31+ Best Condo Patio Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

The desire for additional space to relax and view the spectacular outdoors is undeniable for those who live in condominiums.

The fact that you live in a condo doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some small extra space. If you love decorating every single space you get, you might want to consider these amazing condo ideas.


best condo patio ideas

1. Get Some Outdoor Furniture

Get Some Outdoor Furniture

Your small condo patio deserves some furnishings with outdoor furniture. You need to be very careful with the furniture, so you don’t end up cluttering the small space. A couple of chairs and a small table will do. Just make sure you have maximum comfort taking your coffee, reading, or just viewing the outside.

2. Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

Having plants in your small space may not be possible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some greenery. A vertical garden still works best for those who need something green on the patio. If done well, a vertical garden can transform the look in that space.

3. Consider Some Lighting

Consider Some Lighting

Lighting up your small condo patio does not only introduce some brightness but adds a unique décor work. It may be well lit during the day, but when night falls and you still want to enjoy the outdoors, you’ll need some artificial light. Just make sure you do the lighting in a way that doesn’t interfere with that little space.

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4. A Planter Wall

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A planter wall has a wonderful way of setting up the tone in that tiny space.  A mounted wall plant will not get in your way or consume the little space you have there. You get to infuse your space with greenery and still save on space. Inject some personality into this to make it super gorgeous. 


5. Get Stylish and Functional

Get Stylish and Functional

If you’re a creative person, you’ll know how to bring out style and functionality into your small condo patio. You can search for various décor ideas and furnishings that suit your sense of style. Don’t forget to add some plants in the mix as you can never go wrong with greenery.

6. Concrete Furniture

Concrete Furniture

If you care about some bit of modesty in your patio, you can never go wrong with concrete furniture. Get a chic accent table and blend with some club chairs to complete the look. Choosing the perfect furniture provides an elegant touch and elevates your beautiful space even further.

7. Try a Fabric Canopy

Try a Fabric Canopy

If your small condo patio doesn’t have anything blocking the sun, try being creative in your own way. A fabric canopy will never disappoint you. If you spend a lot of time on the patio and you don’t want to deal with the sun rays, UPF rated fabric furniture overhead will do you well.

8. Get a Small Bench

Get a Small Bench

Instead of forcing a sofa into space, consider a bench instead. After all, you’re not going to spend too much time there so you won’t need something too comfy. Just make sure you add some pieces of décor, including throw pillows and greenery for aesthetics.

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9. Make Your Condo Patio the Focal Point

If you want to enhance something on that beautiful patio, this is the chance to do it. After all, you’re not doing all that décor to end up hiding everything. If it’s next to the bed, you can place it facing outside. A bear patio next to the bedroom creates some romantic atmosphere.

10. Go for Floor Pillows

Go for Floor Pillows

There’s no need to fill the small space with furniture when you can use floor pillows instead. Get yourself some comfortable pillows that can work both inside and outside. They’re also perfect if you’re staying in the condo for a short while and don’t want to invest in furniture. Make sure you blend the colors well to fit in with your other décor items. 

11. Install French Doors

Install French Doors

You can never go wrong with French doors if you know what elegance means. Your small patio needs some classic entrance, and French doors offer that perfectly. You can fit the perfect size that suits your small space. Also, don’t forget to consider the wood type and color shades that go well with your décor.

12. Maximize the Space With Foldable Furniture

Maximize the Space With Foldable Furniture

Tables and chairs that fold up are perfect for maximizing a small space. You can get them out when you have friends around and enjoy yourself, then store them away when done. You don’t want to have them around filling your space when they’re not in use.

13. Use a Large Window

Use a Large Window

A large window will offer a perfect connection between the indoors and the outdoors. This connection makes space appear larger and stylish. Just make sure what’s in the inside blends seamlessly with what’s outside to finish the look.

14. Get Some Flowers

Get Some Flowers

Natural flowers provide some therapeutic importance that you wouldn’t want to miss. Surrounding yourself with flowers while you take a quick nap in your condo patio can be the best treatment you can give yourself after a long day. Some planters along the patio will ensure your condo receives that desired curb appeal.

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15. Plant a Herb Garden

Plant a Herb Garden

If you love gardening, don’t let the small space block you from practicing your hobby. An herb garden can still work well in a small condo patio. You’ll never regret the idea of having your small garden herbs to cook with. The herbs will also give it the greenery it deserves.

16. Create a Cabin

Don’t let that small space in your condo patio limit you from trying brand new ideas and being creative. You won’t need a full suite of furniture to make your patio so welcoming. You need a few furniture pieces and some space to stretch your legs, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to add some touch of nature with a few plants.

17. Give it Privacy

Give it Privacy

Whenever you don’t want some disturbance, your condo patio should be the best place to hide. You can hide from the neighbors’ spying eyes by adding some tall tree shades on the patio. Make sure you can raise and lower them as you wish because you won’t need that privacy always.

18. Install a Swing

Install a Swing

Nothing will make you feel good, like some swing in a cozy afternoon. When you don’t have somewhere to go and feel like being alone, you can relax on your balcony, sipping your glass of wine. A swing chair will make these moments enjoyable. Enhance the comfort by adding some throw pillows.

19. Create a Romantic Atmosphere

Create a Romantic Atmosphere

If you’ve set up a date at home with the love of your life, there’s no better place to set up the perfect night than your condo patio. That beautiful outside view creates a perfectly romantic ambience. If you line it up with some candles, you never go out again to dine as you’ll have created your little home restaurant.

20. Consider a Splash of Color

Consider a Splash of Color

Some colors in your condo patio will give it some brightness and an inviting look.  You can never go wrong with black and white colors with some yellow pops. These colors give you a bright smile on your face without any effort. Having them in your condo patio is the best thing you can do for yourself.

21. Combine Luxury with Nature

Combine Luxury with Nature

Just because you live in a small apartment doesn’t mean you’re broke. You can still bring in some luxurious modern materials and combine them with nature. Consider limestone flooring and a wooden accent and bring out that touch of class.

22. Maintain the Outdoor Character

Maintain the Outdoor Character

If you love the outdoor view, you want to develop a design idea that won’t block your view. Utilize the frameless glass panel that can easily open and close to give you the flexibility that you deserve in your space. You can close the panels to cancel noise and protect the patio from wind and rain.

23. Turn It Into a Reading Nook

Turn It Into a Reading Nook

Do you love reading? If yes, then you also love the feeling of some cool breeze on your skin while you read. There’s no better place for this than your patio. To make it appropriate for reading, make sure you give it a minimal design. A comfortable seat and chair at the balcony can do the trick.

24. Add an Umbrella

Add an Umbrella


So you want to spend those sunny afternoons in your condo patio, but the sun doesn’t seem to understand? Shelter yourself with a beautiful umbrella. Shop around for a perfect umbrella that will suit the space you have there. 

25. Try Some Chat Sets

25 condo patio ideas

Two chairs and a single table will not fill up that space but rather give it a minimalist and beautiful look. You need a space to accommodate two people and a place for some drinks. This set looks petite and fashionable. They save you from bulky couches.

26. Try a Daybed

26 condo patio ideas

Now that people are not going on vacations anymore, you can create yours right in your condo patio. And nothing brings that out perfectly than a daybed. If you have space, you can go for a giant one. But if the space is minimal, consider something you can fit in perfectly.  

27. Try Wood Pallets

27 condo patio ideas


Wood pallets have been many people’s choice for patio space, especially DIY enthusiasts. Pallets have wide usage, and as long as you know what you want, you can make them into anything. You can create tables, swings, or daybeds and transform the look of your small patio.

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28. Don’t Let Go of the Railing

28 condo patio ideas


When you have limited space, you’re going to have to make use of everything you’ll come across. That’s you’re not going to spare even the railing. Some plywood or premade tables can work for this. Finish this up with some bistro stools, and you’re good to go.

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29. Utilize Outdoor Rugs

29 condo patio ideas

An outdoor rug will define that outdoor space just the way you envision it. Take your time and shop for that outdoor rug to make that space feel safe and look beautiful.

A perfect rug will make that space feel comfortable and mimic a vacation-like feeling. Make sure you understand how much space you have when buying the rug.

30. Design with Critters in Mind

While designing your condo patio, you must be considering some plants there. Well, you should also think about natural critter repellent in the collection. You’re not going to sit there and keep slapping, swatting, and swiping because mosquitos won’t give you peace.

31. Add a Fire Feature

31 condo patio ideas

And finally, you can’t forget to sort yourself for the cold seasons. Just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean you can’t chill in your beautiful condo patio. A fire feature is a perfect way to bring in some coziness and enjoy the space. Fire is mesmerizing and relaxing. You can’t let that feeling go.

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How do I make my condo patio private?

You deserve the right to privacy in your little space. There are many ways to do so, and one of the ways includes adding some curtains. You can also install a privacy screen or grow some privacy plants.

How do I extend my apartment balcony?

If you feel like the balcony can do with some extension, then go for it.  Consider installing retractable awnings that provide some coverage to make it look like a perfect extension. You can also do this by removing the wall that separates the balcony from the next room.

Can I enclose my balcony?

Of course, you can enclose your balcony. But before doing the enclosure, check with the authorities in your area to understand local building codes. There are laws regarding structural changes that you shouldn’t break.

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Is covering the balcony illegal?

The answer to whether covering your balcony is illegal or not depends on where you come from. But in most states, you have to seek permission from the local authority before covering your balcony.


So, what do you think about the above condo patio ideas? I bet they’re all wonderful and you can’t wait to try them. Well, you can use several of them and see which one suits your preferences. Once you’ve made your choice, let us know how it makes you feel in the comment box.