35+ Best Blue Bathroom Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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May it be in the living room, the kitchen, bedroom, or even inside the bathroom, blue has always managed to give a fresh look and calming aura which is why it is always a good color option for interiors.

The bathroom, specifically, is one that should be comfortable and relaxing not just for the homeowners but for frequent visitors. As such, the right paint and theme must be well-chosen. 

If you are one who is highly considering a blue bathroom idea, you are in for a treat because we shall rundown some of the best ideas out there for you. From the most plain to the most unique, we got them all in-store so sift through and read on. 

beautiful blue bathroom ideas designs

35 Blue Bathroom Ideas and Designs

Blue has always been associated with tranquility and comfort. Being so, it is understandable that it has become one of the go-to colors for bathrooms. For this reason, we give you a list of some of the best 35 blue bathroom ideas out there. 

1. Turquoise walls

1 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily

Any shade of blue can look very much like the sea. To make it more sea-like, paint the entire bathroom wall with a compelling blue shade like this turquoise wall bathroom idea.

The walls are added with a small open storage area where various seashells are displayed. This look, together with white looks simple, fresh, but ultimately relaxing. 

2. Matte blue bathroom

2 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily

When you want a little elegance, choose a matte blue color. In this bathroom idea, the majority of the blue color surrounds the area.

It is added with a little white and wood which makes it look more appealing. The color white is very classy while the wood looks natural.

These accents added a more naturalistic view, elegance, plus all the positives the blue color could bring to a room, or a bathroom for that matter. 

3. Navy blue headboard

3 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily

A navy blue means going for a bolder one. This navy-blue headboard is such a unique idea given the material and design plus the classic furniture and decorations along with a contrast of bright white.

This combination is very classy because the colors are complementing and never do, they overpower each other. Going for safe color combinations for the color blue in our bathroom areas is always a good choice.

4. Bright Blue

4 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily

A brighter blue means a more refreshed area where you can rest at, thus, a perfect idea for your bathrooms. This one is looking simple but the crystal pendant lamp makes it more classy.

Remember that you need not go for luxurious furniture inside your bathroom and more of the feeling it provides to the homeowner or anyone who visits the home.

In this small bathroom area, just the important furniture is seen which is a very nice and minimalistic idea. 

5. Blue and White tiles

5 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily

This bathroom idea looks traditional given the blue old color and the white tile backsplash of the tub.

The candle handles are also going with the old theme that is why when you want a traditional theme to your bathrooms, this one can be of your choices. 

It is minimalistic in nature but is still looking very much fine. When going for an old look, make sure that everything is complementing each other. Have it as simple as this blue and white tile bathroom idea. 

6. Sea zone bathroom

6 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily

While a simple and minimalistic bathroom works, having a large and a bedroom like bathroom is also very ideal among homeowners.

This idea looks a little luxurious because of the furniture present like the chandelier, sofa, television, dress up table, plus the location of the bathtub which allows you to overlook the surroundings.

This bathroom idea is literally calming and relaxing given all the variables present. 

7. Luxurious Midnight Blue

7 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily

Having a luxurious bathroom is every homeowner’s dream. The presence of a large mirror, ceramic bathtub with mirror tiles, sofa, a cozy blanket, luxurious door and all others that sums up the entire look. The midnight blue wall color is very much looking beautiful and classy.

The blue color used is so bold that it is the first thing recognized when going inside this bathroom. When asking for the best choice, quality and design per se, this one can be one of your top choices. 

8. Blue patterned flooring

8 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily

Having a patterned tile flooring on a majority of white in your bathroom areas is a good idea. May it be on a small or large area, this design can suit it all.

Accenting it with some wooden color gives it a naturalistic feeling that complements the blue color and the soothing and relaxing feeling it provides. 

9. Classic Blue

9 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily

When wanting to achieve a high level of sophistication, try decorating your bathroom with irregular sky-blue tile to give the whole look a twist.

The dark wood color also highlighted the color blue which is giving a more beautiful look. Going for this bathroom idea is simple and nice. 

10. Pale blue bathroom

10 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily

This idea is very simple and dull but the view is very welcoming and relaxing.

This is one of the modern designs which has traditional colors and luxurious materials that is why despite having a small area, this design is still very much ideal. 

11. Blue and silver bathroom

11 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily

With a small area, a blue silverish bathroom with an oversized mirror and cabinet completes the look. It is both giving a simple yet sophisticated look.

The lighter blue walls are highlighted by the silver frames of the mirror. This design looks so clean and neat that every homeowner would want to have. 

12. Teal and beige bath

12 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily

Teal is a very bold color so make it a point that you complement it with neutral color like beige to make it stunning.

Having a glass door allows you to see through the beauty inside and enjoy the color while having to point out the luxurious items present in the area. Choosing this blue bathroom idea might be expensive but surely gives a quality resting area. 

13. Sky blue bathroom

13 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily

Having an all sky blue bathroom also works in this master bath area. Here, the windows from the ceiling and on the sides bring light from the sun rays which gives it a different charm.

Not so bright and dark but it gives a soothing feeling not to mention the stylish interior design that is also likeable in this bathroom design idea

14. Blue and cream powder room

When tired of the plain blue color, go with the patterned and uniformed one just like this blue bathroom idea.

This is very much likely for homeowners who want it old yet classy looking. The shades of blue acted as a decorative item in this whole design because it levels up its aesthetic value. When wanting to deviate from the basics, go with this idea. 

15. Stormy Blue

15 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily

This bathroom idea looks unique not just because of the color combinations of stormy Blue and wood but the texture and of the wall which creates a strong aura and added some sophistication is the unique frame of the mirror.

When opting for a different look, you might just want to try this bathroom idea. 

16. Blue striped wall bathroom

16 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily

This bathroom has a traditional orientation but adding dynamics to the look is the blue striped Wall.

From the walls, ceiling and even with the deep and large bathtub put as the focal point in the area, there is no doubt that it is a traditionally designed bathroom area. Simple and functional. 

17. An oceanic bathroom

17 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily

This one looks so classy and oceanic with the majority of the shade of blue that is flooding the entire bathroom area.

Adding a decorative feature like the plants gives it a more naturalistic view which makes it a perfect resting area for most homeowners. 

18. Floral blue wallpaper

18 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily
Source: Dear Little Studio

When wanting a stylish and elegant resting area, go for floral designs that are timeless and can complement almost all colors and designs like this bathroom idea.

Adding decorations like the lamp, vases, jars and other more which are in old design makes it classier looking.

The presence of the mirror also created an impact which is giving a high level of sophistication. 

18 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

19. Coastal bathroom design

19 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

When you have large areas for your bathrooms, a shiplap is a good idea for you. If you want to make it more elegantly looking, try to combine the blue color to a silver one or stainless steel like this bathroom design.

The marble sink is also one which gives a higher aesthetic value that completes the whole theme. 

20. Starburst bathroom flooring

20 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

Who would not want a unique and striking look of the bathroom when you are free to have and to choose a starburst tile design that can brighten and bring dynamics to the whole area.

The ash blue cabinets also complemented the flooring plus the presence of the wooden blocks at the ceiling added character which is giving it another look that appears beautifully. 

Having a plain white background also highlights the whole blue color idea that is why these two match each other well. 

21. Blue door

21 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

Painting your doors with bold color blue is one way to get attention to come inside the bathroom.

A blue door is not the usual color that is why it is quite interesting when you have one. So, when you want to give people a sense of surprise, then give it a try and paint your doors with bold blue. 

22. Blue multifunctional vanity storage

22 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

Having a focal point in a small or a large area is always a good idea. Other than being a show stealer, it can also make the whole room more beautiful and attractive. It functions as a creative and decorative factor rather than its main functionality inside the bathroom area. 

Either way, this idea is perfect for those who love to create a picture inside a room that is full of so many things going on or even in a plain room. With this idea, you can create an impact that lasts long. 

23. Mermaid inspired wall

23 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

Having a mermaid inspired bathroom wall is a very nice idea. Other than the high aesthetic value it provides, it can also be considered unique as it looks so attractive and elegant especially when paired with the color white. 

24. Blue stained glass

24 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

Instead of painting your bathroom walls with blue or putting a statement wall, it is also a nice idea to replace them with stained glass for a more unique look.

This idea not only makes the bathroom look so classic but it deviates from all other bathroom designs which many homeowners would look for.

Creating a decorative feature of the space is very challenging but seeing it so beautiful in the area gives a more satisfying feeling.

25. Rustic blue bathroom

25 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

A rustic bathroom is also an ideal theme and having it in color blue is very much of your choice.

The combination of white, wood and blue is so good to see especially when accented with 3D objects that could turn an old looking area into a whole new concept idea.

A rustic bathroom design might be the idea you are looking for. 

26. Artsy blue backdrop

26 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

An artsy backdrop will never go out of style, thus, an ideal way to decorate your bathroom areas. A good complement to your blue color is white and black that is why this one is looking so good. 

Having a large cabinetry in the bathroom area says a lot about the space area and is very functional.

You can store anything that you need for a hassle-free feeling when entering the bathroom. Going for this idea is good because of the refreshing visuals plus the large walkway is also a plus. 

27. Blue hexagon tiles

27 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

Going for an all-out blue in a hexagon tile can also be one of your choices. Other than paints and other decorative items you might add, you can just install a full hexagon tile that would create a unique look inside your bathrooms.

28. Blue ceiling

28 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

Other than white, it is also good to have a different ceiling like the blue color. This design is an example of a pop out color where all the things present below are highlighted.

A pop out color goes with any design, and area size plus it can create a different feel where an area can look uniquely beautiful.

29. Blue marble shower area

29 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

A marble material is one of the most expensive things you could use in any part of your homes. In this idea, the shade of blue marble looks like flowing water which is giving you an inside-the-ocean vibe.

Going for this idea might be grand and expensive but it sets a high standard to a whole bathroom design idea. 

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30. Blue and bold cabinetry

30 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

A bold cabinetry brings elegance to the white and gold colors of the sink. This might look all simple but the gold ones added sophistication in this whole bathroom look.

When having plain colors, it is good to add a shining color like the gold to put in contrast with. 

31. Blue paint and tile combination

31 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

In a small bathroom area, the presence of a sink and toilet bowl is already a luxury. Having an added item like the mirror is a plus and putting all your creative features in the walls as combining blue tiles with paint says it all.

This idea looks very simple but has a visual impact. 

32. Blue feature wall

32 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

When wanting to build a character in a room, having a bold color in a customized wall like this idea must be on your list.

This is one way of going out from the plains plus the texture adds interest and serves as an extra decorative factor of this whole blue bathroom idea.

33. Blue window pane

33 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1
Source: Sanctuary Bathrooms

It is always a good idea to have your bathrooms placed in an area where you could see infinite greeneries and having a window pane as your bathroom wall is very unique and works more functional.

Painting it blue adds a more refreshing and relaxing feeling, thus, this whole bathroom idea is one of the best choices. 

34. Blue with a vibrant combination

34 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

Having an ash blue color bathroom may look more attractive when accented with vibrant colors like the red ones.

It gives a difference to the plain blue which gives it a whole new look. Remember that vibrant colors easily work with dark, deep or bold colors that is why this one is a good combination. 

35. Wave design

35 blue bathroom ideas farmfoodfamily 1

Getting creative with your chosen tile is also one of the best ideas to add uniqueness into your whole bathroom design idea.

In this bathroom, you can see that a wave pattern is put just above the sink which is giving a nicer view.

Going with shapes and other unique material is a good to go when opting for a unique design for your bathroom areas.


What color goes with blue in a bathroom?

May it be combined with light or bold color blue, the color white is still the perfect match. The color white is one of the most versatile neutral colors that is why anything that paired with it is highlighted. 

In the bathroom ideas which we featured, you may have observed that most blue bathrooms are paired with the color white because white also adds elegance and balances the creative design of the bathroom theme. Hence, when thinking of the best color that goes with blue, the first thing that comes to mind is the white color. 

What color towels go with a blue bathroom?

When choosing towels, it is best to see the quality more than its aesthetic features. Choose the ones that can function best and can last long. However, many choose another hue of the same color for the towels so that it would complement the theme of their bathroom.

In blue bathrooms, a pale or navy blue would be the best ideas for towels if you are one who would also want to carry out such an aesthetic scheme.  

How do you add warmth to a blue bathroom?

If you want the full tonal experience, there are also ways to soften or add warmth to a blue bathroom. The most immediate one would be to install ambient or warm glow lighting in a blue bathroom. You can also just scatter some scented candles in it. Through this, you are not just making it literally warmer, but also more relaxing for you. 

Other ways include placing shaggy bath mats, houseplants that could absorb odor, adding plush towels as well as warm-toned shower curtains and thermal insulated curtains for added effect. 

Is blue a good color for a bathroom?

Blue color is not just like neutral colors that can blend with just any other color. However, many homeowners prefer the blue ones because of the feeling it gives to the entire room, especially for bathrooms. It brings calmness and makes you feel refreshed as it reflects the color of the ocean. 


The bathroom is a very important part of a home, may it be big or small, simple or luxurious, plain or creative, it is considered one of the best resting places in the home where you can do almost everything while just being yourself.

Because of this, the color blue is always a homeowner’s choice because more than the positive feeling it provides, it is also a good pair to other elegant colors that could bring out more class in the bathroom’s design.

Given what we have covered, you now have more than enough ideas to take inspiration from when it comes to blue bathroom ideas. At the end of the day, choose the one that best suits your needs as well as your aesthetic preferences.