37+ Cool Baby Girl Nursery Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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Hitting the two red lines in a pregnancy test feels different for the first time but is very life changing. Pregnancy sure requires a lot of energy, thinking and tolerance but being able to see your child for the first gives you a different level of happiness.

For expecting mommas, especially for the first time, one has so many things to do such as shopping for baby clothes, baby crib, setting up their playing area and one of the most important ones is building their nursery rooms. So, if you are still thinking of the best style and design for your baby’s bedroom, here is a perfect read for you.

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37 Baby Girl Nursery Ideas 

Looking for the perfect design for your baby girl’s nesting area? Here are some of the best possible ideas you can choose from.

1. Lavender Décor

1 baby girl nursery ideas

While many are into pink, lavender also has a beauty to offer. Looking at the plain grey wall decorated by lavender ornaments in the ceiling and hanging frame and artworks, is surely every baby girl’s dream room. 

2. Owl Nursery Bedding

2 baby girl nursery ideas

An animal decoration is best for babies be it for a baby girl or boy. This idea offers a neutral and into the forest vibes. The addition of vibrant pink colors makes this arrangement a perfect room for baby girls. 

3. Ocean Theme

3 baby girl nursery ideas

You might say that blue is baby boy color but this idea here shows that it should not always be the case. The colors orange, green, blue, and white is a cool combination bringing out the ocean-themed nursery for baby girls.

Other elements put together like the lamp, cabinet, the artsy chandelier and the carpet with a unique pattern are the ones that make it girly. 

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4. Carnival-Inspired

While others opt for florals and other feminine colors, this one is pretty unique. A carnival-inspired nursery room is something to watch out for.

The red and white pattern is an easy carnival identification plus the frames hanging in the wall added with festive banners put across the windows sure makes it perfect for a unique carnival-inspired nursery room for baby girls.

5. Princess theme

5 baby girl nursery ideas

Every little girl’s dream is to be a princess and to start them on, having a princess theme nursery would be a good idea.

The triangular white lace put into white crib plus the 3D ornaments hung all through the ceiling for babies’ first-see elements whenever she wakes up, the princess cabinet, couch, and all other stuff placed together in this room is perfect.

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6. Minnie Mouse

6 baby girl nursery ideas

Disneyland is never popular without Mickey and Minnie Mouse, hence, it is one of the primary options when talking about Disney characters. For a baby girl’s room, Minnie mouse is highly preferred.

In this room, everything is Minnie! From the wallpaper, toys, blankets and other elements put in this room says a lot about Minnie. It is something babies will also adore. 

7. Peach-Colored

7 baby girl nursery ideas

Next to pink and lavender, peach is the next most common color used for baby girls. In this room, the wall is painted peach accented with patterned curtain and a neutral-colored plain full covered carpet which completes the basics.

A lot of stuff is also added on this look like circular elements placed on top of the crib plus the couch found beside the window. A peachy peach with a little bit of everything is put into this room.

8. Coral and Teal

8 baby girl nursery ideas

Choosing the right colors for your baby’s room is one of the most important decisions when creating a nursery. In this idea, the colors coral and teal tell about the mood of the room.

It is somewhat bright and is very fun to be inside as it is also decorated by pom poms on top of the crib, minimal furniture such as the couch and a cute clothing hanger hanging at one side of the wall makes it more stylish. 

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9. Baby Girl Decor for autumn

9 baby girl nursery ideas

Autumn is a romantic season, thus, when you give birth to your baby girl during this season, make sure that you theme her room under it.

Paint the walls with burnt orange, and give it a tree of life look. Carpet it up with high pile cushioned carpet and soft light glows to give it the perfect baby girl look. 

10. Coral Rug and Curtain

10 baby girl nursery ideas

Though rugs and curtains are just an added piece to the totality of a room’s look, in this room idea, they became as if the highlight of a main event.

Because of their vibrant color, they are first recognized than the decorations and wall designs. The vibrance of pink in this rug and curtain give this one the total girly feel. 

11.  Blossoms

11 baby girl nursery ideas

Flowers are a given symbolization for women and using this in your baby girl’s nursery room is no doubt at all. The curtain and the wall painting balance the total look of this room.

Complementing the blossom patterns is the gold brass material used in the crib, curtain rod, and chandelier. What a great combination for your beautiful girl. 

12. Shabby Chic

12 baby girl nursery ideas
Source: Project Nursery

When running out of budget, a perfect go design is the shabby chic idea for your baby’s nursery room. This means adjusting to a certain design that has been ongoing.

When choosing this style, make sure to put in a lot of effort making sure that everything is a match. From the curtains to wall designs and other elements. 

13. Navy Star Wallpaper

13 baby girl nursery ideas

Who says girls cannot slay in dark, bold colors? This navy-star themed room design is a perfect choice when you want to emphasize the big details in your room such as the crib and couch.

The white colors of these furniture are also a perfect match. Dreamy and stylish at the same time, you can never go wrong with this design style. 

14. Cozy Baby Bedroom with Sakura Flowers

14 baby girl nursery ideas

Aside from the common decorations, a little bit of sakura flowers might be one of your options. A combination of cozy and fancy feeling is given through the different elements put together in this type of idea.

Books, patterned wall, gold crib, and a 3D sakura ornament above the crib. A lovely view for a lovely baby girl!

15. Monochromatic

15 baby girl nursery ideas

Using one color in a baby room is also beautifully possible. In this room, a patterned white and black which exudes class.

It is very clean and classy to look at and though black is a color of masculinity, the other elements make up for the female side, thus, still a perfect idea for a baby girl’s nursery room.

16. Gold and Black Baby Girl’s room

16 baby girl nursery ideas

This bedroom has a unique color and pattern combination. The main colors are black and white infused with the colors blue and gold which complements them.

A little too tight to see given the combinations but what makes it special is that it highlights almost all of the elements that there is nothing you can not recognize. 

17. Soft Pinky

17 baby girl nursery ideas

Pink is probably the most popular color among girls. Using this hue in this bedroom gives a calm and soothing feeling that your little girl will love.

A classy combination of colors—pink, gold, and white. If given so many choices, there is no doubt that this is going to be your go-to pick. 

18. Baby Girl Nursery with Chandelier

18 baby girl nursery ideas

Chandeliers are the biggest turn on when it comes to the bedroom. In most cases, these are the ones that receive so much praise in a home or in a room, thus, a beautiful element to add. In the bedroom, you can see so much pink combined with the color white but the chandelier sure is an eye catcher!

19. Girl Nursery Bedding with Impressive Pink Décor

19 baby girl nursery ideas

A wall patterned in pink is basically what makes this room ideal. The pompom elements, the curtains, cribs, all are in uniform. This room is a stunner!

20. Simple Bedroom with Neutral and Minimal Décor

20 baby girl nursery ideas

While others can be decorative, it is also fine to have a minimalistic decoration inside your baby’s bedroom. This room has little to see but is very charming given the color and the pompoms placed above not to mention the very classy DIY wall design hung aligned with the crib.

21.  Nursery with Catchy Ceiling Décor

21 baby girl nursery ideas

While some are fond of styling the ground, there are also who want their ceiling decorations a highlight in a bedroom.

In this nursery room idea, there is so much happening on its ceiling making it the first to be recognized when entering the room. The light is surrounded by different shapes which makes it special though the overall of this room is attractive too!

22. Modern Decoration of Baby Girl Room

22 baby girl nursery ideas

Following the trend is what we love and making a baby’s bedroom follow what is trending might require a lot of thinking. But here, you can find minimal decorations and paintings. The furniture and other elements made it modern artsy. 

23. Wall of Drawings

23 baby girl nursery ideas

To those who are fond of drawings, this is the perfect idea for you. This bedroom has a femme feeling because of the pink walls which drawings are hanged in different designs, shapes, and size. Simple, cozy and a little bit of other bright colors adds vibrance in the room.

24. Pink and Yellow Bedroom Scheme

24 baby girl nursery ideas

This bedroom is all yellow and pink. Pink paired with yellow is brighter to look at. Yellow is also considered to be a light reflector thus, best to have this color with a large window like this bedroom.

25. Contemporary Nursery with Pink and Black Accents

25 baby girl nursery ideas

This bedroom is very clean, artsy and has so much class. Neutral colors of beige and white accented with a little pink makes the view very attractive.

Also, the wall design which has a cherry blossom paired with the color black makes it more soothing to the eye. 

26. Small Rooms

26 baby girl nursery ideas
Source: Project Nursery

Space is the first thing to look out for when designing your baby’s nursery bedroom. In this room, you can say that it is properly planned as the crib, furniture, and wall design is placed properly with the perfect pair of colors. A picture-perfect kind of small room for your baby girl!

27. Nature Themed

27 baby girl nursery ideas

An all-white room with plants as the decoration is very nice too! The greens make the room fresh and is healthy for the baby plus decorated with some browns for a little accessory makes it fine, clean, and classy. 

28. Grayish Baby Girl Bedroom

28 baby girl nursery ideas

Neutral colors can be paired with any color. This full grey bedroom accented with the different pastel colors makes a perfect match. The patterns of the walls go with the pattern of the floor plus minimal furniture are placed together on the same side. 

29. Purple Butterfly on All Accessories

29 baby girl nursery ideas

Butterflies are so much fun and colorful to begin with. In this baby girl’s bedroom, everything has a butterfly accent. From the curtains, to the walls, down to the floor. Butterflies are a great room décor, right?

30. Yellow-Green Baby Girl’s Room

30 baby girl nursery ideas

Yellow and green, when combined together makes a naturally energetic vibe which can be very good to your babies.

A minimal furniture with neutral colors is placed into this room plus the yellow-and green wall background separated by the color white. A crib in a wooden type and ornaments hanging also complemented other elements inside this bedroom.

31. Twin Baby Girl Nursery

31 baby girl nursery ideas

For those who are expecting twins, try this simple idea. Make their room in neutral colors, in this case, a grey wall and floor which contrasts the white color at the ceiling.

This is considered minimalist since there is no available extra space for other items since two cribs have been placed across the room. 

32. Urban Design

32 baby girl nursery ideas

Given the small area, it is very evident to put little decorations like that of the cactuses. Found also are a natural decoration of hanging feathers at the wall and making it more urban is the brown cape placed beside the crib with a feathery toy above. So much natural and urban. 

33. Simple Baby Girl Room Ideas

33 baby girl nursery ideas

A bold green background with a little mirror to complement plus the crib, small basket and a cream carpet. Simple and classy. 

34. Glamorous Baby Girl Room Ideas

34 baby girl nursery ideas

Nothing but glam. This room idea has so much to offer from the ceiling down to the floor. With so much budget, this is the most beautiful nursery room idea for your baby girl.

The curtains, chandelier, mirror, closet, crib, couch and so on. Everything looks complementary with each other. It is very perfect that one can ask how much it would cost to build this picturesque bedroom. 

35. Baby Girl Room Decor with Swan

35 baby girl nursery ideas

The 4D Swan sculpture hanging above the walls of the crib makes up the ‘swan’ theme in this bedroom. Given the small space, a white crib and a beige cape on beside it completes the look, still, a very small, cozy and beautiful style for your baby girl’s bedroom. 

36. Baby Girl Nursery Ideas on A Budget

36 baby girl nursery ideas

With parents on a tight budget, this is recommended for you. This bedroom has a small space and a classy wallpaper which makes up this bedroom design. Also, the placement of a small closet and crib aligned together makes it simpler. Unlike other designs, there are no other elements put together given the tight budget.

37. Glow in the Dark

37 baby girl nursery ideas

This style is a two in one bedroom where the crib is aligned to another bed where the mom could rest while taking care of her little one.

This one is very interesting since in the light, it can be very simple to look but in the dark, there is so much going on given the glow in the dark effect of this style. Also recommendable to mommies who are not very artsy.


Aside from the ideas that we have covered, there are also decorative pointers that you should know of. Hence, the following are FAQs to remember whenever you are decorating your baby girl’s nursery. 

What do you put in a baby girl’s room?

There are definitive things that make a room girly and this extends even to baby girl’s rooms. Here are some things to consider if you are wondering about what to put in a baby girl’s room. 

  • Hang eye-catching prints of artwork: Artworks are a must in a nursery room. It serves as an eye catcher and can make the room unique given the different designs or patterns you put together. However, some 3D designs sometimes can be dangerous given the weight so make sure to put it away from the crib where the baby rests and plays or you can pick the ones that are lightweight.
  • Pick colorful nursery furniture: Pastel colors are inevitable in a girl’s nursery room. When creating a nursery room for your little one, pick the ones that are bright and complement all the other elements in your chosen style and design. The furniture put inside are the ones that are greatly recognized especially if it has vibrant colors. 
  • Use removable wallpaper: Using removable wallpapers is an advantage. When the baby grows and speaks the things she wants to put inside her room, it is best to use removable wallpapers. Also, for those who are fond of changing wall designs depending on the season or celebration, this is a recommendable activity for you. 
  • Incorporate colorful throw pillows: Next to your baby’s nesting place is a little living room where the parents can kill time while watching their little one, thus a need for beautiful and durable couches. To add something special to your couch or even sofa, choose a colourful throw pillow that can complement the furniture’s color. 
  • You can always bring in plants: Bedroom plants can make the room brighter. Thus, bringing in plants in your baby girl’s nursery room is very beneficial. Plants boost your mood, enhance your creativity, reduce your stress levels, increase your productivity, naturally filter air pollutants, and much more. 

How do you decorate a baby girl nursery?

At the same time, how do you arrange a baby girl nursery? Here is how. 

  • Get the color palette and theme right: Did you know that wrong color combinations often affect the quality of sleep of baby’s as well as their mood and temperament? Always make it a point to research on what color combinations are the best in stimulating visual acuity and induce better sleep patterns for babies because this factor is often taken for granted.
  • Create a space for a baby gym: This is a must have in a nursery room also. Baby girls, like all babies, should also have a ground where they can engage into fun activities, especially building muscles and improving their coordination at an early age. They are fond of recreational activities, thus the need for them to build strength. 
  • Create a comfortable seating area for you: In your baby’s nursery room, it is also a must to have a comfortable seating area for mommies for their mommy time and breastfeeding. This enables mommies to make meaningful bonding given the limited time because mommies have a lot to do other than babysitting the baby. 
  • Go for storage baskets: Storage baskets save space. This is where you put the important things your baby needs. Instead of buying a big cabinet for your baby’s clothing and other needs, you may opt for storage baskets. 
  • Make your change table accessible: Changing tables are very important in a nursery room. You will need this every now and then in changing your baby’s clothing and diaper so it is only a must that you make them available within your reach. Changing tables that are movable or placed beside your baby’s crib is more recommendable than putting it to a place just to blend to the overall look of your baby’s bedroom. 


Creating the perfect nursery room for your baby girl entails so much effort and thinking. But when running out of ideas, think of all the beautiful and happy things your baby can give and you will be able to come up with the perfect nursery room for your little one.

Nurseries are the perfect nesting place that babies shall look back on when they are older. Make sure that this room is something worth keeping for years.