25+ Best Backyard Office Shed Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on January 30, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

With everything that has happened in the world recently, the trend of building home offices became prevalent. It is not always the first choice, but backyard sheds can be converted into a beautiful home office.

You can set up your personal workstation, customize it according to your character and type of work. 

If you are looking for some ideas that will help you in building your own backyard office shed, this post will give you a rundown of what you can consider for your home office. 


25 backyard office shed ideas and plans 

best backyard office shed ideas

Like any home extension, there are a lot of designs that you can consider for your backyard office shed. It could be a simple wood office shed, a technology-packed one or a glass office shed. Here are some ideas that you can explore if you are considering building one soon. 

1. Office shed in the middle of the garden

Office shed in the middle of the garden

Imagine having to work while you are surrounded by beautiful flowers and vegetation. You can paint it with colors of blue, yellow, and green to mimic the colors of the garden.

Make it as posh as you can for a comfortable working space. You can also add garden benches outside for your coffee breaks. And consider concrete pavers for the flooring. 

2. Rustic minimalist office shed

Rustic minimalist office shed

The combination of wood and concrete is a masterful way to take the shed office up a notch. It is simple, classy, and contemporary, all at the same time. Give it an unfinished look by going for exposed beams.

Give it glass windows and doors for the room to have an illusion of space. The symmetry of the wooden ceiling, flooring, and sides also add a continuous effect to the office shed. 

3. Repurposed woodshed

Repurposed woodshed

Speaking of wood and rustic style, you can also repurpose some wood pallets and turn them into a barn-style backyard office shed. It is inexpensive and you can have an office on the first floor and a cozy loft upstairs.

Make it as homey as you can and ambient enough for you to have productive work. Install ambient lights for a warm feel.  

4. Greenhouse office

Greenhouse office

If you have an existing glass greenhouse that you no longer want to use for the herbs and other plants, you can transform it into a whimsical greenhouse office. With this, you can enjoy the outdoor view while working on your job. 

Fun fact, being outdoors increases our productivity level by 60% so this is really something to consider. Adding string lights around the trees or wrapping the plants in string lights make it a fairy tale retreat in the backyard. 

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5. Chic backyard office shed

Chic backyard office shed

If you want to infuse a chic, feminine touch to your backyard office shed, nothing ever goes wrong with white walls and exterior paint, wood flooring, and light accent furniture that are popping with color. Skylights for natural illumination is also a fine touch. Here is something that you can consider. 

6. Backyard office patio

Backyard office patio

You can also extend the shed structure for you to have an open space that you can turn into your own office patio. It can be a receiving area, a place where you can take a rest, or a change of scenery if the office interior becomes too pressuring.

Add it with complementing seats and plants and you are good to go. It is homey, multifunctional, and has a beautiful continuous effect. 

7. Office gazebo

Office gazebo

So maybe it is not really a shed you are working with. Or maybe, it was once a shed that was turned into a gazebo and now you want to turn it into a backyard office.

No matter what, the hexagon shape of a gazebo is a decorator’s love. Add interesting colors, a lot of glass and wood along with large tropical plants for a perfect arrangement. 

8. Modern/minimalist backyard office

Modern/minimalist backyard office

This is not a common phrase, but you can maximize space by keeping it modern and minimalist. You can have clean symmetries of black, white, and brown. Fusing in a glass sliding door for the office to have natural illumination also makes a fine touch.

Add modern accents to go with the arrangement and mount long, continuous decks and steel stools. 

9. Cube design

Cube design

This is another beautiful way to transform your old greenhouse into an office shed. If you do not want to lose the greenery, arrange them in a climbing fashion so that when they thicken, they could serve as the shed’s exterior layer. This design goes well with glass windows and doors and steel frames. A wood or beige/tan interior makes it classy. 

10. Oriental garden style

Oriental garden style

For a zen touch to your backyard office shed, go for that finished wood effect in the middle of the garden. It does not matter how spacious the shed or not if you have glass windows for good airflow and natural light. The glass windows and doors also create an illusion of space. 

11. Multi-functional backyard office shed

Multi-functional backyard office shed

Aside from a patio, you can also extend the office shed upstairs and have your own rooftop den. You can transform one side of the exterior wall into the stairs going to the rooftop and the other side of it as planters for your greenery. To complement everything in monochrome, use black steel rails. 

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12. Artsy office shed

Artsy office shed

For a crafty looking, boho themed office shed, transform an old pergola shed into a beautiful office shed. It can be an art office, a painting or photography studio, and just for free time sketching.

Keep the sides and the door in glass for natural light and insulation. Here is something that you can consider. 

13. Asphalt or wood shingles

Asphalt or wood shingles

This is a modern flair for a backyard office shed. Incorporating wood or concrete shingles from the roof to the sides exude another dimension for an office pod. Complement it with bright interiors as well as minimalist chairs and desks. Top it all off with recessed lights and dimmers. 

14. Corrugated metal

Corrugated metal

For a sleek office enclosure, a cube style office shed using corrugated metal is a modern take. The gray and black tones plus a white interior and steel desks and chairs. You would not even need a window if you already installed glass doors.

A concrete pathway and cubed roofing and a lot of greenery is the perfect complement. 

15. Spanish style office shed

Spanish style office shed

Bring out the bricks, the red and white arrangement for a Hispanic office shed. Use a wood pallet door adorned with small wooden windows for enough air circulation and for natural light to seep in. Position it in the middle of the garden for a fine look.

Adding a water feature like a small fountain on the side and a concrete walkway is a traditional Spanish dash too. 

16. Ambient office shed

Ambient office shed

For a rustic, edgy style, you can go for a combination of wood and steel. Use wood pallets for the exterior and install steel frames for the sliding door. It is a practical way to maximize a small, shed space because it creates an illusion of space and depth. Go for clean patterns in the interior to top this design off. 

17. Tinted windows

Tinted windows

For a modern prairie style, go for an ‘into the woods’ vibe. Add a patch of turf on the side and surround it with tall trees for an enclosure. Incorporate a concrete walkway and minimal seating outside the office shed. 

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18. Prefab backyard office shed

Prefab backyard office shed

If you do not have an old shed to work on, you can install a prefabricated office shed in your backyard. For a personal touch, customize the interior of your office shed. You can check a lot of prefab office sheds online but here is one for you to look at. 

19. Italian glass

Italian glass

An all-glass office shed is super classy already but if you want a playful look for your glass office shed, you can always incorporate Italian glass. Adorn it with Victorian doors for a vintage feel and keep layers of framed glass across the shed instead of just the traditional windows. 

20. Japanese office shed

Japanese office shed

For a full oriental aesthetics, go for the traditional Japanese tea house style and transform your office shed on it. Make a cozy and modern home office inside it for a change. Using cedar shingles for the roof completes that style. 

21. Green roofed office shed

Green roofed office shed

For an office shed that is a direct cut out of Hobbiton, look at this design below. Aside from the surrounding greenery, you can also extend the planting space in the roof, literally. Put the patch of grass above the office shed for a unique style. But for the interior, make it polished and contemporary. 

22. Farmhouse design

Farmhouse design

For spacious sheds, you can always consider a farmhouse style for your office shed. You can designate one portion for your office while the other portions for entertainment space and a home gym. It is a multifunctional shed that you can go to as a haven anytime. 

23. Small box

Small box

A compact shed should not limit you from turning it into a home office. You can maximize the space by installing floating shelves and a multifunctional couch which you can use as an office chair when you are working and extend into a lounge chair or sofa bed during your rest time. 

24. Retractable glass door

Retractable glass door

This again works for small office pods. You can use a combination of concrete, steel, and wood for this design. As compact as it may seem, you can convert it into a 3-in-1 space.

You can make a study room on one side, a cozy guesthouse, and even a minimalist storage space in the drawers in your office desk. For controlled insulation and lighting, top it off with a retractable glass door. 

25. Storage and home office

Storage and home office

Another way to work on a wood and glass design is to create a home office with a storage box on the side. If you have a spacious shed, you can go for this design. For it to be multifunctional, make sure that the storage space is also spacious enough to hold a lot of stuff. For this design, the storage was meant for the owner’s bicycles. 


Backyard office sheds deserve their newfound fame for many reasons. Having a workstation near the home is such a convenience.  Having it outside the main house gives you some personal space to be productive at your own time and pace.

There are many ideas that you can consider. The main consideration is that you must know which one complements your home design and your nature of work too. 

Having an extension space like office sheds are not just beneficial in maximizing your home’s structure. It also adds to the real estate value of the home. With all things considered, one can say that a backyard office shed really makes a good investment.