35+ Best Rose Garden Ideas and Designs (Photos)

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Rose gardens have traditionally been associated with romance and refinement. The rose is a mainstay of the English garden, loved for its big flowers and wonderful smell, and little plants can match its adaptability. 

There is a rose for practically any situation, available as ramblers, climbers, shrubs, bushes, and ground covering roses in a range of colors, perfumes, and repeat blooming or single flowers, and in a range of colors, scents, and recurrent flowering or solitary blooms.

You don’t need a conventional rose garden to enjoy the elegance of roses; there are many ways to incorporate them into your yard, from cascading over a trellis to planting them in containers on the terrace.

We’ve compiled a list of rose garden solutions to make you incorporate them into your outdoor environment.

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35 Rose Garden Ideas and Designs

1. Roses in a container

1 rose garden ideas

Roses in a pot garden are a simple, attractive way to start. This could also be a wonderful option for those who reside in a region that isn’t conducive to roses all year. When the weather becomes poor, you can always put your container plants indoors or into a greenhouse.

Another advantage of pot roses is that they may be moved around to get the optimal lighting.

2. Arbors and arches

2 rose garden ideas

Arbors and arches are lovely, timeless, and simple to create with roses. The landscaping appearance is greatest when the archway has a goal, so arrange them around entrances to walkways or connecting sections of the garden.

For this one, all you have to do is plant climbers on both sides of the arch. A single plant will not grow into adults or over the opposite side, but will connect in the center, forming one large, long piece. The stems may be twined and tied around your archway or arbor.

3. Rose-colored walls

3 rose garden ideas

If you want to make a rose fence, there are a few different approaches you may use. When you exhibit your blossoms in a vertical structure, the landscape takes on a whole new aspect and feel.

You may create the wall across from your home, or have it cascade down a fence or even a shed or building’s wall. In the garden, walls offer structure, however they aren’t always appealing, so this is a solution.

4. Overlooking the dining area is a rose garden.

4 rose garden ideas

Roses are an excellent flower to cultivate near a dining area since they blossom frequently and have lovely aromas. For a lovely garden hideaway, train a sprawling rose, like David Austin Roses’ Phyllis Bide variety, throughout an arch over a seating. 

Phyllis Bide is a perennial flowerer with a mild, pleasant perfume and sprays of petite, pale apricot-pink blooms that give the garden a romantic atmosphere all summer.

5. With a Pergola, You Can Help a Rose

5 rose garden ideas

The most traditional way to show and maintain a growing rose such as this ‘William Baffin’ example, which will bloom again after a big bloom in late June, is with a rose arbor.

Use a pergola or an arbor in the garden like a particular place to rest and think on your garden, or use it to highlight an entry, either solo or over a gate, if you don’t have seating. In any case, use string, polymer ties, or light insulated wire to fasten the canes to the framework.

6. Climbing Rose on a Garden Shed

6 rose garden ideas

Aside from the gorgeous “she-sheds,” a garden shed isn’t often the most attractive component in the landscape. We may inherit a run-down structure that has been in better shape, or we may be unable to purchase a structure that is both attractive and functional.

You may add immediate beauty, patina, as well as a sense of intrigue to an otherwise plain lawn mower storage box by training a rose to scramble up the walls of your garden shed (using pegs or other accessories to maintain the rose canes).

7. Balcony of Roses

7 rose garden ideas

Only the tiniest footprint is necessary to cultivate a flourishing climbing rose on a second-story terrace. Dig a hole with a radius of at least a couple of feet and a depth of at least 18 inches, then fill it with compost plus leaf mold. Pick a robust growing rose that will aim for the peak of your balcony with zeal.

Some arbor roses can grow to a height of 40 ft. or more, so check the full height specifications on the growth tag. ‘Snow Goose’ as well as the light yellow ‘Malvern Hills’ are two rambler roses that bloom regularly.

8. Rose is scaling a tree.

8 rose garden ideas

Climbing roses and older trees may coexist in the garden if well designed. A rising rose should be supported by a tree with a thin or high canopy which enables plenty of sunlight to reach the stump where the bloom will thrive.

Choose a sprawling rose with a strong scent that will shine out against a huge tree. Support canes using netting, clips, or string.

Each autumn, remove old and brittle stems to the ground, retaining six or seven among the most prolific canes for the following year to retain vitality and preserve the rambler flowering abundantly.

9. How to Train a Rose to Grow on a Fence

9 rose garden ideas

You can attach the canes onto segments of the wall in a fan configuration when teaching a rose upon a wall. Vertically ascending canes will blossom at the peak of the canes then remain naked at the bottom, ensuring layers of blossoms.

Opt for  a climber featuring plenty of supple stems, such as the ‘Paul’s Scarlet’ rose in this shot, for the simplest training.

10. Make a rose festoon for an elegant look

10 rose garden ideas

A rose festoon is similar to a live garland in appearance. A festoon is a pergola-like structure with a couple of posts and a structure in the middle. A chain, rope, or heavy-duty wire can be used as a support. 

The concept is that the framework isn’t permanent, but rather hangs in a ribbon-like curvature. The result is extremely elegant, and it would work as well in a farmhouse or formal garden.

11. A Rose Can Soften a Gazebo

11 rose garden ideas

The cost of putting up a pavilion in the garden is significant. A gardener could use a dangling rose to lighten an architecture that occupies the environment rather than create a gazebo specifically for the goal of holding a climbing rose.

A huge climber, such as the fuchsia ‘Alexandre Girault,’ will convert a drab shelter into a welcoming hideaway.

12. Decorate a Lamp Post with a Rose

12 rose garden ideas

A garden light standing rigidly in the middle of the garden might appear out of context, but all it takes is a creeping rose to let this post fit in. Take into account the rose’s full height, as you wouldn’t want the sunlight to be devoured by the blossoms.

The beautiful orange ‘Warm Welcome,’ around ten feet in height, or the vibrant scarlet blossoms of ‘Dizzy Heights,’ are both accessible lamp post climbers. Arrange the canes in a swirly pattern up the pole, then knot loosely for stability.

13. On a Trellis, Grow a Rose

13 rose garden ideas

A rose-covered pergola in your yard may be used as a barrier for an outdoor area or as an independent structure. Finding an appropriate rose complement for the strength and size of your structure can be a difficulty for certain trellises. 

Many climbing roses reach a height of at least eight ft., and therefore don’t want to have to prune the flowering areas of your canes to retain the plant in check.

14. Train a Rose to stay on a Wall

14 rose garden ideas

A rose grown against a wall offers the appearance of an espaliered shrub, but much more quickly and easily. Your roses must not be planted into north-facing walls since they adore the sun. On the other hand, a sun-warmed south or east facing wall may produce more blossoms than a free-standing building.

The wind shelter provided by a wall will help your climbing rose. To allow mildew-reducing air circulation, attach canes to the wall at least an inch apart.

15. Budget-friendly rose garden ideas

15 rose garden ideas

Who says rose gardens are reserved for those who have a lot of land surrounding their house? The elegance of such a rose garden concept, a rose garden layout for tiny gardens, has no bounds; you may even cultivate one on your condo’s rooftop or balcony.

It’s ideal for creating a calm and rejuvenating environment in the midst of the hustle and bustle of city life. The roses may be planted within the pots and arranged to create a lovely balcony garden.

16. Colorful

16 rose garden ideas

Roses are popular as garden plants because of their broad spectrum of shades and sizes. Blending all of them could result in a vibrant rose garden that, once blooming, will transform your yard into a gorgeous fantasy that no one would ever be able to look away from. 

Fill in the spaces among your rose shrubs with other blooming plants and some few annuals to give the garden seem more coherent.

17. Roses in a cottage garden

17 rose garden ideas

An English-inspired farmhouse roses garden designs may be created if you like a non-formal as well as organic appearing garden.

A cottage yard is typically made up of a variety of vegetables, flowers, and herbs, and it was originally proven to occur in England even during Elizabethan period. Cottage gardens have been redesigned several times throughout the years.

Roses, on the other hand, are always on the list of varieties that must be included. A cottage garden may be created in any size front yard—a little yard can create a beautiful and coherent cottage rose garden, while a bigger yard will allow you to incorporate more flowers and plants into the mix.

18. Roses that are monsters

18 rose garden ideas

Imagine being able to smell roses blooming every time you enter your home. If the concept appeals to you, it’s time to start growing hanging roses on your walls. Rose-covered walls will not only provide you with aesthetically beautiful scenery, but they will also transform the landscape.

You may choose from a variety of rose varieties to cover the front or back of your home. You may also cultivate them in the backyard, which would make an excellent décor for your next barbeque gathering. The possibilities range between Danse De Feu, a kind of rose that blooms in clusters, to other roses.

19. Roses in a formal garden

19 rose garden ideas

Bring the splendor of Versailles to your own backyard. If you have a lot of room from your front garden, you may as well go all out when it involves developing the garden you’ve always wanted.

Rose bushes planted alongside hedges as frames can be used to decorate your home’s doorway. This type of rose garden design will certainly add to the luxurious feel of your home.

20. Rose garden in the backyard

20 rose garden ideas

Is hosting an outdoor dinner party one of your personal favorites to do over the scorching summer and freezing fall evenings? If you answered yes, you should freshen up your yard to wow your visitors.

Rose shrubs are fantastic to beautify your backyard garden, even though they are ideal for front yard gardens. The scent of the flower has become another motivation to start cultivating it.

21. Patio with roses

21 rose garden ideas

Get this lovely outdoor eating area, such as this in Santa Barbara, which will help you feel like you’re inside one of those romance movies. Because of their beauty and hues, roses are a sentimental emblem. To adorn your patio, cultivate rose shrubs on a trellis, and the Alchymist is the variety that would work best.

The powerful fragrance will complement the setup of your intimate outdoor meal with your dear ones, not only because it is a pure climber. To get the most out of your garden and patio, you’ll need pleasant patio furniture that blends in with the enviroment.

22. Roses on the roof

22 rose garden ideas

Cultivate a rose garden atop your rooftop, such as this example on a balcony in New York, to take your landscaping design to the next level.

You can choose from a delicate light pink rose named New Dawn, which is a contemporary blooming climber featuring medium-sized flowers. The bushes will blanket the roof wonderfully in less than five years once you actually grow them.

23. Ideas for a sunk rose garden

23 rose garden ideas

The submerged rose garden is set a foot underneath the upper level of the building. Low-cut shrubs in symmetrical designs are often used to frame it. It was quite popular throughout the Victorian period, which is why it offers you a vintage impression as you stroll through it.

Furthermore, roses are ideal for planting in a sunken garden since they require well-drained soil to thrive. Because of its lower location, a sunken yard will instruct water.

24. Create a design that reflects your locality.

24 rose garden ideas

Place arches around entryways for a mystical sensation if you want to emphasize the wide areas of the area or display more of the vista of the outside. If you’re dealing with a tiny space, though, a flower wall or a tiny fountain surrounded by rose bushes might also be a distinctive accent.

It’s crucial to plan your garden for your location, since you don’t want to end up with a suffocating landscape. Recall that roses need enough air flow and plenty of sunlight to thrive; which are the couple of the most significant aspects determining their growth.

25. Choose between curves and straight lines for your pattern.

25 rose garden ideas

When you’re seeking rose garden ideas, a lot of concepts might collide. As a general guideline, you should first decide on your aesthetic: do you want stronger radial or curved patterns, or do you prefer more linear patterns?

If you choose a curved pattern, you’ll have the challenge of incorporating additional landscape components such as pathways into your design. Clean lines, on the other side, might feel a little dictatorial if not correctly laid out, so it all comes down to personal choice. Just make sure that everything is in tune.

26. Plant three roses in a row.

26 rose garden ideas

You might be tempted to grow a variety of different colored and sized roses. However, keep in mind that a trio is a company when it comes to roses. It’s more difficult to mix different shrubs and flowers into a garden with too much hue variability.

Rather than spacing things out and generating gaps, make things brief by concentrating on one location and planting three shrubs in a row to give the impression of one giant bush.

27. Friends, give flowers.

27 rose garden ideas

Apart from the boundaries and grass, your rose garden, like any other creative creation, needs some company. Choose flowers with hues that clash with your rose shades to enhance their appeal.

28. Make a show-stopper item.

28 rose garden ideas

Pause for a moment from your garden to consider the region as a whole. If there is no central focus or highlight object to draw attention to a place, it might appear dull. As previously said, this can include arches, seats, a fountain, a gazebo, or even an entire wall of display plants.

29. Experiment with textures.

29 rose garden ideas

A rose garden might feel repetitive, so use geometric beds like clipped hornbeam or buxom margins to break up the monotony. Because roses have a delicate form, this pairing will produce a visually balanced composition.

30. Rose Garden in a Minimalist Style

30 rose garden ideas

Every rose is valuable throughout every garden, whether it blooms profusely on large lawns or only a few in a terrace pot garden. They make a lovely impression wherever they’re placed and emit a delectable smell.

31. The Garden’s Pleasure

31 rose garden ideas

Underneath a pine tree, a casual raised bed flower with red and pink blossoming roses. Most homes have a sidewalk that may use some work. Adding gorgeous roses to your garden is a fantastic choice to explore.

This garden’s blossoming roses are energizing, making it a delight to linger a bit longer. Their blossoms will add a gentle smell and attractive charm to your backyard.

32. The Surprising Garden

32 rose garden ideas

The garden’s beauty is highlighted by the contrasting colors of the garden soil, roses, greens, and flower beds. A well-kept backyard may be a show-stopper in your house and a wonderful area to spend time with friends, family, romantic others, or simply by yourself. 

33. Roses on a Fence Post in Pink

33 rose garden ideas

Climbing roses on the fence will assist to improve the aesthetics of your house barrier. The lengthy canes can be tied in the places you wish them to go. It won’t be long until the flowers blossom and transform your fence into a work of art.

34. The Aroma of a Rose-Flavored Pathway

34 rose garden ideas

The most noticeable aspect in this garden is the beautiful flowery aroma of roses, which any passing will enjoy. The seductive ambiance is created by the winding route and the beauty of the flowers. After a long day, the romantic settings will help you reclaim your energy and stamina.

35. The Adaptable Beauty

35 rose garden ideas

Roses are known for their elegance and scent all over the world. They are adaptable, allowing you to place them wherever you wish. You may plant them in containers and place them on your terrace or in a rooftop garden to enjoy their calming and refreshing gentle aroma.


How do you layout a rose garden?

Planting roses near walkways or benches where they could spill over is not a bad idea. Their closeness makes it much easier to appreciate their lovely blossoms and pleasant scents.

What should I plant next to roses?

Those who hide their naked legs make good rose friends. Catmint, lavender, and high growing pinks are all traditional companion plants. 3 Good allies also function as live mulches, reducing weeds and providing light shadowing to the soil to keep rose roots temperate.


When compared to other blooming shrubs, roses are not the most difficult to cultivate and care for. Roses, as the mother of flowers, are ideal for a variety of occasions and situations.

Anyone passing by will be captivated by a well groomed and arranged rose garden with vibrant colors and forms of plants. Without a doubt, a garden of roses will provide an attractive cover for the exterior of your home.

Did these rose garden ideas inspire you? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.