20+ Backyard Oasis Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on August 5, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

The great outdoors is always a wonderful retreat for those looking to be blissfully away from urban stressors and work pressures while still keeping up with life.

While we don’t all naturally have access to them, we can create our own little haven in the backyard and enjoy some relaxing surroundings as often as we want to.

The following 20 backyard oasis ideas will turn your acre into a sanctuary for you and your family, no matter where you live.

best backyard oasis ideas designs

1. Backyard Oasis With Stone Walls

1 backyard oasis ideas with stone wall

Stone walls provide an elegant balance of warm earth tones with cool gray, blue, or turquoise tones that compliment the natural environment. Small stones and sand make a natural border for paths that lead up to custom benches along the wall.

Triangles cut into the stone create places to rest while standing or sitting during various times of the day.

1 backyard oasis ideas with stone wall 1

Plants grow in pots scattered among the stone walls, giving an organic look that frames the space and brings color to each season.

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2. Backyard Oasis With Garden Huts

2 backyard oasis ideas

The garden is the perfect space for a secluded oasis in your yard. In addition to a small bench, create bowers with grapevine arching over the area.

A lattice cover for each hut adds a rustic touch and keeps the vines growing straight and free of decay. The hut is finished with stained glass shades made of wire mesh held together by decorative hooks. 

This backyard oasis includes a stone path leading up to three huts arranged around a central path. This design is an inviting space for kids to play and for parents to enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

3. Backyard Oasis With Adirondack Chairs

3 backyard oasis ideas

A wooden deck and a patio area are great places to create a perfect backyard oasis for games, evening conversation, or just enjoying the view.

Two Adirondack chairs with wide arms facing toward the center of the yard create an inviting spot to sit back and relax after a long day. The chairs are cushioned in gray or blue tones that can be changed when trend colors come along.

3 backyard oasis ideas 1

4. Backyard Oasis With Seating and Creeks

4 backyard oasis ideas

One of the best ways to add character to your home is the natural look of stone paths. Create two different types of paths throughout your yard (using flagstone and concrete) that lead from the front door to various spots in the yard where you will enjoy sitting on an outdoor seat or relaxing in a garden bed under a tree.

A creek-fed garden is filled with blue hydrangea, red roses, weeping willow trees, and other native plants. A bench seat is placed along the path, and other curves and turns of the path are laid out with free-standing planters that contain pots of flowers or shrubs.

5. Backyard Oasis With Poolside Furniture

5 backyard oasis ideas

A backyard oasis can be a relaxing little spot in your yard that is perfect for a day at the pool or other water activities. Install two chairs in the water area that face each other so you can sit back-to-back while enjoying the water’s edge. This is not a place for the kids to play, but rather space for parents to rest and enjoy the views.

The deck around the pool is furnished with similar chairs, so you can have the option of sitting in the water or on dry land. This area is also where you can put your grill or other outdoor cooking equipment, including a dining table and chairs. 

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6. Backyard Oasis With Waterfall

6 backyard oasis ideas

A waterfall adds a soft and soothing sound to your backyard oasis, creating a place for you to unwind while enjoying the view.

One or two tall columns stand among perennials that are arranged in decorative pots. The design is enhanced with an arbor covered in grapevine, which leads up to a treehouse area.

The columns are made of cement and concrete, while the arbor is created from lattice and decorative hooks for the vines. A small water fountain at the top of each column creates a natural relaxing sound that blends beautifully with nature.

7. Backyard Oasis With Fire Pit and Grill

7 backyard oasis ideas

A fire pit with a stone base is a great focal point for your backyard oasis. A wide, comfortable bench is placed next to the fire pit so you can enjoy the view and talk with family and friends while visiting.

A grill along the back wall provides an option for cooking food or engaging in various entertaining activities. A small table with chairs completes the look of this outdoor area that makes it easy to spend time with your family outdoors, even when it’s cold outside. 

8. Backyard Oasis With Deck and Winter Garden

8 backyard oasis ideas

A deck is a great place to use for entertaining guests during the summer months, but it can also be a great addition to your backyard oasis during the wintertime. 

A vertical garden with flowers and plants growing through chains is installed above an outdoor table, creating an inviting space that can be enjoyed all year long. 

The vertical garden ties into an adjacent bower with climbing vines and bright red blooms that grow through the lattice and wire mesh of chain-link fences. This area is where you can grill out and prepare food for your guests, along with a small outdoor kitchen area.

9. Backyard Oasis Featuring Poolside Rockery

9 backyard oasis ideas

A natural rockery is an excellent addition to any backyard oasis. It provides a change in texture from dry grass to a rock-lined path, along with pots full of vibrant plants that look great against the stone walkway.

A fireplace and chiminea are conveniently placed nearby so you can warm up after spending time outside.

10. Backyard Oasis With Large Arbor and Fountains

10 backyard oasis ideas

An expansive tree or arbor bower is a fantastic way to bring color into your yard all year long. The bright red blooms of flame trees create a beautiful display of color in the spring, while the foliage remains green throughout fall and winter.

A bench is placed beneath the arbor and is a great place to read or just sit back and relax. A decorative fountain is placed on either side of the arbor. The fence that surrounds the arbor is made of lattice and white picket slats that can be easily updated with brightly colored flowers or vines when in season.

11. Backyard Oasis With Waterfall and Fire Pit

11 backyard oasis ideas

A fire pit with a stone base is a great focal point for your backyard oasis. A wide, comfortable bench is placed next to the fire pit so you can enjoy the view and talk with family and friends while visiting.

A waterfall cascades into an adjacent pool, which makes a great place for kids to play or adults to relax while listening to the calming sound of running water.

The fountain is constructed from glass tiles of different sizes and rocks used for paving around the waterfall base. A small table with chairs completes this beautiful space where you can enjoy spending time outdoors, whether it’s with friends or family.

12. Backyard Oasis With Rock Fireplace

12 backyard oasis ideas

A rock fireplace is a unique focal point for any area of your yard, but it looks terrific in a backyard oasis. This design includes a large arbor along with a pergola-covered patio. The arbor is designed with lattice and white picket slats covered in bright red blooms in the spring and summer months. 

The arbor leads up to a treehouse that gives you a great view of the entire yard while also providing ample storage space for summer lawn furniture, pool floats, or extra grilling supplies for entertaining. This area is also used to store firewood during the winter months.

13. Backyard Oasis With Wood and Stone Porch

A covered porch along the backside of your home is an excellent addition to your landscaping. It provides a place for relaxing, reading, or watching the kids play while also keeping you shaded from the sun.

The stone wall and steps are made from large rocks combined with cement to create a unique look. A fire pit is installed between the steps leading up to the porch, which can be used to cookout and entertain guests during any season of the year. The flat roof is made of wood, which creates a nice texture that blends with the porch design.

14. Backyard Oasis With Aquatic Pond and Grill

14 backyard oasis ideas

A pond and grill is a great addition to any backyard oasis, but it looks extra special in a heated house. 

This design includes planter boxes full of decorative flowers and stepping stones that lead from the patio to the pool area. The pond is made of stone and tiles, which can be cleaned easily using a removable liner.

The liner helps keep debris from being blown into the pond during harsh winds or storms and will help keep it clear if you need to add fish or accessories for shallow water pets like goldfish or koi. Here is an Aquatic Ponds link for more information.

15. Backyard Oasis With Waterfall and Stone Patio

15 backyard oasis ideas

A waterfall is a great addition to any backyard oasis. It provides a relaxing sound that is pleasant to hear while sitting outside on the patio, especially when it’s hot out.

You can also use the waterfall for entertaining guests by organizing food preparation into this area so you can enjoy your backyard oasis with friends and family while cooking delicious meals together.

16. Backyard Oasis With Retractable Roof and Fire Pit

An arbor is a great addition to any backyard oasis because it provides a beautiful focal point and ample space for climbing vines that will create an elegant display of color in the spring months.

A fire pit is installed on the other side of an arbor, which provides a great place for grilling out and entertaining guests during the summer months. In addition, a retractable roof can be set up over the fire pit to block the wind when it’s cold outside and keep you warm inside while entertaining guests or decorating for holidays. The roof is constructed from wood and a plastic liner that creates a lovely look that blends in with the arbor design.

A wood pallet wall can also be used to create more space for gathering around a fireplace while planning your next outdoor party or holiday celebration.

17. Backyard Oasis With Covered Porch and Waterfall

16 backyard oasis ideas

A waterfall is an excellent addition to your backyard oasis. Still, it’s also fun for kids to play around or get soaked in since they’re usually located beside any swimming pool.

This design includes a covered porch with wood paneling and a retractable roof so you can enjoy the outdoors, rain, or shine. The fire pit is conveniently placed on the other side of the covered porch and provides the perfect place for cooking out during the summer months.

18. Backyard Oasis With Hammock and Treehouse

17 backyard oasis ideas

A hammock is one of my favorite additions to any backyard oasis because everyone loves relaxing in one while watching birds passing by or listening to neighborhood sounds.

A large treehouse is also a great addition to any backyard oasis because it provides extra space for playing, storage, or just relaxing while letting your imagination run wild. 

The treehouse includes a ladder with wood slats covered in latticework and vines, giving the design a unique look. A fire pit is located at the treehouse base, which provides an excellent place for guests to gather around during the summer months.

19. Backyard Oasis With Stone Patio and Fire Pit

18 backyard oasis ideas

Doors make excellent additions to any yard design because they provide extra seating while blocking out unwanted wind and rain during cold weather months.

A stone patio is also a good design to include in your backyard oasis because it provides a unique focal point and plenty of room for entertaining guests during the summer months.

A fire pit is included in this patio design, which provides an extra place for guests to gather and enjoy cooking out or just relaxing while enjoying the warm weather outdoors.

20. Backyard Oasis With Gazebo, Grill, and Fire Pit

19 backyard oasis ideas

A gazebo is an excellent addition to any backyard oasis because it provides ample space for entertaining during wedding receptions or other celebrations when you need lots of room for tables and chairs. It also provides a great place to relax during the summer months when you just want to stay out of the sun.


Whether it’s a fireplace, outdoor lighting, or an elaborate gazebo, the right additions can really enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space. The best thing about these designs is that they’re all customizable.

If you have an idea for your own backyard oasis, you’ll be able to customize the design to suit your own tastes while still creating something beautiful and unique that you and your family will love.