Birch Lane Furniture Reviews: Pros and Cons Revealed

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Looking for a new sofa but not sure if the Birch Lane is the right choice? In this blog post, we will take a look at the pros and cons of this popular sofa. We will also compare it to other popular models on the market to help you make an informed decision. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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What is Birch Lane?

Birch Lane is a home furnishings and décor retailer that offers classic-style furniture and home décor items. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in New York City.

Birch Lane has an extensive online catalog and also operates several physical stores. The company’s mission is to provide customers with quality products and services that exceed their expectations.

Birch Lane offers a wide variety of furniture and home décor items that are perfect for any home. Whether you are looking for a new sofa or dining room table, Birch Lane has something to suit your needs.

The company also offers a wide range of accessories, such as rugs, lamps, and wall art. Birch Lane makes it easy to find the perfect item for your home.

Who owns Birch Lane furniture?


Birch Lane is a furniture retailer that is owned by Wayfair, one of the largest online retailers in the world. Birch Lane was founded in 2002 and offers a wide variety of furniture for every room in your home.

While Birch Lane is not as well-known as some of the other furniture retailers out there, they offer high-quality furniture at a fraction of the cost.

Where is Birch Lane furniture made?

Birch Lane furniture is made in the United States. The company has manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Birch Lane furniture is sold online and through retail stores. The company has a network of more than 200 authorized retailers across the country.

Birch Lane furniture is made with high-quality materials and construction techniques. The company uses a variety of wood species, including oak, maple, and cherry.

Pros of Birch Lane Furniture:

-Birch Lane furniture is made from high quality materials.

-The furniture is designed to be durable and long lasting.

-Birch Lane offers a wide variety of furniture styles to choose from.

-The company provides excellent customer service.

Cons of Birch Lane Furniture:

-The furniture is expensive.

-Some of the furniture styles may not be to everyone’s taste.

-The company does not offer a lot of customization options for their furniture.

Birch Lane’s durability.

Rocker 3 Piece

Birch Lane is one of the most popular online destinations for furniture and home decor. The site offers a wide variety of products, from sofas and sectionals to dining tables and chairs. But what makes Birch Lane stand out from other retailers is its focus on quality.

The company only sells products that are built to last, which is why its furniture has a reputation for being durable. In fact, many of Birch Lane’s customers have been using the same pieces of furniture for years, and they continue to look great.

Birch Lane’s Material Quality.

When it comes to furniture, one of the first things you notice is the material. Is it solid wood? Veneer? Birch? Leather? etc.

The type of material used can affect both the look and feel of the piece, as well as its durability. That’s why, when shopping for furniture, it’s important to pay attention to the material quality.

Birch Lane is a great place to find high-quality furniture. The pieces are made with solid wood construction, and they offer a variety of finishes and upholsteries to choose from.

Birch Lane Price

It’s a valid question considering how important furniture is in our lives. We spend a good chunk of our time on sofas and couches, so it’s important to choose ones that are comfortable and stylish. But comfort and style don’t come cheap. So, how much do Birch Lane sofas and couches cost?

The answer depends on the style of sofa or couch you’re looking for. Birch Lane has a wide range of sofas and couches, from traditional to contemporary, and the prices reflect that diversity. You can find a basic sofa for as little as $599, but if you want something more luxurious, you’ll have to pay upwards of $2000.

Of course, the price isn’t everything. You also have to consider the quality of the sofa or couch. Birch Lane is known for its high-quality furniture, so you can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth no matter which model you choose.

Birch Lane Return Policies.

If you’re not happy with a purchase from Birch Lane, they will work with you to make it right. You can return most items within 30 days of receipt for a refund of the merchandise total.

Returns must be in new, unused condition and include all original packaging and components. If an item is damaged or defective, you may receive a replacement or a refund of the purchase price.

Some items are ineligible for return, including:

  • Customized or special-order items
  • Gift cards
  • Final sale items (marked as “non-returnable” on the product page)

If you have any questions about an item’s return policy, please contact Birch Lane’s customer service team. They will be happy to help!

When returning an item, please include your order number and a brief note explaining the reason for the return. Returns should be packed securely and shipped via a traceable method. We recommend using UPS, FedEx, or USPS with tracking and insurance. Please note that shipping charges are non-refundable.

Once your return is received and processed, you will receive a refund for the purchase price of the returned item(s) to the original form of payment. Please allow up to two billing cycles for the credit to appear on your statement.

Birch Lane quality levels.

They have three different quality levels at Birch Lane: Standard, Select, and Premier.

Standard is our entry level with the best value. It has all of the essential features of a product, but with more affordable materials.

Select is a step up in quality, with more premium materials that will last longer. This is their most popular level.

Premier is their highest quality level, with the best materials that will last a lifetime.

Is Birch Lane furniture non toxic?

Yes, Birch Lane furniture is non-toxic. All of their products are made with safe, natural materials that are free of harmful chemicals and toxins. You can rest assured that your family is safe when using Birch Lane furniture.

Birch Lane is committed to providing quality, sustainable furniture that is beautiful and built to last. Their furniture is made from solid wood that is sourced from responsibly managed forests. They use water-based finishes and natural fabrics to create pieces that are safe for your home and the environment.

Is Birch Lane furniture good quality?

That is a question that I get asked a lot. And it is a difficult question to answer because it really depends on what you are looking for in furniture. If you are looking for something that is going to last forever and never go out of style, then Birch Lane furniture is probably not for you. But if you are looking for something that is stylish and affordable, then Birch Lane furniture is a great option.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for furniture at Birch Lane. First, they have a lot of sales and promotions, so it is important to keep an eye out for those. Second, their furniture is not always of the highest quality, so it is important to read the reviews before purchasing anything. And finally, Birch Lane furniture is not always the most affordable option, so it is important to compare prices before making a purchase.

Why is Birch Lane cheaper than Wayfair?

There are a few reasons why Birch Lane is cheaper than Wayfair. First, Birch Lane is a direct-to-consumer retailer, meaning that they don’t have the overhead costs associated with brick-and-mortar stores.

Second, Birch Lane sells primarily private label products, which are usually cheaper than name brand products. Finally, Birch Lane offers free shipping on most orders over $49, while Wayfair charges for shipping on most orders.

Birch Lane vs Ashley Furniture

Both are great furniture companies, but there are some key differences that set them apart. Here are the main points:

  • Price: Birch Lane is generally more expensive than Ashley Furniture. This is because Birch Lane offers higher quality furniture, made with better materials.
  • Style: Birch Lane has a more traditional style, while Ashley Furniture has a more contemporary style.
  • Selection: Birch Lane has a wider selection of furniture, including many unique pieces. Ashley Furniture has a more limited selection, but they do offer some cheaper options.

Birch Lane vs Pottery Barn

There are so many great places to shop for home furnishings and decor, but two stores that always come to mind are Birch Lane and Pottery Barn. Both of these retailers offer a wide variety of pieces and styles to choose from, making it easy to find something that fits your taste. But how do you know which store is the better option for you?

To help you make a decision, we’ve put together a comparison of Birch Lane and Pottery Barn. Keep reading to learn more about what each store has to offer!


One area where Birch Lane and Pottery Barn differ is in the types of products they offer. Birch Lane is known for their furniture, while Pottery Barn is known for their home decor.

This means that if you’re looking for something specific, like a couch or coffee table, Birch Lane is likely to have a better selection. However, if you’re just browsing for general home decor items, Pottery Barn may be the better option.


In terms of prices, Birch Lane is generally more affordable than Pottery Barn. This is likely due to the fact that Birch Lane offers mostly furniture, while Pottery Barn offers a mix of furniture and home decor.

So, if you’re on a budget, Birch Lane is probably the better option for you. However, if you’re willing to spend a bit more, Pottery Barn may have some higher-end pieces that you’ll love.


When it comes to shipping, Birch Lane and Pottery Barn both offer free standard shipping on most items. However, Birch Lane also offers white glove delivery for an additional fee, which means your furniture will be delivered right to your door and assembled for you.

Pottery Barn does not offer this service, so if you’re looking for white glove delivery, Birch Lane is the better option.


Finally, let’s talk about returns. Both Birch Lane and Pottery Barn accept returns within 30 days of delivery. However, Birch Lane requires that all returns be shipped back at the customer’s expense, while Pottery Barn will provide a return shipping label. So, if you’re not sure about an item and think you might want to return it, Pottery Barn is probably the better option.

What is the most popular sofa or couch from Birch Lane?

The most popular sofa from Birch Lane is the Cascades 84.5” Leather Sofa. This sofa is made of top-grain leather, has a kiln-dried hardwood frame, and features comfortable seating with high-density foam cushions. This sofa is perfect for those who want style and comfort in their living space.

Birch lane leather sofa reviews

Genuine Leather Rolled Arm


The Birch Lane Leather Sofa is made with a kiln-dried hardwood frame. This provides exceptional support and durability. The sofa also has sinuous spring seat cushions which are made to last. Additionally, the leather upholstery is tough and will age gracefully.

What we like: The sofa is very well-made and looks great in our living room. The leather is soft and feels luxurious.

What we don’t like: We’ve only had the sofa for a few months, so we can’t speak to its long-term durability. However, so far it seems to be holding up well.


The Birch Lane™ Harington Sofa has a classic style that will complement any décor. It is upholstered in 100% top-grain leather with rolled arms and nailhead trim. The sofa has turned legs and welted cushions for added comfort.

The sofa was very easy to assemble, taking only about 15 minutes. The leather is soft and comfortable, and the sofa looks great in our living room. We are very happy with our purchase.


The average price for a leather sofa is $1700. But, the prices can range from as low as $400 to as high as $5000. The price of a sofa depends on many factors such as size, style, materials, and features.


The sofa is comfortable. The leather is soft and the cushions are firm. I like to sit on it with my legs crossed.

The sofa is also stylish. It looks great in my living room and I get compliments on it all the time.


The color of your sofa is an important factor to consider when making your decision. You want a color that will complement your décor and make your living room look complete. When it comes to choosing a leather sofa, you have many different colors to choose from.

Birch Lane offers a variety of leather sofas in different colors, so you’re sure to find one that fits your style. Check out their selection of brown, black, and white leather sofas to find the perfect one for your home.

Birch Lane Fairchild sofa reviews

wendell sofa

The Birch Lane Fairchild sofa is a great value for the money. It’s a simple design that will look good in any home, and it’s comfortable and well-made. We’ve had ours for about six months now, and it’s still holding up well.

The only downside to this sofa is that it isn’t very stylish. If you’re looking for something that will make a statement in your home, then this isn’t the sofa for you. But if you’re just looking for a comfortable, well-made sofa that won’t break the bank, then the Birch Lane Fairchild is a great option.



Overall, we think the Birch Lane Sofa is a great value for the price. It’s a stylish couch that’s comfortable and well-made. If you’re looking for a new sofa, we recommend checking out Birch Lane!

Have you ever purchased furniture from Birch Lane? What was your experience? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!