75+ Backyard Landscaping Ideas & Trending Designs

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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The backyard of your home is always a very important part of your home. This part of your home is always ideal for planting flowers to enhance its beauty.

It can also be used as a relaxing place for the family. It is therefore important to ensure that the landscape for this area is well done to enhance its beauty. There are several ways of creating a good backyard landscape that reflects your passion.

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75 beautiful backyard landscaping ideas

How do you make a backyard landscape?

There are eight steps you need to take in order to make a backyard landscape. All of which are essential in creating a successful landscaping job.

  • Choose a focal point. Choosing a focal point not only prevents you from getting overwhelmed, but it also makes sure your landscaping job isn’t too cluttered.
  • Make a landscape plan. You can use either a drafting software or plain paper. Either way, a plan will keep you focused and allow you to visualize what you need more clearly.
  • Begin planting. Work your way out from the focal point taking care to install the largest design elements first.
  • Plant trees and shrubs. Make sure you plant your foliage properly to give them a healthy start.
  • Plant border areas. Place plants along exterior walls and fences to create a border. A tier pattern is ideal to create a professional look.
  • Lay sod. Sod is perfect for any landscaping job. Make sure you install a sprinkler system before laying the sod.
  • Beautify shady areas. Avoid dark foliage. Add a splash of color with flowers and different colored plants.
  • Add mulch. Pebbles are also a more durable alternative however, mulch is not without its merits. It is essential to use either mulch or pebbles to protect your plants and discourage weed growth.

How much does it cost to landscape a backyard?

Landscaping a backyard is definitely not cheap. It can run anywhere from $3,000 to $15,950 and if you’re starting from scratch, it’s only going to be more expensive.

So make sure your finances are prepared and have a plan in place. You don’t need to be wasting money on something you won’t end up using.

How much does it cost to level a backyard?

A level yard is paramount to the integrity of your home. Not only might it affect the house’s structural integrity, but it’s also a potential hazard. Homeowners in the US have reported to have spent anywhere from $100 to $4500.

What can I do with a large backyard?

There are a number of things you can do with a large backyard. Basically, the sky’s the limit! However, here are eight tips for low-maintenance landscaping for larger yards:

  • Install a large patio. All the space certainly deserves a comfy patio. Install seating, some decor and you’re good to go.
  • Install multiple decks and patios. Decks are a great idea for outdoor spaces. They can hold a lot of weight and are completely functional too.
  • Create multiple outdoor living areas. Spending time outdoors doesn’t have to be a chore, make the most of your large outdoor spaces and unwind by organizing areas for eating, resting and just relaxing.
  • Install an artificial grass lawn. If you have a black thumb, artificial grass is a great alternative for keeping your lawn green without all the gardening.
  • Cover the area with gravel, wood chips or bark. For a different kind of feel, substitute the grass with something harder.
  • Opt for xeriscaping. The lack of real grass will make it easier to maintain your yard. It doesn’t have to be barren and sad, a pebble walkway is just as zen as green green grass.
  • Layout a labyrinth. This is a fun way to maximize your space. You don’t need hedges but some pathway changes that make your visitors double back a little in search of another route is still fun.

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How to Landscape a Yard

Every new gardener wonders how to be their own landscape designer. Stop being overwhelmed and start getting simple instructions with this guide.

Yard Planning

All good things begin with a plan. To be happy with gardening results, it’s best to map things out in advance. This chapter will help to create a master plan and develop an overall landscape design.

Remember to make a plan that includes the following:

  • Lot Boundaries
  • Underground Utilities
  • Overhead wires
  • Slopes
  • Downspouts
  • Puddles
  • Erosion
  • Solar outdoor lighting
  • Both undesirable and desirable views
  • Existing trees and garden plantings

Soil Preparation and Site Planning

Learning to examine the soil can make the difference between starting out successfully or fighting a frustrating failure. Learn about soil improvements, drainage, how to create a terrace, provide irrigation and add attractive outdoor lighting.

Designing Walls and Fences

Create privacy and separation in a garden by designing walls and fences that work for the space. Add gates and trellises for beauty and function. Whether done by a professional or attempted alone, this informative chapter will keep mistakes to a minimum. Remember to consider pool fence design or a dog fence.

Trees and Shrubs

Planting trees and shrubs are often overlooked by new gardeners, but their long-term effects can have the most impact on a yard.

Learn about pruning, how to choose the best trees and shrubs, planning for seasonal effect, adding hedges, purchasing tips, caring for new plants and the proper way to stake. Check here for more information about Carmichael landscaping and tree doctors

Lawn Care

Learn to plan or renovate a lawn, add ground cover, and maintain an established lawn.

All About Flowers

Add beauty to a yard with flowers, including a clipping garden that can benefit an indoor landscape as well. Add borders and beds, design with perennials, supplement with annuals, design with bulbs and care for flower gardens.

Special attention is given to:

  • Adding borders and beds that are fragrant and colorful
  • Gathering plants that will make an attractive border
  • How to design a border with the proper height, color and bloom
  • Sample plans and perennial borders

Garden Design Basics

Getting started when presented with a blank landscape can be overwhelming to a new gardener. Many garden books are too all-encompassing to be helpful to the beginner. 

Home Landscaping is an excellent choice for creating a basic garden design. New home gardeners can benefit from the easy-start methods described in this gardening guide.

90 Best Backyard Landscape Ideas

Backyard landscaping is a wanted hobby for many people because there are a lot of backyard landscape transformations to take inspiration from.

If you are looking for some backyard landscaping ideas to anchor your final design from, here is a list of ideas to scour ideas from, so, read on. 

The backyard is a multi-functional space. Families and friends can come over for small soirees, birthdays and other occasions as well as daily family time. As such, let us dive right into some of the most notable backyard landscaping ideas to help you in sprucing up your backyard.

1. DIY Patio Paver Backyard Makeover

1 backyard landscape ideas

This couple transformed their backyard area into a cozy fire pit using pavers. Check out how they did it and turn your backyard into a campfire worthy getaway.


2. Install a Backyard Waterfall

2 backyard landscape ideas waterfall

If you’re looking for a relaxing and luxurious installment to your backyard, your own personal waterfall is just the zen addition you need after a hard day.

3. Backyard Oasis

3 backyard landscape ideas oasis


You don’t have to travel far to be in paradise. Just look at this amazing oasis in downtown Orlando. A luxury pool is exactly what you need to fall in love with your backyard. Check here for a wide selection of pool kits.

4. Install Raised Garden Beds

4 backyard landscape ideas oasis


If you love to tend to your plants, installing these raised garden beds will not only keep your plants organized, they’ll allow for you to grow the mini flower fields of your wildest dreams! Check out the DIY below.

5. Stock Tank Pool

8 galvanized stock tank ideas

Install a stock tank pool if you’re under budget. Keep the rustic chic theme going by aging the exterior as well. Check out the set up below.

6. Natural Stone Accents

5 backyard landscape ideas oasis

If you’re looking to create a cozy relaxing spot to enjoy, adding in natural stone to your outdoor living spaces is a great way to go.

7. Install a Solar-Powered Fountain

7 backyard landscape ideas


If you love birds, one way to attract them is by installing a birdbath. Take it one step further by installing a solar-powered fountain! The solar panel moves around creating movement in the water this attracting more birds.

8. Create a Cobblestone Patio

8 backyard landscape ideas

Cobblestones not only look great in the outdoor setting, but they’re also relatively low maintenance.

9. Four Tier Fleur Fountains

9 backyard landscape ideas


If you’re looking to add a little regal touch, these fleur fountains are timeless classics.

10. Install a Rolling Deck Swimming Pool

10 backyard landscape ideas


A swimming pool with a rolling deck not only protects your pool water from dirt and possible mosquito infestations, it also saves you floor space!

11. Build a Paver Walkway

11 backyard landscape ideas


Let’s face it. Walk ways are just gorgeous. Lowe’s has some very helpful tips on building your own.

12. Install Landscape Lighting

Year-Round Backyard Deck String Lights

Landscape lighting is not only very important at night, but it is also a good chance to add a magical atmosphere to your backyard.

13. Install a Fence

12 backyard landscape ideas


There are a variety of fences you can choose from. One of our favorites is the living fence.

14. Install an Outdoor Entertaining Area

13 backyard landscape ideas

An outdoor living room of sorts is perfect for chilling out during those cold summer nights.

15. Install a Moongate

14 backyard landscape ideas


Installing a moongate is perfect for a zen type garden.

16. Multi-use landscaping

16 best backyard landscaping ideas

This one is simple but looks so clean and refreshing. A line up of plum vines on the redwood fence adds a lush effect to the fences. The no-mow turf is a good plus for kids’ playing area and the extended concrete floor can be used as a picnic area for adults. 

If you want more seating, take heed of this brick bench on the turf. This landscape is very ideal for those who are fond of getting new friends and enjoying celebrations with loved ones.

17. Woodland Garden

17 best backyard landscaping ideas

This design is built around the hodgepodge of various plant species arranged in a rugged, and forest-like theme to give it a green, organic look. The concrete stepping stones and the pond vibe all come together to create an English cottage theme.

To make it the ultimate cozy backyard, add a fireplace as the centerpiece. Arrange the seating as intimate as you can and just gather the family around. 

18. Ornate Courtyard

18 best backyard landscaping ideas

This backyard landscaping focuses on the large water basin which follows the middle eastern garden design.

The backyard is also divided into two where there is a water yard corner and a summerhouse corner where plants with jewel-tone colors add texture, layer, and scents to the entire space. 

Lining them up in this concrete plant box is a fine idea to establish symmetry in this look. This backyard landscape is perfect for those who prefer it simple and minimalistic in design.

19. Backyard stage

19 best backyard landscaping ideas

It is all fun and giddy when you have this crazy idea which can actually turn into life like this backyard stage landscaping. An actual stage put under the tree is something that is just an outdoor respite that all ages shall enjoy. 

It definitely is a space where both the parents and children can do their thing like playing, eating together, role playing, reviewing, working, and more.

This is also a great way to elevate date nights or game night with friends especially in playing charades. This is a very creative and modern landscaping that can turn to a whimsical, functional space. 

20. Water-wise backyard

20 best backyard landscaping ideas

A letter S plant box outside the backyard having drought tolerant plants all over for easy gardening because there will be less need of care.

A wood bench for those who want to enjoy the sun in the morning or have conversations in the afternoon is also a good plus. All the greens placed at the ground while a vibrant color in red is a nice watch from sitting at the bench. A homie backyard landscaping idea!

21. Intimate backyard landscaping

21 best backyard landscaping ideas

From the flowers to how they are arranged together are so perfect that it brings out a romantic aura. It feels like there is a simple backyard wedding happening or a proposal, a date.

The circular lining up of the plants and the very attractive flowers wrapped around by the wooden fence plus the wooden bench placed in between has something to say too. This one is good for an intimate celebration. Just add some light and wine and it will look perfect.

22. Woodland Backyard

22 best backyard landscaping ideas

This one is a forest backyard made into a private space through landscaping. This one is very creative and requires only a minimum amount of the greens since it is already forestry in vibe with all the bird’s chirping, fresh air, long and tall trees that acts as natural shade. 

In this landscape we also see the different kinds of plants used to fence the area placed in between the trees plus the little whites that made it cooler to see. When you want to experience mornings with nature, you just have to love this woodland backyard landscaping. 

23. Vegetable Backyard

23 best backyard landscaping ideas

While others infused different plants and other furniture in their home backyards, this one is going to be different. In here they made a vegetable garden in their backyards where they can get food once grown.

A lot of people also opt for this because of practicality. Your vegetable choice must be dependent on the weather and season. Overall, this is a very genius backyard landscaping idea.

24. Shed

24 best backyard landscaping ideas

This one is the ultimate refuge for anyone who wants to have a breather at any time of the day. It is a backyard of beautifully blooming flowers.

While some choose a lot of greens in their yard, this one is so vibrantly colorful that it brightens your day and can even put a smile on your face. A bunch of beautiful flowers placed together is such an upper. 

25. Pathway Landscapes

25 best backyard landscaping ideas

It is a common ground for homeowners who put in extra effort landscaping the surroundings of their homes for people to have a clear pathway as it is shaped into a path inside the home.

The combination of the greens, yellows and reds has always complemented each other plus the succulents present just beside the steps are also well placed. For the views, we definitely dig this look.

26.Lush Lawn

26 best backyard landscaping ideas

Simplicity is beauty even in landscaping. Putting a little grass with some minimal arrangement of handpicked plants can be enough in revamping a backyard.

This one did just that and it does not disappoint. It is very simple but very cute and charismatic looking at the plants present in the backyard. Simple yet charming.

27.Modern Day Landscape

27 best backyard landscaping ideas

While greens, trees, plants, stones, and more make up the traditional landscaping, this one gives a high-end, modern look.

This is a total head turner for a yard to look so clean and classy with the pool and the resting chairs available. If you are more into symmetries and luxe designing, this is a look that you should not miss. 

28. Small, private backyard

28 best backyard landscaping ideas

While many want their backyards to be long and wide, some prefer the opposite. This backyard is somewhat rustic in nature because of the wooden colors of the walls and the floor plus the tall bamboo, Japanese privet, and the oriental plants joined together for this cozy backyard.

This is just a simple arrangement but the privacy and coziness of this one really gives a lot of plus sides. 

29. Circle Garden

29 best backyard landscaping ideas

Creating a circular look in this backyard gardening is very beautiful that it is somewhat not ending. It feels like there is somewhere going more because of the white stones that highlight the shape.

The violet plants have been outshining the green ones given that they are smaller in terms of number but the beauty they add in this landscape is something that the eyes cannot forget. This yard is good for sightseeing while having short conversations. 

30. Playground

30 best backyard landscaping ideas

A backyard which seems like a playground in terms of the wide space. With this, nothing is made extravagant just pure grass on all parts but there is this curved space where they went all wood brick to highlight the area.

This is where you can rest, you can set up for a picnic or have a coffee while watching your kids play any outdoor games on the greens. This yard is very dreamy, simple, and perfect.

31. Floating Bench

31 best backyard landscaping ideas

A white yard with a brown fence plus the just right number of greens inside the plant box complemented each other.

This looks perfectly made for private conversations or drinking sessions but can also be a romantic spot for stargazing while holding your loved one. This one just reasserts what backyards are for. 

32. Timeless pergola

32 best backyard landscaping ideas

This is a complete extension of the living room with a pergola. The setup is meant for an outdoor kitchen.

With the presence of cooking appliances, a big-screen TV, and eating counters, plus the green field on the other side, this is one complete, relaxing look. It is made for accommodating and some group time so you can never go wrong with this one. 

33. Maximizing a box space

33 best backyard landscaping ideas

Even for a narrow space, you can still put in a swimming pool while being considerate to the walkways, space for small and large plants.

This yard seems to have two sides which are water and earth. And it does not disappoint because you already have the ultimate summer splurge with this private nook with well-balanced, maximized elements. 

34. A burst of color

34 best backyard landscaping ideas

This yard has a lot of things going on. From the pool as the highlight to the two separate tables where one is placed on the sheltered part and one that is placed in direct sunlight with all the plants surrounding them.

The bright colors used in the couch and the pots made the yard brighter. This one is perfect for a party, a night swimming or even a private dinner.

35. High-end valley view

35 best backyard landscaping ideas

This is a perfect example of a modern backyard with a seemingly infinite space because of the set up and design.

Look at the modern tables and chairs, it is like a view from the hotel. Aside from that, there are so many greens which complement the overall look of this woody, old color theme of this California modernist backyard. 

This one is perfect for public viewing or a party all night session. You can also hold a special gathering of the VIPs here for meet ups and private conversations. Such a unique place to hold one and a very refreshing place to celebrate an event. 

36. Backyard fire pit

36 best backyard landscaping ideas

Every backyard has specifications. Some are for parties and big celebrations while some are meant for cool jamming sessions of friends and family over a bonfire. A camp feels like a yard where you can relax and talk all you want is what this look is all about. 

The simple set up of chairs and on the other side is perfect for casual conversations over beer and bonfire. There is nothing extra about this look but the vibe is enough. It gives a relaxing feeling for people of different ages given the fresh air and the good aura it brings.

37. Framed Court

37 best backyard landscaping ideas

This one is a very clean and organized yard. Just looking at the plants perfectly aligned together and the very long bocce court that seems to be embossed from the ground.

On its side is a walkway with another perfectly aligned white stone and the big tree on one side just complements the overall look of this landscape. This is a yard meant just for viewing or shorts walks.

38. Natural canopy

38 best backyard landscaping ideas

This backyard is a flower yard where all the vibrant flowers are put together for them to receive ample sunlight.

The green breezeway created an impression of authority as it is hugging the roof thickly and tightly. Getting this canopy effect takes years and if you have a green thumb, you should really go for this one here. 

39. Mid Century Modern

39 best backyard landscaping ideas

It is always beautiful to wake up to a rooftop yard with an amazing view of the different greens surrounding the area. In this yard, you can see a little pool with some resting shade on its side. A few plants are seen and because it is on top, it receives direct sunlight. 

Succulents and other drought tolerant plants shall survive in this setup so build around them if you want to consider this look. This yard is a little bit plain but the greens and the sky gave color to it. 

40. Earthy scape

40 best backyard landscaping ideas

A yard where you can run into whenever you need a space to be alone or to be one with nature is such an underrated upper.

This earthy scape here provides that and more as it can also be a romantic place for a date night and some reckless and wild night out with the boys. The many greens, the stone frame plant box, the concrete stair make it so dreamy to be in this yard. 

41. Yard in bloom

41 best backyard landscaping ideas

For those who have a small space yard, the mix of beautiful flowers and plant works. In this case, they become the major highlight of the yard so make it a point that the plants you choose are well-curated and match well with your backyard scape.

Unlike others who give lots of greens but a lot more furniture and the like, this one is purely lilac and green with a brick fence. The organic tones in this idea are strong.

42. Evergreen Passage

42 best backyard landscaping ideas

You can never go wrong with green. You can see, all the elements are colored green but you can still distinguish one from the other. One is in bold color, one is lighter.

These plants know how to complement each other and have unique characteristics that you can definitely distinguish one from the other.

This is the perfect green escape that any household would love. The classic hedging and arrangement of plants here also give it an oldie but goodie charm. 

43. Green and White Border

43 best backyard landscaping ideas

In here, you can see a pathway full of greens and whites. The flowers in bloom are the main event while the greens stand up for its beauty.

Sometimes, in a garden, plants are seemingly talking to each other to bring out something from each other especially in times of many people looking at them, telling how much they fit for each other.

In this group of plants put together, harmony is at the core, making it a beautiful pathway and backyard look. 

44. Hydrangeas and pools

44 best backyard landscaping ideas

Hydrangeas look so cool beside the swimming pool. With the colors pink, blue, and lavenders on the sides, it brings so much life in this yard.

Having been in an open area, the sun directly hits the plants but you see, the bloom is so beautiful making the whole area so fresh and looking beautiful. 

You can also see greens in the picture which fills in the space on one side. There is still a lot to add to this look and it is up to you to think of more beautiful ways to spruce it up if you are considering it. 

45. Cottage Garden

45 best backyard landscaping ideas

In a forested yard, the biggest challenge would be, how to make it safe, cozy and open. In here you can see that stones are used as a fence and as a divider to the forest itself plus making concrete stairs as a walkway and beside of it are the beautiful flowers of different kinds.

This style of having so much in a small space has been going on in a ‘forested’ backyard.

46. Shades of Green

46 best backyard landscaping ideas

There is so much green in this house but what is beautiful here is the concrete boxes framed with grasses that are unique and stylish plus the wooden chairs that are so close to the different plants available in the area. This is perfect for coffee sessions, short talks, or anything similar. 

47. Edged Patio

47 best backyard landscaping ideas

This one is very cozy and attracts people because of the organization and set up of things. Looking at the couch, the little tables, the different colors of flowers placed on a vase, the plant that blooms with flowers and the bigger space on the other side which has a dining set up under a stylish wooden stand where plants can grow and spread. 

This one is so perfect and is very ideal for client meetings, coffee dates, late night conversations or even movie watching. 

48. Two level yard

48 best backyard landscaping ideas

The brick walls in this look are the anchor of everything. The second focal point would be the organization of the different plants. All the greens at the back and all the ones that have color come in forward.

Everything is placed nicely and is super clean and attractive to look at. Unlike others where you can sit, relax and have coffee, here, you will just have a pure watering session plus walks and conversations of course. 

49. Scenic hill yard

With a small space for a yard, this one is a perfect idea. It is very woody and stylish at the same time. The wood platform where the couch is at plus the little plants that go with the design is just beautiful.

It is a perfect bonfire place for friends to gather and jam or a perfect place for being alone where you can lay down at the couch or at the wooden platform, walk on the white stones and feel its hardness. This yard is definitely a must have.

49 best backyard landscaping ideas

50. Short walks in the backyard

50 best backyard landscaping ideas

This is another compact, small backyard to consider.  The orange plants surrounding the fence above plus the bushes and the tall tree at the back are very invigorating to look at and they just add vibrance in an otherwise plain space.

This is a very simple arrangement but the thoughtful arrangement of the plants and other elements make it a standout look in a suburban area like this one. 

51. Pergola and Privacy

51 best backyard landscaping ideas

Brown is always the best contrast to green, especially if you are going for an organic look. The color combination of this background says a lot of nature.

The set- up is like a living room placed outdoors with no ceiling, just a bare wood stand and direct sunlight on a mid-day and the moonlight at night time.

The chair, the green plants plus the color and pattern of the tiles completes the package. This yard is one of those organic modern styles but has a very native aura.

52. Hardscaping with bluestone

52 best backyard landscaping ideas

This one is a large green lawn with highlights of peach or seemingly autumn leaves. This yard is perfect for walking down your pets in getting a bit of exercise and fresh air plus you can get morning conversations with your loved ones too. 

Given the space, you can host a large event here while putting more vibrant flowering plants are recommended but still an ideal landscape idea for those who have a large space at the back of their homes.

53. Tucson Yard

53 best backyard landscaping ideas

Another one of the modern-day yards which has little plants. In here, the beautifully framed swimming pool with a beautiful sofa set made up this yard.

If you can see, there is no leaf tree at its side which is still very beautiful and complements the total look of this yard. Very modern, but has a classic vibe. Perfect for those who drink wines and cocktails while having fun. 

54. Long backyard arrangement

54 best backyard landscaping ideas

This is a wide range of beautiful plants where one can go around while looking at their differences and similarities. This has been the most organized that you can see one from another. Those that are in the plant boxes, to those that are just planted on the sides. 

This is also of modern design but it focuses on the plants rather than others. Oh, there is this big space for resting; a sitting area for people who wanted to come and see the beauty of the yard. 

55. Modern Dining Terrace

55 best backyard landscaping ideas

This one is all wood and plants. Given the space, you still can add more into this design. A piece of furniture like a sofa set or simpler like a wooden chair you can rest with while feeling the air.

You can also put in some more greens or other colors. Plants that bloom different colors of flowers are fine too. This yard is simply just a yard without all the things mentioned but is still okay. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from what we have covered here, it is also very essential that you get acquainted with various backyard landscaping FAQs. In this section, we shall give a rundown of some of the backyard landscaping essentials and other useful information that would help you in your backyard landscaping projects. 

When is the best time to do backyard landscaping? 

The best time to commence landscaping jobs would still be during the growing season or spring. You can have a wide choice of trees, shrubs, and other perennials during this time and arranging them in a seamless look would be easier during this time. This is especially true for locations with more extreme climatic conditions. 

What are the best plants to grow in a private backyard? 

If you are keen on privacy, and you want to strategically build on that design scheme, the following plants should be on your list. 

  • Bamboo
  • Skip Laurel
  • Holly
  • Privet
  • Hicks Yew
  • Boxwood
  • Red twig Dogwood
  • Euonymus
  • Chocolate vine
  • Lilac
  • Cypress
  • Butterfly bush
  • Juniper
  • Hydrangea

How do I choose the right backyard landscape plants? 

Just because a plant looks pretty or you feel right about it would mean that it is the right backyard landscape plant for you. Fortunately, the University of Massachusetts outlined the factors that you should consider when choosing a landscape plant: 

  • Always consider the hardiness zone of the plant. 
  • Know the light and water requirements of the plant and check their availability in your backyard. 
  • Check their tolerance of microclimates (i.e. extreme wind and temperature conditions). 
  • Check their tolerance to weather events (i.e. flooding, erosion, snow). 
  • It is important to know if they compete with existing vegetation. 
  • Make sure if they are apt for urban landscaping or not. 

What plants should not be planted in backyard landscapes? 

Since we have already covered the musts in backyard plants and in landscaping in general, it is also essential to note the big NOs when it comes to landscape plants: 

  • Aloe vera
  • Belladonna
  • Mint
  • Mimosa tree
  • Wisteria
  • Japanese barberry 
  • Amaranthus

What is the average backyard landscaping cost? 

Budget is always an important consideration when it comes to landscaping jobs. If you want to go for a DIY job, the average range of costs would be at $20,000-40,000. Of course, basic backyard landscape arrangements only range in between $10,000-17,000. It is a different question when you hire a contractor though. 

What is the cheapest type of landscaping? 

Be it for front yards or backyards, the cheapest type of landscaping would still be those that are anchored on crushed stone or garden rocks. You can still have a simple turf to incorporate but just having them for the landscape is sufficient. It is very workable and could work in any type of design scheme that you want to go for in your landscape. 

What budget tips should be considered in backyard landscaping? 

Aside from working on crushed stone and garden rocks, the following are other budget tips that you should master when it comes to backyard landscaping: 

  • Adding a walkway is always a plus. 
  • Perennials are budget savers. 
  • Mulching is a must for backyards with lots of plants. 
  • Repurpose items to have planters. 
  • Lighting should always be considered in backyard landscapes. 
  • Discover the convenience of raised garden beds. 
  • Use edging if possible. 
  • Outdoor dining is always a major plus.
Looking for backyard landscaping ideas? Check out 75+ Stunning Backyard Landscaping Ideas to get inspired to make your backyard even better. #backyardideas #landscaping #farmfoodfamily
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Inside the Secret Garden

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Sleek Patio Area

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Rocky Gardens

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Zen Garden


Hills of Flowers


37. Simple Small DIY Space

Simple Small DIY Space

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Leveled Luxury

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Low-Water Landscape Design

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Escape the Sun

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Come Down to the Fire

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Stately Symmetry

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Rocky Levels

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Horizontal Haven

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Extravagant Fountain


 Small Retreat

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Backyard Oasis


Outdoor Living Room

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Elegant Stonescape

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Built for Entertaining

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Beautiful Walkway

Beautiful Walkway



Full of bright flowers and plants

Full of bright flowers and plants

Beautiful foliage

Beautiful foliage

Rock wall

Rock wall

A flawless walkway

A flawless walkway

Bushes line the raised garden bed against the stone wall

Bushes line the raised garden bed against the stone wall

Black wicker furniture in this beautiful garden

Black wicker furniture in this beautiful garden

Walkway has marble slabs in whimsical shapes

Walkway has marble slabs in whimsical shapes

This landscape has low shrubbery on the levels of stone walls

This landscape has low shrubbery on the levels of stone walls

Japanese lantern sculpture

Japanese lantern sculpture

Brush surrounding the base of massive trees

Brush surrounding the base of massive trees

Closeup of the rustic shed in the yard

Closeup of the rustic shed in the yard

Flowers in all different colors surround the deep amber wood of the structure

Flowers in all different colors surround the deep amber wood of the structure

Gazebo in the daylight

Gazebo in the daylight

Gorgeous pond in the same garden

Gorgeous pond in the same garden

Different shades of red, orange, yellow, purple and red

Different shades of red, orange, yellow, purple and red

Backyard Lighting

When the days become longer and start to warm up, it’s time to consider revamping your backyard living areas for the summer. An easy way to make your yard more inviting is to add lighting so that you can eat, relax, and reconnect with family and friends long after the sun goes down.

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River beside the patio

River beside the patio

Calming zen of a traditional Japanese garden

Calming zen of a traditional Japanese garden

Backyard sun shade

25 Amazing DIY Backyard Sun Shade Ideas 

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The stacked stone wall adds a rustic, homey quality to the landscaping

The stacked stone wall adds a rustic, homey quality to the landscaping

Lovely patio area

Lovely patio area

Patio Decoration Ideas

Transform your porch, patio, backyard, and other outdoor spaces with smart stylish decorating ideas.

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There are a variety of ways you can landscape your yard. Opt for something that’ll make you happy and is completely functional as well. Be ready for the expenses and don’t forget to plan it out.

To conclude, backyard landscaping is not as complex as what we deem it to be. Like any landscaping job, the trick to good landscaping is that the elements used should be in consonance with one another and that you already have a solid design plan before going for it. 

With all things considered, the designs listed here should be enough for you to at least have a head start as to what you could go for. Never limit your ideas with the exigencies of your space, budget and location. Always think outside the box. After all, the goal here is to have a cozy nook for you, your friends and your family to spend time in. 

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