Standard Garage Size: Dimensions For 1, 2, 3 & 4 Cars (Photos)

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Cars have been a major need in a home not just for people to see but to experience a lot of conveniences that comes with having one. However, housing them in a garage could be a problem especially if you do not have enough space to make one on. As such, it is imperative that you incorporate the right size of garage for your home. 

Some homeowners design their garage in a wider view because the space can be very much flexible, more than just a place where cars can rest and spend the day when unused.

As a matter of fact, many homeowners create a large space for a garage not just for cars but also for an extended space where you can spend time or entertain a large number of visitors. Either or, you need to know the standard garage sizes and this post shall give you that. 

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Standard garage dimensions

There have been a lot of discrepancies when it comes to the standard garage dimensions. Thus, ‘standard garage size’ has been a question which many car owners and homeowners have a hard time defining. As a rule of thumb, a standard garage dimension today can be defined by the number of cars. 

For practicality’s sake, a two-car garage would suffice. If you are looking for an accurate figure, the considered standard garage dimension would be 9-10-ft for the doorway in width per car and 20-24-ft in terms of depth. 

1-car garage dimensions

1 car garage dimension

One car garage is very popular among townhouses, condos, and generally small household homes. Or if you are set to just having one car at a time in your home, opting for one-car garages would be a practical choice.

For this type of garage, there should be a doorway with a 9-ft width, an interior in 12-ft, and the depth in 20-ft

With these sizes, the area can accommodate an ideal 2.8-ft clearance which is just enough for the space of door opening apt for some extracurricular activities on the side and some storages too, if necessary. 

1.5 car garage dimensions

1 1 2 car garage dimension

Some home renovations try to come up with a wider spaced garage area for an extra half of a car space.

A 1.5 size garage, for car owners, is defined as between the dimensions of the single car garage and the double car garage. As such, the dimension of a 1.5 car garage lies in between making it between 16-20-ft in doorway width and not less than 20-ft in depth

Having a 1.5 car garage can be very beneficial especially for homeowners who have one car but want to have another extra space for storage or for people to move more freely when doing something in the garage area. 

2-car garage dimensions

2 car garage dimensions
Source: Houzz

A two-car garage is probably the most popular among homeowners ever since. This is the most commendable and practical size for small homes but also for larger household homes. As the term implies, it is made for housing two cars at once.

Considering the number of cars and the leeway for each, there should be a doorway with 16-ft width, interior width of 18-ft and the depth must be 20-ft. With these sizes, there is enough walking area for people and enough space for door opening.

2 1/2 car garage dimensions

2 1 2 car garage dimension

When you want a wider space, go for a 2 and ½ garage dimension. This is more than enough to make the garage a workstation on free days and to install storage and hanging cabinets in the garage. The wider it is, the better it is for your cars to breathe and make it look better. 

A 2 and 1/2 garage car garage dimensions, for car owners, is defined as between the dimensions of a two-car garage and a three-car garage. This means that it is between 24-30-ft in doorway width and not less than 40-50-ft in terms of depth. Given this, it would also require greater space in the home. 

3-car garage dimensions

3 car garage dimensions
Source: Houzz

For the growing family, a three-car garage dimension would suffice. It is sufficient enough to house greater storage and for a wider workstation. Since it needs a lot of space, you have to plan ahead.

The recommended dimension for this type of garage would be a doorway of 16-ft in width if you are considering a double door and 8-ft if it is a single door. For the interior width, it should be at least 28-ft and for the depth, it should be at least 20-ft and more. 

3 1/2 car garage dimensions

3 1 2 car garage dimension

4-car garage dimensions

4 car garage dimensions

Having a garage that can fit four cars spells luxury at an instant. You can expect for this one to have not just the space enough for four cars but also the opulence of storage and other partitions for different car maintenance activities. 

Hence, when going for this one, you must have a doorway with a 16-ft width each on a double door, interior of 36-ft on its width, and depth of 22-ft. Given these sizes, four cars and other slim and sleek transportations such as bicycles can also fit in this garage. 

Having four cars in different sizes meant for different needs can be very much convenient but housing them without the proper amount of space can be quite difficult. Thus, before purchasing one, make sure that you already have a large space fit for them to rest. 

Average Residential Garage Height

When you have no idea about the diversity of garage dimensions, you might just opt to have the standard height where most cars would probably fit. The average garage height is not less than 9-ft. This is considered as the perfect size for accommodating doors and openers. 

Nonetheless, a lot of homeowners would suggest that going with 10-ft is a better adjustment since you will have to add beams to secure the garage structure, essentially. When having a garage, always make it a point that the height stays up more than the size of your car.

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Standard Garage Depth

When it comes to standard garage depth, the average range would always be 20-24-ft. Having this garage depth allows you to install cabinets and storage of about 1-1.5-ft. in size. Other than that, there is also enough leeway for movement and other garage activities. 

Space between cars

The average car clearance should be 76-cm away from obstruction to maintain a free, safe, and comfortable space. However, for some, who do not have plenty of space in their home, you might just need to lessen the space and just heighten your level of carefulness in terms of opening your doors. 

Average Vehicle Dimensions

As have been mentioned, the dimensions of standard garage sizes depend entirely on the type of vehicle that you have.

With this, it is very important for you to know the average vehicle dimensions for you to have a working knowledge of how much to allot for the space or how much of the dimensions must be adjusted. 

1. Compact cars

compact car garage

Medium-sized cars or commonly known as compact cars are usually owned by people who belong to having a small family that ranges from two to four members.

The dimensions of this car should have a car length of 4109-4370 mm, height of 1424-1530 mm, and a width of 1729-1823 mm.

2. Sport cars

These are also medium sized cars with a high-end engine performance. They are mostly associated with executives and business tycoons who can afford them.

This one is considered to be a two-seater car which is designed for precise control at high speeds. The dimensions of this car would generally be 3995-5027 mm, height of 1116-1475 mm, and a width of 1735-1992 mm.

3. Mid-sized cars

They are commonly known as intermediate cars which are larger than a compact size car but are smaller than full-size cars.

This can be used as a family car since it can accommodate four to six people depending on the make and model. The dimensions of this car have a length of 4425-4726 mm, height of 1418-1575 mm, and a width of 1810-1910 mm.

4. Full-sized cars

full size car garage

This type of car is the largest ever designed that is best used for accommodating a number of people travelling or can even function as a cargo vehicle.

Either way, this car is larger than a mid-sized one which is a lot more spacious that you can be comfortable with given a number of people. The dimensions of this car have a length nearing 5,000 mm, height of 5,350 mm, and a width of 2,790 mm.

5. Pick-ups

Pickups are a multi-purpose vehicle with a goal to maximize interior space. This one can be used when traveling with just a minimal number of things and materials which you can put at the back.

The dimensions of this car would be 5205-5632 mm in length, the height of 1775-1815 mm, and a width of 1760-2008 mm.

6. Luxury Cars

luxury car garage

Luxury cars cost a little bit higher than the regular ones since they are expected to provide a high level of comfort, quality amenities and equipment, and a high-level performance that suits its price.

The dimensions of this car would be at a length of 4631-5624mm, height of 1294-1496 mm, and a width of 1877-1980 mm.

7. Small Crossovers

This one is effortlessly stylish, techy, fuel-efficient, fun and practical sized which is designed for daily use.

Small crossovers are designed to be driven on the road but have some off-road features too. The dimensions of this car have a length of 3700-4300 mm, height of 1529-1679 mm, and a width of 1660-1822 mm.

8. Compact SUVs

This one has a high seating position where you can enjoy the view on the road while being comfortable within your seats. This one is also considered as an ideal car fit for anyone. 

A compact SUV has a high driving position and off-road aesthetic without 4×4 features and is mainly designed to be driven on the road. The dimensions of this car should have a car length of 4255-47350 mm, height of 1494-1740 mm, and a width of 1790-1925 mm.

9. Full-sized SUVs

Full-sized SUVs can function to haul boats, horse trailers, work trailers, and even other trucks. 

If there is a need for a pulling activity of any sort, a full-size SUV can definitely address the problem. Also, it can work as a cargo vehicle accommodating large and heavy cargoes.

So, when going on a trip and you need a little bit of everything, this one surely works best. The dimensions of this car are 4662-5130mm in length, height of 1623-2035 mm, and a width of 1760-2008mm.


Aside from knowing the standard garage size, it is also essential that you get to know other essential information about arranging a garage and the other items that you can incorporate to make it more functional. Thus, here are some FAQs about garages that you should know of. 

What can a garage be used for?

Aside from having it as the usual garage area, you can convert it to other functions in order to maximize space. When your cars clear out the garage for some time, you can make use of the space for:

  1. Workshop Area: When wanting to have a more spacious area for working purposes, you can convert your garage area into a workshop area. On how you should do it, make sure that you go with plenty of spaces where you can hide tools and materials in doing your work. 

Hence, for this, a needed DIY kind of garage area which will enable you to decide on which area the tools and materials will be placed. Either or, your garage can easily turn into a workspace in just a short period of time. However, you must keep in mind to keep the garage clean and neat as much as possible to maintain a comfortable space for your cars

  1. Bedroom: When you want to have an adventure outdoors, your garage space is always the better choice. Aside from the large space, you can easily turn it into a mobile bedroom space where you can sleep and enjoy for some time when the cars are not home. This enables you to bring out your creative minds as this may require decorations and other ideas meant for a bedroom.
  1. Kitchen: Because of its large area, it can be pretty much a kitchen where you can place whatever kitchen materials you need from electrical stove, gas stove, butane stove and other more. Converting your garage into a kitchen means a larger place where you can dine gracefully and comfortably with your friends and family.

Factors to consider when planning a car garage

For you to have more comprehensive knowledge when it comes to planning a car garage, be sure to consider the following factors first. 

  • Type of vehicle: Time and again, we have mentioned that the type of vehicle predetermines the design and size of the car garage that you should put up. For instance, regular size cars would not need a large garage compared to other types such as family cars and SUVs. 
  • Use of the garage: While the immanent function of the garage is to shield the car from the elements and to house it generally, there are also added uses to the garage as have been previously mentioned. If you intend to maximize it for additional storage area or workstation, it would be best to make a larger garage size even if you only have one car to house. 
  • Regulations and zoning codes: Most states would have standard garage size decrees. As such, it is very important that you get to know the existing regulation and zoning codes before planning out your garage. Depending on where you live, note that there are also regulations when it comes to the number of door hardware as well as types of alarm systems. Make it a point that you know this essential information first. 

What is the cheapest car garage to build? 

The cheapest and most cost-effective type of garage to build would be pole-style garage. They look like traditional stick-built garages but the materials used in these cheap garage styles now would be reinforced wood or even coated steel. 

Does a garage add resale value to a home? 

It is a resounding yes. According to real-estate reports, a garage would guarantee a return of investment of more or less than 80%. Converted to figure, it adds a resale value of about $21,000 to the home. 


While it is true that they are defined by the cars they house, they are also essential if you want to extend home spaces for other activities. Be it a one-car garage or a four-car garage, as long as it serves its purpose, the ideas on how to maximize it would be endless. 

Bigger and newer designs of cars have been emerging. At the end of the day, your style preference and the level of your needs should be the prime consideration, still. When it comes to finally designing or arranging the garage, the most important factor would be knowing the standard garage sizes.