25+ Best Backyard Turf Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on December 25, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Sometimes, it is impossible to imagine a home without lawns as they have become staples in landscaping since the beginning. In many states, lawn and backyard turf maintenance are regulated by protocols.

Taking care of your backyard turf might be a heavy patchwork for many. As such, you might want to know some backyard turf ideas that are beautiful and easy to maintain. 

In this post, we will give you a rundown of some of the best backyard turf ideas that you can consider if ever you are endeavoring on having one soon. 

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awesome backyard turf landscaping ideas

25 backyard turf ideas 

From artificial backyard turf, woodland effect to no-mow and low-maintenance backyard turfs, here are some of the best backyard turf ideas that we have scored. You can draw inspiration from one or two, combine a lot of ideas in one and transform your backyard right away. 

1. Framed green center

Framed green center

If you have a small square backyard, you can make a clean backyard turf by separating two distinct spaces using sports grass or artificial turf. Patch in the green turf in the center of the natural stone frame. 

2. Corner backyard turf

Corner backyard turf

For a cramped backyard, installing a corner turf is a refreshing sight. Surrounding it with an arrangement of plants and bordering the grass with stones and pebbles give the entire backyard a tropical effect. 

3. Pathway turf

Pathway turf

For an elevated property, you can have an entryway turf that goes through the backyard. Instead of the traditional cobblestone pathway with grass in the middle, you can just have a separate natural stone path and an artificial turf on the other side. This looks beautiful, especially for cottage-style homes. 

4. Organized chaos

Organized chaos

Having lush, well-trimmed plants on one side and an uncontrolled, vine overgrowth on the other needs a strike of balance. If you have this situation in your backyard, you can neutralize the elements into organized chaos by installing an artificial, no-mow turf in between them like this one. 

5. Accent patch

Accent patch

This is more of the traditional natural stone and artificial turf arrangement but if you want a neat backyard turf, it is always something to consider. You may add more dynamics to the clean lines by adding pebble art and surrounding seats facing the turf patch. 

6. White stone and artificial backyard turf

White stone and artificial backyard turf

This is another variant of the natural stone and dark green artificial turf for a small backyard. Install the stones as pathways and mat the surface with artificial grass. Wood accents and lush greeneries add to the clean vibe of this design. 

7. High-end backyard turf

High-end backyard turf

If you have a multi-leveled backyard, putting in a grass terrace leading to a mat of pale-colored turf surrounding a water feature, probably a fountain or pool is an astonishing idea. Dark-colored natural stones for the backyard patio and some comfortable seating are also fine touches to incorporate. 

8. Seamless blending

Seamless blending

You can design your garage or driveway to seamlessly blend with your backyard by incorporating artificial turf in between slabs of concrete. It gives an illusion of width and the clean design is perfect for any type of backyard setup like a backyard fire pit or deck.

9. Bedroom and backyard turf

Bedroom and backyard turf

If you have a basement bedroom or a first-floor bedroom that transitions to a backyard, might as well make it a view. Having a small, polished, artificial turf in your backyard by the bedroom adds to the coziness of the entire room. Imagine yourself seeping a cup of coffee in the morning with a view like this one. 

10. Xeriscape backyard turf

Xeriscape backyard turf

For those living in desert-like climates, laying down a mat of artificial green turf conceives a balanced, earthy vibe. It is an oasis for dry and humid temperatures. Just leave it open without stone frames so that you can achieve a continuous effect. 

11. Tropical and Hispanic flair

Tropical and Hispanic flair

If you are not eyeing a water feature in your backyard, you could go for a vintage, tropical, and Hispanic flair by adding long, narrow backyard turf in a frame of white cobblestone. 

12. Contoured backyard turf

Contoured backyard turf

Small to medium backyard lawns benefit a lot from turf with beautiful contours. An artificial turf is a good option if you want to veer away from constant mowing and watering. 

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13. Backyard pool turf

Backyard pool turf

For a sizable backyard with a swimming pool, grass provides fewer chances of slipping compared to stone or wood floorings. It is a practical element to incorporate in the pool area as it invokes all the feels of California suburbs like this one. 

14. Along the backyard fence

Along the backyard fence

You would usually find long patches of empty spaces near the fence in contemporary and minimalist homes. If you want to make that patch more alive, add some green artificial turf on it. Plotting some landscape bushes in between is also a fine touch. 

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15. Vibrant backyard fence turf

Vibrant backyard fence turf

If you do not like the clean symmetries of the first one, you can always add more vibrance to it by diversifying your plants and greenery. Incorporate plants that are profuse bloomers or mid-rise bushes that will not go taller than the fence. This provides a zen look to your backyard

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16. Funky astroturf

Funky astroturf

The use of astroturfs has gone a notch high with the existence of funky and modern designs. You can make a bold statement and add a lot of personality to your backyard turf by cutting your astroturf in unique designs like this one. 

17. Lush activity area

Lush activity area

For a child-friendly backyard where you could safely install a playground and a trampoline without fear of knee scrapes and hard falls, putting in an artificial backyard turf is the ultimate choice. Mowing and watering are not required so everything can be put in place without worry. 

18. Wood and stone contrast

Wood and stone contrast

If you have an elevated backyard deck and a pebbled landscape, putting a green patch that will serve as an additional focal point instead of a pond or water feature is a good addition to any backyard. 

19. More tiles, less turf

More tiles, less turf

Yes, our focus is a backyard turf but sometimes, being the accent piece in angles of mosaic tiles offers a different kind of poshness and neatness for an open backyard. Using artificial turf or astroturf is a good choice if you are considering this one. 

20. Hilly backyard turf

Hilly backyard turf

To get a hillside effect, you can elevate the turf borders with pebble mounds. Lay down the artificial turf for it to look like a fine, green pool. Add some clean arrangement of greenery. Stone accents in the home exteriors also offer greater polish for this neat design. 

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21. Simple backyard turf seating

Simple backyard turf seating

If you are working on a small yard, laying an open backyard turf is a breath of fresh air. Just add some fabric cover or summer umbrellas when the sun is at its peak and cast them down during dusk. To top it all off, add wooden benches for simple backyard seating. 

22. Backyard golf course

Backyard golf course

A large backyard can be transformed into your own activity area and if you are a sports enthusiast, why not make it into a golf course where you and your friends could have some downtime. You can also make one portion of it into a basketball court and put some large chess pieces instead of a topiary. 

23. Enclosed backyard nook

Enclosed backyard nook

Another design for a cramped backyard is the enclosed style. You can put up wood fences extending to an enclosure. To accentuate the dark green backyard turf, add rattan bean seats and a rattan sofa that is popping with color like this one. 

24. High-sky backyard turfs

High-sky backyard turfs

In urban, condominium settings, backyards can be created, and you can elevate its look by adding artificial turf. Instead of the conventional concrete, the turf smoothens the surface making it homier since you can take off the slippers and just have the time of your life in your high-sky backyard. 

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25. Backyard synthetic turf

Backyard synthetic turf

If you have seen the felt-like texture of synthetic turf in some of those small golf courses, you might want that flat, no-mow synthetic grass mat in your backyard. It is easy to work out with and it is not choosy when it comes to the borders that can be used. Add lush greenery for a bolder effect. 

Backyard artificial grass ideas – FAQs

How much does turf cost for the backyard?

On average, setting a backyard turf would cost you at least $6-20 per square foot. This range depends on the materials used as well as the labor costs. Artificial grass or turf is becoming more popular because it is low maintenance. It also has a smoother, flatter surface which is good for modern backyards. 

Setting up a full backyard (of at least 500 square feet) turf using artificial grass or full synthetic grass shall cost you $3000-7000.  

What are the disadvantages of artificial grass?

While it looks convenient, there are some drawbacks to artificial grass too, and here are some of them. 

  • It is not environment-friendly, production-wise. 
  • Installing artificial grass is two to three times more expensive than natural grass. 
  • It is harder to install and does not have the same longevity compared to real grass. 
  • It limits the natural biodiversity of your lawn or garden.
  • Chances for odor build-up and greater surface heat are high. 
  • Runoff of harmful toxins from its synthetic materials is possible. 

Can you put turf in your backyard?

Yes. It is not a new thing anymore considering the design trends in landscaping nowadays. Gardens are kept in the backyard now too and putting turf in your backyard adds to its lawn or garden look. 

Be it a poolside, an activity area, or a recreational space seamlessly connected to a deck or patio, putting turf in your backyard is a prime choice. 

Will weeds grow through artificial grass?

The general thinking is that you are installing artificial grass in your turf because you would not have to fear weed overgrowth. Well, you must know that this is not entirely wrong. The infill material that you use can encourage the growth of weeds even on artificial grass. 

Other than this, there are also minute holes in your backing material that might go unnoticed. It is also one reason why weeds can thrive even in a mat of artificial grass. A lot of people do not know this stuff, but they are quite important especially in choosing your infill for your artificial grass lawn. 


Backyard turfing is no longer an odd choice as it has become a fast-rising trend in home landscaping. It keeps the seamless style of the home and balances the landscaping elements of the property. Having a backyard turf extends the convening areas in the home. It offers an additional activity and recreational area as well as a workable surface for water features and seating. 

At best, a backyard turf is versatile and a standout on its own, and at any given day, we can say that it is a good home improvement investment.