.


Corner shelves and its design possibilities have no bounds with such a wide range of alternatives. These budget-friendly shelves are a terrific choice for a new homeowner looking for flair without spending a fortune. When it comes to designing a home, unique features and one-of-a-kind accents let the inside speak for the individuals who live there.

The way artifacts are exhibited and photo layouts make all the difference in a bland space in a brochure and one that has character and personality. Which item on this list is your personal favorite? Please let us know in the comments section below!