35+ Best Bathroom Rug Ideas and Designs (Photos)

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Bathrooms are frequently overlooked when it comes to design. Some of us spend a lot of time in the bathroom, then why not make it a pleasant place to be?

Your bathroom must feel like a sanctuary for you, packed with all of your favorite things. It creates an environment conducive to self-care and, in the event of a secondary bathroom, helps your visitors feel at ease.

The appropriate bathroom rug ideas make your intimate area much more fun, whether you’re getting prepared for an evening out or spending a night relaxing in the tub.

To make it much easier for you to pick, this article will highlight some of everyone’s all-time favorite large and small bathroom rug designs here.

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beautiful bathroom rug ideas designs

35 Best Bathroom Rug Ideas and Designs

1. Farmhouse Bathroom

1 bathroom rug ideas

If you prefer farmhouse style, you’ll probably like a natural and relaxed atmosphere with clean lines and well-loved (seasoned) materials. You’ll want to combine new and old in a farmhouse bathroom.

A vintage-style rug in front of the sink or tub may provide comfort and security. Over wood flooring, try a basic flat woven patterned rug in black and white. To avoid slippage, use a rug pad.

2. Elegance in Transition

2 bathroom rug ideas
Source: Houzz
2 bathroom rug ideas 1

Traditional design components are combined with modern style in the transitional style. Sleek straight lines are mixed with soft curved textures in your transitional bathroom.

A rug is an excellent way to bring your transitional room together. A circular or oval rug will provide softness to a sleek lacquered vanity. A plush rectangular jacquard rug softens the strong macho tiling.

3. Elegant and posh

3 bathroom rug ideas

If your house is all about glittery luxury, your bathroom should reflect that. A neutral color palette is combined with sculptural forms and dramatic accents in the glam style.

Start with a moderate color scheme and then add a vanity feature or pedestal sink with sculpted lines and metallic trim for a ‘Old Hollywood’ atmosphere.

Finally, add thick, plush towels and rugs in classical or geometric designs to complete the look. A thick pile rug made of wool or synthetic fabrics feels luxurious and is water resistant.

4. Double Vanity 

4 bathroom rug ideas

Double vanities expand the bathroom’s area, allowing for two people to use it. A lovely antique runner is positioned between two vanities, providing a nice landing spot for your feet while yet showing the tile in your bathroom.

To avoid overwhelming the floor, conventional bathroom rug sizes are often smaller. These smaller sizes are also easy to clean on a regular basis, ensuring a tidy and pleasant environment in your bathroom.

5. Rug with a bohemian style

Color harmony between the rug and bath curtain creates a unified and pleasant aesthetic in this contemporary boho bathroom. A small layout does not make bathroom rug decoration harder; it just necessitates the use of a runner rather than a bigger rug. 

The runner here serves to lengthen the area without making it seem claustrophobic. The embellishments complete the bohemian aesthetic by continuing the color harmonization.

6. Heirloom Accent

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This printed rug has an eye-catching heritage design printed on a soft and comfortable surface that can withstand daily usage in the bathroom.

The auburn color scheme of the rug complements the olive cabinetry, connecting the design together and adding warmth to the space. 

If you have colored bathroom cabinets (that you can’t paint over), use a patterned rug as the main point to help divide the emphasis.

7. Floral Appeal

7 bathroom rug ideas

With its flowery curtains, a trendy bathtub, and a patterned stool, this bathroom screams for an eye-catching rug. And the vintage-styled mat is ideal for the occasion.

It draws attention to the pink in the flowery curtain while also contrasting with the black cabinetry. If you prefer floral patterns, match them with classic medallion rugs such as this to finish your ensemble.

8. Experimenting with prints

8 bathroom rug ideas

Prints, patterns, and contrast are used to great effect in this bathroom. The runner with the tribal design is attractive and stylish, and it balances the half-painted walls.

Consider a realistic tribal pattern in neutral hues if you’re searching for bathroom rug ideas to combine with exciting paint or stunning wall designs like the ones featured here. 

Remember that your tones don’t have to be identical to work well together.

9. Texture reminiscent of a spa

9 bathroom rug ideas

After stepping out of the bath or shower, there’s something magical about wrapping your toes into a fresh, textured surface. It has the ability to make you feel as if you’ve landed at your own special spa, and it’s great for assisting moisture evaporation. 

It’ll also be simple to clean and water resistant because it’s a Chilewich mat. This type of mat also adds texture to your design, making your bathroom look neat and presentable.

10. Stripes that are soothing

10 bathroom rug ideas

A rug is more than a design decision when it comes to decorating a main bathroom with a tub. This can mean getting into or out of the tub easier by providing a non-slip surface for wet feet. Another Chilewich mat may be found here, this one in relaxing blue stripes. 

The vinyl strands used to make Chilewich mats are recognized for their ability to endure wetness, usage, and maintenance.

11. Blues that are cool

11 bathroom rug ideas
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One of the most prominent bathroom hues is blue. It’s also understandable, given its associations with water, tranquility, and leisure vibes. The impact of a blue circular or oblong rug in the bathroom may be seen here.

Bathroom floor rugs with curved corners provide the impression of more space while also adding a softer touch. You’ll get enhanced sturdiness and easier cleaning with plaited bathroom rug fabrication, which is common in cottage rugs, that is a must for this area.

12. Chilled grey

12 bathroom rug ideas

Another relaxing rug color we like to see in bathroom mat designs is grey. The thin grey stripes in this gorgeous bathroom compliment the marbled grey everywhere, giving it a soothing feel.

And, because it’s a Chilewich mat, it’ll be simple to clean, humidity resistant, and long-lasting…ideal for a main or guest bathroom.

13. Remove the cork from the bottle.

13 bathroom rug ideas
Source: Sustain My Craft Habit

Let’s start with a substance that conjures up images of happy hour rather than modern bathroom: cork.

Cork not only gives a space a rustic appearance, but it also offers a cushion for your toes. Cork is a recyclable option, which appeals to both artists and homeowners. Even bottle corks may be used to construct a mat.

You may even take cork a step farther and use it as the entire or portion of the floor’s flooring. But first, get your room’s moisture levels checked by a flooring specialist.

To guarantee that the cork is a long-lasting alternative, proper sealing and positioning will be required.

14. Experiment with patterns.

14 bathroom rug ideas
Source: Yarn Inspirations

A vibrant rug, like any other part of the house, looks best when the remainder of the decor is neutral or basic. The pattern’s size or color scheme may be the source of aggressiveness.

In terms of size, you should want a patterned rug with a design that is big enough to notice from the space’s entry while yet having intriguing detail up close.

If you’re undecided about which shade of rug to choose, take inspiration from other bathroom accessories. Take shade cues from the rug to pick fixture finishes and decorations if you’ve fallen in love with that first.

Still looking for a bright pattern but can’t decide which one to go with? Monochrome patterns, according to some designers, are like blue jeans in that they go with everything.

15. Take a walk in the woods.

15 bathroom rug ideas
81H 5be tEL. AC SL1500

Instead of using cloth, go for a more natural aesthetic for your bathroom floor. It’s a popular misconception that timber and water don’t mix, however this isn’t true when done correctly.

Why not utilize wood as the shower rug or in some other bathroom area, where it is continuously fluctuating between wet and dry, as it does on docks and decks?

Choose a bath mat that is completed and closed, and wipe away any excess water that gathers beneath the mat on a regular basis. Rugged, farmhouse, and Nordic design themes all benefit from wooden bath mats. It’s as simple as placing down a cotton bath mat to make the environment feel more organic and cozy.

If you’re going to mix materials in a narrow area like this, go with a lighter dominant wood and a darker feature as an accent.

16. Faux fur is a good option.

16 bathroom rug ideas

In a bathroom, faux fur and skins give elegance and warmth. Choose a rug with a single color or a striking animal print. While you should choose a rug that complements the decor of the area, many faux fur and hide rugs are adaptable.

Animal patterns are a safe method to mix and match because they are typically timbre, black and white, or monochromatic. Faux fur and skins have been seen in a variety of rustic and glamorous bathrooms, but they may be used in nearly any design style.

Bathroom rugs may be changed seasonally because they are not permanent. In the wintertime, use faux fur and skins, then replace them with lighter, livelier carpets in the spring and summer.

17. Go for a runner.

91+jTv+AWCL. AC SL1500

A rug runner can be used to form a pathway or to cover a long, narrow floor surface. Runners are commonly seen in corridors, but they may also be a great touch to a bathroom. These cover the floor without making it appear like it’s carpeted from head to toe.

Select a width that is appropriate for your space. In a high-traffic location, it is better to have both feet fall inside the rug’s edge for both comfort and safety. You must also examine the substance of the rug in addition to its dimensions, shade, and design.

Wool rugs are the greatest since they are simple to wash and, because they are made of organic materials, they appear better and feel better underfoot.

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18. Combine bright hues with classic woods.

17 bathroom rug ideas

Create a bohemian-meets-classic bathroom with light wood cabinets and a charming, vibrant runner as the perfect final touch.

If your bathroom has wood cabinetry as well as other wood decorations, a multicolored rug is one bathroom rug design that is sure to add personality, not to mention the two components look great together.

19. Cotton

18 bathroom rug ideas

Cotton is a widely used fabric in many home goods. It’s a very absorbent textile that dries fast in most conditions. Cotton is among the softest options for bathroom rugs, and it’s also one of the simplest to clean.

Egyptian cotton is another choice along the same lines. It has the same basic properties as regular cotton, but it is somewhat more absorbent and considerably softer.

Most cotton rugs may be washed in a regular machine washing process, depending on the texture and style of the fabric, ensuring that the freshness of your bathroom is easily maintained.

20. Microfiber

61ZE8mHY8zL. AC SL1000

As a synthetic replacement for many textiles, materials made of microfiber are becoming more popular. Microfiber materials absorb moisture, dry rapidly, are less likely to slide, and are typically built to endure.

This material may be one of the softest possibilities for a bathroom rug, relying on the design it is manufactured into (e.g. plain versus fluffy).

Microfiber is made to keep your floor nice and clean. It’s also easy to wash, so you won’t have to complicate your cleaning schedule just for the sake of one bathroom rug.

One disadvantage of microfiber is that certain synthetic qualities might induce skin allergies or moderate discomfort in persons with sensitive skin; nevertheless, hypoallergenic microfiber is available.

21. Bath mats made from natural materials

20 bathroom rug ideas

Organic bath mats, as well as the aforementioned wooden, platform-style mats made mostly of bamboo, are becoming increasingly popular. Other textiles are made with the intention of being ecologically and socially conscious, and they are thoroughly examined for any dangerous elements.

There are various possibilities for eco-friendly toilet rugs, notably by looking at the fabric’s manufacturing process.

Materials production can be classified as green in any way, although some processes, like ring-spun cotton, are especially eco-friendly. The environmental friendliness of a rug’s manufacture will be stated in the product description.

22. Create a classic and clean look.

21 bathroom rug ideas
21 bathroom rug ideas 1

Isn’t it true that a bathroom should be elegant, neat, and polished? Purchase a basic, yet inviting rug to set in front of your bathroom and provide some much-needed warmth to a tile floor to create that streamlined effect.

A white bath mat with dark tassel fringe complements the honeycomb tiling and marble features in this bathroom.

23. Embrace an old rug that has been well-loved.

22 bathroom rug ideas 1

On Instagram, there are a slew of bathrooms with one thing in common: an antique rug, ideally in a kilim design.

There’s simply something about vintage that makes a bathroom appear wonderfully unique, and this vintage-inspired bathroom is no exception. Show off a one-of-a-kind treasure that no one else can have. 

Consider how your visitors will be astounded by your rug’s pure originality and traditional appearance.

24. Match the colors in your bathroom.

23 bathroom rug ideas 1

You can connect all of your bathroom décor together with the appropriate bathroom rug concept. If you want to draw attention to a certain color, for example, make sure your carpeting reflects that hue.

A black-and-white rug in this iconic and industrial interior echoes the trough sink, pendant lighting, and tile backsplash with black grout.

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25. Consider the size of the project.

24 bathroom rug ideas 1

A rug should always complement the scale of the area, regardless of how big or little your bathroom is. In a large bath, for example, you might be able to lay down an area rug.

If you have a small bathroom, though, choose something that won’t overpower it. In this bathroom, a little, one-of-a-kind rug delivers a stylistic punch and appears to be the right scale.

26. Choose a rug that complements the wallpaper.

25 bathroom rug ideas 1

Wallpaper has a unique ability to change a place swiftly and painlessly. A rug that mirrors the style of a wallpaper may also add to the visual appeal of a bathroom.

Select a rug with comparable colors or an identical print to your wall treatment to create a mix and match pattern. The ultimate product will be a very unique area that you can call your own.

27. Be unique.

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The second bathroom rug has a more unusual pattern. Having a good time in the restroom is a terrific way to maintain your floors clean and your visitors’ eyes open.

Using a shape of a fruit or maybe even a bawdy rug in your restroom is trendy and sure to draw attention.

28. Matching

28 bathroom rug ideas 1
71J 7gWdpqL. AC SL1034

Matching your rugs is another great rug concept for your bathroom. A modern and clean method to design your bathroom is to use two carpets with the similar size and style.

Even choosing colorful carpets that look identical is a terrific way to keep your area looking stylish and coherent.

29. Cushioned

A1PaGriCpML. AC SL1500

The other amazing bathroom rug idea is a velvety, cushioned alternative that will make you feel at ease. This concept of a beautiful moment is coming outside of the bathtub or shower into a fog.

This rug pattern is really quite amazing and something you can find in a variety of styles ranging from plain to very artistic.

30. Woven

29 bathroom rug ideas 1

A braided rug pattern is the next item on this list. With regards to woven or handcrafted rugs, there is something lovely and inviting about them.

Using this technique to design the floor of a bathroom might be a more artistic and distinctive method to do it.

31. Blossom

31 bathroom rug ideas 1

A flowery bathroom rug is a popular choice for brightening up your decor. People  can’t help but grin when they encounter flowers probably due to its elegance and casual flair.

Using a bath rug that’s flowery in conjunction with a matched towel or even curtains is a wonderfully attractive way to brighten up your area.

32. Eccentric

51KascdKBdL. AC

Why don’t you try something a bit different with the rug in your bathroom? This sunny side up egg bath rug is unusual and amusing, and it will definitely be the talk of everyone. Don’t be afraid to incorporate interesting features like these inside your own bathroom.

33. Round

33 bathroom rug ideas 1

Try a circular rug type for another wonderful rug for the bathroom style concept. Circular bath rugs are really the hype and can be moved or placed somewhere else throughout your entire bathroom wherever it’s necessary.

Designers  strongly recommend these rug types, which come in a variety of unique patterns and textures.

34. Striped

34 bathroom rug ideas 1

Going for a striped bathroom rug is another fantastic and classic choice. Stripes have always been a popular choice in home decor, and they’ll offer several patterns and vibrancy to your area.

This sort of carpeting works well in bathrooms with a minimalist or seaside theme.

35. Animal print

35 bathroom rug ideas 1

Because of its adaptability, animal print is one of the most popular choices for decorating the bathroom and carpets. Prints of an animal can definitely be laid-back or opulent, and you’ll like a hint of both here. Which is why this one is dedicated to all of our truly amazing creatures!


What kind of rug should I put in my bathroom?

Bathroom carpets should be simple to clean as well. Bathroom carpets made of cotton and Egyptian cotton are excellent. Cotton is a long-lasting and easy-to-clean fabric. It has a pleasant sensation underfoot and dries rapidly, preventing mildew.

What can I use instead of a bath mat?

Using an anti-slip bath mat for your bath or shower is a less expensive solution. They’re usually made of rubber and include suction cups on the base to assist you hold the shower or bath floor and avoid slipping.

Should you put a rug around the toilet?

Bath mats are known to harbor mold and mildew, while toilet mats can collect urine and excrement particles. In the bathroom, you take care of your personal hygiene.  You should clean your bath mats on a regular basis if you want to maintain your bathroom clean and antiseptic.


The rug is an essential bathroom necessity that you should not overlook, and the one you select will be determined by your requirements. The major reason for using rugs in the bathroom is due to the chilly and slick bathroom flooring. 

So, if you do not want to feel uneasy in your own home, a piece like this should absolutely be considered. Warm and dry feet are guaranteed. What’s more crucial, though, is that they’ll keep you from slipping.

There are so many various kinds of designs in all colors, and the patterns are only limited by the inventiveness of the manufacturers. As a result, you won’t have any trouble selecting a bathroom rug. Aside from their utility, they provide a stunning effect in your bathroom and will completely transform its appearance.