30+ Awesome DIY Greenhouse Designs & Ideas

30 Beautiful DIY Green House Designs & Ideas

A greenhouse garden offers several advantages over a traditional garden. Regardless of the scale of your garden, these advantages can be availed. The idea of...
91+ Small Patio Decorating Ideas On a budget

91+ Small Patio Decorating Ideas on a Budget

An outdoor patio can get a lot of use in warm weather. Using decorative patio tile to create the patio design can make the...
How to build a raised vegetable garden bed

How to Build a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Create a user-friendly organic victory garden and save money at the grocery store. Raised bed vegetable gardens are great for small areas and are...

68+ Creative and Cheap Garden Edging Ideas

Garden edging offers many functions to your garden and to the entire aesthetic of your lawn, yards and the whole of the home, truth...
51 Front Yard Landscaping Garden Ideas

51 Stunning Front Garden and Landscaping Ideas You’ll Love

  Discover these 51 photos and ideas of front yard landscaping ideas (small, simple and low maintenance) and get ones for your own garden. More landscaping...
Best Summery Pergola Ideas For Your Garden

36+ DIY Pergola Ideas With Low Budget For Your Garden

Pergolas or architectural arbors are a great addition to your exterior, drawing guests into its space. Backyard Pergolas Pergolas are often used in backyard spaces to...
Clever plastic bottle vertical garden ideas

29+ Clever Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden Ideas

Gardens are a great way to add natural beauty to any space. You can plant flowers or even grow essential ingredients for your kitchen. They...
Natural Spider Repellents: 7 Plants That Repel Spiders

Top 7 Plants That Repel Spiders

Though some people think that spiders are cute little animals and can be proven a very good pet, not everyone likes to have them...
Awesome fire pit are ideas for backyard

31+ Awesome Firepit Area Ideas For Your Outdoor Activities (Stone, Metal,...

Fall is coming. The weather is getting colder. What is more fun when surrounded with family, friends around the fire and enjoy BBQ. Fire...
7 Plants That Repel Ants

Top 7 Incredible Plants that Repel Ants

The worst thing ever that could happen to a garden is its disheveled look due to unknown insect attacks. A number of flies, mosquitoes,...
21+ Cheap Gardening Ideas | Gardening Ideas on a low budget

21+ Genius Gardening Ideas on Low Budget

Feeling the pinch of the economic slowdown, gardeners fear they won't be able to have as nice a garden this spring as they have...
111+ Awesome Retaining Wall Ideas

How to build a retaining wall

Building a retaining wall is one important task that can not be trivialized. If your mind is set on doing it, then you just...
25 DIY Outdoor Eyesore Hiding Ideas

23+ Best DIY Outdoor Eyesore Hiding Ideas

You're just as unhappy with the mess in your garden. From air conditioner, trash, lawnmower, faucet, ..; they are all necessary but break the...
Best backyard pavilion ideas

Top 33 Backyard Pavilion Ideas For Your Home

Does your backyard lack a centerpiece? There’s nothing wrong with just having a neat lawn, but there’s a lot to gain from erecting a...
Backyard Landscaping Ideas

75+ Backyard Landscaping Ideas & Trending Designs

The backyard of your home is always a very important part of your home. This part of your home is always ideal for planting...

65+ Simple and Inexpensive DIY Fence Ideas For Your Backyard, or...

There are a hundred reasons as to why you need a fence. Wherever you live, you need a fence because you don’t want unwanted...
21 Cheap floating deck ideas for your backyard

21 Easy and Cheap Floating Deck Ideas For Your Backyard

Looking for an idea for a place where your family and friends spend time together? Floating deck is the solution for you. If you buy...
22 Easy DIY Sun Shade Ideas for your Beautiful Backyard

25 Easy DIY Sun Shade Ideas for your Beautiful Backyard

Create a beautiful shaded retreat even when there isn't a big leafy tree canopy. Make outdoor rooms with a variety of simple garden and...
best galvanized stock tank pool ideas

16+ Awesome Galvanized Stock Tank Pool Ideas

Instead of spending a lot of money to buy a swimming pool for this summer, you can also build your own stock tank pool....
16+ DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack Ideas You Should Try

16+ Cheap & Easy DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack Ideas

Looking for a fun and creative DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack Idea? Check out 16 easy outdoor firewood rack ideas below.       source: fhf-pal.org source: suomela.fi source: instructables.com source: thewoodgraincottage.com   source: behance.net source: instructables.com source: freshpatio.com A Log Store source: littlehouseonthecorner.com Fire Log Holder source: projects.truevalue.com source: diydoneright.com   source: youtube.com source: bowerpowerblog.com source: homedit.com   source: welke.nl source: youtube.com Source
tree stump decorating ideas

How To Decorate a Tree Stump In Landscape (Tall & Short...

Tree stumps are ugly and may take longer time to rot and vanish, therefore here is how to get rid of that stump, without...
Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

35+ Best Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

Checking our mailboxes can sometimes be dreadful, especially when we are waiting for a result from an entrance exam in college that we just...
31 Ideas to repurpose your old door

31+ Creative Repurposed Old Door Ideas & Projects For Your Backyard

An old door may seem like a scrap but with some creativity you can create a new useful item for your home. It could...

20+ Creative Cinder Block Bench Ideas

A great way that you can accessorize your porch or yard is by having a bench. These can be made from different materials such...

48+ Types Of Ferns (Indoor, Outdoor, Aquarium) With Photos

In one word, ferns are prehistoric. This beautiful deep green, ground cover and now cultivated as indoor plant and ornamentals have been around for...
Best DIY Deck Railing Ideas

Top 30 DIY Deck Railing Ideas

Do you have a favorite outdoor space? If yes, could it be your backyard? Or your front porch? Or maybe it is your deck....
Dog friendly landscaping ideas

Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Dogs

Backyard landscaping can be beautiful even if a dog lives at the residence. Just keep garden design for pets in mind at the planning...
Landscaping Ideas Without Grass

Landscaping the Yard Without Grass: Alternatives to the Manicured Lawn

There are alternatives to cementing the yard when lawn maintenance becomes too frustrating. Personal preferences, price, and location, influence your choices. A grass lawn can...
Best garden globe ideas

15+ Cool Garden Globe Ideas

Looking for something cool to do for your garden? Take a look at these creative garden globe ideas from different materials (upcycled, concrete...). Related: Garden...

38+ Patio and Garden Floor Decorating Ideas With Patterns

Do you know that the outlook of your house is just as important has the indoor? Are you looking to renovate your floor or...
50 cottage style garden designs & plans ideas

50+ Stunning Cottage Style Garden Ideas to Create the Perfect Getaway...

Old-fashioned cottage gardens can be a treasured addition to a home and will deliver charms and delights season after season, with some attention to...

50+ Sloped Backyard Ideas On A Budget

Sloped backyards are blessings in disguise if you know what to do with them. The elevation gives unique angles and access in scenic views of...
best cinder block outdoor ideas

17+ Creative Cinder Block Outdoor Ideas

Cinder blocks are one of the most commonly used materials when making your home garden. They are sturdy and offer great barriers to your plants....
41 Zen garden ideas & designs

41+ Magical & Peaceful Zen Garden Ideas

A Zen garden is much more than designing with pile of rocks, sand, and bamboo plants. A Zen design garden is landscaping to re-create...
33+ Inspirational DIY Vintage Garden Decor Ideas

33+ Most Beautiful Vintage Garden Decor Ideas

The modern life is changing our life but cannot replace old values. Looking for vintage garden decor designs & ideas? Take a look at...
50+ DIY Patio Decoration Ideas

50+ DIY Patio Decoration Ideas For Spring & Summer

   More patio ideas: 91+ Small Patio Decorating Ideas on a budget Build a Tea Pot Fountain Get the tutorial at Hometalk. Al Fresco Dining Texas Back Patio Texas ranch source: savvysouthernstyle.net   source: amazinginterior.tumblr.com   source: archzine.fr   source: just88cents.club   source: finrum.se   source: theownerbuildernetwork.co   source: eleganthomes.xyz   source: thewhoot.com.au   Elegant Wooden Hanging...
37+ Funny DIY Garden Sign Ideas

37+ Creative & Funny Garden Sign Ideas That Will Make Your...

When looking for garden decoration ideas, you can not overlook the garden signs. Because they are simple and make a name for yourself. It's...
best diy wind chime ideas

17+ Best DIY Wind Chime Ideas

Below are over 17 awesome wind chimes tutorial that might interest you. 1. Colorful DIY Wind Chimes Source 2. Wind Chime Sun Catcher Stained Glass Up-cycled Source 3. Glass Mosaic Wind Chime Source 4....
best outdoor shower ideas

19+ Best DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas & Designs

Before conditioned environments such as houses and indoor bathrooms were invented for human comfort, people used to take shower out in the open. If, in...
creative ways to reuse old bricks

16+ Creative Ways To Use Old Bricks In Your Garden

Below are 16+ creative diy projects use old bricks that you can do this summer. 1. Make a garden bench and fire pit Source 2. Twisted garden...
27+ Clever Gardening Hacks that you never thought of

27+ Clever Gardening Hacks and Tricks That You Never Thought Of

Whether indoor or outdoor, gardens are a great way to beautify your home. You can plant a variety of plants, including some that you...

20+ Rustic Backyard Landscaping Ideas

What does the perfect backyard need? Some form of seating. Mood lighting? These are both important but how do you find your look? Rustic...
Whimsical garden & backyard ideas

29 Stunning Whimsical Garden Ideas

Everyone wants to spend their time outside, but what if you don’t have to go far away just to enjoy the wonderful scenery? If...
best backyard wedding ideas

21+ Beautiful Backyard Wedding Ideas For Your Perfect Day

Are you ready to get married? Even if the wedding date is already set, there are many other things to consider. Failing to prepare...
30+ Cute DIY Bird Bath Ideas That Will Enhance Your Yard

30+ Cute DIY Bird Bath Ideas To Enhance Your Garden

To make a DIY bird bath, all you need are a few simple materials and some creativity. So try 30+ Easy and Beautiful DIY Bird...
Garden Path Ideas

65+ Most Beautiful DIY Garden Path and Walkway Ideas

Consider these planting ideas to soften the appearance of a sidewalk or finish a pathway garden. Flowering plant groupings make beautiful landscaped walkways. Growing short...

18+ DIY Plastic Flower Pot Makeover Projects

Plastic flower pots are light and easy to move, but not all look attractive. But with these decorating ideas your flower pots can look...

24+ Creative Landscaping Ideas With White Gravel

You're wondering how do incorporate rocks in your garden, then you can consider using with white gravel. With a little effort and budget you...
18+ DIY Bamboo Craft Projects

18+ Stunning Bamboo Craft Projects Will Catch Your Eye

If you are looking for an alternative raw material wood to decorate your home, the bamboo is a wonderful option. It is a natural,...

118+ Different Types Of Succulents With Names, Photos For Indoors and...

Succulent plants have recently gained popularity as ornaments in indoor spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms and offices. Alongside this, we...

18+ Best Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas

Stamped concrete patios easily became one of the most sought-after architectural trends at the moment because, finally, we can add character to our usual...
How to build a PVC Pipe Garden Cover

How to Build a PVC Pipe Garden Cover

Winter is right around the corner, which means plants are going to become scarce. Unfortunately, a favorite meal of hungry deer during the winter...
25+ Creative Potting Bench Ideas to Make Gardening More Fun

25+ Cool Potting Bench Plans to Enjoy Gardening

    Source: littlevintagenest.com Source: hgtv.com Source: diyprojects.ideas2live4.com Source: karenz.nl Never Enough Thyme Source: onmyporch.blogspot.com Source: refreshliving.us Source: nyubadminton.info Source: funkyjunkinteriors.net Source: ourfifthhouse.com   Source: pinterest.com.au Source: marybethstimeforpaper.blogspot.com Source: realitydaydream.com   Source: hometalk.com Source: dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com Source: jardendesigns.blogspot.com Source: mutuellemoinschere.co Source: fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com Source: trendspanarna.nu Source: beyondthepicket-fence.com   Source: hymnsandverses.com Source: romancingthehomeltd.blogspot.com Source: refreshrestyle.com Source: refreshrestyle.com   Source: countryliving.com   Source: coolsparta.com Source: itsfashion.club Source: Etsy
Succulent Garden Ideas

57+ Best Succulent Garden Ideas with Tutorials (PICTURES)

  Looking for succulent ideas for your garden? Look at 57+ fascinating succulent garden ideas. You will definitely find them interesting. The succulents are an impeccable...
31+ Gorgeous Built-in Planter Box Ideas

31+ Gorgeous Built-In Planter Box Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Built-in planter is a great idea to help you improve your living space. For those who love gardening and green spaces but having a...

How to Get Rid of Spider Mites on Succulents

Because spider mites are too small for the naked eye to identify as a glance, they usually pass into many a garden without anyone...
58+ cool storage shed ideas

58+ Cool Storage Shed Ideas for your Garden

A storage shed is a place to store those things that are not used frequently. One can also keep unclean household material in a...
How to Rescue an Overwatered Plant

How to Rescue an Overwatered Plant

Overwatering is the most common cause of plant death. Luckily not only is it preventable, in many cases an overwatered plant can be saved....

How to Make a Tire Planter

Making your own flower pots from recycled tires is a great way to make your lovely garden greener. Learn how to make a tire...
37+ DIY Fairy Garden Ideas & Accessories for landscaping

37+ Inexpensive Miniature DIY Fairy Garden Ideas and Accessories For Landscaping

Looking for ideas to decorate your home garden? These ideas must be really unique to make your children enjoy and more importantly make them...

How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats on Succulents

Everything is going great. You have the most beautiful succulents on hand indoors, particularly the gorgeous Aeonium Kiwi and its unique rosettes that look...
Affordable compost bin ideas you can make your own

17+ Easy Affordable DIY Compost Bin Ideas

Composting is a natural process in which biodegradable matter such as food waste, garden waste, and human waste are broken down into smaller molecules...
DIY Outdoor Hanging Planter Design Ideas | DIY Hanging Planter Box

50 Cheap & Easy Outdoor Hanging Planter Ideas to Beautify Your...

Looking for decoration ideas for your garden as well as your front porch? Why not try the hanging planter? Hanging planter is suitable for...
best farmhouse plant decor ideas

22+ Farmhouse Indoor Plant Decor Ideas

Modern-day housing has become obsessed with nature and more so plants and for a good reason! A house with plants placed strategically in a...

18+ Best Backyard Seating Area Ideas and Designs

Below are 18+ beautiful backyard seating area ideas and designs that might interest you. 1. Beautiful Garden and Shed Source 2. Backyard space with colorful tomato cages Source 3....
35+ Creative and Cheap DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas You Need To Try

35+ Creative and Cheap DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas You Need To...

If you are not fond of crowds but still like to have fun, then an outdoor bar is a great addition to have in...
best downspout landscaping ideas

12+ Creative Downspout Landscaping Ideas

Take a look at these 12+ fun & easy downspout landscaping ideas. I hope you will love them and build your own one! #1. Artistic...
10 Low Maintenance houseplants for an office

Top 10 Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants for an Office that Thrive in...

Working in a typical office setup can become mundane. By adding a low maintenance houseplant, your work space will be less drab and become...
Perennial Flowers All Season: Perennial Garden Design Guide for Blooms in Spring Summer and Fall

Perennial Flowers All Season: Perennial Garden Design Guide for Blooms in...

Every perennial gardener wants a showy display of flowers all season from spring to fall. Here's how to get it. Follow this guide for...
Caring for mother-in-law's tongue plants

Caring for Mother-In-Law’s Tongue (Sansevieria): An Easy-Care Houseplant

Some people don't bother buying houseplants because they can't seem to keep them alive. Mother-in-Law's Tongue is the perfect choice for beginners. Sansevieria is one...
Ivy plants with facts

24+ Types Of Ivy Plants With Pictures

There is a long list of plants that you could grow and one of them is the Ivy plant. When treated right and grown with...

20 Best Privacy Trees For Your Backyard

For the privacy of your backyard and the sake of your mind, trees are such an eco-friendly way to create some coverage. Depending on...
Garden Edging Ideas: Shaping a lawn

Garden Edging Ideas: Shaping A Lawn With Slate Chippings

Superimposing a sharply outlined shape onto an ill-defined lawn area transforms the look of the whole plot. Geometric forms give a sharp, contemporary look...
25+ Pretty Backyard Lighting Ideas for Your Home

25+ Awesome Backyard Lighting Ideas for Your Home

The backyard is a great extension to have. It provides extra space for you, your family, and pets to partake in various activities. In...

27+ Best Beach-Style Backyard Ideas

This new trend is everywhere. As home décor it brings a much needed freshness and modern feel to any room. In the garden or...

25+ Arizona Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Arizona is a state of beautiful contrast. In the summer, it could feel like hell with the scorching desert heat but in the winter...
100+ DIY Backyard Pond Ideas

100+ Awesome DIY Backyard Pond Ideas for Your Garden

If you’ve been considering adding a water feature to your garden, but aren’t sure where to start, the 100 DIY backyard pond ideas below...
27 Up-cycled trellis ideas for your garden

27 Awesome Cheap Up-cycled Trellis Ideas For Garden

Instead buy a trellis for $10- $100. Why don't you make one yourself for your garden? Only with no longer used items such as...
best diy indoor plant wall projects & ideas

15+ Creative DIY Indoor Plant Wall Ideas

Looking for a unique plant wall for your home? Below are 15+ creative DIY indoor plant wall projects. You will learn step by step...
Creative Garden Stair and step ideas

31+ Creative Garden Step and Stair Ideas

To make steeply sloping properties accessible for outdoor use, it's sometimes necessary to grade terraced areas. These terraces can be reached by properly designed...
31 Flower Bed Ideas (Decorations & Designs)

31 Gorgeous Flower Bed Ideas to Try For Your Garden

Here are 31 beautiful flower bed designs that we've gathered from internet. You can choose one of these on this list and apply for...
Best concrete patio ideas for your backyard

28+ Best Concrete Backyard Patio Ideas

Stamped concrete is also known as imprinted and patterned. Used on patios, pool decks, walkways, and even driveways, it's a durable substitute for wood,...
How to get rid of spider mites using natural methods

Kill Spider Mites in the Garden: Control Mite Pests Using Organic...

Spider mites infest stressed garden plants and houseplants, especially in summer months. Control spider mites using natural organic pest control methods. Several species of spider...
best backyard projects for summer

20+ DIY Backyard Projects For Summer

Looking for amazing backyard projects for this summer? Take a look at these 20+ awesome ideas below that might interest you and your kids. 1....
31+ DIY Backyard Ideas For Kids

31+ Fantastic DIY Backyard Ideas for Kids This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, to help your child have a meaningful summer with educational games. We've gathered these 31 exciting diy backyard ideas...
Dry Creek Bed Landscaping Plan

Dry Creek Bed Landscaping Plan

Gardening does not have to be all about growing plants. There are times and places where plants cannot be used due to drought conditions,...
best garden cement projects on low budget

15+ Cheap Garden Cement Projects You Will Enjoy This Summer

If you're looking something unique for your garden, diy cement projects are yours. They're trend right now. You can easily make your own project...
DIY teapot garden ideas

Tea Pot Garden: Grow Plants that Make Delicious Tea

A tea pot garden is beautiful and utilitarian when grown in containers. Make yourself a great cup of tea by harvesting right outside your...

21+ Best Desert Backyard Ideas On A Budget

Living in desert regions is quite challenging given its extreme climates and aridity. But it does offer a unique backdrop and terrain which for...

Aloe Juvenna ‘Tiger Tooth Aloe’: Facts, Growing, Care, Problems

The Tiger Tooth Aloe is considered as one of the most attractive aloe variants because of its distinguishable white spots and spiky leaves which...
Garden Ideas & Projects With Rocks

32 Fun DIY Garden Ideas and Designs with Rocks

  32 Garden Project Ideas Using Rocks       source: ohmy-creative.com     source: hazelandruby.com   source: empressofdirt.net   source: instructables.com   7. Painted Rock Sea Turtle DIY Garden Décor source: craftymorning.com Cock Covered Bucket source: postris.com   source: indulgy.com Pathways with Flow in the dark rocks source: womenio.com River rock garden markers source: westvalley.citymomsblog.com   source: popularmechanics.com   Mosaic...
29 Edging Plants for Kitchen Gardens: Create a plant border around a vegetable patch

Edging Plants for Kitchen Gardens: Create a Plant Border Around a...

A border of plants around a vegetable patch can be useful and decorative. Here are ideas for edging plants to surround the kitchen garden. In...
Types of lawn grass with names and pictures

43 Different Types Of Grass – Choose The Right Lawn For...

Grass is a timeless landscaping element. It provides a green mattress that looks so refreshing to the eye. It is organic but it requires...
Spilled Flower pot ideas

50+ Beautiful Spilled Flower Pot Ideas to Inspire Yourself

Looking for spilled flower pot idea? Checkout these amazing DIY spilled flower pot ideas to inspire yourself. The art of gardening. Try yourself at...
Flower garden designs for small spaces

Flower Garden Designs for a Small Space

A small yard can be frustrating for a gardener. Creating the illusion of space is easy, however, and can make a small garden feel...
Creative upcycled chair planter ideas for your garden

28+ Stunning Upcycled Chair Planter Ideas

Looking for inspiring garden ideas? Here are 28+ best upcycled chair planter ideas that might interest you. 1. Before and After DIY Chair Planter Source 2. Flower...
DIY Backyard Games for kids this summer

31+ Creative DIY Backyard Games For Kids

Summer is the great time for outdoor activities, and here we've gathered these 31+ DIY backyard game ideas that your kids will love.   source: momtastic.com   source: designdazzle.com   source: onegoodthingbyjillee.com       source: constantlylovestruck.blogspot.com Pool Noodle Ring...
best old shutter outdoor decor ideas

16+ Creative Old Shutter Outdoor Decor Ideas

Nowadays, shutters are used everywhere in home decor. You can use them in outdoor or interior design. You can create planter, a bench, a...
best fire pit ideas

24+ Creative Fire Pit Ideas & Designs

Adding a fire feature to the backyard can add charm and appeal to any outdoor setting. Choose the right design to accommodate any living...

25+ Low-Budget DIY Backyard Chicken Coop Ideas & Designs

Getting into the poultry business can be very strenuous and demanding. Sometimes you might be wondering how to get that space and location to...