5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Bed Sheet

Last Updated on July 3, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

It is never a bad idea to spend a lot for the sake of your comfort. Out of everything in life, your bed is one of the most valuable items that you could heavily invest in. The bed in your bedroom could have been more neat and pleasing if you had just picked the perfect bed sheet.

There are several things that you need to understand when choosing a bed sheet for your bed. Although it is not hard to comprehend, it can really be confusing to settle on the right one.

Farm Food Family will help you figure it out in this article. Below are the factors that you might want to consider before deciding on one.

things consider when choosing bed sheet

Material affects sleep quality

There are several types of material that you would want to get familiar with when talking about a good bed sheet. According to your need and budget, the right bed sheet material can really help improve your sleep quality.

Settling with the best one is also guaranteed to be a good investment for the long run. It is never too much to invest in comfort that only you enjoy. It is Your bed anyways *wink*.


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Being almost the most expensive in the group, linen bed sheets can really be the best investment for anyone. It is not only naturally and entirely made of a flax plant, but it also helps those with allergies soothe and protect their skin. Linen is additionally very breathable.

In the winter, it will keep you warm enough without overheating you. And in the summer, it will also help you cool down. You will also contribute in preserving the earth when opting for linen because linen is undoubtedly eco-friendly for being biodegradable. If you know how to take care of it well, linen could even last for a life-time!



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The most popular one of the group is inarguably cotton. A lot of people go for cotton because, not only is it affordable, it also provides immediate comfort unlike linen that adjusts its comfort level overtime through washing.

Not inferior to the others, organic cotton can also be hypoallergenic. Cotton bed sheets are the fastest option available for those who don’t really want to think much about bedding.


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Silk is considered luxurious by many. It is however not very much favored by many because some admittedly find it uncomfortable to sleep on and handle during sleeping.

Silk can be a great option for a highly sensitive skin because silk is hypoallergenic just like linen. Those who pick silk bed sheets either enjoy silk or simply seek the fancy. Silk bed sheets are not very durable because a tiny hint of stain would ruin the entire look of the sheet.

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Commonly made of polyester and nylon, microfiber bed sheets can be a good option for those who prioritize comfort above durability. Microfiber bed sheets could give you a silky sensation because it is made of tightly woven synthetic fibers. This bed sheet is however not as breathable as the others. It can really trap the heat inside and make you feel hot.


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A newly popular emerging material you can put on the list is bamboo. Bamboo bed sheets are slightly softer than cotton and are as eco-friendly as linen. Its antibacterial property can be beneficial for those with allergies as well. The cost of bamboo bed sheets can be high too though.

Before placing that bed sheet on your cart, make sure you have read the fiber content first. The content of your bed sheet is directly and significantly related to the durability of the bed sheet. You would not want a bed sheet that only lasts for several washing instead of a decade. Is it a 100% flax plant? Is it cotton-mixed? You have to confirm it is the content you want and okay with.

Pay attention to the thread count

While it isn’t necessarily accurate, thread count can help determine the durability and temperature of a bed sheet. Commonly, bed sheets with higher thread count are softer and stronger than those with lower thread count. Make linen softer. On the other hand, lower thread count can spare you from overheating. Like what we told you earlier, these aren’t always correct because it will all come back to the type of material you are going for.

Get to know weaves

The quality of a bed sheet is also affected by the sheet’s weave. Weave is a way the threads of your sheet are entangled together to create the fabric. In some cases, the weave can affect the price of the bed sheet.

A linen may not fulfill its longevity ability because of a loose weave. One mistake of pulling one of the strings would ruin the entire bed sheet. Popular weaves include sateen and percale.

Measure your bed

The biggest mistake you can make when getting a bed sheet is assuming the size of your bed. You need to come prepared if you are purchasing the bed sheet on an offline shop.

It could also be troublesome when purchasing it online since some online shops may not provide you the return option. Do not try to skip this step. Some beds even make it easier for you to know their size as they equip themselves with an information tag. Make sure you check them!

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Match your bedroom theme

The conformity of the color and the theme of your bedroom affects the comfort of your bedroom activity whether you want to believe it or not. It adds the beauty of the room and will have you relax better.

A room that stays on theme is always inviting for the eyes and body. If you consider this aspect when choosing your bed sheet, we can bet that you will appreciate your bedroom (and bed) better than before.