21+ Best Farmhouse Outdoor Decor Ideas

Last Updated on November 5, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Farmhouse rustic chic has become a fast growing trend in recent years. The best thing about the outdoor of your farmhouse is that it doesn’t need to be perfect to look perfect.

Some basic supplies needed are easily accessible like wood, planters, and flowers. Here are the 21 best Farmhouse Outdoor Décor Ideas for making your farmhouse look picture perfect.

best farmhouse outdoor decor ideas

1. Modern Farmhouse Porch with Swing

1 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas

There is nothing that says come sit and stay better than a porch swing that not only provides seating, it provides you and your visitors with a great view of the property. Soak up some sun and enjoy the fresh breeze by installing a comfy swing on your porch.

2. Interchangeable Front Porch Sign

2 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas

Shop for a large felt board and hang it up to your porch for a truly unique and personalized sign. You can change the sign to showcase a variety of inspirational quotes or simply say welcome.


3. DIY Your House Number

3 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas

House numbers are an important necessity. With these DIYs, you can use old boards to make your house number not only personalized but look gorgeous as well.


4. DIY Farmhouse-Style Aged Galvanized Hanging Bucket Planters

4 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas

No farmhouse is complete without a touch of green! These planters not only save you floor space; they’re a great way to incorporate that vintage feel.


5. Outdoor Seating

5 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas

This clean, white cotton and wood outdoor seating setup are perfect for that crisp and clean farmhouse look. Take it one step further by adding in personal elements like fresh flowers and some fun, bright throw pillows for maximum comfort.


6. DIY Succulent Wall Planter

6 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas

Keeping these miniature plants doesn’t mean they have to clutter your space. Try this wall mounted planter DIY to showcase your succulent collection and keep them organized.


7. DIY Framed Farmhouse Shiplap Sign

7 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas

Signs are a great way to decorate your farmhouse! Not only do they share a welcoming tone, but they also remind you of the things you love! Check out this DIY for an easy shiplap sign that is picture perfect.


8. Keep it Cozy!

8 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas

Here are 8 essentials for a cozy space that is vital to any porch. Neutral colors like brown, black, white and cream work well with keeping the cozy feel. Dress up your porch with a rocking chair and these essentials to maximize your space.


9. Mason Jar Centerpiece

9 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas

This mason jar centrepiece is perfect for your window ledge, on top of wooden pallets or top of your outdoor coffee table!


10. Front Door Wreath

10 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas

The front door is a highlight of any farmhouse. Make it look even homier and “done” by adding in a wreath of greens and flora.

11. Outdoor Barn Lights

11 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas

Lighting is not only essential at night, but it also adds a certain appeal to any space as well. Check out these outdoor barn lights you can install for maximum chic appeal.


12. Decorative Outdoor Lighting

12 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas

Take advantage of the necessity of lighting to turn your surroundings into something magical. No farmhouse is complete without string lights strung around the foliage. The best time to add these is after your décor has been installed, make sure it’s both functional and decorative for maximum appeal.

13. Brightly Colored Doors

13 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas

Nothing says welcome more than a pair of bright doors! Give your doors a boost by painting them something bright. Teal and yellow is a popular choice for farmhouse chic.


14. Garden Benches

14 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas

Garden benches are a great way to add seating and décor to your gardens! Soak up the sun, wind and the wonderful view in the perfect seat by checking out these ideas.

15. Repurposed Décor

15 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas

One of the best things you can do with décor to achieve the farmhouse style is adding in vintage elements. These repurposed décor ideas from items found in salvage yards are not only fun, but they’re also sure to add a unique factor to your home.


16. Spring farmhouse porch

16 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas


17. Wood lantern

17 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas


18. Front porch with swing and planters

18 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas


19. Galvanized metal planter

19 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas


20. Fall porch

20 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas


21. White front porch

21 farmhouse outdoor decor ideas



It isn’t difficult to put together something that says YOU when looking for outdoor farmhouse décor. If you’re on a budget, DIYs are a great project. Besides, the rustic look is essentially what you need to create the best, comfortable and homey feel that you’re looking for. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect to look perfect.