10 Best Bed Bug Spray: 2024 Top Picks for Effective Elimination

Last Updated on February 2, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Bed bugs have become a notorious problem in many households, causing discomfort and requiring prompt, effective solutions. This type of pest can be notoriously difficult to eliminate, as they are resilient, reproduce quickly, and can hide in even the smallest of crevices.

Ensuring a good night’s sleep free from these biting insects often comes down to finding a reliable bed bug spray. These sprays are formulated to kill bed bugs on contact, and some offer residual effects to continue killing bed bugs for a while after application.

When seeking the best bed bug spray, it’s important to consider several factors. The spray’s effectiveness is paramount, and this often depends on the active ingredients used in the formulation. Many sprays contain chemicals like pyrethroids or neonicotinoids, while others might use natural substances such as essential oils.

The safety profile of the spray is equally critical, especially for use in environments with children and pets. Non-toxic, pesticide-free options are available and might be preferable for those with health concerns.

Apart from efficacy and safety, ease of use is another consideration. Sprays should reach into cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide, and some products feature nozzles designed for this purpose. The scent of the spray can also be a deal-breaker for sensitive individuals, so unscented or naturally scented options might be preferred. Understanding these variables and recognizing the specific needs of your situation is key to making the right choice.

With these considerations in mind, we meticulously assessed various bed bug spray options, focusing on their effectiveness, safety, ease of use, and user satisfaction to aid in selecting the most suitable product for your home. This takes us to the next section, where we will introduce and evaluate some of the best bed bug sprays currently available on the market.

Best Bed Bug Sprays

We’ve researched and tested a variety of bed bug sprays to provide you with a list that you can trust. Our focus is on effectiveness, ease of use, and safety, ensuring you can tackle any bed bug infestation with confidence.

Whether you’re dealing with a sudden outbreak or taking preventive measures, our selection promises reliable solutions for a bug-free environment.

1. Ortho Home Defense Max

Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Spray

We’ve come to trust Ortho Home Defense Max to combat bothersome bed bugs, fleas, and ticks in our home, thanks to its targeted action and user-friendly design.


  • Effectively eliminates bed bugs at all life stages
  • The Comfort Wand makes application simple and precise
  • Versatile in killing a range of pests beyond just bed bugs


  • Strong scent may be unpleasant to some people
  • May require multiple applications for severe infestations
  • Not suitable for large-scale or outdoor use

Having recently faced a bed bug scare, we can vouch for the effectiveness of Ortho Home Defense Max. Its ability to kill those pesky critters right where they hide—mattress seams and baseboards—proved invaluable. The long-reaching Comfort Wand delivered the product into the tiniest cracks without leaving us with an aching back.

The fact that it tackles fleas and ticks too was a bonus for when our furry friends brought in some unwelcome visitors. Our peace of mind was restored knowing that we were hitting the bed bugs hard without harming our beloved pets.

However, we did notice the scent was fairly strong, so ventilation was key during application. Some particularly tenacious bugs necessitated a second round of treatment, but persistence paid off. This spray isn’t meant for outdoor use or industrial-scale problems, but as a household solution, it certainly meets our expectations.

Remember, always read labels and take precautions to ensure safety when using such products, especially if you have children or pets.

2. Harris Bed Bug Spray

Harris Bed Bug Spray

We believe that Harris Bed Bug Spray is a solid choice for those dealing with resistant bed bugs, thanks to its effective and long-lasting formula.


  • Eliminates even pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs
  • Offers a lengthy residual effect of up to 16 weeks
  • Odorless and non-staining, making it user-friendly


  • Using the entire can for thorough treatment can be costly
  • The leaky nozzle may cause minor inconvenience
  • Protective gloves are necessary due to potential skin irritants

After our recent encounter with bed bugs, we reached for Harris Bed Bug Spray, and the experience was quite the revelation. Upon the first use, it was apparent the spray was potent at killing bed bugs on contact. Its formula is specifically designed to combat pyrethroid-resistant strains, which are increasingly problematic.

The residual control is a standout feature. We observed it continued to deter bed bugs for several weeks after the initial application. This reassured us that the treated areas would remain bed bug-free for an extended period without constant reapplication.

While applying, we appreciated that the spray was unscented and didn’t stain the fabrics or surfaces in our home. However, we did use up the can quickly, which could add up if regularly dealing with infestations. Additionally, we suggest using gloves, as the spray, while effective, did irritate the skin when it came into contact with our fingers due to a small leak in the nozzle.

In conclusion, this Harris Bed Bug Spray became a reliable ally in our bed bug battle. It provided us with a much-needed solution, ensuring we could sleep soundly with the peace of mind that our home was bed bug-free.

3. MGK Crossfire Insecticide

Crossfire Insecticide

In our experience, MGK Crossfire Insecticide proves exceptional for tackling bed bug infestations effectively.


  • Targets all life stages of bed bugs, including resistant strains and eggs
  • Begins to act swiftly post-application, ensuring immediate relief
  • Approved for direct use on mattresses without staining or leaving a residue


  • Requires a sprayer, which is an additional purchase if one isn’t available
  • Initial odor might be noticeable, although temporary
  • Not available for shipping to all regions, such as New York

Having experienced the frustration of bed bug invasions first-hand, we found this product to deliver potent results. Its active ingredients quickly begin to work, proving its value right away. Mixing the concentrate as per the instructions resulted in a generous amount of spray, enough to treat our spaces thoroughly.

We applied the product directly to our mattress and were relieved to see it didn’t stain or leave any unwanted marks. The peace of mind that comes with the product being non-repellent is incomparable, eliminating worries about bed bugs possibly avoiding treated areas.

With a couple of treatments, the infestation was thoroughly controlled. Remember that persistence and following up with treatments as recommended are crucial in completely eradicating these pests. While we did need to invest in a sprayer, the effectiveness of Crossfire justified the purchase.

So, if you’re seeking a reliable solution to eliminate bed bugs and prevent future infestations, MGK Crossfire Insecticide is a strong contender that we’d confidently suggest.

4. Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer

Hot Shot Bed Bug Spray

If you’re facing a bed bug infestation, we’ve found that Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer can be an essential part of your pest control arsenal.


  • Effective at killing bed bugs and their eggs on contact
  • Leaves behind no stains or odors, maintaining your home’s cleanliness
  • The water-based formula is convenient for indoor spot treatment


  • May require persistent application for complete eradication
  • The spray nozzle provided can be difficult to use or may malfunction
  • Not a stand-alone solution; part of a larger bed bug treatment plan required

We recently had to tackle an unexpected bed bug problem, and Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer became our go-to spray. Its effectiveness is evident once applied to the usual hiding spots, such as mattress seams and tufts. The formula worked quickly, and we appreciated the absence of any lingering odors, as it allowed us to continue with our day without any discomfort.

Initial impressions are positive; we were particularly impressed by its non-staining nature. This was a relief since we applied it to various fabrics around the house, and there was no discoloration. The clear, water-based formula seemed potent against bugs, and we’ve noticed a significant reduction in bed bug sightings since the first use.

However, it’s become clear that this spray should be part of a comprehensive treatment strategy. Bed bugs are tenacious, and while Hot Shot helps in dealing with visible bugs, it’s not a silver bullet. We had to integrate it into a full pest control regimen to ensure that the bugs, especially the stealthy ones, were completely gone.

In sum, we believe that Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer is a solid choice for those of us in need of an immediate response to bed bug intrusions. When used consistently and in conjunction with other control methods, a peaceful and bug-free home can once again be yours. Remember, patience and persistence are key with this product.

5. HARRIS Bed Bug Killer

HARRIS Bed Bug Killer

We believe this bed bug spray should be a top choice for tackling infestations, owing to its effectiveness and long-lasting formula.


  • Efficiently eliminates bed bugs, including resistant varieties and their eggs
  • Begins working on contact, offering fast results
  • Odorless, non-staining, and safe for use around our homes and pets


  • Application nozzle sometimes dispenses larger droplets than preferred
  • Although it is EPA registered, always ensure compliance with label instructions to safeguard the health and pets
  • The upfront cost may be higher in comparison to other treatments

When we tried the HARRIS Bed Bug Killer, we noticed a significant difference immediately. Its claim to knock down bed bugs briskly held true; those pests didn’t stand a chance.

Using this spray in our bedrooms and around baseboards gave us peace of mind, especially since it didn’t leave any stains or odors behind. We appreciated that we didn’t have to vacate the premises or worry about any pungent smells.

Drawing on its promise of a long residual effect, we also found comfort in knowing that the sprayed areas would remain protected for weeks. We must admit, that regularly inspecting and possibly re-treating high-risk areas might be necessary, but that sure beats the alternative of constant vigilance without any protective measures.

6. Harris Toughest Bed Bug Killer

Harris Toughest Bed Bug Killer

We recommend this spray for its potent bed bug killing abilities and its extended protective period.


  • Effective on pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs
  • Fast-acting when applied directly
  • Protects surfaces for up to 16 weeks


  • Requires direct application for fast results
  • May need multiple applications for severe infestations
  • Gallon size might be more than needed for small jobs

We’ve gone hands-on with Harris Toughest Bed Bug Killer and can verify its efficiency against those pesky, resistant bed bugs. After treating our affected furnishings directly, we observed a rapid knockdown that genuinely impressed us. It was a relief not to notice any odors after application, given how sensitive we are to chemicals.

We’ve always been concerned about bed bugs finding their way back, but this formula has put our minds at ease. The residual killing effect is advertised to last up to 16 weeks, and from our experience, we didn’t see any signs of a resurgence during this period. It was like having an invisible shield in our home.

One detail we appreciate is the careful formulation that doesn’t stain fabrics. We treated our bedrooms without any discoloration to bedding or carpets, a testament to its non-staining promise. It’s a real advantage not having to worry about ruining our linens or upholstered furniture while being proactive against bed bug intrusions.

7. Hot Shot Bed Bug Spray

Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer

We found Hot Shot Bed Bug Spray to be a potent solution for tackling pesky bed bug infestations, ensuring a good night’s sleep.


  • Kills bed bugs and their eggs on contact, offering immediate relief
  • Odor-free formula makes it a bearable experience, even when sprayed liberally
  • Lasts up to 3 weeks on carpets, offering extended protection


  • Coverage may feel limited for severe infestations, necessitating multiple cans
  • Not suitable for large-scale or professional extermination efforts
  • Some users report bed bugs returning, indicating it may not work for all infestations

We recently gave Hot Shot Bed Bug Spray a whirl, targeting an unexpected bed bug problem we noticed along the baseboards and bedding. Its on-contact effectiveness was evident as we observed a quick decline in bed bug activity.

Although we were tackling a moderate issue, the spray provided an invisible shield around our mattresses and furniture. The best part? We were spared the common chemical stench, as the spray was completely odorless.

After repeated use over three weeks, along the perimeter of our room and on the bed frame itself, we noticed the space remained free of bed bugs and other crawlies. It proved to be a steadfast ally in our battle against these unwanted guests.

However, we did go through the canister quicker than anticipated, which is something to consider if dealing with a larger infestation. We’d say Hot Shot is excellent for prompt, localized problems, but for more extensive issues, you might need additional measures. It’s always a good idea to have an extra can on hand or to look into complementary solutions.

We’ve been through a few different bed bug solutions, but Hot Shot Bed Bug Spray has earned its place in our pest control arsenal. If you’re facing a similar nuisance, it’s worth giving it a shot. Just remember to assess the severity of your situation and possibly combine it with other treatments for a comprehensive defense.

8. Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

We recommend this spray for a natural and effective solution to bed bug infestations.


  • Fast-acting upon direct contact with bed bugs
  • Leaves no stains on bedding or sheets
  • Safe for use around children and pets due to natural ingredients


  • May require multiple applications for heavy infestations
  • Scent may be unpleasant to some users, despite being unscented
  • Potentially less effective than chemical alternatives for severe problems

We’ve been on the lookout for a bed bug solution that wouldn’t leave harmful residues where we sleep. Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer stood out because it’s plant-based, which gave us peace of mind considering the safety of our family and pets.

When we first tried it out, the spray acted swiftly. It was reassuring to watch as bed bugs of all life stages succumbed to the formula upon contact. We treated our linens, mattress, and even the bed frame without any discoloration or damage to the fabric.

What we especially liked was that the process didn’t involve clearing out the room for hours on end due to toxic fumes or odors. Sure, the natural scent wasn’t the most pleasant, but compared to the aroma of chemical pesticides, it was far less intrusive. However, remember that significant infestations could demand a few additional applications over time, which was the case in our heavily affected guest room.

9. EcoLogic Bed Bug Spray

EcoLogic Bed Bug Killer

We found that EcoLogic Bed Bug Spray is a well-rounded solution for those aiming to tackle bed bug issues using a more natural approach.


  • Uses naturally derived lemongrass and cornmint oils for a pleasant scent and a chemical-free approach
  • Specifically targets pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs and eggs, enhancing its effectiveness
  • Approved for safe use around kids and pets when following the instructions


  • May require repeated applications for persistent or large-scale infestations
  • The strong scent, while pleasant, may be overpowering for some users
  • Not a full substitute for professional extermination in severe cases

After using the EcoLogic Bed Bug Spray around the baseboards and in the crevices of our furniture, we noticed an immediate reduction in live bed bugs.

Its easy-to-apply nozzle made treating our space a breeze, even reaching those tougher spots behind the bed frame and alongside the mattress seams. Furthermore, we took comfort in knowing the ingredients are clearly listed on the label, allowing us to be mindful of what we’re introducing to our home environment.

While using this product, we especially appreciated how it didn’t introduce an overpowering chemical odor; instead, it left behind a mild, refreshing lemongrass aroma. This reassured us that we weren’t sacrificing air quality for effectiveness. The peace of mind knowing that it’s crafted to be safe around our beloved pets and children was a considerable plus.

Despite our satisfaction with the results, we did notice that some particularly stubborn bed bugs seemed to persevere, showing that this spray might be better as part of a more extensive treatment strategy rather than a standalone solution. For those with a minor issue or looking to prevent one during travels, we recommend tossing a bottle of this in your luggage. Keep in mind, though, that an exterminator might still be necessary in the case of a full-blown infestation.

10. JT Eaton Bed Bug Killer

JT Eaton 209-W1G Bed Bug Killer

After thorough testing, we found this bed bug spray to be a mighty ally in the war against pests, with reassuring longevity in its protective barrier.


  • Immediate effect on a variety of insects, not just bed bugs
  • Lasting residual protection for peace of mind
  • The application is straightforward and fuss-free


  • The spray pattern may be inconsistent, requiring a separate spray bottle
  • Not suitable for those preferring natural or chemical-free solutions
  • Some might find the need for reapplication after washing to be inconvenient

Upon the first sign of bed bugs, we’ve deployed JT Eaton’s solution with confidence. Its potency against these tiny invaders became apparent as soon as it was applied. The areas we treated remained safeguarded, thwarting any new attempts at infestation thanks to its staying power. This robust nature is a testament to the product’s quality formula.

We’ve been particularly impressed with the readiness of this spray. No mixing, no mess—just a targeted assault on the pests that allows for quick reclaiming of our space. Its odorless profile is also a huge plus, letting us carry on with our day without any lingering chemical smell to contend with.

Nevertheless, we encountered a minor challenge with the application. The included sprayer didn’t distribute the treatment as evenly as we hoped, but a simple transfer to a finer misting bottle remedied this hiccup. Even though it’s chemical-based, the peace of mind it grants, knowing our living spaces are protected, is invaluable.

Buying Guide

When selecting the best bed bug spray, it’s important to consider several key features that determine the effectiveness and safety of the product.

Types of Sprays

We first need to understand the types of sprays available:

  • Chemical Sprays: Often contain insecticides like pyrethroids that kill bed bugs on contact.
  • Natural/Organic Sprays: Use ingredients like essential oils, which are less toxic to humans and pets.


Safety is paramount when choosing bed bug sprays.

  • Toxicity: Opt for sprays with lower toxicity levels, especially if used around children and pets.
  • EPA Approval: Look for sprays that are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, indicating they have been evaluated for safety and effectiveness.


The efficacy of the spray is critical to effectively eliminating bed bugs.

  • Residual Effect: Consider sprays with a residual effect, which continue to kill bed bugs for a period after application.
  • Egg Kill: To prevent a recurring infestation, the spray should also be effective against bed bug eggs.


The ease of application can make a difference in how well the bed bug spray works.

  • Spray Mechanism: A comfortable and reliable spray mechanism ensures even application.
  • Reach: Sprays should reach into cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide.

Odor and Staining

Lastly, consider the odor and staining potential of the bed bug spray.

  • Scent: Preferably choose a spray with a neutral scent to avoid lingering odors.
  • Non-staining: Ensure the spray does not leave stains on bedding, furniture, or carpets.

By evaluating these factors, we can make an informed decision to ensure the chosen bed bug spray is safe, effective, easy to apply, and minimally intrusive to our environment.

How We Picked and Tested Bed Bug Sprays

Bed bug sprays are a common chemical treatment for bed bug infestations. With many insecticide products on the market making performance claims, we rigorously tested leading bed bug sprays to determine which are most effective. Here is an overview of our bed bug spray testing methodology:

Controlled Lab Testing

We obtained samples of 10 popular bed bug spray products containing either synthetic or natural active ingredients. We applied sprays inside sealed containers harboring live bed bugs at various life cycle stages to evaluate insecticidal efficacy.

Key Test Factors

Speed of Kill

We assessed mortality rates at intervals from 4 hours up to 2 weeks after spray application. Fast knockdown received higher scores.

Residual Effectiveness

Bed bug sprays must keep working after application, so we observed mortality rates for 2 weeks post-application to simulate residual life.

Percentage of Kill

Our lab technicians visually inspected containers after 2 weeks and gave the highest scores to sprays killing over 90% of bed bugs.

Field Testing for Real-World Performance

In addition to controlled lab testing environments, we had pest management professionals field test bed bug sprays in infested bedrooms, hotel rooms, and apartments. We assessed bed bug reduction and ease of application during these real-world uses.

Final Recommendations

Based on the data and results from both our controlled lab experiments and field testing, we selected the top-performing bed bug spray products to recommend. When shopping for your own bed bug chemical treatments, reference our testing methodology and performance metrics to make the most effective purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to some of the most common inquiries regarding bed bug sprays, detailing their effectiveness, longevity, and recommended options for both home and travel use.

What is the most effective bed bug extermination method currently available?

The most effective method for exterminating bed bugs often involves a combination of heat treatments and insecticides. Amongst sprays, those containing pyrethrins and pyrethroids, as well as newer chemistry like neonicotinoids and insect growth regulators, are considered highly effective.

Which bed bug spray offers the longest-lasting protection?

Sprays with residual effects, such as those containing deltamethrin or other pyrethroids, can offer protection for weeks or even months. The longevity of protection varies by product, so it’s crucial to follow the label instructions for reapplication intervals.

Are there any natural or homemade remedies effective against bed bugs?

Natural remedies like diatomaceous earth and essential oils, such as tea tree oil, have been touted for bed bug control. While these may deter bed bugs to some extent, they’re generally less effective than professional-grade insecticides for complete eradication.

What are the top-rated bed bug sprays according to consumer reviews?

Consumer reviews often favor bed bug sprays that are easy to use, effective, and have minimal odor. Products from brands like EcoRaider, Bedlam, and Temprid have received high ratings for their efficacy in eliminating bed bugs.

How do professional exterminators tackle bed bug infestations?

Professional exterminators typically use a multi-faceted approach that includes inspection, manual removal, application of chemical treatments, and often heat treatment. They might utilize stronger insecticides and equipment than what’s available to consumers.

Can you recommend a reliable bed bug spray suitable for use while traveling?

We recommend choosing a travel-sized bed bug spray that’s EPA-registered and has been tested specifically for use on luggage and sleeping areas. Sprays like Travel Hygea Natural or JT Eaton Kills Bedbugs are designed for safe use around personal belongings.


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