What Color Walls Go with Red Oak Floors? (20 Options)

Last Updated on February 16, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Many people are curious about what color walls go with red oak floors. This is a question that doesn’t have a definitive answer, as there are many factors that need to be considered. The type of red oak flooring, the lighting in the room, and the other colors in the room all play a role in determining the best paint color for your walls. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best options for wall colors when you have red oak flooring in your home!

What Color Walls Go with Red Oak Floors

1. Artichoke.

This deep, earthy shade of green is a perfect complement to the warm tones of red oak floors. The greenish-grey hue creates a serene atmosphere in any room and works well with either a light or dark wood finish.

It looks especially charming when paired with white trim and furniture for a modern spin on traditional decor.

2. Beige.

This warm shade of neutral will make your red oak floors stand out, while still maintaining a subtle and classic look.

Beige is an excellent choice if you’re looking to create a calming atmosphere in the room.

3. Harbour Gray.

If you are looking to add a modern touch to your space with a hint of coastal vibes, then Harbour Gray is the color for you.

It’s a deep blue-gray that pairs perfectly with red oak floors and creates an inviting and warm atmosphere in any room.

4. Light Mint.

Light mint is a great choice for wall color to pair with your red oak floors. This crisp, pastel shade will make the room feel airy and bright while still complimenting the natural beauty of your flooring.

It’s perfect if you’re going for a modern, clean look in your home.

5. Light Yellow.

Soft and subtle shades of yellow are a great choice for walls if you have red oak floors. This combination has a modern and airy look that won’t distract from the beauty of your hardwood floors.

6. Sage.

Sage is a muted, pale green with gray undertones, making it an excellent choice for walls in homes with red oak floors. The soft hue of sage helps to create a calming atmosphere and can be used to complement furniture or artwork.

Additionally, the color works particularly well on wood surfaces like red oak flooring due to its subtlety. For a more modern look, consider a bright green hue with sage as an accent color for furniture and accessories.

7. Taupe.

Taupe is a classic wall color that works particularly well in homes with red oak floors due to its neutral undertones. The warm shades of taupe will add depth and richness to the room while still maintaining a light and airy atmosphere.

For a more subtle look, opt for a soft taupe shade that won’t overpower the room. If you prefer something brighter, go bold with a deep taupe hue to make the red oak floors stand out even more.

Taupes are great wall colors to pair with other warm neutrals like beige, or with bold accent colors like emerald green.

8. White.

White walls are a classic, timeless look that pairs well with red oak floors. The stark contrast between the warm tones of the floor and the cool whites of the wall pair together nicely to create a modern yet cozy atmosphere in any room.

Additionally, white walls can easily be accessorized with furniture and décor to add pops of color or texture to the overall look and feel of the space.

9. White Dove.

A warm off-white shade, White Dove is the perfect blend of a cool and warm neutral. This timeless paint color helps to brighten up red oak floors while keeping the overall look subtle and calming. It is also a great choice for more traditional spaces.

10. Benjamin Moore Classic Gray OC 23.

This light gray is a great color for those who want an airy and relaxing atmosphere. The subtle hint of warmth in Classic Gray will bring out the natural grain and texture of red oak floors without overwhelming them.

11. Benjamin Moore Collingwood OC 28.

This light gray color is perfect for red oak floors as it complements the grain of the wood without making it too dark. For a more saturated hue, Benjamin Moore Classic Gray 1548 is a great choice.

This gray-green shade will bring out the warm tones in the floor and make them look brighter than before. For something more dramatic, consider using Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray 2126-30.

This deep gray color can bring out the grain of the floor and make for a cozy atmosphere. If you’re looking for something more subtle, try Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC 172. This warm gray shade is perfect for creating a soft and inviting atmosphere without detracting from the beauty of your red oak floors.

And last but not least, Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC 173 is a great option for adding depth to the space without taking away from the red oak’s beauty. This warm gray color will bring out the natural warmth of the wood and add depth to your room.

12. Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White CC 20.

This crisp, clean white paint is a great choice for those looking to brighten up their room and make red oak floors stand out.

The cool tones in the color will help create a vibrant atmosphere and will look especially striking in modern spaces.

13. Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere 2138-60.

Gray Cashmere is a beautiful light gray with a cool undertone. It works well when paired with red oak floors and provides a modern, yet subtle look.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray HC-169 is another great choice for pairing with red oak floors as it helps to create an inviting atmosphere.

This color has a slightly warm undertone which gives it an inviting look. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray SW 7015 is another great option for red oak floors. The cool gray color adds a modern edge to any space that it’s used in.

Finally, Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist OC-27 provides a classic but stylish look when paired with red oak floors. This light gray has just enough warmth to make it inviting and cozy.

All of these colors will work well to bring out the beauty in your red oak floors. No matter which color you choose, you are sure to create a beautiful space with your choice.

14. Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC 170.

This deep gray has blue and green undertones that play up the reddish hues of red oak floors. It will make your room look sophisticated, without overpowering the wood tones of your flooring.

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze 6197 is also a great choice for red oak floors. This color is a blend of browns and grays, and it’s perfect if you want a warm, cozy feel to your room.

You can also opt for a lighter shade like Sherwin Williams Sea Salt 6204. This light gray has subtle green undertones that will add depth to the colors of the wood floors without dominating them.

For an ultra-modern look, go for Benjamin Moore White Dove OC 17. This creamy white offers just a hint of gray, making it the perfect color for rooms with red oak floors that have a contemporary feel.

It will also make the room look bigger and brighter. These colors are all great choices that will make your red oak flooring look amazing no matter what type of decor you choose.

15. Dutch Tulip: Magnolia Home.

Dutch Tulip is a deep, warm red that adds personality to any room. Its richness pairs wonderfully with red oak floors, creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Dutch Tulip can also be used to bring out the natural reddish tones in the wood.

16. Farrow and Ball Breakfast Room Green.

This timeless green works especially well in rooms with red oak floors. The subtle shade creates a relaxing atmosphere, and its muted tones bring an additional layer of warmth to the space. The color pairs nicely with cream-colored accents like chairs, couches, and rugs.

17. Farrow and Ball Down Pipe No. 26.

This cool, dark shade of gray creates a modern look in any room and pairs beautifully with red oak floors. The deep charcoal-gray tone of this paint color evokes an understated yet sophisticated atmosphere in any space.

It also helps to highlight the rich, warm tones of the red oak flooring without being too overwhelming or distracting.

18. Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray SW 7016.

This cool gray is a great choice to pair with red oak floors, and its subtle green undertones bring out the reddish warmth of the wood.

The light, airy hue helps to balance the strong visual impact that red oak can sometimes have.

19. Sherwin Williams Natural Linen SW 9109.

For a soft, light neutral look that pairs nicely with red oak floors, go for this shade. The slightly warm hue of Natural Linen will bring out the reddish undertones in your wood flooring and create a cozy atmosphere.

If you want something even warmer, try Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige SW 7036. This color has more of a golden tone and will make the room feel extra inviting.

For an elegant look, try Sherwin Williams Snowbound SW 7004. This grayish-white shade is perfect for creating a timeless look that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

20. The Spruce Best Home Distilled Aqua SPR-10.

This color is a beautiful blue-green that pairs wonderfully with the red oak floors. The cool, calming hue adds brightness to the room while still allowing the floor to take center stage.

For an even more neutral look, try Behr’s Natural Gray PPU18-12. This shade of gray has just enough warmth to not feel too sterile and pairs perfectly with the red oak to create a classic look.

If you’re looking for something more fun, Farrow & Ball’s Arsenic No.308 is a vibrant teal that will bring life to any room. It contrasts nicely with the warm tones of the wood, giving it an extra pop of color.

How to choose wall colors for red oak floors.

When it comes to choosing a paint color for the walls that will complement your red oak floors, there are various factors to consider. The most important factor is understanding what type of look and feel you want to create in the room.

For a modern look with clean lines and minimalistic furnishings, white or light gray walls can help create a crisp and airy feel. These colors can also help to make the space look larger and more open if desired.

Alternatively, if you prefer a cozy atmosphere, warmer colors like pale yellow or soft beige are great options for walls that will pair nicely with red oak floors. Make sure to opt for muted shades of these colors in order to avoid overwhelming the room.

If you want a more dramatic look, deeper shades like navy blue or forest green can be used. As with any bold color choice, it is important to test out samples of different colors before committing to one particular paint choice.


When choosing a wall color for red oak floors, the best approach is to focus on creating an overall balance and harmony. The wall colors should be used to create a visual contrast that will draw attention to the flooring, while also complementing rather than overwhelming it. Whether you prefer subtle shades or bolder hues, there are plenty of options available to ensure that your red oak floors look their best.