20 Best Crochet Lamp Shade Free Patterns for 2024

Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Are you exhausted by the sight of your tired lampshade? Did you know that a simple crochet fabric can effortlessly revamp its appearance? If you desire to bestow your living space with a touch of elegance by enhancing your lampshade, we invite you to explore these exceptional designs.

20 Crochet Lamp Shade Free Patterns

1. Crochet Bobble Stitch Lampshade

crochet bobble stitch lampshade

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The elegance that crochet fabrics add to lampshades cannot be overemphasized. If you want a pocket-friendly design to add some spice to your living space, here is an idea for you. The crochet perfectly overshadows the bulb such that the reflection of light that is seen is the fabric pattern of the crochet. 

2. Shadow Play Lampshade

2 crochet lamp shade free pattern

Here is a work of art that is perfect for your interior decoration. This idea is pocket-friendly and easy to make.

3. Red Beaded Lampshade

red beaded lampshade


Elevate the aesthetic allure of your lampshades with this sophisticated and vibrant design. Crafted with ease and affordability in mind, it is an exquisite addition to your interior decor, allowing you to effortlessly enhance the eclectic ambiance of your home or office space.

4. Crochet Flower Lampshade

crochet flower lampshade


Are you looking to color your lampshade with a more fun look? Worry no more this is just the right design for you. The colorful flowers on the crochet make it a point of attraction as it glows. 

5. Pendant Hanging lamp Crochet Chandelier

pendant hanging lamp crochet chandelier


The limit to the elegance a crochet fabric brings to the table cannot be reached as is evident in this design. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly way to make a chandelier, you have got it right there. Crochet fabric is magic.

6. Lovely Lampshade Cover

lovely lampshade cover


Crocheting your lampshade not only beautifies your living space it also fits your lamp’s shape and size. The pattern of this crochet fabric gives a stylish and fashionable look as you seek to upgrade your home.

7. Funky Lamp Yarnbomb

funky lamp yambomb


If you are looking to give your lampshade a funky look, go with this idea. A crochet fabric suits whatever form you want it. Your interior design can’t go wrong with this design.

8. Crochet Granny Stripe Lampshade

crochet granny stripe lampshade


Colorful crochets are the perfect makeover choice for your lampshades. They help make the lamp glow differently which in turn upgrades the attractiveness of the room.

9. Globe Crochet

9 crochet lamp shade free pattern


What a beauty! You know how it is said that the earth is round here is round crochet that fits the shape and size of this globe. You could gift this to a friend or family that loves such.

10. Crochet Bobble Stitch Lampshade

crochet bobble stitch lampshade 1


Crochet fabrics on lampshades the lamp an amazing look and this is no different. This would have just been a white bulb but with this crochet, it becomes a stylish crochet lamp.

11. Motif Lampshade

11 crochet lamp shade free pattern

This design has a simple repeating pattern. The crochet perfectly overshadows the bulb such that the reflection of light that is seen is the fabric pattern of the crochet. 

12. Crochet a Light Shade

crochet light shade


An amazing fact about crochet fabrics is that it can be made into the thing you want it to. This crochet fabric is made to serve as a chandelier. This could have been an ordinary light but with crochet, fabric comes elegance.

13. Crochet Hanging lamps

13 crochet lamp shade free pattern

If you have a series of hanging lamps and you don’t know how to upgrade it to look beautiful here is an idea for you. Crochet fabric is the magic that your hanging lamps need.

14. Aqua Lampshade

aqua lampshade


When you looking for your next interior decoration here is what you should consider. This colorful crochet brings beauty out of your ordinary white lamp. Brighten your home with this.

15. Macrame Lamp, Yarn

macrame lampshade


Maybe your lamps are lit and you are just looking for that little extra you can do, here is a design for you.

16. Crochet lampshade with Fringed Border

16 crochet lamp shade free pattern


Presented here is a timeless design that will elevate the aesthetic of your home. Crafted from crochet fabric, this lamp effortlessly embodies elegance. Allow your lampshades to exude sophistication and vibrant charm with this stunning addition.

17. Shell Lampshade

shell lampshade


Maybe you have a pretty big lamp and you don’t know how to go about decorating it, here is a suggestion for you. It is simple and suitable for such purposes. 

18. Dolly Lampshade Cover

dolly lampshade cover


Are you looking for a dolly-like crochet design for your lampshade? Look no more we have a design for you. It is colorful and stylish. The color mix of this crochet fabric makes it a very interesting idea to try out.

19. Girly DIY Lampshade Crochet 

girty diy lampshade crochet


Are you in search of an exquisite feminine design ideal for gifting a lady who is redecorating her room or apartment? Look no further. Behold a vibrant, resplendent creation that is sure to captivate. This enchanting crochet fabric boasts a magnificent array of colors, seamlessly harmonizing with the existing color scheme of any abode.

20. Lampshade Pair

lampshade pair


What if you have a pair of lamps what kind of crochet fabric would fit? Here is it. Try out this design for such lamps.