5 Ways To Add Space To A Small Home

Last Updated on December 14, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Arranging a small home can prove to be difficult because of its limited space. With such limited space, your home looks and feels cramped. However, you can add extra space or transform your haven into one that seems more appealing. But how do you go about creating more room in your house?

If you want to maximize space or make your place seem larger, then all you have to do is keep reading this article, which shares some great tips:

1. Declutter Your Home

Too much clutter in your home might be the reason your dwelling seems smaller than it actually is and feels crowded. Hence, you’ll need to get rid of all the things that you don’t need anymore, such as old clothes, worn-out or broken utensils, or extra furniture.

Consider donating these items if they’re still in good condition instead of throwing them away. Some companies offer a donation pickup service. With this kind of service, you can worry less about where and how to donate your items.

It’s best to clean up your home after decluttering since arranging or setting your items aside on the floor leaves less room for movement.

2. Rearrange Your Home

kitchen storage ideas

Rearrange your home with the aim of creating more space.

Consider using your kitchen island as a dining area for your family and guests. Ensure the height of your kitchen island seats is slightly below that of your kitchen island’s. This allows you to tuck the chairs under the island when not in use, which offers more space.

Since the kitchen island can serve as your dining table, you’ll get to use your former dining area for another purpose. However, if you don’t have a kitchen island, go for a smaller dining table, so you’ll have extra space in your dining area.

Knock down a non-load-bearing wall in your home to open up your space. This allows you to move from one room to the next. Include an extra room where the wall stood before and separate the spaces with a thin glass wall.

A glass wall allows light, both natural and artificial, to pass through without causing a shadow effect. It also lets light to reflect on its surface, illuminating your spaces and making them look larger.

under stair storage

Set up a home office below your staircase; this gives you extra room where your office used to be. Place storage spaces, such as shelves and cabinets, under the stairs if you don’t need a home office.

Transform your attic into an extra bedroom, a home office, or a library. Consider adding a window and a skylight to light up the attic. Alternatively, turn the attic into your entertainment room and reduce the space you’d need in your living room or house for a family room.

3. Make Use Of Hidden Storage Ideas

bed with headboard

The ideal way to make a room seem large and feel open and airy is to remove storage spaces that you and your guests would usually notice.

Consider acquiring items that double up as storage units. Purchase an ottoman or footrest with a storage compartment for your living room. Use this storage compartment to keep your video game accessories, throw blankets, and magazines. These items would otherwise have been placed on your coffee table or a shelf, which take up unnecessary space. 

Purchase a bathroom stool with storage space below it and use this space to keep your extra towels or accessories.

Buy a bed with a headboard that has a storage unit where you can display your books and other items. For a different option, have your bed installed with small square or rectangular shelves.

Use a duvet or bed cover if you want to cover up the storage space on your bed. You can also replace your bedside table with a chair. Having a bed with a storage feature and using a chair instead of a bedside table will increase the space in your bedroom.

Overall, hidden storage ideas reduce the need for you to have extra room for putting away things.

4. Consider Alternative Home Storage Ideas

wall desk with shelf

Put up shelves along one wall of the corridor and see to it that they’re at a considerable height that allows easy movement.

Consider setting up a wall desk, which can act as a reading space or a home office. Install storage shelves above the desk and ensure that the space between them is sufficient.

Storage shelves with large spaces prevent the room from looking tiny. Use the extra shelves as a bookshelf or a spot for your home decorations and potted plants instead of tables.

As you add more shelves in your home for storage purposes, make them small and as vertical as possible. This prevents the shelves from looking cluttered with many items.

Rather than having your children’s room full of things with a reduced-mobility space, replace their existing traditional bed with a bunk bed. Having bunk beds is an effective way to have more space at the center of the room.

Moreover, place a study desk and a chair under each bunk bed and put some shelves for storing their toys. Purchase large colorful boxes and place them on the shelves. Keep the toys and other items in the containers. 

Mount your television on your wall to have more floor space; a television stand would just take up space. For your kitchen, hang your utensils on hooks fixed on the wall.

Alternatively, put up a shelf across your large kitchen window and use it to store some of your utensils. Instead of opting for a shelf made of wood, select one made of silver so that it can reflect light streaming through the window, which will brighten up your kitchen.  

With all these alternative storage ideas for your home, you’ll get to enjoy more areas around your abode.

5. Provide More Lighting To Your Home

hanging mirror on the wall min

Lighting is also an element that can make small spaces seem bigger, so allow as much natural lighting as possible in your home during the day. You can do this by choosing a door with a window, hanging a mirror on the wall, or using white curtains. 

To liven up your place at night, include light fixtures around. For instance, you can install wall lights. Another trick is to use long pendant lights. This kind of light fixture is especially ideal if your home has a high ceiling. Long pendants hanging from the ceiling attract your attention, making you focus on the room’s height instead of the small floor space. 


With all these helpful tips, adding space to your small home won’t be as challenging as you thought. You just have to think outside the box.