35+ Best Corner Garden Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

Last Updated on February 27, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

The majority of homeowners are only concerned with the inside of their homes. However, for a well-balanced house design, don’t forget about the outside. That’s why we’ve put together a list of fantastic corner garden design ideas. When it comes to landscaping, most people just think of plants and flowers. 

We recommend adopting a comprehensive strategy. Other items must be included like decorative trees, fountains, a pergola, or even a shed.

This list provides you plenty of enthusiasm, whether you’re looking for ways to spice up your garden or simply like to see some excellent examples of what’s feasible. Here are the best 35 corner gardens which will inspire you and get your imagination going.

35 Corner Garden Ideas

1. Tree with ornaments

1 corner garden ideas

Plan everything methodically if you really want a long-lasting nook garden décor. Before you make any preparations, get to know your surroundings. The little patio in this instance has a simple design. There’s also a cement retaining wall as well as a simple wooden seat. They give the outside space a contemporary feel.

Plants also add to the vibrancy and beauty of the sitting space. In the meanwhile, the towering decorative tree acts as a focal point. It will help soften the seating area where a couple of sharp lines intersect.

2. Fountain

2 corner garden ideas

When it comes to corner garden landscaping designs, don’t just think about grasses and blooms.

Other fantastic components to consider are water features, such as a lake or a fountain. A fountain may be seen in this home garden. Because the feature is small, it does not overpower the little outside space.

In addition, the unit will draw your visitors’ focus to the yard’s perimeter. In this backyard garden, also there is a modest yet inviting sitting area. The travertine pond complements the unpainted wood seats. Meanwhile, trees and tiny plants rapidly brighten the yard.

3. Planters

3 corner garden ideas

Searching for stunning photos of corner garden landscaping? If so, take ideas from this deck. Owing to organic colors and materials, it has a genuinely harmonious décor. They also help the place stand out.

A cozy mood is created by the red-toned hardwood deck. In fact, the tiny wood roof that covers it adds to the aesthetic attractiveness. Furthermore, the sitting space on the deck nook carves a cozy ambience effortlessly.

In addition, the box planters elegantly wrap around the deck corner. They provide shade as well as architectural value to the region. Additional privacy is provided by the plants and flowers in the box planters. They also add a splash of color and a nice scent to the yard.

4. A fire pit

4 corner garden ideas

You should use this as one of your corner garden landscaping options. The fire element here helps to maximize the possibilities of the often-overlooked garden corners.

Rather than a campfire in the center of the garden, create an external fireplace in one of its corners. It offers a welcoming atmosphere to space. In addition, the element fosters emotional connection.

Without even a doubt, the outside fireplace is an exceptional element, particularly throughout colder months. The backyard is alive with lush grass and flowers, whereas the stone pedestrian path inspires a feeling of mystery.

5. Asian-Inspired

5 corner garden ideas

As we mentioned before, corner garden ideas are not only about greenery. Remember that the fence, chairs, and pathway are all important elements of the landscape. Integrating an exterior wall into your garden is another possibility. The pavilion is tucked away in a nook of the Japanese-style back garden. Its basic design exudes serenity. 

This basic element also gives the outside space a more balanced appearance. Red splashes also brighten up the backyard. The gravels and stone walkway are really appealing. They mix in beautifully with the surroundings. Meanwhile, a wooden barrier keeps the place hidden from prying eyes of the neighbors.

6. Tree of Architecture

6 corner garden ideas

A towering tree stands in this border garden. Because of its sculptural design, it works well as a focus point for a garden space. In addition, this unit adds to the visual appeal of the outside environment. This is also among the most beautiful corner garden landscaping designs.

Every spring, the bright color of the grass will overrun the garden. Flowering plants, on the other hand, create beautiful groupings. Plants and grass both require a lot of upkeep and attention. Keep this in mind if you wish to plant them all around an artistic tree.

7. Wall Climbing

7 corner garden ideas

Every aspect of your landscape, including your backyard, is important. That is why you should not be scared to experiment with various forms, colors, and materials.

A fence post and a bouldering wall are present in this area. Your youngsters will like the hanging wall in the rear corner. Furthermore, the increased height decreases the risk of falling. 

A rubber pad is placed beneath it to protect the safety of the children. Colorful pebbles exude a positive energy. The backyard is made more private by a tall wooden fence.

It also serves as a useful climbing wall support. Meanwhile, the yard’s attractiveness is enhanced with tall trees plus white gravel.

8. Lanterns and Seating

8 corner garden ideas

Are you looking for innovative landscaping ideas for your corner yard? If that’s the case, give this one a shot. The backyard has lounging and seating places, as shown in the photo. They make a room more useful. The wooden canopy roof highlights the seating area. 

Furthermore, white paper lanterns suspended from the ceiling provide a warm environment at night. They also give the yard a festival feel.

Alternatively, you may use battery-operated string lights. In addition, we propose furnishing the outdoor living space with an area rug, pillows, and blankets. Under no time, these will establish a cozy environment.

9. A Body of Water

9 corner garden ideas

If you have a small or large backyard, this design will work for you. Building a pond is indeed a fantastic idea. This also aids in making the most out of the yard’s nooks and crannies.

If you just have a little amount of outside area, consider creating a tiny pond. It won’t overpower the backyard, which is already modest. 

This water element will also entice your visitors to the yard’s border. The pond with bamboo fence creates a zen-like ambience in the backyard. Trees, stone paths, and stones, meanwhile, take on an united appearance.

10. Cutting a Corner in the Yard Garden

10 corner garden ideas

When it comes to corner garden landscaping ideas, meticulous preparation is essential. Before making any changes to the environment, you should pay attention to every detail.

In this particular instance, the homeowner made wise decisions. He polished the garden’s corner. The sightlines are unquestionably improved as a result of this.

It also improves the relationship between neighboring environments and man-made work. Furthermore, owing to the basic deck design, the outside space has a unified aspect.

The cladding boards are easy but eye-catching. Well, this spot is great for kicking back and relaxing the jaw-dropping vistas.

11. Bench

11 corner garden ideas

In most cases, sunlight falls in specified locations. This may provide a useful hint. You’ll have no trouble locating the appropriate location for the outdoor seating area.

Just ensure your terrace doesn’t get too much sun. It’s a good idea to build a sitting place in a much more private location, such as a garden corner.

In your outside space, you may either build a built-in seat or incorporate a sectional sofa. The living room’s exterior will be defined by the furniture. The backyard is brightened by the vibrantly colored throw pillows upon that corner bench. Moreover, a fire pit is an excellent addition, especially on chilly fall days.

12. Lights

12 corner garden ideas

A basic design may sometimes be far more remarkable than a sophisticated one. Take inspiration from this style if you’re a minimalist. This is without a doubt among the most effective corner garden landscaping designs.

Since harsh edges and rough lines rule the outdoor area, plant an attractive tree in the garden corner to relax the atmosphere. Then, in the evening, turn it on. Nighttime drama may be created by highlighting its sculptural shape.

Plants lend vitality to the garden, but the fence post keeps watchful eyes out. Furthermore, stones and gravel create a sense of cohesion.

13. Trellis

13 corner garden ideas

Looking for front garden corner gardening ideas? If yes, then implement this design. A wooden trellis may be found on this deck. The complete privacy from curious neighbors is provided by this vertical garden construction.

On your trellis, we recommend Sweet potato, chilean jasmine, vines, and wisteria. The lifetime of these ascending plants is usually fairly long.

The true beauty of the sitting area is enhanced by the wooden seat and flowers. Meanwhile, the deck canopy shields you and your guests from the hot sun. An outdoor space rug adds aesthetic appeal to the outdoor living space.

14. Various Materials

14 corner garden ideas

When it comes to corner yard gardening ideas, don’t be afraid to vary things up. A concrete foundation wall and a wood seat are featured in this backyard. They blend in wonderfully with the geometric landscaping. The decorative grasses are just stunning.

They have a huge influence despite their modest size. The fragments stand out against the light-toned gravel.

Furthermore, the plants and flowers add vibrant bursts of color to the backyard garden. Stone paths give the garden a contemporary feel. Your unfortunate neighbors won’t be able to snoop through the wooden fence. It also complements the yard’s other basic features.

15. Sculpture

15 corner garden ideas

A sculpture may be used to create a stunning composition. In this example, the backyard’s sculptural central focus is a massive clay pot. It immediately draws the eye to the corner.

Furthermore, the large clay jar is well surrounded by the border garden. The greenery and beautiful flowers add to the allure of this backyard oasis.

They do, however, need a great deal of attention. This white picket fence creates a neat appearance. It also contrasts nicely with thriving plants and flowers.

16. Planting Beds with Different Levels

16 corner garden ideas

Are you looking for sensible landscaping solutions for your corner garden? Take a chance on this garden design. The stacked stone gardening beds here are a lovely addition to the yard.

They make the most of their innate attractiveness. In addition, rock garden beds are decorative. On the top tier, there are small bushes, and on the bottom, there are flowers.

17. Rock Waterfall

17 corner garden ideas

As you can see, the waterfall comprises river rocks and boulders. It comes to a lovely finale in the tiny pond. The item not only is a beautiful addition towards the nook garden, but it also provides a peaceful atmosphere.

Furthermore, the garden waterfall is set against a beautiful backdrop of stone and timber fences. The water element is completed by a little statue and wood decorating. Grass and flowers, on the other hand, exude a sense of peace.

18. Oasis of Succulents and Cacti

18 corner garden ideas

For a corner garden, succulents and cactus oasis might be a great choice. They may give your landscape a more rugged and thorny feel than more typical plants.

It’s simple to pick the proper succulent. You can learn more about how to cultivate succulents by following this advice.

19. Climbers provide a safe haven.

19 corner garden ideas

We generally wish to feel most private in the area where we socialize outside. An arbor bends over the canopy of the eating area in the garden.

Party guests would not only sense out of sight as climbing plants are grown up the structure, but they will also be protected from the sun and maybe even rain if the vines grow rapidly.

20. Make hidden passageways.

20 corner garden ideas

As this magnificent arbor demonstrates, leafy canopies aren’t simply for protecting eating areas. This design has the ability to offer a sense of privacy beyond the space directly beneath the arbor itself, based on the scale of the garden as well as how thick your groomed plants are.

Even in a relatively small area, the notion of creating discrete zones and hidden entrances is a paradoxical tactic many designers utilize to increase a sense of depth.

21. Take a seat in a nook.

21 corner garden ideas

This banquette lounge area in a London garden’s walled nook is well situated for solitude.

Tall trees in the center of the frame at left help to conceal this hidden lunch spot. Observe how the plants (albeit still fresh and little) reach right up to the dining space: While extending the hardscape would have been a more apparent choice, encircling the eating nook in greenery serves to heighten the impression of engagement in nature.

22. Let your imagination go wild.

22 corner garden ideas

Tall trees, shrubs, and structures obstruct views into the garden, but secluded locations aren’t always like that. This little plot is overflowing with low-growing bushes, giving it a welcoming atmosphere. A small wooden archway and the almost-buried seat at the end contribute to the secret-garden vibe.

The takeaway: In a natural, cottage-style landscape, pack ’em in and minimize too organized plants for a feeling of solitude.

23. Allow bamboo to grow to its full height.

23 corner garden ideas

Bamboo may be a wonderful option to construct a feature wall for the garden if you like it. It spreads quickly, so even if larger plants are more expensive, they’ll quickly multiply and provide adequate covering, growing high and densely.

Just like with mint, pay attention to where you plant it because it has a tendency to take over some plants. You can use stand-alone pots, or you can use clumping bamboo instead of the invasive flowing bamboo.

24. Blocks of Cinder

24 corner garden ideas

If you have any corner area in your yard, this is a great idea. It is both cost-effective and simple to implement. All you’ll want is some concrete blocks as well as a hammer to make your garden expand. 

Consider utilizing bricks rather than cinder blocks should you want a more aesthetically pleasing result. This assortment of cinder block elevated beds can provide you with many ideas.

25. Idea for a Corner Garden in the Boho Style

26 corner garden ideas

Flowers, lighting, and other decorative things in the Bohemian theme would be included in this garden layout plan.

For an ecological or hippy atmosphere, the boho design is connected with tribal designs weaved into their apparel. It has a laid-back vibe that is both calming and comfortable.

26. Idea for a Vertical Garden

25 corner garden ideas 1

Individuals who don’t have a lot of room in their backyard can consider a vertical garden. Your garden’s ambiance will be established by a deck railing and a comfortable sitting area. This space-saving nook garden concept will look great, particularly if you mix in some of your own favorites.

27. Flower Garden Boxes that Float

27 corner garden ideas

This corner garden design is an illustration of how you may make use of empty space within your garden. A dangling box is an excellent choice for a little corner garden. It may be used to obtain fruits and vegetables as well as flowers.

28. Use your imagination when it comes to gallery walls.

28 corner garden ideas

Adding extra vegetation to your backyard by creating a corner garden featuring a gallery wall is a great idea. It will assist you in having anything fascinating and unique in your outside space.

Have fun, let your imagination run wild, and enjoy an experience that will reward you with a beautiful garden corner.

29. Pond

29 corner garden ideas

This is a fantastic approach to make use of the area, which will provide an aspect with which people can engage. The bamboo fence adds an Eastern vibe to the garden, while water plants serve to embellish it. Other plants, stone paths, and boulders help to bring the setting together.

30. Lanterns

30 corner garden ideas

People who prefer cultural and pleasant outdoor landscaping will love the corner garden sitting with lamps. The pergola canopy adds a sense of coziness to the yard, whereas the white paper lights overhead provide ambiance at night. It also gives the yard a festival-like air. String lights can also be used in the area.

31. Pop Style

31 corner garden ideas

Benches may be used as a method to add hue and serve as a central focus in corner gardens. Furthermore, the seat gives a pleasant area to relax and view their yard, or it may be utilized as a resting point when walking about the neighborhood.

Introducing a pop-style seat to the corner garden is another excellent way to build it exceptionally and stylishly.

32. Plants for Privacy

32 corner garden ideas

Plants may be used for a variety of purposes. Do you want to keep places distinct but don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of erecting a fence? Instead, add some plants! Shrubs and thick trees are excellent choices, but don’t be scared to get inventive. “Privacy plants” are mostly not attractive, and they’re also useful!

33. Purple Accents

33 corner garden ideas

Flowers are not the only thing that can brighten up a garden! Purple is a popular leaf color that complements the usual green. You can make a stunning and simple backyard quick escape by incorporating purple tones with vegetation and flowers.

34. Boost the Vibrance

34 corner garden ideas

Add a statue to your yard to bring it to life. This artwork not only adds interest to the landscape, but it also gives it a beautiful life and exciting energy. Carvings may be whatever you like, such as an angel, a frog, a pagoda, or even a dragon, depending on your demands. There are no limits to what you can do!

35. Utilize your imagination.

35 corner garden ideas

Add a work of art to the garden to make it as distinctive as you are. Add your own personal touch to your garden, whether it’s a bright furniture you colored yourself, a handcrafted sculpture, or a concrete walkway.


What can you do with garden corners?

Garden corners are a functional space you can utilize and enjoy for a variety of choices. You can make your own she-shed; a sanctuary you can call your safe haven, or you can opt for a cozy nook where you can put blankets and throw pillows for a nice afternoon nap or book reading. There are tons of use to it if you let your imagination run wild!

What can I put in my backyard corner?

There are many things you can put in your backyard corner, depending on the look and feel you are going for. A water feature, such as a fountain or pond, can be a beautiful addition to any backyard corner.

If you want to add some color, consider planting flowers or shrubs in the corner. You could also install a bench or other seating area to create a cozy spot to relax in. Whatever you decide to do, make sure the corner is designed to fit your needs and aesthetic preferences.

What can I do with dark corners in my garden?

There are a few things you can do to brighten up a dark corner in your garden. One option is to add a small light fixture, such as a solar lantern, to the area. You could also install a cheerful statue or other decorative item.

If you have room, you could plant some flowers or shrubs in the corner to bring life to the space. No matter what you choose, make sure the dark corner is brought into the light!


Gardening in a corner is a popular alternative for a limited area, particularly for those people who don’t have enough land to work with. We feel that this back-to-nature aesthetic works well in metropolitan locations with limited space. This garden nook is not only a place to relax outside, but also a hideaway where you can’t resist curling up the whole day.