10 Best Steamers For Bed Bugs: Top Picks for Effective Pest Control

Last Updated on February 2, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Bed bugs are a persistent problem that homeowners and travelers alike dread. These tiny pests can wreak havoc anywhere, from the most meticulous households to the finest hotel rooms. They not only cause itching and discomfort but also pose a challenge to eradicate.

In the crusade against bed bugs, steamers have become a popular and effective weapon. The high-temperature steam they emit is lethal to bed bugs and their eggs without using chemicals, making it an eco-friendly and health-conscious choice for many.

Choosing the right steamer is pivotal in the fight against these pests. A good steamer for bed bugs should reach a temperature of at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit, the critical point at which bed bugs and their eggs begin to perish.

Another vital feature to consider is the steamer’s ability to produce a dry vapor. A dry steam minimizes the amount of moisture left behind, which is crucial since excessive dampness can lead to mold growth or damage to certain materials.

When purchasing a steamer for bed bug eradication, potential buyers should consider tank capacity and steam pressure. A larger tank allows for longer operation times without refills, thus providing hassle-free, continuous steaming across larger areas.

High steam pressure ensures the steam penetrates cracks and upholstery where bed bugs like to hide. Equally important is the assortment of attachments that can help direct the steam accurately and safely into tiny spaces, seams, and fabric folds.

Having assessed a variety of steamers on the market, we understand the importance of choosing one that not only delivers high-temperature steam but is also user-friendly and versatile.

Our thorough analysis aims to ensure that you can make an informed decision, selecting a steamer that will offer the most effective and efficient defense against bed bugs.

Top Steamers for Eliminating Bed Bugs

Our thorough research has led us to compile a list of the most effective steamers for tackling bed bug infestations.

We understand the importance of finding reliable tools that deliver results without causing damage to your belongings.

The steamers we’ve selected offer a variety of features to suit different needs and preferences, ensuring that you can find the ideal match for your situation.

Whether you’re dealing with a minor problem or a widespread infestation, these steamers have been evaluated for their efficacy, ease of use, and safety.

1. McCulloch Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner

McCulloch MC1385

After thoroughly putting the McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner to the test, we’ve found it to be a formidable foe against household dirt and stubborn bed bugs.


  • Thoroughly eliminates grime and sanitizes surfaces using hot, pressured steam.
  • Includes a comprehensive suite of 23 accessories for various cleaning tasks.
  • Generous 64-ounce water tank capacity for extended use without frequent refills.


  • Initial heating time may test your patience.
  • Bulky size might challenge storage options in smaller spaces.
  • The power cord and steam hose, though lengthy, could be cumbersome during use.

We’ve used the McCulloch MC1385 across multiple cleaning scenarios, and its versatility is its strongest suit. Specifically tackling bed bugs, the high-pressure steam reaches deep into fabrics and crevices, proving lethal to these pests without the need for harsh chemicals.

Our experience confirms the feedback from myriad users praising its efficacy in sanitizing surfaces and leaving areas spotless.

However, our expectations for immediate action needed to be tempered, as the wait for the water to heat can feel a bit lengthy. Yet once ready, the steam cleaner performs with gusto, making the wait often worth it.

The capacious water tank stands out, enabling us to sustain a cleaning session beyond an hour without the need to refill. This convenience is ideal for extensive, uninterrupted sessions when facing a significant bed bug predicament, proving the device’s design is tailored for serious, deep cleaning.

Utilizing the McCulloch MC1385 was straightforward, albeit with a slight learning curve to maximize all the accessories provided. Maneuvering the unit, our agility was tested; negotiating the substantial cord and hose length took some getting used to.

In essence, if battling bed bugs or deep cleaning is your aim, this substantial steamer packs the necessary punch. Its design leans towards heavy-duty use, recommending it for those with ample storage and who value performance over quick, casual cleaning sessions.

2. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

We believe this steam cleaner is a stellar choice for anyone needing a chemical-free way to extensively sanitize their home and eliminate bed bugs efficiently.


  • Exceptional disinfection capabilities with no chemicals required
  • Quite the workhorse; a single fill lasts us almost an hour of cleaning
  • Versatile for various cleaning tasks beyond just bed bugs


  • Initial steam production takes longer than advertised
  • Steam hose needs a warm-up period to reach optimal temperature
  • May require multiple passes on grout for the best results

In our use, the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner has proven itself to be an indispensable tool against bed bugs and in general, a fantastic all-rounder for home cleaning.

The ease of maneuverability and its capacity to generate high-temperature steam, up to 275°F, has enabled us to tackle not just bed bugs but also grime and grease on a multitude of surfaces.

With an ample tank size, we were impressed by how long we could clean without the need for a refill—nearly 50 minutes in our experience. Although it’s stated to heat up in 8 minutes, we’ve found it typically takes a bit longer; however, the wait is worth it considering the cleaning power it wields once it’s ready.

As regular users, we’ve come to appreciate its simplicity in exchanging accessories and how it takes everyday towels and cloths, saving us the trouble of purchasing specific pads.

The steamer is indeed powerful, but for certain tasks like grouting cleaning, a little patience and a second pass may be required to achieve pristine results. The hose also needs a brief period to reach the right temperature before it can emit the hottest steam, but once it does, the performance is top-notch.

3. Goyappin 2500W Steam Cleaner

Goyappin 2500W Steam Cleaner

We think the Goyappin 2500W makes for a strong consideration, especially if you require a steamer that hits high temperatures quickly to tackle bed bugs and stains.


  • Heats up quickly, reaching high temperatures in just 15 seconds
  • Multiple brush attachments enhance its versatility for different cleaning tasks
  • The compact and portable design makes it easy to move around the home


  • The absence of a built-in water tank may require an additional water source to operate effectively
  • Short hoses could limit reach and convenience for some users
  • The petite print of the instructions might prove troublesome to read

Harnessing the steam power of this Goyappin model energized our cleaning spree, especially with its speedy heat-up time. In mere moments, it was battle-ready against unwelcome bed bugs and stubborn, greasy stains.

Throw in its multi-brush arsenal, and we tackled a variety of surfaces from grout to upholstery with relative ease.

Yet, mobility took a hit with the need for constant proximity to a water bucket, which cluttered our space and dampened efficiency. We longed for longer hoses to extend our reach and streamline the cleaning process. This niggle stood out in rooms that required significant maneuvering, like the bathroom and kitchen.

The instruction manual’s readability was likewise a hurdle; squinting down at the fine print was no fun. Still, in our hands-on experience, we found that once you’re past these initial bumps, the Goyappin steam cleaner puts on a robust show against critters and grime all over the home.

4. Electrolux Steamer

Electrolux Portable Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer

We find this Electrolux Steamer indispensable for quickly tackling wrinkles and refreshing clothes without the hassle of an ironing board.


  • Heats up remarkably fast for a quick start
  • The continuous 18-minute steam allows for steaming multiple garments in a row
  • Handy auto shut-off feature for enhanced safety


  • The water tank could be small for someone with a lot of steaming to do
  • Might feel a tad heavy for extended use
  • The cord, while long, may still require an extension in some setups

After having used this steamer ourselves on a variety of fabrics, we were pleased by its exceptional performance. It’s particularly handy when we’re in a rush, given that it heats up in less than 30 seconds.

We breezed through several shirts and a couple of thicker jackets thanks to the ample steam time the sizable water tank provides.

Its design impressed us as well; the steamer is thoughtfully crafted to be user-friendly. The ceramic soleplate glided smoothly over different materials, and the fabric brush proved to be a valuable addition for heavier fabrics. Moreover, we appreciate the peace of mind the auto shut-off feature gives us when we’re multitasking and lose track of time.

Portability is another strong suit of this steam machine. Despite its fuller size, it’s compact enough to be considered for travel – a feature that’s been a lifesaver for our last-minute trips. The convenience of having a portable garment care tool that doubles as a wrinkle remover and a clothing iron cannot be overstated.

Some buyers might find refilling the water tank between sessions a little inconvenient if they have a mountain of clothes to de-wrinkle. Also, after some time of holding the steamer, we noticed the weight became more noticeable, which could be an issue for some users during lengthy steaming sessions.

The cord length is generous, but in larger rooms, we had to ensure we were close to an outlet or use an extension cord.

To sum it up, our hands-on experience with the Electrolux Steamer confirms that it’s a reliable companion for most fabric care needs. It’s a robust tool that strikes a good balance between efficacy and design, albeit with a few considerations regarding its tank size and weight when used extensively.

5. Wagner 915e Power Steamer

Wagner 915e Steamer

We found the Wagner 915e Power Steamer to be an indispensable tool for natural, deep cleaning and wallpaper removal, thanks to its versatile design and robust steam output.


  • Handles a variety of tasks effortlessly, from cleaning grout to stripping wallpaper
  • Chemical-free cleaning — good for both the environment and your health
  • Extended run time with a full tank provides ample time for thorough cleaning


  • The steamer gets quite hot, so periodic breaks are necessary for safety
  • Takes a moment to build up steam, requiring a bit of patience at the startup
  • The hose and attachments can feel bulky during prolonged use

Tackling dirt and grime around the house has never been more straightforward. The steamer is a powerhouse, easily cutting through layers of grease with just distilled water. The high-temperature steam not only cleans but also sanitizes, making it a perfect choice for homes with children and pets. We particularly appreciate not having to rely on harsh chemicals.

Conveniently, we found the 915e both lightweight and easy to maneuver, which is crucial when moving from room to room. The ample assortment of nozzles lets us reach into the trickiest corners and crevices, making it an excellent option for detailed cleaning tasks.

One point to mention, after an extensive session, we noted it’s wise to give the unit a break, as the steamer’s handle gets pretty warm. Starting up does test our patience slightly, as it takes a moment to prepare the steam. However, once it gets going, the performance is impressive. The attachments, while comprehensive, do add to the bulkiness of the product; however, this is a small trade-off for the utility offered.

In our hands-on experience, the Wagner 915e Power Steamer has proven itself to be a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about deep cleaning or wallpaper removal.

6. HAIMIM Handheld Steamer

HAIMIM Steamer

We think this HAIMIM steamer is a must-buy for anyone tackling bed bugs, thanks to its powerful steam output and versatility.


  • Effortlessly cleans with a high-pressure 2500w steamer
  • Ample 1L tank supports an hour of uninterrupted use
  • No need for harsh chemicals, providing a safer cleaning experience


  • Brushes may degrade with heat, potentially marking surfaces
  • Sometimes spits excess water which might require a cleanup
  • The steam may not reach high enough temperatures for some tasks

When we used the HAIMIM handheld steamer, upholstery and bed linens were refreshed and appeared renewed, suggesting that it could have a severe impact on bed bug populations.

Its steam output efficiently penetrates fabrics to disrupt bed bug habitats, and we value the chemical-free operation, which harmonizes with our health-conscious perspective.

Navigating around furniture and confined spaces with its extensive 2.2-meter cord was a breeze, making it easier to target specific areas without being tethered too close to the outlet. The maneuverable design made us feel like we had a professional cleaning tool in the comfort of our home, elevating the overall tidiness.

We endorse the HAIMIM steamer as an effective means to combat bed bugs, but we suggest being mindful of the surfaces you’re treating. While troublesome, occasional water ejection and the need for potentially replacing brushes are minor inconveniences relative to the powerful cleaning abilities this steamer packs.

7. Bissell SteamShot Cleaner

Bissell SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner

We find the Bissell SteamShot ideal for those needing an easy, chemical-free way to tackle small areas with stubborn grime.


  • Exceptionally easy to tackle tough grime on various surfaces
  • Chemical-free cleaning that’s safe around children and pets
  • Supports Bissell Pet Foundation with each purchase


  • Limited water tank capacity necessitates frequent refills for larger tasks
  • Heat-up time can slow down the workflow
  • The power cord can be restrictive for some cleaning scenarios

Fresh off using the Bissell SteamShot, the experience reaffirmed our belief in the power of steam for household cleaning. The tight stream of hot vapor effortlessly dissolved grime from our bathroom’s shower doors and tackled kitchen grease like it was nothing.

Its seven different attachments meant we always had the right tool for every nook and cranny, from grout lines to microwave interiors.

The steam trigger gives us control over the steam’s intensity, which is crucial when moving between delicate areas and those requiring a more aggressive touch. This device handles the latter brilliantly, as the high-pressure steam works wonders on tough spots.

On the downside, the water reservoir capacity had us refilling more often than we would’ve liked, especially when we were on a roll with our spring cleaning. Plus, being tethered to a power outlet added a minor inconvenience, especially when dealing with hard-to-reach areas.

In conclusion, the Bissell SteamShot proves to be a mighty ally against dirt and grime, combining powerful steam with user-friendly features. While it may require occasional pauses to refill, the machine helps us steam through our chores while also doing a bit of good for homeless pets.

8. PurSteam Handheld Steamer

PurSteam Portable Steam Cleaner

After putting it to the test in various cleaning scenarios, we recommend this steamer for its convenience and effectiveness in refreshing fabrics and cleaning up around the house.


  • Lightweight design enhances portability
  • Heats up swiftly for quick cleaning sessions
  • Versatile with a comprehensive 9-piece accessory set


  • Limited water tank capacity means frequent refills for larger jobs
  • May not work well for extended operation if you need constant steam
  • High steam pressure is not suited for all materials; caution is necessary

In our recent experience with the PurSteam Handheld Steamer, we’ve found it to be a handy companion against bed bugs and for general home sanitization. The ease with which we could maneuver around tight spaces made it particularly useful for treating upholstered furniture and bedding, traditionally difficult areas to clean.

We appreciated how quickly the steamer readied itself for action, noticeably speeding up our cleaning routine. Its compact size did not compromise its power, and we tackled multiple small tasks efficiently. More so, the array of included attachments made it a breeze to switch from freshening kitchen appliances to steaming drapery.

Notably, during prolonged cleaning sessions, we did need to refill the water tank multiple times, which some could see as a slight inconvenience. Also, while its robust steam output was excellent for sanitation purposes, we remained mindful of the materials we were treating to avoid any heat damage.

Despite these considerations, the lightweight and fast heating features of this steamer still stood out as positive highlights in our day-to-day usage.

9. Gribouillage Portable Steamer

Gribouillage 2500W Portable Steam Cleaner

If you’re seeking a solution to tackle tough bed bug infestations and stubborn stains, this portable steam cleaner promises high temperature and convenience.


  • The absence of an internal tank adds versatility by using any water source.
  • Its powerful 2500W output generates steam within seconds.
  • Portability and an array of brushes really enhance cleaning flexibility.


  • The lack of integrated water storage might be less convenient for some.
  • Learning to operate may have a steeper curve without clear instructions.
  • The product’s durability and long-term performance are not yet proven.

Upon our first use, we were quickly taken by the Gribouillage Steam Cleaner’s swift heat-up time. The high pressure and temperature that this steamer delivers appear potent enough to penetrate and banish even the most persistent bed bugs.

Switching between the multiple brush attachments, we effortlessly transitioned from large-scale surfaces to intricate nooks and crannies.

We noticed the clever design that bypasses the need for an internal water tank, which can typically be a hassle to refill. By simply placing the hose in a large bucket, we were spared the constant interruption of stopping to top up the water, although this setup might not appeal to those preferring a traditional built-in tank.

One challenge we encountered was the lack of clear instructions, which could pose an initial frustration. Moreover, the product’s recent introduction to the market means its longevity and continued performance are ripe for scrutiny. Caution and proper aftercare will likely be crucial for maintaining its condition over time.

10. Phueut Natural Steam Cleaner

Phueut Steam Cleaner

After our hands-on experience, we believe the Phueut Natural Steam Cleaner is a solid choice for those in need of tackling bed bugs and deep cleaning without chemicals.


  • Impressive heat-up speed, ready in minutes
  • Variety of accessories for different cleaning tasks
  • Lightweight and highly portable for ease of use


  • Limited steam duration may require frequent refills for larger tasks
  • Some attachments may not be as durable as expected
  • Safety cap can be tight immediately post-use

The Phueut Natural Steam Cleaner surprised us with its quick heat-up time, eliminating the usual wait associated with steam cleaning. In our testing, the 230℉ steam effortlessly loosened grime and grease on various surfaces. We zipped through cleaning tasks without the worry of harsh chemicals, a bonus for homes with kids or pets.

Carrying this device around the house was no problem at all. Its compact size allowed us to maneuver into all the nooks and crannies, and trust us, bed bugs had nowhere to hide. The selection of attachments in the box contributed majorly to our success, from refreshing the upholstery to restoring the sparkle in the tile grout.

One must admit, however, that while the tank capacity supports uninterrupted cleaning, it’s a balancing act when larger areas are concerned. Also, although we found most accessories up to the task, a few showed signs of wear after several uses—a consideration for the heavy-handed cleaner. And a quick note: be patient when unscrewing the safety cap after use to avoid a heat-related mishap.

Buying Guide

When selecting the best steamer for bed bugs, we need to consider several important features. It’s about finding a balance of effectiveness, ease of use, and safety.

Size and Weight

  • Compactness: A smaller unit is more maneuverable.
  • Weight: Lighter models are easier to handle, particularly when treating multiple rooms or spaces.

Heat Output

  • Temperature: Look for steamers that reach at least 200°F, as bed bugs and their eggs are exterminated at 122°F.
  • Consistency: A steady steam flow is crucial in ensuring thorough treatment.

Tank Capacity

  • Volume: A larger tank reduces refill frequency but can increase the weight.
  • Running Time: Preferably, the steamer should operate long enough to treat an area without refilling.

Safety Features

  • Automatic Shut-Off: Overheating protection ensures a safer operation.
  • Pressure-Control Mechanisms: Regulating steam pressure helps prevent accidents and damage to surfaces.

Ease of Use

  • Handling: Ergonomic designs make prolonged use less tiresome.
  • Attachments: Multiple nozzle types allow for the treatment of different areas and surfaces.


  • Budget: Cost-effectiveness is key, balancing initial investment with operating efficiency and durability.

By keeping these criteria in mind, you’re more likely to choose a steamer that effectively combats bed bugs while providing a good user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our extensive experience with bed bug treatment, we’ve identified some key questions that users often have when it comes to steamers for bed bug eradication. Below, we address these crucial queries with informed insights.

What factors should I consider when choosing a steamer for bed bug treatment?

When selecting a steamer, consider steam temperature, which should be at least 200°F to effectively kill bed bugs. Tank capacity, to ensure longer operation times, and ease of use, including maneuverability and attachment availability, are also vital factors.

How does steam treatment compare to other methods for eliminating bed bugs?

Steam treatment is a non-toxic alternative that is often preferred for immediate results and its ability to penetrate fabric and cracks without chemical residues. It kills bed bugs on contact, unlike pesticides which may require repeated use and can pose health risks.

Are there specific features that make a steamer more effective at killing bed bugs?

A good steamer for bed bugs should have a high-heat output, a fine-tip nozzle to target nooks and crannies, and continuous steam flow capability. Proper heat and pressure are essential to reach into hiding places and ensure bed bug extermination.

Can any kind of steam cleaner be used to get rid of bed bugs or is a particular type recommended?

Not all steam cleaners are suitable for bed bug removal. Dry vapor steam cleaners with at least 200°F temperature at the tip are generally recommended as they produce high-temperature steam with low moisture content, preventing mold growth while effectively killing bed bugs.

What safety precautions need to be taken when using a steamer to control bed bug infestations?

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Use protective clothing to prevent burns, ensure good ventilation during the process, and be cautious around electrical outlets and devices. Allow surfaces to dry completely to avoid mold and mildew formation.

How can I ensure that the steam penetrates effectively to kill bed bugs in all life stages?

To ensure effective penetration, use a nozzle that produces a thin, directed steam flow and go over the area slowly. It’s crucial to treat all potential hiding spots thoroughly, including mattress seams, furniture joints, and baseboards, to reach every life stage, from eggs to adult bed bugs.


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