What Color Throw Pillows Go With White Couch? (20 Ideas)

Last Updated on December 24, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

In a home, furniture plays a very important role. More than the aesthetic value is the function they serve to make them a worthwhile purchase. But before finally going to the idea of a purchase, everything should be planned and managed, including the color of throw pillows that must go with the couch. 

White couches are always phenomenal. Accenting them with throw pillows would make the look more superb. As a neutral, it is very workable but there are always more standout throw pillow colors that it must go with and in this list, we shall feature them for you. If you are wondering what they could be, read on. 

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best color throw pillows go with white couch

20 Throw Pillows Go With White Couch

Looking for the best throw pillow that could be a perfect match to your white couch? Here is a list of the best colors, textures and designs suited to the classic white couch.  

1. Light Gray

1 light gray throw pillows with white couches
Source: Interior Marketing Group

When you want it simple and elegant, choose a light gray to match your white couch. Using a velvety throw pillow makes it charming and is giving a highlight to the plain white couch. If you want it plain and simple, go for the light gray.

2. Beige

2 beige pillows with white couch
Source: IKea

To keep it all natural, using the color beige as a throw pillow works for your white couch. The beige color is calm and relaxing that is why mixing it with the softness of white is much likeable.

Going for this color as an accent color gives a warm vibe which is very suitable in a home.

3. Blue

3 blue throw pillows cushions with white couch
Source: HGTV

Having a bold color like the color blue of this shade stands out in a white couch. They are contrasting colors which really work together.

The blue is the color of the ocean and there is no doubt that it brings a natural and fresh vibe within the area. This throw pillow idea to your white couch is very much recommended.

4. Light Green

4 light green throw pillows cushions with white couch

Green is a very refreshing color. If you want an inviting and subtly beautiful room, go for the green throw pillow paired to your white couch.

This look is pleasing to the eyes plus it looks clean and very peaceful. The vibrance is just very on point especially when there are other green-colored decorative pieces working in a living room like this one here. 

5. White and Gold

71wiXDLL2KL. AC SL1000

Gold adds sophistication in the color white. Although put only as an accent color, it is looking so fine with the plain couch.

The gold color is known as an expensive one and pairing it with the elegance of white gives it a double value. If simple opulence is what you are looking for in your living room, this is a classic choice. 

6. Black and Gold

6 gold black throw pillows cushions with white couch

Black is already looking good with the white but an added gold to this accent throw pillow makes it more fun and exciting.

The black and gold is a perfect match that is why they look beautifully together with the plain white couch. Choosing these as an accent color is a very nice idea because of the bold contrast it brings to a classic white couch. 

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7. Gray and white

7 gray and white throw pillows cushions with white couch
Source: Stonegable

A throw pillow in the color grey and white stripe is keeping all the neutrals striking and stylish in a white plain couch.

This color pattern works to deviate a little to the color white but with its overall look, it is definitely a go-to combination, chic gray and white.

8. Black and White Pillow

8 black and white throw pillows cushions with white couch

When you want to add dynamics to your white couch, putting a black and white pillow is a simple but timeless choice.

Specifically choosing those lined patterns or geometric prints would give a different layer to the whole thing. When you want an accent color that creates an impact despite it being simple, go for the black and white combination.

9. White and Blue pattern

9 white and blue pattern throw pillows cushions with white couch

Choosing a patterned blue to your white couch is an eye catcher. Blue is vibrant that is why it stands out in the white plain couch.

When choosing this idea, give it also a try to infuse more of the patterned blues to add more beauty in the room.

10. Patterned White and brown

10 white and brown pattern throw pillows cushions with white couch
Source: Martha Stewart

Brown is a warm and a welcoming color that is why pairing it with white couch is very much of your choice.

It is also the color of nature that is why putting them together can bring out a natural vibe while paying attention to the view and combination. The patterned white and brown are earthly tones that look their best when paired together.

11. Pink

91WCowfeY2L. AC SL1500

If you want a soft and chic view, go for the color pink throw pillow on your white couch. These two different shades of throw pillows are looking beautiful together and have their individual charm that compliments the white couch. Going for this color is cute and chic. 

11 pink throw pillows cushions with white couch
Source: Caitlin Willon

12. Purple

61Xhkv5VivL. AC SL1200

When the color purple is put in a white couch, expect a luxurious look. The deeper the shade, the greater it exudes confidence and style.

Going for this color means power because it brings out character through the white couch. This pop out color looks its best when combined with the color white that is why this idea is recommended. 

13. Orange Throw Pillows

13 orange throw pillows cushions with white couch

This color is very vibrant that it brings out positivity and light whenever paired with any color but brings out its best when paired with the color white.

Having this as an accent color to your white couch creates fun and excitement both on how it Is seen and the vibe it brings out.

13 orange throw pillows cushions with white couch 1

14. Red

14 red throw pillows cushions with white couch 1

Being known as a sexy and bold color, the red always gives its best when paired with white.

It is easily recognized and can stand out on its own because of the power and confidence it has. Going for red means choosing a throw pillow that can overpower the white despite it being small. 

14 red throw pillows cushions with white couch 2

15. White

15 white throw pillows cushions with white couch 1
Source: One Kings Lane

To create a cleaner and purer look of the home, putting a white throw pillow to your already white couch is also a good idea.

15 white throw pillows cushions with white couch 2
Source: Old Salt Farm

The same color can also be an accent pillow but make sure that they differ in terms of texture to the couch. When you want as white as this look, go for a white throw pillow.

16. Yellow

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As bright as it is seen, the yellow throw pillow colors look so beautiful in this textured white couch. They radiate beauty and bring an all-out sunshine inside the home.

Choosing the yellow color will not only bring out positive vibes but will attract happiness and optimism not just to the overall look of this room but to the homeowner as well. 

17. Bold Green

16 bold green throw pillows cushions with white couch

While the light green works, this bold velvety green throw pillow is also looking exceptionally matched with the white couch. The texture of the pillows added sophistication to the total view plus the design of the couch makes it worthwhile to see.

This one is bringing out a natural, cozy, and at the same time class inside the home. Going for the textured one is a bit different and brings out a different vibe and feeling. 

18. Glittery silver

18 glitter silver throw pillows cushions with white couch 1

When you want to have your couch fab and glam, go for a shiny glittery silverish color of a throw accent pillow.

They give off a playful and exciting vibe with all the shimmers that are reflecting natural light and glass. This style is best on a single couch but can also look very fun on a big white couch. This idea is so recommendable for a modern home.

19. Floral

19 floral throw pillows cushions with white couch

Going for colorful prints is also one of the best ideas when pairing it with a white couch. The prints will pop out and share best its beauty when paired with the plain white couch.

The color white is a neutral color that has the power to bring out beauty in a color that is why printed florals as an accent throw pillow also works.

19 floral throw pillows cushions with white couch 1

20. Rainbow throw pillow

Pride Rainbow Decor Throw Pillow Cases Home Office Square Cushion Cover -  18*18'' | Shopee Philippines

While all the plains and unique texture works, a rainbow-colored throw pillow is also a good idea when putting them on a textured white couch.

The colors pop out and make a scene in the total view plus giving all sorts of vibe given the so many colors put together in one area. When you want it bright and colourful, choose this idea. 


The color white has the ability to highlight any color so combining it with any color scheme could really work. Though it can easily accumulate dirt or dust and stains might become too visible, the color white couch can create a clean and pure view in any living space. 

The color white, though a very common one, can make all the furniture and other elements in the home look harmonious and look independently beautiful over time because just like the whites, it creates unity and does not get old over time. To maintain this cohesion, you must always choose the right color of throw pillow to complement your white couch.