Closets by Design vs Closet Factory: Which Builds the Best Custom Closet?

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When it comes to optimizing your home storage space with a customized closet, choosing the right company to design and install your vision is crucial. “Closets by Design” and “Closet Factory” are two leading providers in the closet organization industry, each offering unique services and products to transform cluttered areas into efficient, stylized spaces.

Understanding the differences between these two companies in terms of their design process, product offerings, and customization options will help you make an informed decision tailored to your specific organization’s needs and aesthetic preferences.

Selecting between “Closets by Design” or “Closet Factory” depends heavily on your requirements and expectations. Both companies have carved out a niche for themselves, boasting distinct approaches to closet organization.

Whether you prioritize the versatility of design, the range of materials used, or the overall customer experience, it’s essential to weigh these factors against what each company excels in to match your project goals.

closets by design vs closet factory compare

Key Takeaways

  • Analyzing “Closets by Design” and “Closet Factory” reveals significant differences in customization and product offerings.
  • Each company has a unique design process that caters to various preferences and organizational needs.
  • Assessing both closet systems against your storage requirements ensures you choose the right provider for your home.

Company Profiles

In this section, you’ll get a detailed look at “Closets by Design” and “Closet Factory”, understanding each company’s market stance, reputation, and the reach of their services and showrooms.

Closets by Design Overview

Closets by Design specializes in custom closet solutions tailored to fit your specific needs. With a range of collections such as the Classic, Brio, and Regency, they offer versatility in style and design. Their focus on customization allows you to incorporate personal touches into your home’s organization.

Closet Factory Overview

Closet Factory has carved out a space in the market with their custom closet systems, including the Everyday Collection and options for wardrobe closets.

Each system is designed to offer a tailored organization experience, ensuring your space is not just neat, but also reflective of your individual preferences and lifestyle.

Market Position and Reputation

Both Closets by Design and Closet Factory have established significant credibility in their domain. Often compared with industry players like California Closets, Inspired Closets, and more accessible options like The Container Store and EasyClosets, they maintain a focused expertise in home custom closet solutions. Their reputation has been built upon delivering quality craftsmanship and customer-centric design options.

Service Areas and Showrooms

You will find Closets by Design and Closet Factory showrooms scattered across various metropolitan areas, providing potential customers the opportunity to preview collections and materials firsthand.

Closets by Design showcases their ability to cater to diverse aesthetic preferences and functional demands, while Closet Factory emphasizes their expertise in crafting everyday solutions to sophisticated custom systems.

Both companies cover a broad service area, ensuring they can meet your needs no matter your location.

Design Process

When embarking on a custom closet project, the design process is critical to align with your vision and needs. Both Closets by Design and Closet Factory offer comprehensive steps to ensure a personalized and satisfying result.

Consultation and Personalization

Your journey begins with an in-home design consultation. Closets by Design offers this complimentary, allowing you to interact directly with skilled designers to assess your wardrobe necessities.

Similarly, Closet Factory focuses on understanding your unique style and storage demands, ensuring personalization from the ground up. During the consultation, you have the opportunity to discuss style options and articulate your vision for the space.

Visualization and Planning

Following the initial consultation, each company provides visualization tools to plan your space. Closets by Design leverages 3D rendering software so you can view potential designs and storage solutions before any work begins.

Closet Factory also employs similar technologies, ensuring that you are an integral part of the planning stage and every choice reflects your desired functionality and aesthetic.

Installation Services

The final step is installation, where your custom closet comes to life. Both companies dispatch experienced professionals to handle the installation, promising minimal disruption to your daily life.

Closets by Design’s teams are trained to ensure a seamless transition, while Closet Factory prides itself on the skill of its installers and the quality of the finished product. Rest assured, whether choosing shelves or sliding drawers, the installation will be executed with precision and care.

Product Offerings

When considering custom closet solutions, it’s crucial to examine the variety and quality of offerings.

Both companies bring to the table an extensive range of options that cater to different needs, whether you’re looking for a simple reach-in closet to maximize space in a small area or a luxurious walk-in closet to make a statement in your bedroom.

Closet Types and Designs

For your walk-in closets, the options available range from expansive designs with ample room for a seating area to more compact configurations that smartly utilize every square inch.

On the other hand, reach-in closets are seamlessly designed to blend with the room while offering efficient storage solutions. Both closets by Design and Closet Factory provide a variety of sizes and types of closet configurations to meet your specific needs.

Materials and Finishes

The materials used include durable melamine, wood veneer, and sturdy plywood options. Preferences for real wood finishes can be accommodated, adding a touch of luxury and longevity to your closet.

For finishes, there’s a spectrum from classic whites to rich wood tones, ensuring your closet matches your style and the overall aesthetic of your home.

Accessories and Features

The customization continues with a selection of accessories and features. Opt for practical drawers, shelves, and rods to sort your belongings, or enhance functionality with baskets and specialized lighting.

Jewelry drawers can be incorporated for your valuables, and you can choose from a range of door styles to complete the look.

Additional Storage Solutions

Beyond traditional closets, you can also find solutions for pantries, garages, and home offices. Both companies offer organizing systems for these areas to keep your entire home orderly.

Additionally, if you’re short on space, Murphy beds can be installed to create a multipurpose room that adapts to your changing needs.

Customization and Flexibility

When exploring options for custom closets, your focus on customization and flexibility is essential. Whether you opt for a walk-in or reach-in closet, the ability to tailor every aspect to your needs can significantly enhance your storage solutions.

Custom Closet Details

Walk-In Closets: At Closet Factory, you can anticipate starting prices around $700 for custom solutions that cater to your space and organizational preferences. Within this price range, you’re able to specify numerous features that align with your personal style and functional requirements.

  • Closets By Design: Customization begins at a slightly higher price point, with basic custom closets initiating at $1,000. You have options across four distinctive collections:
    • Everyday
    • Classic
    • Regency
    • BRIO

Each collection offers specific features and aesthetics, giving you the flexibility to choose according to your taste and budget.

Modularity and Adaptability

Closet Systems: The ability to adjust your closet components over time is a pivotal aspect of both Closet Factory and Closets By Design. Your custom closet system should be able to grow and change with you, offering:

  • Storage options: Incorporate a variety of storage solutions, like drawers, shelves, and storage bins, which can be rearranged or added to ensure your storage keeps pace with your life.
  • Closet Organizers: Both companies offer an array of closet organizers that help maintain a tidy and efficient space. The flexibility to customize these organizers allows for a closet system that can adapt to your evolving wardrobe and storage needs.

In summary, your choice between Closets By Design and Closet Factory will hinge on how each brand meets your expectations for customization and flexibility in a custom closet.

Consider the initial costs, the range of design choices available, and how easily the system can be adapted in the future to ensure your investment continues to serve you well.

Frequently Asked Questions

closets by design vs closet factory faqs

When considering custom closet solutions, comparing the services and prices of various companies is a crucial step in the decision-making process. This section specifically looks at frequently asked questions related to Closets by Design and Closet Factory, two prominent names in the industry.

How do the prices compare between Closets by Design and Closet Factory?

Your investment in custom closet systems may differ between these companies. Generally, Closets by Design offers solutions that range from budget-friendly to high-end, while Closet Factory pricing can vary greatly based on customization level and materials chosen.

What are the distinctive service offerings between Closet Factory and California Closets?

Closet Factory and California Closets both offer unique design consultations, but Closet Factory’s partnership with Costco presents an exclusive channel for service and potential savings, which is distinct from the more stand-alone service model of California Closets.

Which closet organization company is considered the largest in the market?

In terms of market presence and reach, California Closets is often considered one of the largest closet organization companies with a wide network of franchises across North America.

Are there any significant differences in the cost of services provided by Closet America vs. Closets by Design?

Cost variations exist between Closet America and Closets by Design, primarily driven by the scale of the project and the customization options selected. Closets by Design’s prices can span a wide range, accommodating various budgets.

Is Closet Factory regarded as a more expensive option compared to its competitors?

Compared to other providers in the space, Closet Factory is sometimes perceived as a more expensive option. This is because of their highly customized designs and the full-service approach they take, from design through installation.

What should consumers expect when choosing between Closet Factory’s services through Costco and directly from the provider?

When opting for Closet Factory’s services through Costco, you should expect to potentially benefit from Costco member deals and special inclusions, which may differ from what you’d receive by working directly with Closet Factory.


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