How To Level A Whirlpool Refrigerator (6 Steps)

Last Updated on June 6, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

A whirlpool refrigerator can be an important appliance in your home. Whether you need to store food or just want a cold drink, whirlpool refrigerators have many uses.

Sometimes it may seem like they are not functioning properly because the shelves are not level. Before you get frustrated and buy a new one, follow these steps to make sure your whirlpool refrigerator is leveled correctly!

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1. Purchase a refrigerator leveling kit.

This is the easiest way to ensure that your whirlpool refrigerator is leveled correctly. A leveling kit can be purchased at most hardware stores or online.

It usually includes four adjustable feet that you can use to raise or lower each corner of the refrigerator until it is level.

If you do not want to purchase a leveling kit, you can try using some other common household items.

– Place a book under the front of the refrigerator so that it lifts up that end. You may need to add more books until the refrigerator is level.

– Use a brick or two to prop up one side of the refrigerator. Again, once the fridge is level, remove the bricks and discard them.

– Get help from someone

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2. Place the refrigerator on blocks (or something sturdy) to raise it up.

– If you have wood blocks, place them under each corner of the whirlpool refrigerator. Make sure they are not too high because this may cause other issues with your whirlpool fridge’s internal workings.

– You can also use bricks or anything else to raise one side of the whirlpool refrigerator up slightly so that it is level again. Just make sure that whatever you use does NOT contain any moisture! Moisture will rust and damage parts inside your whirlpool refrigerator – which could be a costly repair if gone unnoticed for too long!

*Note: Do not leave a whirlpool appliance on an uneven surface (like concrete) as this can lead to permanent damages over time.*

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3. Remove the lower panel of your fridge and tighten all screws that may be loose or wobbly.

*Note: If you do not know what whirlpool refrigerator parts are, this is a good time to research them.*

– Remove the lower panel from your whirlpool appliance. This should be easy – just remove any screws that hold it in place and pull it out! You may also have to disconnect some electrical wires as well so make sure you pay attention when removing these panels.

Be careful with electricity because whirlpool refrigerators contain many components which run on electricity. DO NOT TOUCH anything if you are unsure of how whirlpool appliances work or where things go inside Whirlpool fridges! These could cause fires or electrocution if handled improperly. 

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4. Replace any broken or worn-down parts, such as door hinges, gaskets, etc. 

– If you have a whirlpool refrigerator that is not level, it may be because some of its parts are broken or worn down. Take a look at the door hinges, gaskets, and other parts to see if they need to be replaced. You can usually find these parts at your local hardware store or online. 

– Be sure to read the installation instructions carefully before replacing any whirlpool refrigerator parts! Improperly installing fridge parts can lead to more damage and could void your warranty.

Once you have followed these simple steps, your whirlpool refrigerator should be leveled correctly and function properly again! If you still experience problems after leveling your appliance, take it in for repair.

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5. Turn off power to the appliance before you start working on it.

– Finally, before you do ANYTHING else, turn off power to the whirlpool refrigerator. This will help avoid any accidents or injuries while you are working on it. There may be electrical wires connected to the fridge that you don’t want to touch – so it’s best just to cut the power completely until you’re done.

6. Reinstall the bottom panel and plug in your appliance again to test for leaks

– Once you have replaced any broken or worn down parts, reattach the lower panel to your whirlpool refrigerator. Make sure all screws are tight and in place.

– Next, plug in your fridge again and test for leaks by pouring a bucket of water around the door seal. If there are any leaks, they will show up as water droplets coming from the seal. If this is the case, you may need to replace the seal – which can be done either at a local hardware store or online. 

– Finally, put some food back in your whirlpool refrigerator and enjoy! You’ve just saved yourself a trip to the repairman (and maybe even some money too!).


When leveling a refrigerator, it’s important to know how much weight is on the front and back of the appliance. This will determine which type of screws you’ll need for your adjustment. If there are no weights at all on either end, then find some heavy items that can be placed in those locations.