What Color Throw Pillows Go With Red Couch? (15 Ideas)

Last Updated on December 24, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Working with the interior design of the home is a very challenging task but choosing the throw pillow that would accentuate couches best should not be that hard.

Nonetheless, your color and design choices matter because it can make the cohesive look of the living room or any living space where the couch and throw pillow connection shall be arranged. 

In this post, we shall specifically look at what color of throw pillows go well with red couches. As a bold and deep color, it could be a daunting task to choose the best patterns and colors of throw pillows to combine it with. If you are interested in this, read on.

best color throw pillows go with red couch

15 Throw Pillows Go With Red Couch 

Going for a red couch is an interesting idea but the challenge is to find accent colors that would make both the throw pillow standout and the combination cohesive for the couch and the pillows. Got no idea? Here is a list of colors that could make your red couches more attractive. 

1. Black and white stripes

1 black and white stripes pillows with red couch

While the red couch stands out beautifully, the black and white striped throw pillows tone down the boldness of red to achieve a more balanced combination. The striped pillows are more than a decorative item.

They offer sophisticated detail. This idea here gives you an idea of the effect of black and white stripes in a ruby red couch.  

1 black and white stripes pillows with red couch 1

2. White

2 white pillows with red couch
Source: Stressless

The white throw pillow works in this color red couch. They beautify each other through different ways where one exudes simplicity and flawlessness while the other brings out a sexy chic aura. Going for this combination is so refreshing and considered a classic pairing. 

3. Red

3 red pillows with red couch

Putting an all red is very interesting because the monochromatic effect here is just compelling and visually stimulating at the same time.

Not only is it bold but it is also sexy and the passion component that red is associated with is just so strong in this industrial and minimalist living room. 

4. Beige

4 beige pillows with red couch

Beige is a warm color but when paired with a bold color like red, it can function as a color that softens the intensity of the couch.

Though an accent color only, beige throw pillows give out a welcoming feeling for guests to sit and enjoy the moment on this bold red couch. The soft angle that it gives this red couch is just on point and very phenomenal. 

5. Gray

5 gray pillows with red couch

Gray on a red couch is a pairing that is unique in a way that they are not usually paired together. Going for this color means going for a modern design and deviating from the common arrangement.

5 gray pillows with red couch 1

Though gray is a neutral color that could go with just any color, the boldness makes it a standout color on its own. The contrast is sophisticated and very contemporary so you could never go wrong with this. 

6. Blue

6 blue pillows with red couch

If you are fond of experimenting, adding a blue throw pillow into your red couch must be on your list. This combination is one of the most common combos because, well, it is not new among flags.

However, with these shades of blue, it created dynamics which steals the show. Going for darker blues and some printed blue and white throw pillows just complement this bold, velvet red couch. 

7. Green

7 green pillows with red couch

The green and red combination is a very unpopular pairing but would still look fine together. Though they are on the same track of vibrancy and boldness, they still make a good pairing.

Green is an earthly tone so going with a bold red like this couch is exciting and is something to look out for. If you love the uniqueness of this picture, try and make it more different and explore other shades of green

7 green pillows with red couch 1

8. Yellow

11 yellow pillows with red couch 1

For a cozy and modern feel of the home, a yellow throw pillow to your red couch is a very much recommendable combination.

11 yellow pillows with red couch 3

Aside from they fit perfectly together, the vibrancy the colors bring out is just enough that they complement each other.

11 yellow pillows with red couch 4

Going for this combination is striking and so vibrant but can fit your taste and suit your liking. 

11 yellow pillows with red couch 2

9. Black

12 black pillows with red couch

When red and black meet unite, a different level of sophistication is brought out.

Having to choose a red couch in your homes is already a brave idea but giving it a shot for a black throw pillow accent color creates the clash of two strong colors brought into one that makes them so powerful that they give out an attractive combination.

Going for this one is a big yes!

12 black pillows with red couch 1

10. Gold

13 gold pillows with red couch

A gold accent throw pillow to your couch just instantly creates an expensive, antique and Victorian look.

13 gold pillows with red couch 1
Source: Vimercati

This combination is very opulent and very timeless that you would feel like a royalty all day when you are couched in this. When you want it old and flashy, go for a red couch to gold throw pillow combination. 

13 gold pillows with red couch 2
10 gold pillows with red couch 1

11. Brass Throw Pillow

14 brass pillows with red couch 1

A brass accent may have the same feels as the gold ones but this one is best paired with any bold and intense color that is looking simply but glam at the same time.

It might be unknown to many but the brass color is truly stands out when thrown against bold and deep colors.

Going for the patterns is also a good choice for your throw pillows. It looks luxurious on a simple couch while being warm and cozy at the same time. 

12. Dark Brow

15 dark brown pillows with red couch 1

A dark, velvety brown throw pillow against your red sofas creates a very dark pairing but can look sophisticated given the strong look of this red sofa.

It is sexy but quite chic that is why pairing it with the brown equates to coziness and warmth on a different intensity thanks to the passionate red color of the couch. 

Choosing this combination is elegantly looking and timeless so that it looks good and luxurious even on a dark-to-dark color combination.

15 dark brown pillows with red couch 2

13. Dark Blue

16 dark blue pillows with red couch 2

A red couch adds vibrancy in the home and when paired with a dark blue and textured accent throw pillow, makes a regal look.

The blue tone lessens the intensity of the red couch which makes them look good together and though plain, they create a strikingly beautiful pairing that matches the interior of this room.

Going for this look means going back to the basics but in different mixes and matches. 

17 dark blue pillows with red couch 1

14. White and Purple

18 white purple pillows with red couch 1
Source: Aesthetic Oiseau

Going with unusual color pairing is a fun mix and match like the combination of a red couch with a purple and white accent throw pillows.

A purple color brings out confidence and mystery inside the home that is why going for this as an accent color gives enough character to a room. 

Aside from this, the trendy prints also reveal your own character too. With the help of the white color, these pairing is very much likeable and quirky but can also be very simple yet calming. 

15. Pink

19 pink pillows with red couch 1

When a vibrant color meets another vibrant color, this is what it looks like. These colors stand out individually that is why they do not really look much of a perfect combination given that both are giving a vibrant impact and lots of visual intensity.

Nonetheless, if you are going for a funky and playful, or even a very feminine space, this combo shall work. 

How many throw pillows should go on a couch?

As per rule of thumb, the power of odd numbers is the best arrangement for throwing pillows on a couch. The most common number is three throw pillows on a couch. This would give the right space in between the pillows, giving enough breathing space and the right balance in a couch. 

What is the most common throw pillow size? 

The two most common throw pillow sizes would be 18×18 and 20×20. However, a fact not known to many is that the throw pillow sizes are also manufactured in conformity with the size of different types of couches like sectionals and more. As such, you can also find 22×22 and 24×24 throw pillow sizes for couches and sofa sets with greater depth and also those with higher backs. 


Red is a bold color and that alone makes it quite challenging to work on. For this color, neutrals might be the best solution especially when it comes to throw pillows. However, in this list, it has been well-established that red is a versatile color too. Perhaps, the best trick about red couches and what color of throw pillows that would go with it is to know what vibe you want to go for.

Are you for the sultry side of red? Or the unorthodox and playful look? Or maybe the formality of deep red? Or the coziness of it? Whatever your preference in terms of design scheme, there is always a standout color for throw pillows that shall surely go with red.