13+ Hawaiian Landscaping Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on June 26, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Hawaii is a tropical paradise, and it takes more than just palm trees to remake one in your landscaping. But it should not be that high-end.

When it comes to Hawaiian landscaping, you just must think, well, tropical. That includes pools, tropical plants and shrubs and stone elements, among others. If you are thinking of having one in your yard, here are some Hawaiian landscaping ideas for you.  

13 Hawaiian landscaping ideas

best hawaiian landscaping ideas

1. Water garden

1 hawaiian landscaping ideas

What speaks more of Hawaii than a water garden running through the length of the back patio right? This water garden gives the home a tranquil and fresh space to lounge on any time. 

2. Dense greenery

2 hawaiian landscaping ideas

You would find this in most Hawaiian front yards if you have ever been there. Thickets of dense shrubs from the driveway to the main door and towering trees that give off shade all day. Nothing ever gets breezier than this landscape. 

3. Palm centerpiece

3 hawaiian landscaping ideas

You do not need to have a tropical style home to bring Hawaii in your landscape. Sometimes, all you need is a small royal palm in the center of the driveway and beds of flowering perennials to brighten the space. 


4. Urban Hawaiian backyard nook

4 hawaiian landscaping ideas

Most urban yards are compact, but it should not hinder you from bringing Hawaii into the concrete jungle. This small backyard nook is arranged with tropical design elements including a wooden bench and tropical shrubs and plants. It might not have ornate water features, but this is what a Hawaiian getaway would have. 

5. Tropical secret garden

5 hawaiian landscaping ideas

Make your driveway more than a driveway by lining up palms, ferns, and other tropical plants on the edges of your concrete driveway. Their thickness and different height levels evoke the feeling of being led to a more tropical secret garden at the end of the driveway. 

6. Tropical monochrome

6 hawaiian landscaping ideas

This one involves a minimalist style home built on monochrome white tones. As part of a compact tropical landscaping, a landscape banana and bamboo combo arrangement is set up along with dracaena, money plant and ferns contrasted on gapped paver walkways. 

7. Raised tropical garden bed

7 hawaiian landscaping ideas

Capitalizing on the monochromatic walls, you can build raised tropical gardens to enliven your backyard. Complete with wood floors and wall mounted wooden benches, this proves that you only need lots of specimen banana trees to put the stamp of Hawaiian and tropical in your home. 

8. Tiki torch

8 hawaiian landscaping ideas

Sometimes, to allude to a Hawaiian or tropical feel, you need to place the right Hawaiian landscape pieces such as a tiki torch. It does not need to be the gas lighted ones. A solar powered tiki torch like this, lined up in your front yard, is all you need to make it look Hawaiian. 

9. Backyard hammock

9 hawaiian landscaping ideas

There is nothing more Hawaiian than a hammock so if you are landscaping your yard, make sure that you hang one in there. Having palm trees, bamboo or banana specimen trees to tower over the hammock is also not just refreshing but a picture straight out of the tropics. 

10. Bridges and pathways

10 hawaiian landscaping ideas

It is not Hawaiian without the small bridges and pathways. These landscape elements are also used in zen designs but that is understandable because tropical landscaping is all about nature’s balance.

Not only is the wood bridge a fine touch, but the lush greenery also attracts birds and butterflies, which add to the tropical vibe. 

11. Outdoor shower

11 hawaiian landscaping ideas

Forget about the pool and ornate falls and fountains. Nothing is more tropically raw than having an outdoor shower in one corner of your Hawaiian landscape.

With a wall garden composed of bananas and bamboo, it can be the most therapeutic feature of your tropical landscape. Aside from that, it also offers a unique touch to the home, overall.   

12. Bamboo escape

12 hawaiian landscaping ideas

If you have a sloped yard, you can build a Hawaiian bamboo scape down to the leveled spot in your yard. Go for natural fencing of bamboo and palms.

Also infuse natural tones from stones and wooden seating. For the flooring, keep it raw with gravel. This makes a sweet surprise in your Hawaiian landscape. 

13. Tiki bar

13 hawaiian landscaping ideas

To save the best for last, build a tiki bar in your backyard landscape. It could be the focal point of your yard, or a corner feature by the pool. The point is, you cannot call it a Hawaiian landscape without the native flair exuded by tiki bars. 


There is a reason why Hawaii is always one of the dream vacation places in the world. It has the perfect nature balance and does not come short of scenic views. Because we cannot always go there, remaking it in your yard or garden is a commendable move. Just make sure that you have the right pieces with you and the right Hawaiian landscaping idea to work on too.